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                                                Benefits of Colon Cleansing
                                                   By Jessica Bradbury

    Nobody wants to talk, or if they can help it, think about colon cleansing. This despite the fact that we
all know the tortures of constipation and/or diarrhea.

 But, disgusting though we might think it is, we cannot ignore the benefits of colon cleansing, which are
numerous and which most of us are unaware of. Several health-related issues are related to this topic,
and, where these issues are concerned, colonic cleansing is, perhaps, one of the best solutions.

 The first of these benefits is that colon cleansing, or colonic irrigation as it is also known, reduces
constipation. People who are deprived of essential nutrients, or have a poor diet, often also suffer from

 The intestinal walls of these people become lined with a plaque-like substance, which, evidently, does
not aid good health. Colon cleansing not only strips away this substance, but also allows the stool to
move more freely.

 Another noticeable advantage is the elimination of diarrhea, which is a condition normally caused by
the presence of toxins in the digestive system, and can cause problems for the formation of solid stool.

 However, anyone who goes through the admittedly-arduous process of colon cleansing, he/she can
be sure that his/her diarrhea problems shall be removed by it, and his/her bowel movements will
become more regular and the contents thereof, more solid.

 Perhaps the most important benefit of colon cleansing is that it helps one avoid colon cancer. If a
person’s family has a history of colon cancer then that person should undergo a routine colonic
cleansing at least once a year, as this serves as an excellent preventative measure against colon
cancer by keeping bowel movements running smoothly.

 The fourth important benefit of colon cleansing is that it often results in significant weight loss. Many
people lose large amounts of weight after colon cleansing. While the colon weighs around four pounds,
it’s hardly unusual for the cleansing process to flush away as much as ten-thirty pounds of stagnant
fecal matter.

Some additional benefits of colonic cleansing are better skin, increased energy levels, overall feeling

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                                                Presented by Daniel Toriola

of health, and increased and better absorption of vitamins and minerals from food. Increased immunity
and resistance to diseases is also noted.

 Safe natural and herbal cleansers are available in the market that make colon cleansing a simple,
inexpensive process. In fact, cleansing one’s colon has never been easier.

 Other methods that can be utilized for colon cleansing are laxatives, colon hydrotherapy, colonic
fasting diets, etc. Oxygen based cleansers which provide an extremely fast and effective method of
colon cleansing and maximize the benefits of it are also available.

 Some other benefits of colon cleansing are that it results in increased immunity and greater resistance
to disease.

 Many people who undergo this process lose weight due to better digestion and a lower rate of water
and waste retention. These are merely some of the many benefits of colonic cleansing. A regime of
regular colonic cleansing is sure to boost your overall sense of well-being.

Article written by Jessica Bradbury, learn more on colon cleansing at

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                       How to Cleanse Your Colon - Evaluating Supplements
                                         By Harry J. Andersohn

If you’ve just gotten interested in learning how to cleanse your colon, you probably have a lot of
questions about all of the different options that are available to you. For example, you could pay a lot of
money and spend a lot of time by going into a clinic getting hooked up to a machine and watching as
all of the impacted fecal matter in your colon gets flushed away right before your eyes.

Sound like fun?

 I know before my first colon cleansing that it sure didn’t. And that’s why I opted for a simpler approach
-- and one that’s also a heck of a lot cheaper -- which is to do the colon cleansing at home using
over-the-counter supplements.

 This has a couple of benefits, as I mentioned above, but one of the really important ones is that once
you know how to do this yourself at home, you can pretty much do the procedure whenever and
wherever you want without having to worry about scheduling an appointment or paying for an office

 The only real drawback to home colon cleansing is that you have to do some homework to evaluate all
of the different supplements that are out there right now. And believe me, there are a lot.

 I think that the colon cleansing craze all started thanks to a guy by the name of Dr. Oz. You actually
probably heard of him. Dr. Oz is a frequent guest on Oprah -- who has called him America’s favorite
doctor -- and she is well-known for recommending pretty much all of his advice to her viewers.

 Well, one of the things that Dr. Oz recommends is colon cleansing. Why? Well here are just the few of
the reasons. Number one, by flushing out a whole host of junk from your colon, one of the most
popular benefits of colon cleansing according to a lot of people who’ve done it, is the fact that you can
almost immediately lose about 10 pounds. And the best part? Pretty much all of that is going to calm
from your midsection.

 So imagine if you’ve been trying to get a flat belly or washboard abs for any length of time and haven’t
been able to figure out why it wasn’t working, now you know.

 But it doesn’t stop there. There are also a whole host of benefits that you’ll get that you might not see
the next time you look in the mirror. Take for example things like lower cholesterol and lower blood
pressure. Both of these benefits have been attributed to colon cleansing.

 Okay, so by now I’m sure you understand exactly why someone would want to do a colon cleansing,
as well is why you would probably want to opt for doing it by yourself at home as opposed to the more
expensive and more time-consuming route that we discussed above.

 So now it’s time to get down to the real nitty-gritty and discuss how to choose supplements that are
going to be safe and effective. I spent a lot of time going over many supplements that are on the
market today and I found only two that I would recommend.

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                                 Presented by Daniel Toriola

The good news is that you can get them both completely FREE!

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