Permission Marketing with e-Newsletters

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					  Permission Marketing
    with e-Newsletters

The Better Way To Make Better Customers
Today’s Market…
  Growing – More Prospects
  More Competition
    - Solutions/players
         • Shrink wrapped
         • Enterprise Level
         • ASP Models
    Prices Declining
    New Offerings Introduced Daily from New Players
    Old Competitors Still Strong Competitors
    New Categories of Products and Services
    Fewer Dollars Available from Purchasers
Today’s Buyers…
  Too Many Solutions

  Budget Conscious

  Not Brand Loyal or… TOO Brand Loyal

  Always looking for a better “mouse-trap”
Your Marketing Challenge…
    Identify the “right” Prospects
    Up sell and Cross sell Existing Customers
    Reach and Influence Both Before your Competition
    Make & Keep Customers for Life
    DO IT….
      - Quickly
      - Painlessly
      - Efficiently
How?     With effortless, effective e-newsletters
 E-Mail Marketing Provides:
    - Customer Acquisition
    - Customer Retention
    - Improved economies of scale
    - Short time to market
    - Limitless Targeting
    - High Measurability
    - Improved Customer Relationships
    - Strengthen Brand
Who is iMakeNews?
                     Software Marketing Company-
                      Founded 1998
                       - Self-Service suite of eMarketing
                       - ASP
                       - Subscription-based Service Model

                     Mission: Help Businesses generate
                      leads & retain/grow a loyal customer

                     Focus: One-to-One delivery of
                      Branded e-Newsletters
  We Help Our clients… Make Customers
  For Life…
                                                        E-Newsletters Represent 48% of all e-Marketing
                                                         Dollars *

                                                        “True” Permission-Based Communication
                                                          - 94% Customers Prefer Opt-In

                                                        Create a Relationship where Value is Exchanged
                                                         & Profit is Earned

                                                        Stimulate Interest & Preference

                                                        Provide a Means for Contact with Valuable
“..73% of all internet purchasers said that
permission-based e-mail is their most                    Content
preferred way to learn about new products,
services and promotions…far outranking
traditional channels like TV, print, direct mail,       Deliver Consistent Branded Format
telemarketing and direct sales.”

                           e-Marketer Report. 2001                  Source: Forrester Research, January 2002. Volume of
                                                                    Permission E-mail US Consumers Would Accept .
Life Long Customers = Life Long Revenue
                         Ask Permission
                         Understand your Audience
                           - Deliver the right message
                           - To the right audience
                           -   At the right time

                         Create an Ongoing Database of
                          Selling Opportunities
                           -   Existing customers
                           -   Potential prospects

                         Educate with valuable, relevant
                          information and content

                         Drive Traffic to Your Web Site
                          and Sell Spurious Solutions!!!
In 30 Minutes, You Could be Publishing
With iMakeNews
                                                The Process
                                                  - From Building and Managing
                                                     the Subscribers
                Subscribers                       - To Publishing
    Profile                   Organize               Personalized/Dynamic
                                                Tools/Services
                                                  - Subscription Management
                                   Content        - Content Management
Analyze                                              • Pre -Packaged Content
                                                     • Dynamic
                                                 - Publishing
          Distribute     Publish                     • Print
                                                     • Web
                                                     • E-Mail
                                                 - Analyze/Optimize/Personalize
                                                 - Profiling
Build a Subscriber Database

                              - Collect Subscriber Data
                                 Relevant to Spurious
                                 Business Objectives

                              - Build Profiles

                              - Permission Based Campaigns
                                 Get 10X Better Response
Create and Publish Your Newsletter
  HTML Email

                  Text E-mail

                                Companion Micro Site
Detailed Reports Educate Your Database
                                                             MEASURED RESULTS = ROI
                                                               -Intuitive Management Tools Track
                                                                  Number of E-Mails
                                                                        • Sent, Received, Opened, Replied-To
                                                                          and More
                                                                        • Link Activity
                                                                              – Click Through
                                                                              – Responses
                                                                              – Behavior Trends
                                                                   -Instantaneous, Automatic Reporting
                                                                      and Measurement
                                                                              –   View Online
                                                                              –   Save
                                                                              –   Export
                                                                              –   Print
                                                                              –   Forward
  Live Trackable Links – provide greater business intelligence .
  Use this information to tailor future messages for better one-on-one marketing, greater response rates and LEADS.
Target and Redistribute
 Use personal data to build a newsletter that are personalized and
    focused on the interests of the readers.
e.g., Citibank.

                                  A personalized
                                   message to

                                                         A personalized
                                                        paragraph about
Content Partnerships – Surround Your Message
with 3rd Party Trusted, Independent Content

                          Paid-For Content
                          Known Brands
                          Immediate Access
                            - 80,000+ Articles
                               Photographs/ Illustrations
                            - 6 Custom Publishing
                            - 100+ Independent Authors
                            - List Rental Services
                                 • Yahoo
                                 • Post Master Direct
iMakeNews: The Preferred Tool Set of
Partial Client List…
    Finance/Banking              Technology
      Citistreet                    PRC
      Citibank                      GE
      Scudder Investments           Ziff Davis
      JP Morgan                     Network World
      GE Financial                  HP
    Commercial Real Estate       Retail
      Colliers                      Fuel Quest
      Spaulding Slye              Transportation
    Marketing Services             Enterprise Rental
      Brodeur Worldwide           Manufacturing
      Webber Schandwick             Equilon (Shell Oil)
      One-to-One Interactive        ChervonTexaco
      Fuse Marketing                General Electric
                                    Caterpillar Corporation
  Don’t Take Our Word for It…
“iMakeNews is a great service. Its            “iMakeNews saves us a tremendous amount
easy to use and produces a terrific           of time, money and provides us a technology
looking newsletter.”                          infrastructure we couldn’t afford to replicate.”

Marla Rhutasel, Corporate Training            Bob Benish, Director Institutional Marketing --
Director Enterprise Rental Car                Scudder Investments

                                                     “iMakeNews saves me time, money,
iMakeNews enabled me to do in 30 minutes             resources and a level of audience
what it use to take me a month.”                     interactivity we have not been able to
Cindy Butler, Marketing Director, GE Supply          achieve to date.”
                                                     Mary Whitmore, Director Marketing
                                                     Communication Caterpillar Corporation
“iMakeNews helped me get my time critical information to paying
customers. Their start to finish approach has made me self-sufficient
for my daily publication.”
Jimmy Guterman, Editor and Publisher,Media Unspun
eNewsletters are the CornerStone of
         E-Mail Marketing

                 Customer Surveys

                 Event Reminders

                   News Alerts

         New Product and Service Announcements

                  News Flashes

               Promotional Campaigns

              Branded e-Newsletters
Next Steps…
 Lets get started TODAY.
     Tool: E-newsletter (includes a companion micro site)
       $14,500/per year
          • Frequency once a month
          • Distribution: 10K per month
        Acquisition: Lists/Events - $38,000/per year
          • Lists -$20,000/year (100,000 names)
          • Events/Promotions: E-Campaigner $18,000
              – Frequency Twice Quarterly
              – Distribution: 10K per drop

        Content: 3rd Party Branded Content - $10,000
          • 3 Articles per newsletter
The Better Way to Make
  Better Customers.