Newspaper Mystery Newsletter by nph20057


									                           Mystery Newsletter Rubric

Student Name ___________________

CATEGORY        Excellent              Good                 Satisfactory           Needs Improvement
Who, What,      All articles           90-99% of the        75-89% of the          Less than 75% of the
                adequately             articles             articles adequately    articles adequately address
When, Where &   address the 5 W's      adequately           address the 5 W's      the 5 W's (who, what,
How             (who, what, when,      address the 5 W's    (who, what, when,      when, where, and how).
                where and how).        (who, what, when,    where and how).
                                       where and how).

Articles -      The articles           The articles         The article contains   The article does not
                contain facts,         contain facts,       some facts or          contain facts or figures that
Interest        figures, and/or        figures, and/or      figures but is         might make it interesting to
                word choices that      word choices that    marginally             read.
                make the articles      make the articles    interesting to read.
                exceptionally          interesting to
                interesting to         readers.

Layout -        All articles have      All articles have    Most articles have     Articles are missing bylines
                headlines that         headlines that       headlines that         OR many articles do not
Headlines &     capture the            accurately           accurately describe    have adequate headlines
Captions        reader's attention     describe the         the content. All       OR many graphics do not
                and accurately         content. All         articles have a        have captions.
                describe the           articles have a      byline. Most
                content. All           byline. All          graphics have
                articles have a        graphics have        captions.
                byline. All graphics   captions.
                have captions that
                describe the
                people and action
                in the graphic.

Requirements    All of the required    Almost all the       At least 75% of the Less than 75% of the
                content was            required content     required content    required content was
                present.               was present.         was present.        present.

Spelling and    No spelling or         No more than a       No more than 3         Several spelling or
                grammar errors         couple of spelling   spelling or            grammar errors remain in
Proofreading    remain after one       or grammar errors    grammar errors         the final copy of the
                or more people (in     remain after one     remain after one or    newspaper.
                addition to the        or more people (in   more people (in
                typist) read and       addition to the      addition to the
                correct the            typist) read and     typist) read and
                newspaper.             correct the          correct the
                                       newspaper.           newspaper.

Contributions   Each person in the     Each person in       Each person in the     One or more students in
                group has              the group has        group has              the group required quite a
of Group        contributed at         contributed at       contributed at least   lot of assistance from
Members         least two articles     least one article    one article with       peers before contributing
                and one graphic        and one graphic      some minimal           one article.
                without prompting      with a few           assistance from
                from teachers or       reminders from       peers.
                peers.                 peers.

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