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                                                             Examine important aspects of the commuinty
                                                                                                                                                                 Demonstrate how symbols and models are
        Describe behaviors that influence relationships        and culture that strengthen relationships.      Investigate the properties and uses of rocks.
                                                                                                                                                               used to represent features of the environment.
               with family and friends. (KAMI)                 (JENNIFER: PREVENTION DIMENSIONS:                                 (DENISE)
S                                                                      MAKING GOOD CHOICES)
e                                                            Explain why                     Relate goods                       Sort rocks     Identify how
    e      Describe          Identify
                                             Explain how
                                                                             Compare rural,
                                                                                            and services to Describe rocks     based upon     the properties   Identify and     Use an atlas       Locate
p                                            families and                    suburban, and
    c   characteristics     benefits of                      schools, and                     resources      in terms of the color, hardness,    of rocks    use information    and globe to   continents and
t         of healthy       cooperating
                                                                                              within the    parts that make      texture,     determine how     on map or          locate       oceans on a
    e                                        change over                      communities.
e _     relationships.     and sharing.                       have rules.                    community.       up the rocks.   layering, and     people use        globe.        information.   map or globe.
    m                                           time.                            (Gary)
m                                                                (All)                          (Gary)                        particle size.      them.
b       Recognize how
                               Identify                      Participate in
                                                                             Recognize the
    e                     behaviors that                     activities that                                                                 Relate goods
e         choices and                                                         positive and                                   Compare rural,
    r   consequences
                            might create                    promote public
                                                                                                             Create artworks
                                                                                                                             suburban, and
                                                                                                                                            and services to
r                               conflict                    good and recite                                  using rocks and                  resources
           affect self,                                                        impact of                                         urban
                           situations and                    the Pledge of                                    rock products.                  within the
           peers, and                                                        media. (Linda                                    communities.
                               ways to                        Allegiance.                                                                    community.
             family.                                                              M.)
                           resolve them.                          (All)
         Investigate relationships between plants and
                                                               Express relationships in a variety of ways.                                                      Describe and adopt behaviors for health and
         animals and how living things change during                                                         Observe and describe weather.          (DENISE)
                                                                              (JENNIFER)                                                                                    safety.    (GARY)
                        their lives. (KAMI)
                                            Create pictures                  Develop an
F                          Describe the                        traditions,                     Create and
                                              and stories                  acting ability to
         Observe and        life cycle of                   music, dances,                  perform/exhibit Observe and       Measure,                                       Distinguish    Relate
e          describe         local plants
                                              about real
                                                                               relate to
                                                                                                               describe    record, graph,
                                                                                                                                           Describe how     Explain the
                                                                                                                                                                           communicable behaviors that
                                             animals and                     characters'     dances, visual                                eather affects importance of
b        relationships      and animals                          poems,                                      patterns of     and report                                         from      can help
    M                                       compare them                    thoughts and    art, musci and                                  people and      balance in a
r       between plants          using
                                               to make-
                                                             rhymes, and
                                                                              feelings in       dramatic      change in   changes in local
                                                                                                                                             animals.           diet.
                                                                                                                                                                           noncommunica    prevent
  _ a    and animals.      diagrams and                       stories that                                     weather.       weather.                                      ble diseases.  disease.
u                                           believe stories                  stories and     stories from a
    y                         pictures.                       distinguish                       variety of
a                                           about animals.
r                                                                                           expressing the
                                                                                                            Draw pictures
y                                                                                                             and create
                                                                                              relationship                                                  Identify the
                                                                                                             dances and
                                                                                            between peole                                                 harmful effects
                                                                                                             sounds that
                                                                                                and their                                                  of tobacco on
                                                                                                 culture.                                                 self and others.
        Develop and apply skills in fine and gross motor     Develop and use skills to communicate ideas,
                         movement.                                    information, and feelings.

                                                              Express      Create, with                      Investigate relationships between plants and
                           fundamental       Perform                                                                                                           Describe and adopt behaviors for health and
        Participate daily                                     personal      improving                        animals and how living things change during
                          locomotor and manipulative                                       Develop ability                                                      safety. (Gary is teaching this one in teams,
 A        in sustained                                    experiencs and     accurace,
                           nonlocomotor skills exhibiting                                  to sing in tune their lives. (Kami is teaching this one in teams,   but all teachers must teach students to adopt
 l         periods of
                              skills in  a majority of
                                                            imagination    works of art
                                                                                            with relaxed    but is focusing on animals. All teachers teach
                                                                                                                                                                 basic safety habits.) (Start in September)
        physical activity                                 thorugh dance, depicting depth                                   the plants part.)
 l                          movement         correct                                        strength and
         that requires                                      storytelling,      using
                          sequences and    technique                                           clarity.
            exertion.                                        music, and   secondary and
                               game      components.
  Y                        applications.
                                                             visual art.  tertiary colors.
  a                                                             Develop
                                                                                                                              Participate in
           Identify                                         consistency in                                    Explain why
  r     components of                                          rhythmic                                         families,
                                                                                                                              activities that
                                                                                                                             promote public
        physical fitness                                      accuracy of                                     schools, and
                                                                                                                             good and recite
              and                                                 body                                        communities
                                                                                                                              the Pledge of
        corresponding                                       percussion and                                     have rules.
          activities.                                         instrument                                          (All)
                                                                       LANGUAGE ARTS
                              Reading                                                                    Writing                                                        Spelling

     Identify and pronounce                                                                                                         Draft ideas on
                                                                               Edit writing for capitals
    sounds for short and long                                                                             Write demonstrating          paper in an
                                                                              in names, first word of a
      vowels, using patterns                                                                              mastery of all upper-
                                                                                  sentence, and the                               organized manner
    (e.g., cvc, cvvc, cvcv, cvc- Identify and blend                                                          and lower-case
                                                                                 pronoun “I”, correct                             utilizing words and
       silent e), and vowel       letter sounds to                                                       manuscript letters and
                                                                              punctuation of sentence                              sentences (e.g.,
    digraphs (e.g., ea, ee, ie, pronounce words.                                                         numerals using proper
S                                                                              endings, greetings and                             beginning, middle,
        oa, ai, ay, oo, ow)                                                                              form, proportions, and
e   accurately in two-syllable
                                                                                  closings of letters,
                                                                                                                spacing.            end; main idea;
                                                                              dates, and contractions.
p             words.                                                                                                                     details).

m                                                                              Identify and pronouce
b                                                                               all vowel diphthongs                           Increase fluency
                                                                                                          Produce legible
                                                                                (e.g., oi, oy, aw, au)                            in forming
e                                                                             and consonant digraphs
                                                                                                          documents with
                                                                                                                               manuscript letters
r                                                                                                      manuscript handwriting.
                                                                                (e.g., ch, sh, th, wh)                          and numerals.
                                                                                accurately in words.

                                                                                 Use simple graphic                                Enhance fluency
                                                                                                          Select topics from
                                                                               organizers to organize                             by using complete
                                                                                                           generated ideas
                                                                                    information                                       sentences

         Demonstrate an
        understanding of           Make and confirm                                                                                                        Use knowledge of
                                                       Identify information
    representing same sound        predictions while                                                                                                        word families,
O                                                         from pictures,
    with different patterns by    reading using title,                                                                                                       patterns, and
                                                       captions, diagrams,
c    decoding these patterns      picture clues, text,
                                                       charts, graphs, and
                                                                                                                                                            common letter
t     accurately in isolation         and/or prior                                                                                                       combinations to spell
                                                        table of contents.
     and in text (e.g., ee, ea,        knowledge                                                                                                              new words
o              ei, e).
b                                    Summarized
e                                                         Identify and
      Make inferences and                                 pronounce r-
r    draw conclusions from
                                                        controlled vowel
                                  marize supporting
             text.                                     patterns in words
                                       details in
                                                        (e.g., ar, or, er).
                                                                                                                             Generate ideas for
                                                                                                                                                               Use spelling
                                                                                                                                   writing by
                                                                              Produce traditional and                                                     generalities to assist
N                                                                               imaginative stories,
                                                                                                                                                         spelling of new words Use knowledge about
    Speak clearly and audibly                                                                            Edit for standard         discussing
o                                                                              narrative and formula                                                        (e.g., one vowel     spelling to predict the
       with expression in                                                                             grammar (e.g. subject-    literature and
v     communicating ideas
                                                                                   poetry as an
                                                                                                         verb agreement).    informational text,
                                                                                                                                                              between two           spelling of new
                                                                                 individual/shared                                                       consonants, silent "e"          words.
e                                                                                                                             and reflecting on
                                                                                  writing activity.                                                      on the end of a word,
m                                                                                                                                   personal
                                                                                                                                                         two vowels together).
e                                                                                 Revise Writing,                                 Edit for spelling of
r                                                                                                        Visualize words while
                 t                                                                considering the                                    grade level-
                                                                               suggestions of others                              appropriate words
e                                                                                                              Edit for                                Use knowledge of
c                                                                                                            appropriate
                                                                                                                               Use letter and
                                                                                                                                                        root words and
                                                       Select appropriate         Identify audience,         formatting                              prefixes (e.g., re, un,
e                                                                                                                           syllable patterns to
                                                        words to convey         purpose, and form for      features (e.g.                              mis) and suffuixes
m                                                          meaning.                    writing.               margins,
                                                                                                                                                      (e.g., s, es, ed, ing,
                                                                                                                            multisyllabic words.
b                                                                                                           indentations,                              est, ly) to decode
e                                                                                                              titles).                                      words.

      Use context to determine
a      meanings of synonyms,
                                Identify different      Share writing with
                                structures in text         others using
n      antonyms, homonyms
  y                                   (e.g.,          illustrations, graphs,
u       (e.g., sun/son), and
                               compare/contrast,      and/or charts to add
      multiple-meaning words
a           (e.g., ring).
                                  cause/effect).             meaning.
                                                                                                                               Identify sound
F                                                                                                                            patterns and apply
e a   Identify and read grade                                                                                               knowledge to decode
                                                     Identify topic/main idea
b r    level contractions and
                                                     from text; note details.
                                                                                                                             words (e.g., blends,
r y       compound words                                                                                                      digraphs, vowel
                                                                                                                            patterns, r-controlled
u                                                                                                                                 vowels).
                                Identify meanings
           Identify specific      of words using
M      purpose(s) for viewing      prefixes and
a      media (I.e., to identify   suffixes (e.g.,      Produce writing to         Use voice in writing
r     main idea and details, to      do/undo,          persuade (express        (e.g., express feelings,
         gain information,        write/rewrite,           opinions).                  opinions).
        distinguish between     happy/happiness,
h         fiction/nonficiton    help/helper/helpfu

                                                                                                                                                    Spell words with short
A                                   Identify
                                                                                                                            Learn the spellings of     and long vowel
p                                 characters,         Produce Informational
                                                                                                                            irregular and difficult sounds, r-controlled
      Compile information from setting, sequence      text (e.g., ABC books,
r               text.              of events,             how-to books,
                                                                                                                            words (e.g., because,     words, words with
i                                                                                                                              animals, before,       consonant blends,
                               problem/resolutio          observations).
                                                                                                                               answer, weight).     consonant and vowel
l                                      n.

M                                                      Revise draft to add
                                                     details, strengthen word   Publish 4-6 individual
a                                                      choice, and reorder             products
y                                                              content
                                             LANGUAGE ARTS: ALL YEAR
    Use a variety of formats
     (e.g., drama sharing of
       books and personal          Use multiple
    writings, choral readings,     resources to    Locate facts from a
                                                                       Relate prior knowledge                                                                            Identify different
      informational reports,      determine the         variety of
                                                                       to make connections to Form mental pictures to                                                   genres; fairy tales,
      retelling experiences,       meanings of     informational texts                                                         Identify purpose    Identify author's
                                                                        text (e.g, text to text, aid understanding of                                                     poems, realisitc
    and stories in sequence)     unknown words     (e.g., newspapers,                                                             for reading          purpose
                                                                          text to self, text to         text.                                                             fiction, fantasy,
        in presenting with         (e.g., simple   magazines, books,
                                                                                world).                                                                                  fables, folk tales.
     various forms of media        dictionaries,    other resources).
     (e.g., pictures, posters,      glossaries
E           charts, ads,
A          newspapers).
D                                                    Relate unfamiliar
                                                                          Listen and demonstrate
I                                    Use new                                  understanding by
                                                   words and concepts                             Read grade level text in                            Read with
         Identify sepcific          vocabulary                                   responding
N    purpose(s) for listening       learned by
                                                   to prior knowledge
                                                                             appropriately (e.g.,
                                                                                                    three-to four-word     Read grade level        automaticity 200    Read grade level text
                                                        to increase                                    phrases using       text at a rate of      second grade high-   with an accuracy rate
G   (e.g., to gain information listening, reading,                          follow multiple-step
                                                     vocabulary (e.g.,                            intonation, expression, approx. 80 wpm.          frequency/ sight       of 95%-100%.
       to be enetertained).     and discussing a                             directions, restate,
                                                   liquid: milk, water,                            and punctuation cues.                                words.
                                variety of genres                             clarify, question,
                                                                          Learn the meaning of a
       Speak in complete
                                                                           variety of grade level
        sentences with
                                                                          words (e.g., words from
    appropriate subject-verb
                                                                              literature, social
                                                                          studies, science, math).

                                                                                                         use context to
R   Produce personal writing
                                                                                                    determine meanings of
I    (e.g., journals, friendly    Ask questions                               Monitor and clarify
                                                   Produce functional                                 unknown key words
        notes and letters,       about text read                          understanding applying
T     personal experiences,           aloud
                                                    texts (e.g., lists,
                                                                           fix-up strategies while
                                                                                                     (e.g., The store clerk
                                                     labels, signs).                               glared at the children as
I   family stories, literature    independently                             interacting with text.
                                                                                                       they looked at the
N          responses).
E   Spell increasing number   Associate the
      of grade level high-   spelling of new
    frequency and irregular words with that of
L    words correctly (e.g., known words and
I      believe, answer).     word patterns.
                                                                          Model and illustrate meanings of the operations of addition
              Collect organize, and display simple data.
                                                                               and subtraction and describe how they relate..
                             (Chapter 1)
                                                                                                 (Chapter 2)

                                                                                                    Model three
                                                                                                   meanings of
S                                                  Use a variety of                                 subtraction:
                                                                           Demonstrate the
                                                 methods to organize                            separating of sets
e                                                 display, and label
                                                                             joining and
                                                                                                  ("take away"),        Separate a given
p                                                                         separating of sets
                            Sort classify, and       information,                              comparison of sets      set of objects into
    Gather data by vote                                                    with eighteen or
t       or survey.
                            organize data in a     including keys,
                                                                          fewer objects and
                                                                                                    "how many         two, three, five, or
                             variety of ways.    using pictographs,                            more/fewer"), and      ten groups of equal
e                                                                         record the results
                                                 tallies, bar graphs,                            missing addends              size.
m                                                   and organized
                                                                           with pictures or
                                                                                                  using objects,
b                                                       tables.                                       pictorial
e                                                                                                representations,
                                                                                                   and symbols.
r                                                                         Select an addition
                                                                            or subtraction       Recognize that
                                                                         sentence to solve a    addition number
     Report information                                                   problem involving      sentences have
    from a data display.                                                      joining or       related subtraction
                                                                          separating of sets   sentences (e.g., 8-
                                                                           with eighteen or       5=3, 3+5=8).
                                                                            fewer objects
    Solve whole number problems using addition and subtraction
                                                                             Recognize and represent relations using mathematical
                 in vertical and horizontal notation.
                              (Chapter 3)

O                                                                                                Demonstrate that
c                                                                 Recognize that                changing the order
t                                                              symbols such as a               of addends does not
      Use a variety of
                                                               square, triangle, or                 change the
o   methods and tools Compute accurately
                                                                diamond are in an                    sum(e.g.,
        to facilitate  with basic number
b                                            Add three whole        addition or                     3+2+7=12,
    computation (e.g.,  combinations for
e   estimation, mental    addition and
                                            numbers with sums subtraction equation                7+3+2=12) and
                                               to eighteen.     represent a value                that changing the
r    maht strategies,  subtraction facts to
                                                                that will make the             grouping of three or
     paper and pencil,      eighteen.
                                                                  statement true               more addends does
                                                                  (e.g., __+3+6,               not change the sum
                                                                   5+7= . 7=9                  (e.g., (2+3)+7=12,
                                                                                                   2+ (3+7)=12

           Represent whole numbers in a variety of ways.                     Identify simple relationships among whole numbers.
                         (Chapter 5 &10)                                                           (Chapter 5)
                             Represent whole
                              numbers up to
                                                 Read and write a        Identify the number     Write number
      Relate number         1,000 in groups of                                                                         Order four whole
                                                three digit number,       that is one more, sentences using the
        words to the       hundreds, tens, and                                                                        numbers less than
N     numerals that        ones using base ten
                                               relating it to a set of   one less, ten more,    terms "greater
                                                                                                                      100 from least to
                                                   objects and a         or ten less than any than," "less than,"
o      represent the        models, and write                                                                         greatest and from
                                                      pictorial          whole number up to    or "equal to," to
v    quantities 0-100.         the numeral
                                                  representation.                100.         compare numbers.
                                                                                                                       greatest to least.
                             representing the
b                                               multiple ways to
e                         Identify the place
     Write a numeral to                       represent numbers
                          and the value of a
r     999 in expanded
                            given digit in a
                                                using symbolic
                                                                       Use ordinal
    form (e.g., 539 is 5                        representations
                         three-digit numeral                        numbers1st through
    hundreds, 3 tens, 9                        (e.g., thirty is the
                           (e.g., the two in                              10th.
           ones or                           same as two groups
                             281 means 2
        500+30+9).                            of 15, the number
                          hundreds or 200).
                                              of pennies in three
                                               dimes, or 58-28).

       Identify measurable attributes of objects and units of
                                                                           Use appropriate techniques and tools to determine
    measurement. AND Use appropriate techniques and tools to
          determine measurements.             (Chapter 6)

                         Determine the value
D                        of a set of up to five
e                           coins that total                                                                        Determine the
c    Identify the name $1.00 or less (e.g.,
                                                                    Read, tell, and write
                                                                                            Use a calendar to       perimeter of a
       and value of a      two quarters and                                                 determine the day      square, triangle,
e                                                                     time to the hour
    penny, nickel, dime, one dime equals 60                                                  of the week and       and rectangle by
m                                                                       and half-hour.
    quarter, and dollar. cents; three dimes,                                                       date.            measuring with
b                        one nickel, and one                                                                      nonstandard units.
e                          penny equals 36

        Identify measurable attributes of objects and units of       Solve whole number problems using addition and subtraction
       measurement.                          (Chapter 7: Time)                    in vertical and horizontal notation.

                                                                                           Use a variety of         Use a variety of
     Sequence a series                                                                   methods and tools        methods and tools
J   of events of a day in                         Use a calendar to Find the sum of two-     to facilitate            to facilitate
                          Read, tell, and write
a   order by time (e.g.,
                            time to the hour
                                                  determine the day digit whole numbers computation (e.g.,        computation (e.g.,
     breakfast at 7:00,                            of the week and    and describe the   estimation, mental       estimation, mental
n                             and half-hour.
      school begins at                                   date.          process used.     math strategies,         math strategies,
u          9:00).                                                                         paper and pencil,        paper and pencil,
a                                                                                            calculator).             calculator).
r                                                                    Compute accurately
y                                                                     with basic number
                                                                                           Add three whole
                                                                       combinations for
                                                                                          numbers with sums
                                                                         addition and
                                                                                             to eighteen.
                                                                     subtraction facts to

      Model and illustrate meanings of the operations of addition
                                                                     Recognize and represent patterns having multiple attributes.
            and subtraction and describe how they relate.
                                                                                             Identify and label
F                                                                                              repeating and
e    Model addition and                                               Sort, classify, and    growing patterns     Identify repeating
b    subtracttion of two-                                              label objects by        using objects,        and growing
    digit whole numbers                                                 three or more           pictures, and       patterns in the
r   in a variety of ways.                                                 attributes.        symbolic notation       environment.
u                                                                                                   (e.g.,
a                                                                     Construct models

r                                                                     and skip count by
                                                                                           Identify shapes in
y                                                                    twos, threes, fives,
                                                                                          various orientations
                                                                     and tens and relate
                                                                                              (e.g., and ).
                                                                         to repeated
         Use appropriate techniques and tools to determine
                                                                                      Describe spatial relationships
        measurements.           (Chapter 11: Measurement)
    Compare and order
                           Measure length                                Create and use
       objects, using                           Estimate length,
                          using inches and                              verbal or written    Find and name
    nonstandard units,                            capacity, and
M    according to their
                         feet, weight using
                                                  weight using
                                                                      instructions to move   locations using
a                       pounds and capacity                                 within the     coordinates (A, 1).
     length, weight, or                         customary units.
                             using cups.                                  environment.
r        capacity.

    Determine the likelihood of an event. Use fractions to identify
                                                                             Describe, identify, and create geometric shapes.
      parts of the whole.                         (Chapter 12:
                                                                                         (Chapter 12: Geometry)
                      Probability and fractions)

                                             Separate geometirc
                         Predict the outcome shapes and sets of          Identify, name,
    Predict events that                                                                                             Find and identify
A                        when there are only objects into halves,        draw, sort, and      Identify and name
    willl be the same in                                                                                           familiar geometric
p     one day or one
                             two possible    thirds, and fourths        compare circles,     spheres, cones, and
                                                                                                                      shapes in the
                           outcomes (e.g.,    using a variety of          triangles, and          cylinders.
r           week.                                                                                                     environment.
                           tossing a coin.)       models and             parallelograms.
i                                                illustrations.
    Specify a region of a
                          Represent the unit                          Determine whether
       geometric shap
                          fractions 1/2, 1/3,                         a circle, triangle,
     (e.g., as "   out of
                             and 1/4 with                             square, or rectangle
      equal parts" when
                           objects, pictures,                         has a line of
     given four or fewer
                             and symbols.                             symmetry.
         equal parts.

                                   Grandview Third Grade Standards
           SEPTEMBER OCTOBER             NOVEMBER DECEMBER JANUARY                  FEBRUARY          MARCH              APRIL            MAY

 MATH      Graphs/Data       Time        Subtraction   Repeated + Multiplication     Geometry          Fractions         Division      Probability
           Temperature     Calendar      Measurement Multiplication Measurement Measurement
           Place Value     Addition       customary                   Capacity     Weight-  Measurement Measurement
            # Relations     Money         in., ft., yd.,            c, pt, qt, gal pounds   Metric-length,   Metric,
                           Patterns            mi.                                            capacity,    Customary.

SCIENCE Government         Health         Indians      Christmas      Rotations:     January    February               REVIEW          Economics
           •Citizenship Self-Esteem                    around the      •Living &    Continued    Continued
SOCIAL      •Patriotism   TARRP                           World         Nonliving
STUDIES                                                   •Israel     •Map Skills  Rotations:
                                                       •Germany      •Earth/ Moon •Heat & Light
                                                        •Sweden                   •So. America
             Habitats                                    •Mexico                      & Incas
           environments                                                           •Force/Moving

WRITING       Writing      Continue         Ideas:   Organization Word Choice           Voice         Sentence         Review 6-        Review 6-
              Process       Writing       Main Idea  introduction                                      Fluency         Trait Writing   Trait Writing
                           Process       (paragraph)    middle
             *Revising                                    end
              *Editing                    *gathering
            *Publishing                      ideas      *Ideas:

              *Letter      *Functional   *Persuasive    *Journals      *Story       *Informational    *Formula         *Content
              Format          Text                                     Writing           Text          Poetry            Area          **3rd Grade
                                                       **3rd Grade                                                      Report
                                                       Newspaper                                                                       Newspaper

READING      Reading       Summary         Making       Context         Identify     Generate     Identify info:        Identify          Fact &
  Identify  Strategies                   Connections     Clues        topic/main     Questions pictures, cap-           Author’s         Opinion
                             Story                                        idea       About Text tions,diagrams,         Purpose
throughout    Making       Elements      Compare & Inferences                                        charts, graphs,
    year                                                             note details
             Predictions                  Contrast Conclusions                                           table of
Characters,                                                                                            contents,
  setting,                                                                                              index, &
   events                                                                                               glossary
 resolution *Fairy Tales   *Realistic     *Fantasy       *Fables     *Folk Tales *Biographies         *Tall Tales      *Historical       *Poetry
                            Fiction                                                                                      Fiction
                                                                                                    SEPTEMBER, 2004
                                          Utah Theme: UT Symbols; Geographical Regions (including Lake Bonneville and prehistoric Utah)
                                                           SCIENCE                          SOCIAL STUDIES
                                                                                                                                     Comprehension Shared Directed E n t e r a c t i v e Independent
                                                                                                                                  Comprehension             IAW/IA I                                              Word          Oral
                                   MATH                      rotation:                                                                   Focus
                                                                                                                                     Focus &
                                                                                                                                                   ReadingReading                           Writing              Study/     Presentation
                                                        Dinosaurs/Fossils                                                          Read Aloud
                                                                                                                                                                                            6 Trait             Spelling
                           Data Collecting             Fossils                        Geographical         Regions               •Schema               Fluency       •DRP     •Begin          •Share      Spell             •Continue
                           and Graphing                4SC4-1a-c; 4-2a-b              4SS1-1a; 2-2b; 6-1a-c; 7-2a-c                                    4LA5-2a        Testing spotlight        variety of Words              “important”
                           4M5-1a-d                    •Compare fossils to living     •Geographic and climate factors           •Connections           •Read GL               students         genres     Correctly          introductions

                           •Data collecting &           organisms (shape, size,         influence cultural development (i.e.,                          text in       •Create                   (abc       4LA4-3a           (The Important
                            interpreting tables, line   skeleton, leaf patterns)        homes, dress, industry, agriculture,    Genres                 meaningful     leveled •Utah            books,     •Use               Book)
                            plots, line graphs, bar    •Use fossils to infer how UT     recreation)                                                    phrases        book    symbols          etc.) to   knowledge
                            graphs, clusters, outliers enviornments have              •Effect of physical features on climates
                                                                                                                                •Identify different    using          clubs                    show ideas of word           •”Chicken
                           •Write questions to collect changed over time                (elevation, temperature, precipitation)                        intonation,                                             families,
                            data                       •Describe 3 ways fossils are   •Compare Utah’s physical features with
                                                                                                                                  genres: fairy
                                                                                                                                                                              •Months                                        Soup with
                                                                                                                                  tales, poems,                               for             •Dot-to-dot      patterns,     Rice” to
                                                        formed in sedimentary rock      those of other Western states                                  punctuation                                             syllables,
                                                                                                                                  realistic fiction,                          calendar/        stories                       introduce
                                                        (preserved organism,          •Identify factors that contribute to                             cues                                                    common
                                                                                                                                  fantasy, fables,                            bday                                           Readers’
                                                        mineral replacement, track      development of land                                                                                                    letter
                                                                                                                                  folk tales, tall
                                                        impressions)                  •Identify scenic attractions and approx.
                                                                                                                                                                              graph           •Brainstorm      combina-      Theater
                                                       •Explain why fossils are         mileage from Utah County
                                                                                                                                                                                               lists             tions
                                                        found in sedimentary rock
                                                                                                                                  historical fiction
                                                       •Research where fossils are    Asia/Utah Geography                                              •Utah
                           Number Sense                 found in Utah and
                                                                                      Comparison                                                       symbols                Vocabulary
                                                        construct a simple map                                                   Connections
                           •Understand place value                                    4SS7-1a-c; 7-4a-c                                                                       4LA6-1ab
                                                                                      •Identify the location of Asia          4LA7-2a                                         •Learn the      Daily
                            --model, read, write
                                                       Dinosaur Extinction              (hemisphere, latitude, longitute)     •Relate prior                                     meaning;
                               numbers                                                                                                                                                       Writing
                                                                                      •Locate major landforms of Asia          knowledge to                                     properly use
                            --tenths - 100,000         4SC4-2c-d                                                                                                                             4LA8:
                                                                                        (mountains, deserts, rivers, islands)  make                                             variety of
                            --expanded form            •Formulate questions &                                                                                                                •Students will
                                                                                      •Determine mileage from one place to     connections to                                   GL words
                            --value of digit            research 2 scientific                                                                                                                write daily to
                                                                                        another in Asia                        text (text-to-text,
                           •Demonstrate multiple        explanations for extinction                                                                                                          communicate
                            ways to represent           of dinosaurs                  •Locate major landforms of Utah, China, text-to-world,
                                                                                                                               text-to-self)                                                 effectively for
                            numbers by using models                                     Japan
                                                                                      •Create a map/legend that shows                                                         Vocabulary variety of
                            and symbolic
                            representation (36 is                                       topography, climate, land of Utah and                                                 4LA6-2a-b purposes
                                                                                        Japan                                 Read Aloud                                      •Use multiple
                            same as square of 6, 3
                                                                                      •Recognize influenced of latititude                                                      resources
                            dozen, etc.)                                                                                      Suggestions:                                     to determine
                           •Identify square numbers                                     /longitude on climates of China,
                                                                                        Japan, and United States                                                               meaning of
                            using models
                                                                                      UT Symbols                                                                               words
                           4M1-2a-e                                                   4SS4-2c                                                                                 •Relate
                           •Identify number +/- 100,
                                                                                      •Respect for state and U.S. symbols                                                      unfamiliar
                            +/-1000 up to 10,000
                                                                                       (national symbols, pledgeof                                                             words to
                           •Compare relative size of
                                                                                       allegiance, state symbols)                                                              prior
                           •Compare numbers to 5
                                                                                                                                                                               to increase
                            digits using <,>,=
                           •Order and compare whole
                            numbers and decimals on
                            number line
                                                                                                         OCTOBER, 2004
                                                                           Utah Theme: First People, Mountainmen, and Explorers of Utah
                                                                 SCIENCE                   SOCIAL STUDIES
                                                                                                                          Comprehension          Shared        Directed       I n t e r a c t i v e Independent Word Study/     Oral
                                     MATH                         rotation:                                                  Focus &             Reading       Reading           Editing/              Writing     Spelling Presentation
                                                                Water Cycle                                                Read Aloud                                             Writing           6 Trait Focus:
                           Addition/Subtraction Water Supplies                            1st Inhabitants                 •Predict              Fluency        •Begin firstConcepts             Pre-Writing       Spell           Listening &
                           4M1-5b                          4SC1-1a;1-2a-e                 4SS1-2a; 2-1b; 1-2d                                 4LA5-2a           2 steps of of Print             4LA8-1a-d         Words           Speaking
                           •Find sum and difference        •Indentify kinds/locations/    •Identify first inhabitants     •Clarify           •Read GL text      Reciprocal 4LA2-all             •Generate ideas   Correctly       4LA1-1a-d
                            of 4-digit numbers              amounts of water on earth       (ancient Indians, trappers,                      in meaningful      Teaching •Students will           from personal   4LA4-3b         •Identify

                                                           •Diagram/model water as it       explorers)                                       phrases using     (predict,    continue to           experiences     •Spell words      specific
                           Multiplication                   continuously runs through     •Explain influence of                              intonation,        clarify)    understand          •Identify          with roots,      purposes for
                                                            water cycle                     explorers on Utah’s culture   Predictions        expression,                    how printed           audience for                      listening (i.e.
                           4M1-1d-e; 1-3a, e-f;                                                                           4LA7-2d                                                                                  inflectional
                            2-1a-b; 1-5c; 4-2g;            •Explain how water cycle       •Identify historical figures                       punctuation                    language              writing          endings,         learn,
                                                            relates to community            (Fathers Dominguez &          •Make and confirm cues                            works               •Use graphic                        entertain)
                            2-2d-e                                                                                         predictions while
                           •Demonstrate multiple ways       supplies                        Escalante, Jim Bridger)                                                                               organizer to     suffixes       • Listen and
                                                                                                                           reading using     Vocabulary                       Phono-
                            to represent numbers,                                                                                                                                                 organize                          respond
                                                                                                                           title, picture     4LA6-1ab                        logical &
                            including square numbers                                                                                                           Applying                           information                       appropriately
                                                                                                                           clues, text,      •Learn the                       Phonemic
                            (e.g., 36 = sqare of six, 3                                                                                                        Strategies                                                         • Speak clearly,
                                                                                                                           and/or prior        meaning;                       Awarenes
                            dozen, or 9x4)                                                                                                                     4LA7-2h 4LA3-all                                                     audibly, with
                                                                                                                           knowledge           properly use                                     Handwriting                         expression
                           •Describe effect of place       Evaporation &                                                                       variety of GL   •Monitor       •Students
                            value when multiplying by 10                                                                                                       and clarify                  4LA8-5a                               • Speak using
                                                           Condensation                                                                        words                           continue to  •Use upper/                             simple &
                            and 100                                                                                       Vocabulary                           understand      develop
                                                           4SC1-2a-b;1-1b-c                                                                                                                  lowercase                              compound
                           •Use models to represent
                                                           •Locate/compare examples
                                                                                                                          4LA6-1a                              ing of          phonological
                            multiplication of a one- and                                                                  •Learn new words                     applying                      cursive letters                        sentences
                                                            of evaporation/                                                                                                    & phonemic    with proper                            with subject-
                            two-digit factor by a two-                                                                      by listening,                      fix-up          awareness.
                                                            condensation in water cycle                                                                                                      form,                                  verb
                            digit factor (to 30) using a                                                                    reading,                           strategies
                                                           •Identify sun as energy for                                                                                                       proportion,                            agreement
                            variety of methods (arrays,                                                                     discussing                         while          Phonics &
                                                            evaporation                                                                                                                      spacing
                            manipulative,s pictures)                                                                        variety of genres                  interacting    Spelling
                           •Understand x and ) are                                                                                                             with text      4LA4-all                                            Media
                            inverse operations                                                                                                                                •Students                                           4LA1-2a-b
                           •Recognize and analyze                                                                                                                              apply         Writing Form
                                                           States of Water                                                                                                                                                        •Identify
                            repeating and growing                                                                                                                              understanding 4LA8-6a-b                              purpose for
                            patterns using objects,        4SC1-1d                                                                                                                           •Produce
                                                                                                                                                                               of phonics                                           viewing media
                            numbers, tables                •Investigate and record                                                                                                            personal writing
                                                                                                                                                                               and other                                          • Use variety of
                                                            temperature data to show
                           •Recognize and extend                                                                                                                               strategies to •Produce                               formats in
                            multiples and other number      the effects of heat energy                                                                                                        imaginative
                                                                                                                                                                               decode and                                           presenting
                            patterns using a varity of      on changing states of water                                                                                                       stories,
                                                                                                                          Read Aloud                                           spell                                                with various
                            methods                                                                                                                                                           narrative,
                                                                                                                          Suggestions:                                         unfamiliar
                           •Multiply two-, three-digit                                                                                                                         words while
                            factors by a one-digit                                                                                                                             reading and    poetry
                            factor and describe process                                                                                                                        writing.                                           Writing
                           •Determine area of a
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  4LA8-6c; f
                            rectangle with a fixed                                                                                                                            Vocabulary
                            perimeter                                                                                                                                         4LA6-1ab                                            writing
                           •Demonstrate changing order                                                                                                                        •Learn the
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  •Share writing
                            of factors does not change                                                                                                                          meaning;
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  with others
                            product                                                                                                                                             properly use
                           •Demonstrate distribution of                                                                                                                         variety of GL
                            multiplication over addition                                                                                                                        words
                            using rectangular array
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  photos, charts,
                                                                                                      NOVEMBER, 2004
                                                                                               Utah Theme: Five Indian Tribes of Utah
                                                             SCIENCE                      SOCIAL STUDIES                       Comprehension Shared I A W / I A E
                                                                                                                        Comprehension               Directed                        I n t e r a c t i v e Independent     Word           Oral
                                    MATH                       rotation:                                                                Shared
                                                                                                                           Focus & FocusReading
                                                                                                                                                    Reading                            Editing/              Writing     S t u d y / Presentation
                                                         UT Plants &Animals                                              Read Aloud                                                     Writing           6 Trait Focus: Spelling

                           Division                     UT Envoironments                 Native Americans &             •Question              Fluency           •Reciprocal      Vocabulary        1st Draft           Spell     •Continue
                           4M1-3b,d; 1-4a; 1-5d; 4SC2a-d; 5-3a-b;                        Cultural Influence                                     4LA5-2a           Teaching        4LA6-1a-b          Writing            Words     Oral
                           2-2b                  5-4a-e                                  4SS2-1a                                               •Read GL text      steps 3-4       •Learn the        4LA8-2a-d           Correctly Presentations
                           •Division by 0 is impossible •Identify Utah’s common         •Explain influence of ancient   •Summarize             in meaningful      (question,        meaning;        •Draft ideas on     4LA4-3c   following

                           •Solve 2 digit dividends      plants/animals in forest,       and modern Indians on                                 phrases using      summarize)        properly use      paper in          •Spell    4LA1-1a-d &
                            by 1 digit divisors with     wetland, desert and physical    cultural development           Questions              intonation,                          variety of GL     organized         more high 4LA1-1a-d
                            remainder of 0 in variety features that allow them to                                       4LA7-2b                expression,                          words             manner            frequency
                            of ways                      live there                                                     •Generate              punctuation       Applying                           •Use voice to fit   and       4LA8-6c; f
                           •Divide sets of objects into •Describe interactions                                           questions about       cues              Strategies       4LA6-2a-b           audience          irregular
                            equal parts using a variety between animals and plants                                       text (e.g.,                             4LA7-2h          •Use multiple     •Use strong         words
                                                                                                                         factual,                                                                                                 (see October)
                            of models                    of given environment                                                                  Vocabulary        •Monitor and      resources to       verbs; vivid      correctly
                           •Use <,>,= to compare two •Identify effect elevation has                                      inferential,          4LA6-1ab           clarify          determine          language
                            expresions involving         on plants/animals in different                                  evaluative)           •Learn the         understanding    meaning of       •Identify/use
                            division, multiplication,    environments                                                                            meaning;         of applying fix- unknown            effective leads
                            subtraction, and addition                                                                                            properly use     up strategies    words              strong endings
                            (e.g., 5x4 > 9)3)             Classification                                                                         variety of GL    while           •Relate
                                                        4SC5-3a-b                                                                                words            interacting      unfamiliar       Handwriting
                                                        •Explain how scientists use                                     Summarize                                 with text        words to prior   4LA8-5a
                                                         classification schemes                                         4LA7-2g                                                    knowledge to     •Use upper/
                                                        •Use simple classification                                      •Summarize                                                 increase          lowercase
                                                         system to classify unfamiliar                                    important ideas/                                         vocabulary        cursive letters
                                                         UT plants or animals (e.g.,                                      events;                                                                    with proper
                                                         fish/amphibian/reptile/bird/                                     summarize                                                                  form,
                                                         mammal; tree/shrub/grass;                                        supporting details                                                         proportion,
                                                         vertebrate/invertebrate;                                         in sequence                                                                spacing
                                                                                                                        Read Aloud                                                •Compile,
                                                        UT Plants/Animals                                               Suggestions:                                               organize,
                                                        4SC5-4a-e, 5-2e                                                 •Legends                                                   interpret
                                                        •Birds, mammals, fish,                                                                                                     information
                                                         amphibians, reptiles,                                          •Indian Stories                                            from text
                                                         common insects/spiders
                                                        •Find examples of Utah
                                                         endangered plants and
                                                         animals and describe steps
                                                         to protect them
                                                                                                      DECEMBER, 2004
                                                                                                 Utah Theme: Aesthetic Expressions
                                                                  SCIENCE                     SOCIAL STUDIES                 Comprehension          Shared         Directed I n t e r a c t i v e    Independent           Word          Oral
                                      MATH                         rotation:                                                    Focus &             Reading        Reading     Editing/                 Writing           Study/     Presentation
                                                                Rocks/Minerals                                                Read Aloud                                        Writing             6 Trait Focus:       Spelling
                                                                                                                                                                                                    WORD CHOICE
                           Telling Time                     Basic Properties                Utah Arts                       •Summarizing Fluency                   Fluency Structual                Revise              Spell     •Continue Oral
                           4M4-2c                           4SC1a-d; 4-2a                    4SS2-2a, c                      vs. Retelling 4 L A 5 - 2 a           4 L A 5 - 1 a Analysis           4LA8-3a-c           Words     Presentations
                           •Read, tell, and write time to    •Describe differences between •Experience aesthetic                                  •Read GL         •Read GL  4LA6-3a-c •Revise to add                   Correctly following
                            nearest minute, identifying       minerals and rocks                 expressions of Utah: music, •Inferences          text in          text 120- •Identify word  details,                   4LA4-3d 4LA1-1a-d &

                            a.m. or p.m.                     •Observe rocks with magnifying art, architecture, dance,           and drawing       meaningful       150 wpm   meanings by     strengthen word            •Learn the
                                                              classes to draw shapes/colors drama                                                 phrases                    morphographs choice, clarify
                                                                                                                                conclusions                                                                             spelling of
                                                              of minerals                       •Describe how various groups                      using        4 L A 5 - 1 b (roots and      main idea,                 irregular and 4LA8-6c; f
                                                             •Sort rociks into 3 basic types:    interact to create community                     intonation,  •Read GL affixes)             reorder content            difficult
                                                              sedimentary, igneous,              roles and traditions                             expression,  text 95-      •Context clues •Enhance fluency            words
                                                                                                                              Inferences                                                     with transitional
                           Problem Solving                                                                                                        punctuation  100%          (words,                                    (i.e. content
                                                             •Classify common rocks of Utah                                   4LA7-2e             cues         accuracy sentences,           words,                                   (see October)
                           4M1-3c; 2-2c; 1-5a                                                                                 •Make inferences                                                                            words)
                                                              into 3 categories (above)                                                                                      paragraphs) to connecting
                           •Write multiplication or division                                                                   and draw
                                                             •Explain why fossils are usually                                                     4LA5-2b                    determine       phrases, and
                            problem sentence to solve a                                                                        conclusions from
                                                              found in sedimentary rock                                                           •Read GL                   meaning         sentence variety
                            problem related to students’                                                                       text
                                                                                                                                                  words with                 Informational  •Revise writing
                            environment and write a story
                                                                                                                                                  automaticity               Text            with suggestions
                            problem that relates to given
                                                             Weathering/Erosion                                                                                                              from others
                            equation                                                                                                                                            4LA7-3c-e
                           •Recognize that a variable        4SC2a-d                                                                                                            •Indentify          Handwriting
                            maintains the same value         •Identify processes of physical                                                      Vocabulary                    text,               4LA8-5b
                                                              weathering that break down                                      Read Aloud                                        headings,
                            throughout an equation or
                                                                                                                              Suggestions:        4LA6-1ab                                          •Increase fluency
                            expression (e.g., n+n=8; n=4) rocks at Earth’s surface                                                                •Learn the                    subheadings,          of cursive
                           •Determine when appropriate •Distinguish between                                                                         meaning;                    diagrams,             handwriting
                            to use estimation, mental         weathering and erosion                                                                properly                    charts,
                            math, paper/pencil or            •Model erosion of earth                                                                use variety                 captions,
                            calculator                        materials and collection of                                                           of GL words                 graphs, table
                                                              these materials as part of the                                                                                    of contents,
                                                              process that leads to soil                                                                                        index,
                                                             •Investigate layers of soil in the
                                                              local area and predict the                                                          4LA7-3c-
                                                              sources of the sand and rocks                                                       e
                                                                                                                                                                                different text
                                                              in the soil                                                                         •Indentify
                                                                                                                                                                                •Locate facts
                                                                                                                                                  graphs, table
                                                                                                                                                  of contents,
                                                                                                                                                  different text
                                                                                                                                                  •Locate facts
                                                                                                      JANUARY, 2005
                                                                             Utah Theme: Westward Ho! Pioneers’ Relocation to Utah
                                                                 SCIENCE                       SOCIAL STUDIES
                                                                                                                              Comprehension         Shared        Directed I n t e r a c t i v e Independent        Word          Oral
                                      MATH                         rotation:                                                     Focus &            Reading       Reading     Editing/              Writing        Study/     Presentation
                                                             Utah Environments                                                 Read Aloud                                      Writing           6 Trait Focus:    Spelling

                           Fractions                         UT Envoironments               Immigration to Utah               •Theme              Fluency         Fluency Concepts           Edit for    Spelling •Continue
                           4M1-4b-e                         4SC5-1a-e; 2a-d; 5-3a-          4SS2-1c; 4SS1-2b-c                                      4LA5-2a       4 L A 5 - 1 a of Print     Conventions S t r a t e g i e s Oral

                           •Name and write fractions to     b; 5-4a-e                           •Determine reasons for             •Topic           •Read GL      •Read GL    4LA2-all 4LA8-4a-d         4LA4-4a Presentations
                            represent halves, thirds,         •Compare/describe physical          immigration to Utah                               text in       text 120-   •Students will •Edit for   •Use                following
                            fourths, fifths, sixths, eighths, features of Utah’s wetlands,      •Trace events that led from State •Main Idea        meaningful    150 wpm   continue to     capitalization,       knowledge of 4LA1-1a-d
                            and tenths                         forests, deserts                   of Deseret Territory to state of                  phrases                 understand      punctuation           spelling to  &
                           •Relate fractions to decimals      •Locate/classify UT area            Utah                                              using         4LA5-1b   how printed •Edit for spelling        predict      4LA1-1a-d
                            that represent tenths              examples of wetlands, forests, •Identify the first settlers of      Theme/Topic/ intonation,       •Read GL  language       •Edit for grammar      spelling of
                           •Determine <,>,= fractions          deserts                            Utahs                            Main Idea        expression,   text 95-  works          •Edit for format       new words    4LA8-6c; f
                            using models                      •Create models of wetlands,                                          4LA7-2f          punctuation   100%                      features
                           •Equivalent fractions for 1/2,      forests, deserts                                                    •Identify theme/ cues          accuracy Vocabulary       (indenting,
                            1/3, 1/4 using manipulatives      •Identify Utah’s common           Historical Sites                    topic/main idea                        4 L A 6 - 1 a - titles, margins)                   (see October)
                            and pictures                       plants/animals in forest,                                            from text; note
                                                                                                4SS1-2d                                                                        b
                                                               wetland, desert and physical                                         details         4LA5-2b
                                                                                                •Identify historical sites                                                    •Learn the    Handwriting
                                                               features that allow them to live                                                     •Read GL
                           Ratios                              there
                                                                                                (This Is the Place)                                                             meaning;    4LA8-5b
                           4M5-2a                                                                                                                   words with                  properly    •Increase
                                                              •Describe interactions between
                           •Describe random outcomes as animals and plants of given                                                Read Aloud automaticity                      use variety   fluency of
                            simple ratios (e.g., 4 out of 9 = environment                                                          Suggestions:                                 of GL words cursive
                            4/9)                              •Identify effect elevation has on                                                                                               handwriting
                                                               plants/animals in different                                                            1ab
                                                               environments                                                                         •Learn the
                                                                                                                                                    properly                  Vocabulary
                                                                                                                                                    use variety
                                                                                                                                                    of GL
                                                                                                                                                    words                     2a-b
                                                                                                                                                                              •Use multiple
                                                                                                                                                                               meaning of
                                                                                                                                                                               words to
                                                                                                                                                                               to increase
                                                                                                         FEBRUARY, 2005
                                                                                                Utah Theme: Early Pioneer Settlements
                                                                SCIENCE                   SOCIAL STUDIES                   Comprehension           Shared         Directed      Interactive     Independent           Word               Oral
                                    MATH                         rotation:                                                    Focus &              Reading        Reading         Editing/         Writing           Study/          Presentation
                                                                 Weather                                                    Read Aloud                                            Writing      6 Trait Focus:        Spelling
                                                                                                                                                                                               WORD CHOICE

                           Measurement                    Weather                        Territory of Utah                •Purpose for          Fluency           Fluency      Concepts        Functional          Spelling          •Continue
                           4M4-1a-d; 2a-b; d              4SC2-1d; 2-2b                  4SS1-2b-c                         reading               4LA5-2a          4LA5-2a     of Print         Writing             S t r a t e g i e s Oral
                           •Understand and measure        •Compare severe weather to     •State of Deseret to Territory                         •Read GL text     •Read GL    4LA2-all         4LA8-6e             4 L A 4 - 4 b Presentations
                            metric units of length         normal weather conditions       of Utah to Utah State          •Elements of a        in meaningful     text in     •Students will   •Produce            •Visualize following

                            (millimeter, centimeter,       (e.g., thunderstorms with     •First settlers: Mornon           story                phrases using     meaningful   continue to      functional texts words while 4LA1-1a-d
                            meter), volume (milliliter.    lightning and high winds to     pioneers, miners, laborers,                          intonation,       phrases      understand       (email,             writing   &
                            liter), and weight (gram,      rainstorm with showers and      entrepreneurs                                        expression,       using        how printed      newspaper                     4LA1-1a-d
                            kilogram)                      breezes)                                                                             punctuation       intonation,  language         articles, letters,
                           •Understand and measure        •Record and graph weather      Historical Figures                                     cues              expression,  works            simple Power                  4LA8-6c; f
                            customary units of length      data to show daily and                                         Purposes for                            punctuation                   Point)
                                                                                         4SS1-2d                          Reading
                            (mile, yard, foot, inch),      seasonal patterns in                                                                 4LA5-2b           cues
                                                                                         •Identify historical figures                                                         Phono-
                            capacity (cup, pint, quart,    weather
                                                                                           (Brigham Young, Heber
                                                                                                                          4LA7-1a-b             •Read GL                                                                             (see October)
                            gallon) weight (pound, ton)   •Observe/record effects of                                      •Identify purpose for words with
                                                                                                                                                                               logical &
                                                                                           Wells, Martha Hughes                                                                Phonemic
                           •Read and record                air temperature on                                              reading              automaticity
                                                                                           Cannon)                                                                             Awarenes
                            temperature to nearest         precipitation                                                  •Identify author’s
                            degree, in Farenheit, using                                                                    purpose                                             4LA3-all
                            a thermometer                 Weather Forecasting                                                                   Vocabulary                     •Students
                                                          4SC2-3a-e                                                                             4LA6-1ab                        continue to    Handwriting
                                                       •Identify and use tools of a                                                             •Learn the                      develop
                           Counting Money               meteorologist (e.g., rain                                                                                               phonological
                                                                                                                          Story Elements meaning;                                              •Produce legible
                           4M4-2e-f                     guage, barometer,                                                                         properly use                  & phonemic
                                                                                                                          4LA7-3a                                               awareness
                                                                                                                                                                                                documents with
                           •Determine value of          thermometer) and relate                                           •Identify characters,   variety of GL                                 cursive
                            comination of coins and     weather forecast accuracy                                          setting, sequence      words                                         handwriting
                            bills that total $20.00 or  to evidence of tools                                               of events,
                            less                       •Describe how weather                                                                                                                   Informational
                                                                                                                           problem/resolution                                  Phonics &       Writing
                           •Count back change for       forecasts affect people’s                                                                                              Spelling        4LA8-6c
                            single-item purchase and    lives
                            determine amount of        •Predict weather and justify
                                                                                                                          Read Aloud                                           4LA4-all         •Produce writing
                            change to be received from prediction with observable                                         Suggestions:                                         •Students         to provide
                                                                                                                                                                                apply            information
                            a multiple-item purchase    evidendce
                                                                                                                                                                                understanding (book reports,
                                                       •Evaluate accuracy of
                                                                                                                                                                                of phonics and compare/
                                                        student and professional
                                                                                                                                                                                other            contrast
                                                        weather forecasts
                                                                                                                                                                                strategies to    essays,
                                                          Wind, Air, Clouds                                                                                                     decode and       observations
                                                          4SC2-1a, c; 2-2c;                                                                                                     spell unfamiliar reports,
                                                          •Identify basic cloud types                                                                                           words while      research
                                                           (cumulus, cirris, stratus                                                                                            reading and      reports,
                                                           clouds)                                                                                                              writing          biographies,
                                                          •Infer relationships between                                                                                                           summaries)
                                                           wind and weather change
                                                           (e.g., windy days often
                                                           precede weather changes
                                                           like south winds in Utah
                                                           often precede cold front
                                                           coming from North)
                                                          •Investigate evidence that
                                                           air is a substance that air
                                                           takes up space
                                                                                                     MARCH, 2005
                                                          Utah Theme: New Faces Come to Utah with Transcontinental Railroad and Mining
                                                                     SCIENCE                SOCIAL STUDIES              Comprehension       Shared          Directed I n t e r a c t i v e Independent     Word           Oral
                                        MATH                          rotation:                                            Focus &          Reading         Reading     Editing/              Writing     Study/      Presentation
                                                                        Soil                                             Read Aloud                                      Writing              6 Trait     Spelling

                           Geometry                             Components of Soil         Growth of Utah               •Context clues Fluency Fluency Concepts                         Creative         Spelling •Continue
                           4M3-1a-f; 3-3a-b;                    4SC3-3a-e; 3-2d             4SS1-1b-c; 2-3a-b                              4LA5-2a         4LA5-2b      of Print       Writing           Strategies    Oral
                           •Identify right, obtuse, and      •Observe/list components of    •Identify factors &                            •Read GL        •Read GL     4LA2-all 4LA8-6b                 4 L A 4 - 4 c Presentations

                            acute angles                      soil; distinguish between       community characteristics                    text in         words with •Students will •Produce            •Associate following
                           •Identify polygons and draw        living, non-living, and once    that have historically                       meaningful      automaticity continue to   imaginative         spelling of
                                                                                                                         Context Clues phrases                                                                         4LA1-1a-d &
                            lines of symmetry                 living components               contributed to the growth                                                  understand   stories and        new words
                           •Identify quadrilaterals (i.e.    •Diagram/model soil profile      of Utah (agriculture,      4LA6-3b           using                         how printed  formula            from known
                            rectangles, squares,             •Relate components of soils to   industry, mining,          •Use words,       intonation,                   language     poetry             words and
                                                                                                                          sentences, and                                                                 word
                                                                                                                                                                                                                      4LA8-6c; f
                            rhombuses, kites,                 the growth of plants in soil    resources)                                   expression,                   works
                            trapezoids )                     •Explain how plants control    •Predict future changes to    paragraphs as    punctuation                                                   patterns
                           •Compare two polygons to                                                                       context clues to                                                                            (see October)
                                                              erosion of soil                 UT                                           cues                         Vocabulary
                            determine if they are similar or •Research/investigate ways to                                determine                                     4LA6-1a-b Handwriting
                            conguent                          provide mineral nutrients for                               meanings of                                   •Learn the
                                                                                                                                           4LA5-2b                                 4LA8-5c
                           •Identify cylinders and            plants to grow without soil   Cultural Differences unknown key               •Read GL                      meaning;    •Produce
                            rectagular prisms                •Investigate layers of soil in                               words, similes,                                properly use legible
                                                                                            4SS4-1a-c                                      words with
                           •Identify a slide(translation) or the local area and predict the •Identify contributions and   and idioms                                     variety of
                                                                                                                                           automaticity                               documents
                            a flip (reflection)               sources of the sand and         show appreciation for                                                      GL words     with cursive
                           •Relate cubes, cylinders,          rocks in the soil               various cultures                                                                        handwriting
                            rectangular prisms to the                                       •Demonstrate respect for all Read Aloud                                     Vocabulary
                            two dimensional shapes (nets)                                                                                  Vocabulary                   4LA6-2a-b
                            from which they were created
                                                                                              cultures                   Suggestions: 4LA6-
                                                                                                                                                                        •Use multiple
                                                                                                                                            1ab                          resources
                                                                                            Historical Sites                               •Learn the                    to determine
                           Perimeter/Area                                                   4SS1-2d                                          meaning;                    meaning of
                           4M4-2g                                                          •Identify historical sites                        properly                    unknown
                           •Determine perimeter , in whole                                 (This is the Place,                               use variety                 words
                            units, for a rectangle with fixed                                Promontory Point)                               of GL                      •Relate
                            area                                                                                                             words                       unfamiliar
                           •Determine area for a rectangle                                                                                                               words to
                            with fixed perimeter                                                                                                                         prior
                                                                                                                                                                         to increase
                                                                                                           APRIL, 2005
                                                                Utah Theme: Voyage Through Time: This is the Place (4th Grade Musical)
                                                                                        Government of Utah

                                                                 SCIENCE                       SOCIAL STUDIES               Comprehension Shared               Directed I n t e r a c t i v e Independent         Word           Oral
                                    MATH                           rotation:                                                   Focus &    Reading              Reading     Editing/              Writing         Study/      Presentation
                                                              Health and Safety                                              Read Aloud                                     Writing            6 Trait Focus:   Spelling

                           Coordinates                  Positive Self Worth                    Government                   •Form pictures Fluency •Practice                  Concepts         •Prepare for Spelling         •Continue
                           4M3-2a-b                     4HE40-0101-0104                        4SS3-1a-d; 5-1a, d; 7-        while reading 4 L A 5 - 2 a cloze                of Print          spring       Strategies      Oral
                           •Locate positions on map of •Identify characteristics of positive    3a-b                                             •Read GL      tests and      4LA2-all          PWA with 4 L A 4 - 4 d       Presentations
                            Utah using coordinates       self-worth                          •Determine roles and need for                                     compre-                          practice

                                                                                                                            Mental Pix           text in                      •Students will                 •Use spelling   following
                            or regions                 •Identify factors that influence        government
                                                                                                                            4LA7-2c              meaningful    hension         continue to      persuasive generalities      4LA1-1a-d &
                           •Give coordinates or          decision making and apply decision- •Identify 3 branches of                             phrases       tests to        understand       essays        to assist      4LA1-1a-d
                                                                                                                            •Form mental
                            regions of a postion on      making process                        government and duties of                          using         prepare         how printed      focusing on spelling of
                                                                                                                              pictures to aid
                            Utah map                   •Use assertive communication            elected officials                                 intonation,                   language
                                                       •Set goals to enhance health          •Compare individual rights and
                                                                                                                              understanding of                 for end-of-                      all 4 taught new words       4LA8-6c; f
                                                                                                                                                 expression,                   works
                                                       • Create stress management plan         responsibilities
                                                                                                                              text               punctuation   level                            traits
                                                                                                                                                 cues          testing                                                       (see October)
                                                       Substance Abuse                       •Identify types of political
                                                                                               boundries (city, county,                                                                        Persuasive
                                                       4HE40-0201-0204                         state, national,             Read Aloud           4 L A 5 - 2 b Fluency        Phono-           Writing
                                                       •Discover strengths/talents                                                               •Read GL 4 L A 5 - 2 a
                                                       •Positive role models
                                                                                               international)               Suggestions:                                      logical & 4LA8-6d
                                                                                                                                                 words with •Read GL                                                         •4th Grade
                                                       •Consequences of substance abuse                                                                                       Phonemic •Produce
                                                                                                                                                 automaticity text in                                                         Play
                                                       •Model responsible decision making                                                                      meaningful
                                                                                                                                                                              Awarenes writing to
                           Patterns                                                                                                              Vocabulary phrases           4LA3-all      persuade
                           4M2-1a                       Human Development                                                                                                     •Students
                                                                                                                                                 4LA6-         using
                           •Represent and analyze       4HE40-0301-0304                                                                                                       continue to
                                                                                                                                                   1ab         intonation,
                            repeating and growing       •Cardiovasuclar & respiratory
                                                                                                                                                 •Learn the expression,
                                                                                                                                                                              develop      4LA8-5c
                            patterns using objects,      systems                                                                                                              phonological •Produce
                                                                                                                                                   meaning; punctuation
                            pictures, numbers and       •Healthy interpersonal relationships                                                                                  & phonemic    legible
                                                                                                                                                   properly cues
                            tables                      •Healthy body image                                                                                                   awareness     documents
                                                        Disease Prevention                                                                                                                  with cursive
                                                                                                                                                   variety of 4 L A 5 - 2 b
                                                        4HE40-0401-0403                                                                            GL words •Read GL
                                                                                                                                                                              Phonics &
                                                        •How communicable diseases spread                                                                      words with     Spelling
                                                        •Personal hygiene                                                                                      automaticity
                           Probability                  • Showing compassion for others with
                           4M5-2b                         HIV; other diseases
                           •Predict outcomes of simple S a f e t y                                                                                                             understanding
                            experiments, including with 4 H E 4 0 - 0 5 0 1 - 0 5 0 4                                                                                          of phonics
                            and without replacement, •Safe participation in recreational                                                                                       and other
                            and test the predictions     activiites                                                                                                            strategies to
                                                        •Risk-taking                                                                                                           decode and
                                                        •Basic first-aid                                                                                                       spell
                                                        •Nonviolent ways to resolve conflict                                                                                   unfamiliar
                                                                                                                                                                               words while
                                                        Exercise                                                                                                               reading and
                                                        4HE40-0601-0604                                                                                                        writing
                                                        •Vitamins, minerals and functions in
                                                         the body
                                                        •Relation between food intake and
                                                        •How/why bodies differ in shape and
                                                                                                                MAY, 2005
                                                                                      Utah Theme: Compare and Contrast Utah and Asia
                                                       SCIENCE/SS                       SOCIAL STUDIES
                                                                                                                         Comprehension Shared                 Directed   I n t e r a c t i v e Independent    Word Study/     Oral
                                  MATH                    rotation:                                                         Focus &    Reading                Reading       Editing/              Writing      Spelling   Presentation
                                                        Economics                                                         Read Aloud                                         Writing           6 Trait Focus:

                                                  Growth & Change                     Asia                               Context Clues       Fluency •Take end-          Concepts        Different          Reveiw            •Continue
                                                  4SS2-3a; 5-2b; 2-1c                 4SS7-1a-c                          4LA6-3b             4LA5-2a        of-year DRP of Print         Forms/             Spelling          Oral
                                                  •Identify factors that will   •Identify location of Asia (e.g.,        •Use words,         •Read GL       test        4LA2-all         Genres             Words             Presentations
                           REVIEW ALL               contribute to future growth   hemisphere, latitude, longitude)        sentences, and

                                                                                                                                             text in                     •Students will 4LA8-6f-g           Correctly         following
                           CORE                     and change (technology,       and recognize influence on              paragraphs as      meaningful                   continue to •By the end of 4th 4 L A 4 - 3 a - d    4LA1-1a-d &
                           STANDARDS                industry, population,         climates                                context clues to   phrases                      understand     grade, have 6-8 (September-          4LA1-1a-d
                                                    geographic, economic,       •Locate major landforms of Asia           determine          using                        how printed    individual
                           FOR END-OF-              political)                    (e.g., rivers, mountains,               meanings of
                                                                                                                                             intonation,                  language       writing products                     4LA8-6c; f
                           LEVEL                  •Economics, entrepreneurship deserts, islands)                          unknown key        expression,                  works          to show
                           TESTING                                              •Determine mileage from one               words, similes,    punctuation                                •Share writing
                                                  Economics of Utah               place to another in Asia                and idioms         cues                                        with others                          (see October)
                                                  4SS2-1d; 2-2a; 3-3 a-c;                                                                                                Vocabulary
                                                   3-2 a-c; 4-2b                                                                                                         4LA6-1a-b
                                Intended                                                                                                     4LA5-2b
                                                  •Group interaction to create                                           Read Aloud                                      •Learn the
                                Learning                                                                                                     •Read GL
                                                    roles and traditions                                                 Suggestions:                                      meaning;
                                                                                      Comparing Asia to Utah                                 words with
                              Outcomes            •Influence of army/ travelers                                                              automaticity                  properly use Persuasive          Reveiw
                                 (ILOs)           •Identify ways to                   4SS5-1a-c; 2a; 7-2b-c; 7-                                                            variety of   Writing             Spelling
                             for 4th Grade          contribute/help community          4a-c; 7-3b; 5-1b-c                                                                  GL words     4LA8-6d             Strategies
                                                  •Analyze role of consumer in        •Modern daily living                                                                              •Produce writing    4LA4-4a-d
                           *By the end of 4th                                         •Types of government                                                                               to persuade
                                                    business (revenue, value,                                                                                                                               (January-April)
                             grade, students        advertising, quality, cost)       •Major industries
                             will be able to:     •Analyze role of worker in in       •Major landforms                                                                   Vocabulary
                                                    business (division of labor,      •Political boundaries                                                              4LA6-2a-b Handwriting
                           1. Demonstrate a         workers’ needs, wages,            •Physical features and impact on                                                   •Use multiple 4LA8-5c
                              positive learning     contribution to the business)       agriculture and industry                                                          resources to •Produce legible
                              attitude toward     •Trace business from its            •Community establishment                                                            determine
                                                                                        based on climate and physical                                                                   documents with
                              math.                 beginning, its market for                                                                                             meaning of
                                                                                        features                                                                                        cursive
                                                    goods or services, and its                                                                                            unknown
                                                                                      •Create a map and legend                                                                          handwriting
                           2. Become                growth                                                                                                                words
                                                                                        showing topography, climate,                                                     •Relate
                              mathematical        Consumer Practices                    land in both Utah and Japan                                                       unfamiliar
                              problem solvers.    4HE40-0701-0703                                                                                                         words to
                                                  •Participate in service-learning
                           3. Reason               that benefits Utah
                              mathematically.     •Analyze media strategies and
                                                                                                                                                                          to increase
                                                   techniques affecting
                           4. Communicate          consumer practices
                              mathematically.     •Role of health professionals in
                                                   the school
                           5. Make mathematical
                                                Utah/Asia Economics
                           6. Represent           4SS5-2a-b
                                                  •List major industries of Utah
                              mathematical          and Japan
                              situations.         •Determine factors influencing
                                                    growth of industries
                                                    (geography, climate, political)
                                               AUGUST, 2004
                                    Utah Theme: Introduction to 4th Grade
                    SCIENCE           SOCIAL STUDIES
                                                                      Comprehension Shared           Directed     I n t e r a c t i v e Independent      Word           Oral
     MATH             rotation:                                          Focus &    Reading          Reading         Editing/              Writing      S t u d y / Presentation
                  Intro. to Year                                       Read Aloud                                     Writing           6 Trait Focus: Spelling
                                                                                                                                    REVIEW 4 TO BE

                                   Basic Citizenship &                •Begin              •Class     •Take fall   Concepts         •Take fall PWA               •Getting-to-
PRE-ASSESSMENTS                     Classroom Set-up                   discussion of       names      DRP test    of Print                                      know-you
AND                                4SS4-2a-b                           genres and                     to          4LA2-all         •Review the                  activities
REVIEW                             •Establish classroom goals/         connections        •Expecta determine      •Students will    four traits to
                                     rules as a class and commit to                        -tions of inital        continue to      be taught:                  •Define
                                     support them                     •Discuss             SR         levels       understand       ideas,                      expecations
                                   •Identify ways to help and          reasons for                                 how printed      organization,               of OP
                                     contribute to the classroom       reading                                     language         conventions,                (audience
                                     community and community at                                                    works            word choice                 and speaker)
                                                                                                                  logical &
                                   Classroom Roles                                                                Phonemic
                                   4SS2-4a-c                                                                      Awarenes
                                   •Differentiate roles of workers
                                   •Identify needs of workers in a
                                     business (classroom)
                                                                                                                   continue to
                                   •Identify the worker’s
                                     contribution to business
                                     (classroom) success
                                                                                                                   & phonemic

                                                                                                                  Phonics &
                                                                      Read Aloud                                  Spelling
                                                                      Suggestions:                                4LA4-all
                                                                      A is for Arches                              apply
                                                                      (intro to Utah)                              understandin
                                                                                                                   g of phonics
                                                                      Chrysanthemum                                and other
                                                                      by Kevin Henkes                              strategies to
                                                                      (new names)                                  decode and
                                                                      What I Did Over                              words while
                                                                      Summer Vacation                              reading and
                                                                      by Mark Teague                               writing
                                                                      (creative ways to
                                                                      share; OP)
                                                                                    Literacy Map 200 4-2005

Standard                 Objective   September                 October                 November             December             January               February             March                     April             May
I-O ral Lang uage-       .           Ancestor Share-Oral       Native American         Explorer Group                            American                                   Civil War songs sung in   World War I &     States Report
Students develop                     report                    Group presentation      presentation                              Revolution                                 groups and/or whole       II songs and      Fair/program
language for the                                                                                                                 individual                                 class                     famous speeches
purpose of                                                                                                                       recitations of                                                       shared –
effectively                          Students invited to                                                                         famous period                                                        reenactments
communicating                        share “show and tells”                                                                      piece
through listening,                   by appointment
speaking, viewing, and               throughout the year.
IV-P honics and                      Begin weekly spelling
Spelling--                           assignments
Students apply
understanding of                     Begin Mountain
phonics and other                    Language
strategies to decode
and spell unfamiliar                 Divide class by
words while reading                  ability/knowledge into
and writing.                         2-3 spelling groups.
V. F luency--                        Signatures Theme 1        Pedro’s Journal         Signatures—Theme     Signatures Theme     Signatures—Theme      Hatchet              Maniac Magee              Signatures—
Students develop                                               Signatures Theme 5      2                    4                    3                                                                    Theme 6
reading fluency to                   Students practice
read aloud grade                     timed readings to         Shared readings in      Begin Book Clubs
level material                       monitor/improve           content areas begin     and schedule
effortlessly and                     fluency                   and go through year
without hesitation.
VI. V o cab ulary--                  Dictionary skills—Parts   Signatures’             Book Club role of    Dictionary skills—   As part of            Parts of Speech
Students learn and                   of dictionary             selections              “word wizard”        Vocabulary           Independent           mad libs
use grade level                                                throughout year         AND all groups                            Reading AND
vocabulary to                        Begin Mountain                                    have “words of       Parts of Speech      Writing, use 5
increase                             Language                  Science and Social      the week”                                 words a week in a
understanding and                                              Studies vocabulary                                                paragraph.
read fluently.                                                 on wkly Spelling list
VII-                                 Signatures—Theme 1        Pedro’s Journal         Signatures Theme     Signatures—Theme     Signatures—Theme      Maniac Magee         Signatures Theme 6        Hatchet
Com prehension—                                                Signatures Theme 5      2                    4                    3
Students understand,                 Comprehension                                                                                                                          Book Clubs
interpret, and                       strategies                Guided Reading          Partner retellings   Visual summaries     Book Clubs
analyze narrative and                taught/reviewed           groups begin            practiced
informational grade                  practiced
level text.
VIII-W rit ing--                     Begin Mountain            Write State report      Write State          Begin “Real Life”    Revise, edit,         Persuasive writing   Persuasive writing
Students write daily                 Language                                          report               Story                publish “real life”
to communicate                                                 Begin “penmanship”                                                story                 Poetry               Choice Reports
effectively for a                    Review “sentences”
variety of purposes                                                                                                              Persuasive writing
and audiences                        Paragraphs
proficiency with the
writing traits and
utilize the writing
                                                                                             Numeracy Ma p 2004 -2005
Standard             Objective             September                  October                  November        December            January           February               March                         April   May
I-Students will      1-Represent whole     d-Investigations-primes                                                                 e-exponents
acquire number       numbers and           and composites
sense and perform    decimals in a                                                                                                 Math Wall—add
operations with      variety of ways.      Begin Mountain Math                                                                     fractions to
whole numbers,                             (I call it Math Wall)                                                                   weekly practice
simple fractions,                          whole #s/decimal #s
and decimals.

                     2-Identify            Expanded/standard                                                                                         a,,b,c,d- Fractions
                     relationships         form
                     among whole
                     decimals, and
                     3-Model and           d,e-strategies-mult,       a-dividend, divisor,     b-rules of      g-mult.-powers of                     d-strategies for       h-two step problem
                     illustrate            lattice, partial product   quotient, division       divisibility-   10                                    fractions              solving
                     meanings of                                      symbols                  2,3,5,9,10                                                                   Interact
                     operations and        a-multiplicand,            c-remainders
                     describe how they     multiplier, product
                     4-Use fractions to    Results of sibling         Results of Dots,                                                               a-f Fractions
                     communicate parts     strips                     Smarties and kitchen
                     of the whole.                                    utensils “surveys”
                     5-Solve problems      a-Mental Math orally       d-division strategies-                                       e-add, sub        g-3x100+2x10+4x1=      f-+-x fractions
                     using the four        c-Lattice mult             touchdown                                                    decimals          324
                     operations with       b-estimation               dot division
                     whole numbers,                                   graph paper ÷
                     decimals, and         Math Wall
                     6-Model and                                                                                                   a-integers on a   b-real life integers
                     illustrate                                                                                                    number line
II-Students will     1-Recognize,          a-lists, tables-sibling    a-Smarties, kitchen                                                                                   a-count cars
use patterns and     analyze, and use      strips                     utensils
relations to         patterns and
represent and        describe their
analyze              attributes.
situations using
algebraic symbols.
                     2-Represent,          a-symbols x•               a-symbols ÷/                             d-70x—=4200
                     solve, and analyze    c- 1 step equations-
                     mathematical          real world                 f-associative,
                     situations using                                 commutative, and
                     algebraic symbols.                               distributive
III-Students will    1-Describe,                                                                                                                                            a,b,c,d,e,f,g-perpendicular
use spatial          identify, and                                                                                                                                          lines, rays, end points,
reasoning to         analyze                                                                                                                                                acute, obtuse angles,
recognize,           characteristics                                                                                                                                        triangles, pyramids,
describe, and        and properties of                                                                                                                                      prisms
identify geometric   geometric shapes.
shapes and
                     2-Specify                                                                                                                       a,b,c,-first
                     locations and                                                                                                                   quadrant ordered
                     describe spatial                                                                                                                pairs, spelling
                     relationships using                                                                                                             activity

                     3-Visualize and                                                                                               a-Translation,
                    identify geometric                                                                               reflection,
                    shapes after                                                                                     rotation-computer
                    applying                                                                                         lab
IV-Students will    1-Identify and       a-relationship of      d-estimate            e-4 quarts in a                                     c-volume, area,
understand and      describe             metric grams/liters                          gallon chart                                        perimeter
apply measurement   measurable           b,e-ounce/pounds
tools and           attributes of        science physical
techniques.         objects and units    characteristics
                    of measurement.
                    2-Determine                                 a-measure length,                                                         f,g-perimeter, area   c-protractor   d-elapsed time
                    measurements                                science corn
                    using appropriate                           b-measure volume-
                    tools and                                   science
V-Students will     1-Formultate and     b-line plots, bar      c-minimum/maximum     d-mean, line-ups,
collect, analyze,   answer questions     graph, etc. Chap. 1,   values of set, test   mode range
and draw            using statistical    Home Reading graph     scores
conclusions from    methods to           sibling strips
data and apply      compare data.        e-inferences of data
basic concepts of
                    2-Apply basic                                                                                    a,b,c-probability,
                    concepts of                                                                                      apple bags, dice,
                    probability.                                                                                     etc
Standard            Objective            September              October               November            December   January              February              March          April            May
                Intro. To Studying the Past                      Inner Tube               The River
S   S.S. 1-1
    Examine the scientific processes of studying cultures over
                                                                 Page 90

                                                                 L. A. Fluency
                                                                                          L.A. Comprehension
                                                                                          Relate prior knowledge

E      •
        • archeology
                                                                 Read grade level text
                                                                 at a rate of 120 – 150
                                                                                          to make connections to
                                                                                          text; e.g. text-to-text, text
                                                                                          to self, text to world.

P                                                                Read grade level text
                                                                 with an accuracy rate
                                                                 of 95 – 100%.

T                                                                Read grade level text
                                                                 in meaningful phrases

                                                                 using intonation,
                                                                 expression and
                                                                 punctuation cues.

M                                                                Read grade level
                                                                 words with

B                                                                L.A. Comprehension
                                                                 Monitor and clarify

E                                                                applying fix-up
                                                                 strategies while
                                                                 interacting with text.

R                                                                Compile, organize,
                                                                 and interpret
                                                                 information from text.
                        World War II                             WWI Unit 9     The Monsters are   Number the Stars

O   S. S. 2-2
    Describe the development of European countries from
                                                                 chp. 19
                                                                 Lesson 1, 3,
                                                                 WWII Unit
                                                                                Due on Maple
                                                                                Page 262
                                                                                                   Devil’s Arithmetic

    1700-1900.                                                   9 chp. 20
        • Examine how European countries developed over          Lesson 1                          Snow Treasure
                                                                                I have a Dream
            time; e.g. politics, war, economics, religion        Cold War –
                                                                                Page 254
        • Identify major events of revolution and their affect   Lesson 3                          The Endless Steppe

            on Europe; e.g. industrial, French, Russian
                                                                                Fear               L.A. Comprehension
    S.S. 3-1
    Examine the effects of war and political unrest on Europe                   Page 290           Identify different
        • Investigate major causes of WWI and WWII; e.g.                                           structures in text; e.g.

            economics, invasion, tyranny                                                           description, problem/
        • Identify tech. and military developments of WWI                                          solution,
            and WWII; e.g. trench warfare, airplane, military                                      compare/contrast.
            armament                                                                               Cause/effect, order of

    S.S. 3-2                                                                                       importance, time,
    Investigate political and economic development of post                                         geographic classification.
    WWII Europe to present
        • Examine political developments of Europe; e.g.

            NATO, Cold War, Eastern Europe unrest
        • Explore the economic development of Europe; e.g.
            Common Market, European Union
    S.S. 5-3

    Examine social and economic issues of Europe from
        • Determine the impact of the Industrial Revolution
            on Europe; e.g. labor, manufacturing, trade,
            availability, merchants, commoners
        • Describe the impact of the French and Russian
            Revolution on the people of Europe
        • Describe how social and economic issues led to
S.S. 6-1
Analyze the impact of war on Europe
    • Examine the reasons for war; e.g. fascism,
        socialism, communism
    • Analyze the consequences of war on Europe; e.g.
        poverty, famine, disease, destruction of life and
S. S. 8-2
Determine the influence of political change on country
    • Compare maps of Europe from 1700 – 1900
    • Describe the role of politics in changing country
        borders from 1700 – 1900.
S.S. 9-1
Investigate the role of invasion on changing political
boundaries of Europe
    • Compare the changes in country borders before
        and after WWI
    • Locate the Allied and Axis powers during WWII
    • Compare pre and post WWI boundaries
                 Fertile Crescent and Egypt                         Unit 2      Behind the Sealed   Awesome Egyptians

N    S.S. 1-2
     Identify the sequence of history in the Fertile Crescent and
     ancient Egypt
                                                                    Chapter 3   Doors
                                                                                Page 118            L.A. Comprehension
                                                                                                    Form mental pictures to

         • Examine how life in the Fertile Crescent changed                     The Golden          aid understanding of text
             over time; e.g. hunter/gatherer to agrarian society                Goblet
         • Trace the development of Egypt as a nation; e.g.                     Page 118
             three kingdoms, government, economy.

     S.S. 4-1
     Explore the culture of the Fertile Crescent and ancient                    The Pyramids of
     Egypt.                                                                     Egypt
         • Examine the role and characteristics of political                    Page 148

             and social structures in the Fertile Crescent and
             their significance to the modern world; e.g.
             Hammurabi’s Code, slave labor, gender roles.
         • Explore the importance of religion in ancient

             Egypt; e.g. governance, art , architecture, everyday
             life, hieroglyphics.
     S.S. 7-1
     Examine the major physical and political features of early

         • Compare the physical features surrounding the
             Fertile Crescent and ancient Egypt; e.g. water,
             deserts, mountains.

         • Examine the importance of water in the
             development of civilization.
         • Analyze the importance of geographical features
             and climate in agriculture
         • Compare historical and modern maps of the
                              Greece                               Unit 4      Atlanta’s Race      Greek Myths

D    S.S. 1-3
     Trace the development of Greece
         • Examine the sequence of events that led to the
                                                                   Chapter 7   Page 326

                                                                               Great Summer
                                                                                               L.A. Comprehension
                                                                                               Identify theme, topic,

             development of democracy in Greece.                               Olympic Moments main idea, from text;
     S.S. 4-2                                                                  Page 338        note details
     Explore the culture of ancient Greece.
         • Compare life in Athens and Sparta; e.g.
                                                                               Joan Benoit

             government, recreation, religion, arts, theater,
             science                                                           Samuelson
     S.S. 4-3                                                                  Page 342
     Identify the roots of democratic and republican forms of
                                                                               Ancient Greece

         • Describe the components of Greek democracy; e.g.                    Page 358
             assembly, citizenship, banishment
         • Identify the important leaders of Greece

     S.S. 4-4
     Participate in democratic processes
         • Take part in establishing classroom rules.
         • Compare the responsibilities of a good citizen in

             the US to a good citizen in Greece
         • Practice the responsibilities of good citizenship e.g
             patriotism, respect others, be responsible
         • Make a contribution to the school, neighborhood,

             and community
         • Participate in a patriotic tradition e.g. pledge
             allegiance to the flag
     S.S. 7-2
     Explain how the physical geography of a region
     determines isolation or economic expansion
         • Examine the impact of mountains and seas on
             ancient Greece
         • Compare historical and modern maps of the region
                             Rome                                 Unit 4      City: A Story of   Detectives in Togas

J   S.S. 1-3
    Trace the development of Rome
        • Analyze the events that led to the rise and fall of
                                                                  Chapter 8   Roman Planning
                                                                              and Construction
                                                                              Page 370
                                                                                                 L.A. Comprehension
                                                                                                 Generate questions about

            ancient Rome                                                                         text; e.g. factual,
    S.S. 4-2                                                                                     inferential, evaluative.
    Explore the culture of ancient Rome                                       The Secrets of
        • Describe life in ancient Rome e.g. government,

            religion, recreation, art.
                                                                              Page 402
        • Examine the manmade structures of Rome; e.g.
            aqueducts, roads, Coliseum.
    S.S. 4-3

    Identify the roots of democratic and republican forms of
        • Describe the representative government of Rome
            e.g. senate, citizenship, noncitizens, slaves,

        • Identify the important leaders of Rome: Caesar
    S.S. 4-4
    Participate in democratic processes

        • Take part in establishing classroom rules.
        • Compare the responsibilities of a good citizen in
            the US to a good citizen in Rome
        • Practice the responsibilities of good citizenship e.g

            patriotism, respect others, be responsible
        • Make a contribution to the school,/neighborhood
    S.S. 7-2
    Explain how the physical geography of a region
    determines isolation or economic expansion
        • Analyze the geographic features that aided Rome’s
            growth e.g. Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, Nile
            River, mountains, plains, valleys
        • Compare historical and modern maps of the region
                        Middle Ages                            Unit 5      The Knights at

F   S.S 2-1
    Trace historical events of the Middle Ages and the
                                                               Chapter 9   Dawn

                                                                           The Adventure of

        • Identify the stages of organization of governance;
            e.g. Germanic tribes, feudal system, merchant                  King Arthur
            class, city-states.
        • Contrast the economic systems of the feudal manor                Knights of the

            and the Italian merchant-princes                               Kitchen Table
    S.S. 5-1
    Describe life under the feudal system                                  Knights of the
        • Compare the lives of a feudal lord and serf.
                                                                           Round Table

        • Examine the role of religion in everyday life
        • Describe economic structures of the Feudal system
                                                                           Tales of King

U                                                                          Saint George and
                                                                           the Dragon

A                                                                          The Knight Who
                                                                           was Afraid of the

R                                                                          Knights and Castles
                                                                           L.A. Comprehension

Y                                                                          Identify characters,
                                                                           setting sequence of
                                                                           events, problem/
                                                                           resolution, theme.
     Country Fair   Book Clubs

Ma                  L.A. Comprehension
                    Make and confirm or

                    revise predictions while
                    reading using title,
                    picture clues, text, and or
                    prior knowledge.

                    Make inferences and
                    draw conclusions from

                         Renaissance                              Unit 7       The Art of          The Mixed-Up Files

A   S.S 2-1
    Trace historical events of the Middle Ages and the
                                                                  Chapter 13   Velazquez
                                                                               Page 438
                                                                                                   of Mrs. Basil E.

    S.S. 5-2                                                                   I, Juan de Pareja   L.A. Comprehension
    Explore the impact of inventions and new knowledge                         Page 450            Identify purpose for
    leading to and during the Renaissance                                                          reading
        • Explore technological and scientific developments                                        Identify author’s purpose

            of the time period.
        • Examine the influence of merchant princes of Italy
            on the development of art and architecture.
        • Identify the Renaissance Masters and their

            Contributions to art and architecture, perspective,
            portraiture, and sculpture
        • Analyze the impact of Reformation on Western

                      Current Europe                          Unit 10      White Mountains

M   S.S. 6-2
    Explore the culture and current events of modern Europe
        • Examine governance and economic structures
                                                              Chapter 23
                                                              Lesson 3     L.A. Comprehension
                                                                           Compare and contrast

        • Explore the effect of world influence on country                 elements of different
            traditions; e.g. pop music, clothing, food                     genres: fairy tales,
        • Investigate issues facing Europe today; e.g.                     poems, realistic fiction,
            pollution, economics                                           fantasy, fables, folk tales,

        • social structure, country borders.                               tall tales, biographies,
                                                                           historical fiction, science
                                                                           fiction myths, legends.
L.A. Oral                     Personal                   Sentences                         Sentences         Voice
Language                                                   • Complete                         • Run-on
                              Narr ative
Speak using complex
                                                           • Descriptive                      • Incomplete   L.A. Writing
sentences with                                                                                               Use voice to fit the
appropriate subject-    L.A. Writing
                                                         L.A. Writing                                        purpose and the audience.
verb agreement,         Produce personal writing; e.g.
                        journals, personal               Revise writing, considering the
correct verb tense,
                        experiences, eyewitness          suggestions of others
and syntax.
                        accounts, memoirs, literature
                        responses.                       Edit writing for correct
Identify specific
                                                         capitalization and punctuation
purposes for viewing
                                                         (introductory and dependent
media (to identify
                                                         clauses, dialogue, singular and
mean idea and
                                                         plural possessives.)
details, to gain
distinguish between
fact/opinion, form an
opinion, determine
analyze and critique

Use a variety of
formats in presenting
with various forms of
media (pictures,
posters, charts, ads,
newspapers, graphs,
videos, slide shows.)
Readers Theatre               Summaries            Key Words                         Vocabulary                   Word Choice
                                                                                       • Synonyms
L.A. Oral Language       L.A. Comprehension        Paraphrasing                        • Antonyms                 L.A. Writing
Identify specific        Summarize important                                                                      Use strong verbs and
purposes for listening   ideas/events; summarize   L.A. Vocabulary                                                precise and vivid
(to gain information,    supporting details in     Identify meanings of words        L.A. Vocabulary              language to convey
to be entertained.)      sequence.                 using roots and affixes           Use context to determine     meaning
                                                   (Greek/Latin affixes.)            meaning of synonyms,
Listen and                                                                           antonyms, homonyms           Revise draft to add
demonstrate                                        L.A. Vocabulary                   (through/threw,              details, strengthen word
understanding by                                   Use new vocabulary learned by     principal/principle) and     choice, clarify main idea,
responding                                         listening, reading, and           multiple-meaning words       and reorder content.
appropriately (follow                              discussing a variety of genres.   (print.)
directions, restate,                               Learn the meaning and properly    Use multiple resources to
clarify, questions,                                use a variety of grade level      determine the meanings
summarize,                                         words (words from literature,     of unknown words
elaborate,                                         social studies, science, math.)   (dictionaries, glossaries,
formulating and                                                                      thesauruses.)
opinion with
supporting evidence,                                                                 Determine gradients of
interpret verbal and                                                                 meanings between related
nonverbal messages,                                                                  words and concepts
not purpose and                                                                      (colonization;
perspective, identify                                                                exploration, migrate,
ton, moon, emotion.)                                                                 settlement.)
Oral Report on          Informative              Parts of Speech           Vocabulary          Sentence Fluency
Egypt                                                                        • Context clues
                                                     Restating Questions     • Homonyms
                     L.A. Writing                                                              L.A. Writing
L.A. Oral Language Produce informational text
                                                                                               Enhance fluency by using
                     (book reports,                                                            transitional words,
Speak clearly and    compare/contrast essays,                                                  phrases to connect ideas,
audibly with         observational research reports,                                           and a variety of complete
expression in        content area reports,                                                     sentences and paragraphs
communicating ideas biographies, historical fiction,
                                                                                               to build ideas (varied
(effective rate,     summaries.)                                                               sentence length, simple
volume, pitch, tone,
                                                                                               and compound sentences.)
phrasing tempo.)
Myths   Book of Myths   Paragraph Format   Paragraph                    Organization
                        Thesis Statement                                L.A. Writing
                                           Web Mapping                  Identify and use effective
                                                                        leads and strong endings.

                                           L.A. Writing
                                           Draft ideas on paper in an
                                           organized manner
                                           utilizing words, sentences
                                           and multiple paragraphs
                                           (beginning, middle, end;
                                           main idea; details;
                                           characterization; setting;

                                           Use a variety of graphic
                                           organizers to organize
                                           information from multiple

                                           L.A. Comprehension
                                           Identify information from
                                           text, headings,
                                           subheadings, diagrams,
                                           charts, captions, graphs,
                                           table of contents, index,
                                           and glossary.
Tale Telling        Fair y T ales              Story Elements   Punctuation                 Conventions

               L.A. Writing                                     Metaphors
               Produce traditional and                                                      L.A. Writing
               imaginative stories narrative                    Similes                     Edit for spelling of grade
               and formula poetry.                                                          level-appropriate words.

                                                                L.A. Vocabulary             Edit for standard grammar
                                                                Use words, sentences, and   (subject-verb agreement,
                                                                paragraphs as context       verb tense, irregular
                                                                clues to determine          verbs.)
                                                                meaning of unknown key
                                                                words, similes,             Edit for appropriate
                                                                metaphors, idioms,          formatting features
                                                                proverbs, clichés, and      (margins, indentations,
                                                                literary expressions.       titles, headings.)

                                                                                            Write using upper-and-
                                                                                            lower-case cursive letters
                                                                                            using proper form,
                                                                                            proportions and spacing.

                                                                                            Increase fluency with
                                                                                            cursive handwriting.

                                                                                            Produce legible
                                                                                            documents with
                                                                                            manuscript or cursive
Ballad             Free Choice         Research                          Grammar   Ideas and Content
              L.A. Writing             Summary                                     L.A. Writing
              Publish 6-8 individual                                               Generate ideas for writing
              products                                                             by reading, discussing,
                                       L.A. Comprehension
                                                                                   researching, and
                                       Locate facts from a variety of
                                                                                   reflecting on personal
                                       informational text (newspapers,
                                       magazines, textbooks,
                                       biographies, Internet, other
                                                                                   Select and narrow a topic
                                                                                   from generated ideas.

                                                                                   Identify audience,
                                                                                   purpose, and form for
Country Fair                  Country                  Note Cards    Punctuation   All
                          Research Re port
L.A. Writing                                           Research      Grammar
Share writing with
                          L.A. Writing
others incorporating
relevant illustrations,
                          Produce functional text      Summarizing
                          (newspaper and newsletter
photos, charts,
                          articles, e-mails, simple
diagrams, and/or
                          PowerPoint presentations,
graphs to add
                          memos, agendas, bulletins,
                          web pages.)
Persuasive Essay                 Review ALL   All

L.A. Writing
Produce writing to persuade
(essays, editorials, speeches,
TV scripts, responses to
various media.)