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									Recovering Lost MS Outlook PST Files with Stellar PST Repair

Written by: Damon Daleny –

Your Microsoft Outlook email client contains Personal Storage space, also known as PST
files, to store emails, contacts, notes, calendar entries, journals, attachments, and other
data. The more information you have, the bigger your files increase within the hard drive.
In order to maximize hard drive space, some MS Outlook users compact their PST files.
However, there are cases when interruptions occur during the compaction process, and in
this case, a lot of data is lost. When this happens, you will need to use Stellar PST repair
to recover all this lost information.

As an MS Outlook user, you have probably, in some instances, deleted all the unwanted
information in your PST files, and compressed the others you’ve wanted to keep.
Compaction clears out “cluttered” areas and leaves you more “open spaces” for greater
storage. However, when your application crashes right in the middle of compaction, and
you get several error messages, be prepared to activate Microsoft’s built-in PST repair
utility, or invest in a third party PST repair software to help you fix the problem.

Stellar PST repair is a mailbox professional that will scan your MS Outlook email client,
repair the corrupted files, and restore all the emails and other information that have been
lost during compaction.

Stellar PST repair software goes through all .pst files that have been damaged, and
extracts them accordingly. It then saves all the recovered information in new .pst files
that can be used again. Once this issue has been resolved, MS Outlook will be able to
read the files once more, and you’ll be able to access all this data. If you'd like to know
more about the program CLICK HERE.

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