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      Women’s skin typically comes in three basic types. They either have, normal skin, dry, or oily. Dry skin does
      not shed as it should and those built-up layers of dead skin cells can feel rough and cause skin to look flaky
                                                         and dull.
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                                                       Best Anti Aging Face Creams
                                                                    By Jany Clay

   Like many other people i was looking for the right anti aging creams that will diminish face lines and
wrinkles in my skin and tried many products with no success, but i learned a few things that you may
want to know to improve your skin.

Anti aging creams are not just for people with wrinkles, they are also for anyone that want to prevent
the formation of face lines in their skin, once you reach your 30s, your skin may start to show up some
imperfections so is important that you use a cream that will promote skin firmness and elasticity.

There are creams for many different purposes but you really need to look what ingredients does your
cream contain, there are many products that are made with chemical substances like parabens,
petrolatum, alcohol, mineral oil, etc. that may cause secondary effects on sensitive skin, so i have
stopped using those kinds of creams.

But now more and more people are starting to use creams made of natural ingredients which can be
easily absorbed by the skin and provide the nutrients that it needs to be healthy and repair it self.

I have found that natural face creams are a much better option, but they are usually not that easy to
find, because most of the creams on retail stores are made with some types of chemicals and even the
ones that say that they contain natural ingredients also contain chemicals.

The best anti aging face creams i have tried are the ones that promote the formation of new collagen,
elastin, hyaluronic acid and contain potent anti oxidants. If you increase the collagen proteins in your
skin, it will recover its original form and look smooth.

Also anti oxidants are very important, we are constantly exposed to millions of free radicals in our daily
life that damage our skin, but if we have potent anti oxidants they destroy those free radicals and
therefore our skin is protected.

Natural ingredients can penetrate deep in to the 7 layers of the skin and heal the skin. There are very
good organic ingredients like jojoba oil, manuka honey, avocado extract, vitamin c, but also natural
compounds like cynergyTk, wakame kelp and conezyme q10 that have been proven to revert the signs
of aging in the skin.

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                                                  Presented by Daniel Toriola

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You can read more tips about skin care at What I Consider the Best Anti Aging Face Creams

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                    What the Best Antiaging Creams Have in Common
                                                               By Ray A. Rubio

These days there are many skin care products in the market. Sometimes, it can be quite an ordeal to
choose the best antiaging creams. As it is, each one of us has a different skin types that have different
requirements. Moreover, new products are flooding the market with new claims of defying age and
restoring beautiful skin. A layman can be quite muddled in the plethora of these anti aging face
creams. However, there are a few ways that can help you to make out a good anti aging face cream
from not so good one.

 Whilst on a hunt for the anti aging skin cream, pay special attention to the products that have sun
protection. The UV rays from the sun are quite damaging to the skin and are responsible for causing
aging signs like wrinkles and blemishes. Since the face is the most exposed to the sunlight than any
other body part, it is important to go for creams that have sun protection. A daily application of anti
aging skin care cream with sun protection will ensure that your face does not age due to sun exposure.

 Another important factor in determining the right kind of anti aging cream is to look for a cream that is
“cosmeceutical” which is a combination of cosmetic and medicinal cream. In other words, the best anti
aging face cream will not only make you look younger, it will also heal and remove aging signs from
your skin. An ideal anti aging cream should include constituents like vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin D
and Vitamin E. Minerals such as selenium, zinc, lycopene and antioxidants also help in healing the
skin. Other ingredients such as herbal extracts also help in the lightening up of the skin tone and
inhabiting melanin formation in the skin. When you decide to choose an anti aging cream, be sure that
the cream contains all or most of these components

 Though dermatologists and researches have classified our skin types into four major skin types such
as dry skin, oily skin, normal skin and combination skin, the fact is that each person’s skin is uniquely
different. Hence, the anti aging face cream will primarily depend on your face and skin type. You also
need to decide on what the anti aging cream needs to accomplish. Is it to prevent the aging of the skin
or to remove the already occurring signs of aging? Read the product description and the ingredients
label to decide which one suits your skin best.

 If you are still unable to decide on the best antiaging creams, then you need to consult a skin
specialist such as an esthetician or dermatologist. There are many people who feel buying a cheaper
anti aging cream would be a good solution. However, most of the time, this can back fire causing you
to only have more problems with your skin. Cheap creams from unknown companies may not have the
quality control that the branded creams enjoy. So even though you may spend some extra money, it is
wiser to buy a branded and a tested anti aging cream rather than going for some cheap imitation.

Ray A. Rubio is a skin care specialist providing advice on choosing the best wrinkle cream for you.
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