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					                                                    June 23, 2008

Dear friend,

       Choice Christian Greetings!

       Please note the Word for this month very carefully. It is:

       FROM THIS DAY WILL I BLESS YOU! (Hag. 2:19).

       Our nation is facing an economic crisis such as it has not experienced in a long, long time. With
gasoline now close to $5 a gallon, and by the time you read this it may have already reached that
amount, to say that such is working a hardship on untold numbers of people, and affecting, in fact, all of
society, presents itself as a gross understatement.

       Friend, what I‟m going to give you in this letter is what I believe the Lord has given to me, and
which can be a tremendous blessing to you. But first, let me give you this illustration from the Word of

       When the Children of Israel returned from Babylon after some 70 years of captivity, almost
immediately upon reaching the land of Israel, they laid the foundation for the Temple, even as they
should have done; however, Satan began to rear his head, and the work languished, in fact, for some
sixteen years.

      The Lord was very displeased with them not finishing the Temple and sent the Prophets, Haggai
and Zechariah, to warn Israel and to give direction.

       He told them, “Consider your ways!”

       Due to not attending His Work, and especially considering that they had given careful attention to
their own personal needs, the Lord said to them, “And he who earns wages earns wages to put it into a
bag with holes” (Hag. 1:6). In other words, the Lord would not bless them and actually, in a sense, placed
a curse on them.

      He then said, “You look for much, and, lo, it came to little; and when you brought it home, I did
blow upon it” (Hag. 1:9).

       In essence, He then said to them, “if you will attend to My Work,” and in this case the Temple,
“from this day will I bless you” (Hag. 2:19). He even gave them the exact day. It was the “twenty-fourth
day of the ninth month.” From then on it would be Blessing that is if they would obey Him.

       The following is what the Lord has instructed me to tell you. As stated, this is a time of crisis in
our nation, but you as Believers have a recourse that‟s not afforded the world, you have the Lord. The
following is what you must do:

       1. You must put God first in your giving. In other words, don‟t look at circumstances, but rather,
          “Seek you first the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness; and all these (other) things will be
          added unto you” (Mat. 6:33).
       2. You must make certain that what you are supporting is actually the Work of God. And please
          remember, unless the Message is “Jesus Christ and Him Crucified” then whatever it is, it‟s not
          the Gospel (I Cor. 1:17, 23). The Lord will not bless that which is not His great Plan.
       3. Putting Him first, and giving to that which you know to be Scripturally correct, then you are to
          expect His Blessings.

       When we have faithfully obeyed the Lord, friend, we can expect and, in fact, we are encouraged to
expect, His Blessings (Mal. 3:10).


        I think it can be said without fear of contradiction, that at this particular time, every Believer most
definitely needs the Blessings of the Lord; consequently, we must do everything according to the Word of
God to insure those Blessings.

       I‟m going to ask you at this time and as the Lord leads you, to get one or more of the sets that
we‟re going to offer, which will be a tremendous blessing to the recipients.

       The Lord, about a year ago, instructed me to encourage you to put THE EXPOSITOR‟S STUDY BIBLE
into the hands of every single loved one and friend that you have, which thousands of people are doing.
The reason is threefold:

       1. The Word of God is the single most important thing in the world.
       2. Proper understanding of the Word is the single most important thing to you the Believer.
       3. THE EXPOSITOR‟S STUDY BIBLE is, we believe, the greatest tool that can be placed into the
          hands of anyone to help them more perfectly understand the Word.

       So, when you give THE EXPOSITOR‟S STUDY BIBLE to an individual, you are putting something into
their hands that most definitely can change their hearts, their lives, their direction, in fact, everything.
This month our offer is as follows:

       • THE EXPOSITOR‟S STUDY BIBLE in the Regular Edition or the Giant Print — your price for
         either, just $75 ($83 CN).
       • When you get the Bible, we will also include five of our Music CD‟s, the first two are mine:
         “Worship”; “Homeward Bound”; “SonLife Radio Presents Tareva Henderson”; “SonLife Radio
         Presents Roy Chacon”; and, “SonLife Radio Presents Grace & Mercy — „Live‟”.

       This is, we believe, some of the finest anointed music in the world. These CD‟s sell for $15 ($17
CN) each, making a total of $75 ($83) for all five. Considering that you get all five of these when you get
a copy of THE EXPOSITOR‟S STUDY BIBLE, this means that you are getting the Regular Bible at about a
40% discount or the Giant Print at a 25% discount, and the CD‟s free of charge. It is, we think, one of the
best offers we‟ve ever made.

       If you want to bless somebody, give them a copy of THE EXPOSITOR‟S STUDY BIBLE, whether the
Regular Edition or the Giant Print and, as well, if you like, give them one of these CD‟s. Our music has
touched the hearts and lives of untold millions all around the world, so, whether you get these CD‟s for
yourself, or to give to someone else, this is music that is anointed by the Holy Spirit, and that‟s what
makes it what it is.

       Considering that we pay all postage, shipping, and handling on this offer, I would hope that you
would take advantage of what is being done, and get several Bibles, which will include the set of five
Music CD‟s with each Bible.
        If you keep it all for yourself, you will be getting something that will bless you for time and
eternity. If you give one or more copies of the Bible to others, you will likewise be giving them something
that can change their lives and, in fact, will change their lives. Your giving to this Ministry does several

       • It blesses the Work of God;
       • It blesses you; and,
       • It blesses the recipients of this material.

       This offer is good only until the last day of July, 2008. So I would urge you now to get your credit
card out of your pocket (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express), go to the phone, and place
your order. The number to call is 1-800-288-8350, Baton Rouge residents call (225) 768-7000 (1-866-
269-0109, or locally call (905) 356-1079 CN).

       Remember . . . FROM THIS DAY WILL I BLESS YOU. . . .

                                                    In the Master‟s service, yours,

                                                    Jimmy Swaggart

        P.S. It‟s almost here, and we are speaking of the INTERNATIONAL YOUTH CAMP which will
convene July 16 through 20. Due to the economic situation, we are doing everything we can on this end
to make it possible for young people to attend this Camp. The price is normally $200 ($220 CN), which
includes three meals a day plus accommodations, for the entirety of the Camp. WE ARE REDUCING THE
PRICE TO JUST $100 ($110 CN), PRAYING THAT WILL BE OF HELP. We‟ve had so many to call, saying, “I
want to come, but gasoline is so high that we just can‟t make it.” We understand that, so we are hoping
that this $100 ($110 CN) reduction will help some.

        I‟m going to go out on a limb and make this statement which I believe to be true. I don‟t believe
there is a Youth Camp in this nation that can compare with the CROSSFIRE INTERNATIONAL YOUTH
CAMP. We say that because of the Moving and Operation of the Holy Spirit, which these young people so
desperately need. So, take advantage of our help, and do your best to be at this Camp. You won‟t be

       P.P.S Visit our website at and

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