Strategic Planning - Meeting Agenda/Outline by rmwardnyc

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									Strategy Off Site Meeting Agenda

The goal is to spend the 2 days to get executive alignment on three key questions: 

Situation Assessment - Where are we now? o Assess industry landscape and future direction (e.g., market growth, customer trends, potential competitor actions, technology changes, price/cost movements) o Review customer needs and Company’s relative positioning o Discuss competitor’s strengths and weaknesses o Determine the major opportunities and threats facing (SWOT) Outputs: o Business definition for Company o Key customer segments o Product needs o Core competencies, relative competitive advantage(s) and gaps o Areas of opportunity (is this redundant based on other bullets?) o Distribution channel(s)


Strategic Direction - Where do we want to go? o Articulate desired long-term competitive and customer positioning  State 1-2 year company goals and objectives; e.g.,  Customer (e.g., acquisition, retention)  Financial metrics (e.g., Revenue in 12 months of x, Cash lasting until x)  Market position (e.g., share, segment leadership) Outputs: o Vision statement (where we are going) o Mission statement (what we will deliver to the customer) o Goals/objectives (quantitative and qualitative goals required to achieve vision/mission)


2-Year Strategy - How do we get there? o Define the business strategy and actions that will be taken to capture opportunities and defend against threats o Identify critical capabilities and people resources required for success  In which core capabilities must we excel compared to our competition?

  

What key competencies are necessary but currently? to a lesser degree or absent altogether? How can we maximize the success of the existing team? What investments are required?)

o Identify required performance management systems  What are the key metrics that we will track to determine success (ideally 3-6)  How do we regularly measure these?  What is the most appropriate forum to regularly review and discuss  How do we best communicate these company-wide Outputs: o Company’s business strategy o Critical competencies required to achieve strategy (human and technology) o Key metrics to measure success of organization against strategic objectives

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