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									Citizens Advice Bureau
                                                                        January 2009

Finance crisis? Rent or             The CAB service at 10 Hamilton Terrace in
Mortgage arrears?                   Leamington Spa is open for drop-in (no need for an
                                    appointment) and for telephone advice as follows:
Court hearings? Debts?
Redundant? Christmas?               Mondays       Drop-in &      1300-1900 hours
Want advice and                                   telephone
                                    Wednesdays    Drop-in &      1000-1530 hours
support?                                          telephone
Warwick District CAB is here to     Thursdays     Telephone      1000-1530 hours
help anyone worried about                         only
their debts.                        Fridays       Drop-in &      1000-1530 hours
All our advisers are trained to                   telephone
   maximise income
   check liability for debt         CAB Closed? If you have access to the
   assess priority debts            internet,   try  Citizens   Advice   website:
   help draw up a personal
budget                              This gives basic advice and you can run off
   suggest a financial strategy     Adviceguide factsheets on a range of debt-
   negotiate with creditors         related topics:    from Bailiffs to Sample
   deal with emergencies.           Letters; Bankruptcy to Rent Arrears; Payment
Our generalist advisers will        Protection Insurance to Prisoners and Debt.
often then refer a case on to
one of CAB’s in-house debt          Specialist Advice
and     housing      caseworkers.   Thanks to funding from a wide range of
Caseworkers        can    prepare   organisations [see below] Warwick District CAB has
and/or represent at court           specialists in debt, benefits and housing.
hearings, draw up a financial       It is usual practice that a generalist adviser will
statement, give a range of          carry out a gateway assessment at the outset to
options (includes bankruptcy,       find out client and enquiry details. We need these
and new options due to be           to decide the next steps.
implemented) negotiate with         Since caseworkers are funded by different funders
creditors.                          we have to work to funders’ criteria.
CAB advice is:                      We mentally go through a checklist which includes
free, independent, impartial        questions like:
and confidential.                      Where do you live?

CAB Newsletter January 2009                               Warwick District Citizens Advice Bureau
                                                            Charity Registration Number1106631
                                                                      Company Number 5252247
   Are you financially eligible    Support,    and  our   partners   Warwickshire
for legal aid? (we would need      Employment Rights Service and Warwickshire
proof of income)                   Welfare Rights Advice Service for appeals and
   Do you owe money to             consultancy.
Warwick District Council? (rent
and/or Council Tax arrears)        The UK’s financial situation is changing by the day.
   Are you the parent of a child   A government-backed mortgage rescue scheme
under 5?                           has been announced and Warwick District is a 'fast
   Are you on Probation?           track' area; the local authority is now in a position
   Are you a family member of      to begin processing applications for the scheme.
someone in prison?                 There are developments in insolvency legislation
We are well served in Warwick      from April 2009. Citizens Advice ensures that CAB
District CAB as we have the        advisers will be made aware of the changes as
following experts:                 details are announced.
   4 x Debt caseworkers
   1 x Housing caseworker
                                   Get advice today!
   4 x Debt and Benefits
                                   Don’t   use   fee-charging   debt     management
                                   companies without trying CAB first. For advice that
Venues                             is up-to-date and quality-assured make contact
Specialists see people at:         soon:
   the main CAB site                     Warwick District CAB
   Children’s Centres in                 10 Hamilton Terrace.
Lillington, Sydenham,                    LEAMINGTON SPA
Whitnash, Kingsway,                      CV32 4LY
Newburgh School, Lighthorne                01926 457900 (for opening hours and advice)
   Lillington Library              If you have business debts, the adviser will need to
   Kineton Library                 work out what kind of business you have, as this
   Brunswick Health Living         will determine how far you can be held personally
Centre                             liable for the debts of the business and will have
   The GAP                         implications for how far the adviser can advise you.
   Packmores Centre                The adviser will also have to work out your
   Sydni Centre                    personal debts at the same time because personal
   Racing Club Warwick             debts and business debts are usually inter-related.
Home visits: can be arranged       If your business is still trading and you want advice
for those who are unable to        on whether the business can continue, this is an
access the service any other       extremely complex area and CAB will refer you on
way                                (to Business Debtline, an insolvency practitioner
Court Desk: the Housing            etc.)
Caseworker is on hand at
Warwick County Court on
repossession hearing days and      We don’t charge; we don’t judge; we don’t tell.
District Judges are keen to
make sure that no case goes        Funders for debt advice: Warwickshire County Council,
                                   Warwick District Council, Legal Services Commission,
ahead without the defendant        Financial Inclusion Fund (Department for Business
getting some, even last-           Enterprise & Regulatory Reform), Warwick Relief in
minute, advice.                    Need, Severn Trent Trust Fund, NCH (now Action for
We are also able to use            Children), Department for Communities & Local
Citizens     Advice   Specialist   Government.

CAB Newsletter January 2009                               Warwick District Citizens Advice Bureau
                                                            Charity Registration Number1106631
                                                                      Company Number 5252247

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