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									                   Newsletters that Senior citizens may read for free.

There are a good number of Senior Citizens Associations in every city. Many of them
bring out regular newsletters. Most of them are free to members. Even others can get free
copies if a polite request is made on your decent letterhead. The trick to ensure getting it
free is to assure that news from such newsletter will be disseminated to larger population
in your locality or association. Alternately your Senior citizen association can get this in
exchange. Following are some newsletters that I know of:

1. Abhilash. Senior Citizens Forum, Secunderabad. Quarterly Newsletter. Free to
members.6 to 8 pages.
Covers Events (like lectures , Activities, Donations, New Members, obituaries, jokes and
tidbits. I like it for its regularity of publication. Contact Editor: Sri VK Narasimhan 040-

2. Newsletter : Association of Senior Citizens Hyderabad and Lions Club of Twin Cities
GS Binjajka Trust Day Care Centre for Elders.
Monthly. 4 pages. Covers Advocacy news, Past events, Future program for the next
month, Birthday & Wedding Anniversaries, Donations, New Members, news about
members achievements. I like it for the advocacy content. Contact: Office: 040-27898835

3. Vision of Senior Citizens..Jnanajyothi, BSKII Stage Bangalore: Monthly. 4 pages.
Forthcoming meetings, Projects, Achievement of members, Birthday greetings, Tours,
trips & visits, Month's events, Detailed profile of a (couple) member, Advertisements,
Kannada section. I like it as it shows what seniors may do to community. Contact: Sri
Rangaswamy 080-26714434 mobile 9972331947

4. Tarnaka Times. Standing Committee of Tarnaka Resident Welfare Associations
(SCOTRWA) Monthly. 6-8 pages. articles, past event reporting, Advertisements,
Photographs. Devotes substantial portion to information of Interest to senior citizens,
SCAs etc. I like it for its citizen-centric approach and advocacy dealings. Contact: Dr Rao
VBJ Chelikani 040-64504993, 040-65214993

5. Cyberhood - For the Common good of all neighbourhood.
Printed Tabloid. Local news about Alwal, Kapra, Malkajgiri, Cantonment areas. 8 pages.
Weekly. Regularly covers items of Elders' interests. I like it for its variety,
professionalism. Available for picking up in Mediplus & Super bazaars.

4. Walkers International. Dist 301. Newsletter Masab Tank, Hyderabad Phone: 040-
23301175 Mobile: 9949970823 As most walkers club members are senior citizens, news
about Senior Citizens social activities are plenty. I like it as it deals a lot of Walking the

5. The Golden Years. Newletter of Chandigarh Senior Citizens Association. 4 pages.
Presidents remarks, News like meetings, tours picnics, training programs, Chapter news,
future events, Election results, Donations, Service Providers offering Concessions /
discounts are covered. I like it for the variety of news it covers. Contact: 0172-2748611

6. Probuzz... Monthly Newsletter of Probus Club of Chennai. 8 pages.
Editorial, Presidents column, Events & activities, felicitation to Older Old seniors,
birthdays, wedding Anniversaries, Obituaries, Donations, Services, Forthcoming Events.
This is one newsletter that acknowledges that making mistakes is common and provides a
section for corrections. I like it for the standardized way of presentation involving
editorial inputs. Contact: Editor: 044-24995290

7. Dementia News. Quarterly Newsletter of Alzheimer's and Related Disorders Scociety
of India. Very useful as the disease affects Senior citizens. Printed. Multicolor. 16 pages.
I like it because it is unique in content. Contact: ARDSI, cochin, Kerala. .
Contact: 04885-223801/ 222939

8. Elders - Monthly Journal of Tamilnadu Senior Citizens Association.
 (V95 Anna Nagar, Chennai 600040). 8 pages. Details about new members, Donations,
News & events, Health Notes, Letters to Editor, Advertisements, Tamil Section are all
found regularly. I like it for the tours & travels info provided here. Editor D Rajasekaran.
Ph 044-26213908

9. LinkAge. Monthly Journal of Senior Citizens Bureau, Chennai.
N B30 1st Floor Anna Nagar East Chennai 600102
16 to 20 pages. Announcements about meetings and events, Advertisements, new
members, Birthdays, donations, are all covered. I like it for multitude of activities
covered. Also available in the website. Phone 044-26282018/ 044-28231388
(Annual subscription Rs 100/-)

10. Aasara Newsletter (Equal Rights and Dignity for Elders).
Quarterly Newsletter of GHMC Elders Helpline and DCC managed by HelpAge,
Hyderabad. 4 pages. News about helpline activities, setting up of Day Care centers,
Health camps for Seniors are covered. I like it because it contains loads of information in
each issue. Phone: 1253 Helpline. Project Director : 040-23226982 / 9704456522

11. Happy Old Age. Quarterly magazine for Senior Citizens.Started in Jan 2008.M174
vikaspuri New Delhi 110018 Why I like it, I have written a whole article!! email or Online version:
Good Quality printed multicolor with photos. Good number of articles of interest to
seniors community. Free.

(For complete contact address (postal) email me at

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