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									                   310TH SPACE WING

                UTA Newsletter
                   7 MARCH 2009                                                           VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

                Welcome Home Security Forces!
                By Capt. Maren P. Barney
                310th Space Wing Public Affairs

                SCHRIEVER AIR FORCE BASE, Colo.                         While deployed, the Air Force
                (AFRC) – Over the course of three                   reservists provided an integrated              This Month’s
                weeks in February and three sepa-                   base defense, physical security                Points of Interest:
                rate flights, all 42 members of the                 and antiterrorism and force pro-
                                                                    tection measures for allied per-                Security Forces come
                310th and 710th Security Forces
                                                                    sonnel and resources at Forward                  home!
                Squadrons arrived at the Colorado
                Springs airport from their 6-month                  Operating Base Warrior at the
                                                                                                                    Yellow Ribbon Reinte-
                deployment to Kirkuk.                               Kirkuk Regional Air Base, Iraq.
                                                                                                                     gration Program
                   Family, friends, unit members                        The security forces members
                and even pets gathered at the air-                  were activated in June. After                   SAV team visits Colo-
                port to welcome them as they                        completing specialized training                  rado
                walked off the airplane.                            at their home stations, they at-
                   “I am proud of the great force                   tended Patriot Defender, a spe-
                protection mission they did and I’m                 cialized two-week security train-
                extremely glad to have them back,”                  ing course at Camp Gruber, Okla.
                said 310th Space wing commander                     They deployed to Kirkuk in July
                Col. Karen A. Rizzuti.                              and August.

                                                                                                                   Inside this issue:

                                                                                                                   Security Forces
                                                                                                                   come home

                                                                                                                   Leadership           2
                                                                                                                   SAV ROEs             3
                                                                                                                   Promotions           4
                                                                                                                   MPF Update           5
                                                                                                                   Recruiting           6
                                                                                                                   Safety               7
                                                                                                                   Yellow Ribbon        8
                                                                                                                   Info for Families    9
                                                                                                                   CC Topics            10
Ashley Frost bear hugs her husband Master Sgt. Scott Frost, for the first time after eight months of being sepa-
rated at the Colorado Springs Airport. (US Air Force photo by Amber K. Whittington)                                Legalese             11
                                                 UTA NEWSLETTER                                                                                   Page 2

                                               Leadership & Followership!
                                               by Col. Susan M. Rhodes
                                               Commandant, Reserve National Security Space Institute
310 SW UTA Newsletter
                                                   We have all heard the saying "lead, follow,         told to find a good NCO at my duty station and
Vol. 2, Issue 3
                                               or get out of the way." This saying sometimes           to listen and learn. Those NCOs took us fledg-
Wing Commander:                                makes me think of a bull in a china shop charg-         lings under their wings and mentored us into
Col. Karen A. Rizzuti                          ing straight ahead without regard to what's             ― "smarter 2Lts" (although ― "smarter" and
Chief of Public Affairs:                       really going on. I've known quite a few folks           ― "2Lt" probably don't go together).
Capt. Maren P. Barney                          who operate that way.                                       These NCOs were great followers of us jun-
                                                   I guess it could also be saying you have to         ior officers, but they were extremely wise lead-
NCOIC Public Affairs:
Vacant                                         do something - you can't just stand in the mid- ers - always making sure we weren't doing
                                               dle of the street for very long without getting         anything stupid.
Public Affairs Staff:                          run over.                                                   Sometimes as the senior member of a
                                                   So how do leadership and followership go            team, you need to empower those younger to
Contributing Writers:                          hand in hand?                                           mentor and assist them in perfecting their
Col. Karen Rizzuti                                 Being a good follower is quite simple; in           leadership skills.
Col. Susan Rhodes
Col. Mark Hustedt                              fact, many sheep and cows have perfected the                We see this everywhere in our society from
1st Lt. Andrew Williams                        act of followership (I do pity that poor buffalo        teaching our children how to get to school, our
                                               leader who took the herd off of the cliff               junior officers and enlisted members growing
This unfunded unit newsletter is an
authorized publication for the members         though).                                                in their career fields, to even our senior lead-
of the 310th Space Wing. Contents of               Per our friend Webster, a follower is one ers.
the UTA Newsletter are not                     who accepts the guid-                                                               No one knows every-
necessarily the official views of, or
endorsed by, the U. S. Government,             ance or leadership of                                                           thing, and from time to
the Department of Defense, or the              others. So we have                                                              time, we need to sit back
Department of the Air Force. The               established that being                                                          and be a follower and
editorial content is edited, prepared
and provided by the Newsletter                 a true follower is quite                                                        stop, listen and learn. So
Production staff of the 310th Space            easy. But it is a differ-                                                       for me, an effective
Wing Public Affairs office, Schriever          ent story when you                                                              leader is also a good fol-
AFB, Colo. All photographs are official
Air Force Reserve photos unless
                                               connect       leadership                                                        lower.
otherwise indicated. Send comments,            with followership; you                                                              So take a look at your-
story suggestions, and other                   now begin to see                                                                self - are you part of the
correspondence to the 310 SW Public
A f f a i r s       o f f i c e     a t
                                               where        mentoring                                                          herd and perfecting your
maren.barney@schriever.af.mil or               comes in to play.                                                               followership skills or are
call (719)567-7094.         The article            As a young ROTC                                                             you an effective leader
submission deadline for the next issue
is COB on the Friday of the weekend
                                               student, I was repeatedly The "Year of Leadership" takes place from mentoring and guiding others
                                                                                   September 2008 to August 2009.
prior to the scheduled UTA.                                                            (U.S. Air Force graphic            as a good follower?

                        12 Month Schedule of Wing Events
                        2009                                                         September 12-13, Sep UTA
                                                                                               TBD, Unit Compliance Inspection
                           March          5-9, 10 AF Staff Assistance Visit
                                          7-8, Mar UTA                               October    UTA

                           April          4-5 Apr UTA                                November UTA

                           May            2-3 May UTA                                December UTA

                           June           6-7 Jun UTA                              2010
                                                                                     January    UTA
                           July           11-12 Jul UTA
                                                                                     February   UTA
                           August         1-2 Aug UTA
Page 3                                                                                                        VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

310th Welcomes SAV team to Colorado
by Col. Karen A. Rizzuti
310th Space Wing commander
     Please join me in welcoming the Staff Assistance Visit         For those who do well, I ask you to please keep up the mo-
 team from 10 AF over this UTA. I am very pleased to have           mentum through the UCI and do not become complacent.
 them here because they are truly here to help. As Col.             For those with discrepancies, consider it an opportunity to
 Irons, the SAV Team Chief, briefed this morning, they are          put it right.
 the “white hat” guys here to help us get ready for the “black           Take ownership of your issues (don’t blame). A UCI is a
 hat” guys who will come in September.                              forcing function to refocus on compliance items that may
     Col. Irons stated that our UCI grade will in many ways be      have become lax over time. It is a good thing to turn your
 a reflection on how well the SAV team helps us prepare.            attention back to those things we are held accountable for.
 They are here to look hard, tell us where we have gaps, and        We must each take accountability for our areas of responsi-
 help us “pretty up” our programs and processes to be ready         bility very seriously, from commander’s programs, to addi-
 for the UCI.                                                       tional duties, to operations. They all matter and your wing-
     So please tell them when you see them how happy we             men and your countrymen are counting on you to do your
 are to have their help, and be completely open and trans-          job well.
 parent with them about your programs so they can give us a         Keep up the momentum!
 true picture of what we need to do to be ready in Septem-               Thanks to each of you for all you are doing for the mis-
 ber.                                                               sion and for the wing. I truly do appreciate your service.
     I anticipate many of you will do very well during the SAV.
                                                  SAV Rules of Engagement
   Be very welcoming to the SAV team.           Ask the SAV team which wing/unit            NEVER pencil-whip documentation.
   Let them know how glad you are to            has the best program they have              Integrity and excellence in everything
   have them here.                              seen. Then borrow from that unit to         we do – period.
   The SAV team is here to help – ask           make yours better.                          Prioritize. Fix your most critical items
   questions, get clarification.                Do a thorough self assessment be-           first.
   Never argue with SAV team mem-               fore the SAV team looks at your pro-        There is no grade for a SAV. Remem-
   bers – be polite and respectful at all       gram. It’s great when they can see          ber that we WANT to uncover as
   times. If you get an answer that you         that you already know what your             many issues as we can while they are
   don’t feel right about, make a note          issues are and have a plan to fix.          here. Then we will be ready for UCI
   and raise it up the chain.                   Show that you are using MICT where          which WILL be graded.
   Showcase things you are proud of to          possible.                                   If you feel you have a good reason for
   the team.                                    Ensure your program is very thor-           not doing something – document
   Fix things on the spot whenever pos-         oughly documented over time – if it         coordination with higher authority
   sible.                                       isn’t documented, it didn’t happen.         and/or reasons for exception to pol-

                                    Ft. Carson Sprint Triathlon
                               If you are interested in competing in a triathlon for only $12.00, then
                               Fort Carson Triathlon Sprint may be for you!
                               400 meter swim, 11.5 mile bike ride, 3.1 mile run
                               May 30th (last Saturday in May)
                               The $12.00 goes toward your t-shirt and snacks offered at the race.

                             Registration forms                                    POC: Capt. Kenneth Roebuck,
                             must be received NLT                                  567-5264
                             5 p.m. ,May 22
UTA NEWSLETTER                                                                                    Page 4

                          Star Performer!
                                   Senior Airman Daniel P. Kendell, mission crew chief from 8th Space
                              Warning Squadron, is one of twelve nominees for Outstanding Airman of
                              the Year for Air Force Reserve Command. He is the 310th Space Wing and
                              the 10th Air Force Outstanding Airman of the Year.
                                   With an impressive combination of operational skill, academic success,
                              physical fitness and community involvement, Airman Kendell impressed the
                              board and will compete against similarly-matched Airmen for the coveted
                              title of Outstanding Airman of the Year.
                                   “Senior Airman Kendell’s contribution to the Space-Based Infrared Sys-
                              tem missile warning and missile defense mission has been outstanding,”
                              said 8th SWS commander Lt. Col. Robert J. Peterson. “He has demonstrated
                              the importance of Total Force, represents our squadron well and will be an
                              excellent 10 AF representative at the AFRC board.”
                                   Some of his noteworthy achievements include over 1,800 error-free
                              operator hours which meant providing perfect threat warning for over
                              110,000 deployed U.S. military personnel, and he has briefed both high-
                              level leadership on weapon system capabilities and squadron members on
                              training activities.
                              He’s given back to his community with both his time and money through
                              various charity drives and personal actions.
                              This year’s annual banquet will be held in Atlanta on April 1. The OAY win-
                              ners will go on to represent AFRC in the regular Air Force OAY competition.

March Promotees!
 NAME                          RANK                          EFFECTIVE DATE    UNIT
 SCOTT, TODD M.                SMSGT                               1-Mar-09    RNSSI
 SWICK, JESSICA G.             MSGT                                1-Mar-09    8 SWS
 NICHOLSON, LAURA A.           MSGT                                1-Mar-09    380 SPCS
 WESTFALL, SCOTT S.            MSGT                                1-Mar-09    380 SPCS
 BROWN, RICHARD A. III         TSGT                                1-Mar-09    9 SOPS
 HIGDON, WILLIAM L. II         TSGT                                1-Mar-09    9 SOPS
 NEIL, MICHAEL J.              SSGT                                1-Mar-09    19 SOPS
 WIMBERLY, KATHERINE           SRA                                 1-Mar-09    310 SFS
 TAFOYA, JEREMY M.             SRA                                 1-Mar-09    310 SFS
 BERRERAS, ALEJANDRO A.        SRA                                 1-Mar-09    310 SFS
 STEWART, CALVIN P.            SRA                                 1-Mar-09    310 SFS
 HASTINGS, THOMAS G.           A1C                                 1-Mar-09    6 SOPS
Page 5                                                                                                        VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

                                      News from the 310th MPF
    Policy changes enacted with 2008           ties page or the AFKN (AF Knowledge           Don’t confuse TSGLI with advanced
         colonel promotion board               Now) web page.                            payments of SGLI or FSGLI due to life
    The Air Force Reserve recently com-                                                  threatening illnesses, such as cancer, etc.
pleted the first of a two-phase change             Information you’ll find on our site   More details about that to come in future
for promotion to colonel from three            is sorted by MPF work sections and is     articles. Here are some more recent ex-
years to four years time-in-grade re-          identified as ‘Career Advisor’, ‘Career   cerpts about the program.
quirement.                                     Enhancement’, ‘Education & Training’,
    The change arose from recommen-            ‘Personnel Employment’, ‘Personnel         Expanded Benefits under the Traumatic
dations of a July 2006 general officer-led     Relocations’, and ‘Personnel Systems’.       Injury Protection under SGLI (TSGLI)
promotion working group taking effect          Please take a few minutes to explore                         Program
with the October 2008 colonel promo-           our CoP to become more familiar w/            Effective November 26, 2008, VA has
tion board.                                    our products and services.                increased the number of traumatic injuries
    The results of the board were re-                                                    covered under TSGLI as well as liberalizing
leased Dec. 16 with 95 officers from               Our ‘Restricted’ CoP is limited to    the criteria of other injuries.
eight competitive categories selected          MPF personnel, commanders, and CSS        What New Injuries are Covered under
for advancement to colonel in the par-         personnel only. Please check back         TSGLI?
t i c i p a t i n g       R e s e r v e .      regularly as we’re continually upload-         New injuries covered include the par-
Officers meeting the 2008 colonel pro-         ing current and relevant information.     tial amputation of the foot and hands and
motion board were required to serve in                                                   the degree of injuries based on severe
the previous grade for a minimum of                                                      burns. Another important change to the
three and a half years as outlined in the       Did You Recently Deploy? Did You         TSGLI program is the payment of a
Officer Promotions Policy Change Brief          Recently Have a Traumatic Injury?        $25,000 benefit to those injured members
October 2007.                                                                            who are hospitalized for a period of 15
    The decision to phase this change in           You may be entitled to TSGLI          consecutive days as a result of a traumatic
over two years ensured promotion op-           benefits if you recently deployed or      injury.
portunity for 2008, but also reduced the       were injured in a duty or non-duty        Why    Was     the   Benefit    Expanded?
population of officers meeting the             related incident.?                            VA recently completed a "Year-One
board for the first time to less than half.        What is TSGLI? Traumatic Injury       Review" (YOR) of the program to consider
For more information on promotions, go         Servicemember’s Group Life Insur-         whether the program was meeting its in-
to h ttp ://www.arp c.afrc.af.mil/             ance, a rider to SGLI developed in        tended purpose, whether new injuries or
promotions.                                    2005.                                     losses should be added, and if improve-
                                                   Many members still do not realize     ments could be made in how the program
                                               that the extra $1 they pay each           is administered.
       Education & Training Update             month along with their SGLI covers        Are    the     Changes      Retroactive?
     The Post 9/11 GI Bill will be available   them in the event of a traumatic in-          Changes to benefits are being made
on 1 Aug 09. Pamphlets containing eligi-       jury.                                     retroactive to October 7, 2001, the begin-
bility criteria were sent to your Unit             The purpose of the program is to      ning of Operation Enduring Freedom, con-
Training Manager (UTM) on 17 Feb. Site         provide payments to severely injured      sistent with the original implementing
address for this info is: http://              Servicemembers as a result of a trau-     legislation.
www.gibill.va.gov/GI_Bill_Info/                matic event and suffer a loss that        Where Can I find more information about
benefits.htm#CH33:                             qualifies for payment under TSGLI.        TSGLI?
                                                   Payments range from $25,000 to            Use one of the following links for addi-
                                               $100,000 based on the qualifying loss     tional information about TSGLI or contact
 310 MPF Community of Practice (CoP)           suffered.                                 your MPF Customer Service Rep, Tech.
    Your MPF has developed an Unre-                Traumatic Injury coverage is not      Sgts Pinkett-Smith, 303-676-8812.
stricted CoP to provide all wing mem-          designed to serve an income replace-      TSGLI Frequently Asked Questions –
bers’ guidance, instruction, and other         ment program but rather provides a        http://www.insurance.va.gov/sgliSite/
up-to-date military personnel informa-         payment to assist Service members         TSGLI/TSGLIFAQ.htm
tion to you, our customer. To find our         and their families through a finite       Application for TSGLI Benefits -
site, simply type ‘310 MPF’ in the search      injury recovery period.                   http://www.insurance.va.gov/sgliSite/
engine of either the AF Portal Communi-                                                  forms/TSGLIForm.htm
UTA NEWSLETTER                                                                                                                Page 6

AFRC Recruiting is looking for a few good Airmen
    The Air Force Reserve Command            a face to face interview with the local       course located at Lackland AFB, Texas.
Recruiting Service is always looking for     senior recruiter. If you meet the qualifi-    This is one of the most challenging tech-
enthusiastic, qualified people. If you are   cations, you will be asked to complete a      nical schools in the Air Force. These six
motivated to excel, perform above the        packet to include a current physical. The     weeks will prepare you to be a mission
status quo and are physically and mor-       packet will be sent to AFRC Recruiting        ready recruiter.
ally fit, this could be the career move      Service Headquarters at Robins Air                Standards at the Recruiting School
you’ve been seeking.                         Force Base, GA., to the recruiter selec-      are high. Instruction includes Air Force
    As a recruiter, you will be the Air      tion board.                                   Reserve benefits and entitlements pro-
Force Reserve in the eyes of people in           Once tentatively selected, you will       gram selection criteria, advertising and
your community. You will represent the       attend the Evaluation and Selection           promotion, community relations,
pride, honor and tradition of the AF Re-     course at AFRCRS HQ. You will be evalu-       speech and salesmanship. Course em-
serve to those with whom you come in         ated on your potential to become a suc-       phasis is on student performance and
contact. Being a recruiter is not your       cessful AFR recruiter.                        practical application.
ordinary 9-5 job. You are an Air Force           The ESC is a five-day course designed         Your initial recruiting tour of ex-
Reserve representative 24 hours a day.       to introduce prospective candidates to        tended active duty can last up to three
    Recruiting duty involves working in      reserve recruiting. During this course,       years. Tour extensions are reserved for
your community. You will call on radio       candidates will stand in open rank in-        those who meet or exceed the highest
and television stations, visit high          spection, participate in PT, give             standards of conduct, demeanor, ap-
schools, network and be visible within       speeches and complete memorization            pearance, integrity, production and ac-
your community. As an AFR recruiter          work. Challenges are progressive and          ceptance of responsibility.
you will help others make decisions that     the top candidates are afforded the op-           If this sounds like a good fit for you,
will affect them the rest of their lives.    portunity to attend recruiter class.          please contact Senior Master Sgt Rich-
    The application process begins with          The recruiting course is a six-week       ard T. Hairr at (719)556-7419.

You Get More from Get One                                                                               for one, you log into the
Now                                                                                                     website and you will be
The best way to keep the Air                                                                            prompted through the selec-
Force Reserve strong is to                                                                              tion process. Your award will
recruit good people – people                                                                            be sent to you in approxi-
like you. You can help by                                                                               mately 10 business days.
talking about the benefits of                                                                           Forgot Your Password?
joining the Air Force Reserve                                                                           Your username and pass-
to your family and friends, then submitting their names to Get       word are listed on you Get One Now card. You can also get
One Now. The people you care about will benefit and so will          help accessing your account by calling 877-786-2372.
you. The Get One Now program offers a selection of awards            The Rules
when a person you refer joins the Air Force Reserve.                 All Air Force Reservists are eligible to participate, except AFRC
New Awards                                                           Recruiters and their family members and Reserve liaisons.
There are four award levels and multiple awards in the first         There is no limit to the number of referrals that can be sub-
three of these. The awards range from satellite radios to lap-       mitted, and they may be accumulated over time.
top computers, the only award in the Level 4 category. The           A referral must be submitted to GetNow.us, to 877-786-2372,
more people who join, the more awards you are eligible for           by online “chat”, or by e-mail, to qualify for the Get One Now
and the more their value increases. Awards are calculated            program.
from 1 October 2008 through 30 September 2009, but you               A referral must result in an enlistment within 24 months of
can submit referrals at any time and if any of the people you        entry into the Get One Now program to qualify for the Get
recommend join with 24 months, you can earn a Get One                One Now awards for that particular year.
Now award.                                                           Information you provide will be used the Air Force Reserve
New Get1Now.us                                                       Recruiting Offices only. Your information will never be sold,
On Oct. 1, Get1Now.us got a new look and it is easier than           rented or distributed to any other branch of the military or to
ever to enter recommendations and monitor your “account”             a third party.
for the status of your referrals and awards.
You can also order awards from this website. If you’re eligible                   One Name. One Member. One Force.
Page 7                                                                 VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

Motorcycle Spring Spike Focus
    Spring is nearly upon us. The birds are returning north,         Riders can protect themselves by:
flowers are beginning to blossom, and motorcyclists are pull-             Preparing yourself for getting back on the motorcycle;
ing their motorcycles out of the garage after a long winter’s             know that your skills aren’t what they were when you put
nap.                                                                      the bike in storage
    The Air Force Safety Center conducted a study of motorcy-             Preparing your bike; preflight your equipment like you do
cle mishaps from FY06-08 and determined motorcycle fatal                  on duty
mishaps doubled in the spring over the winter season num-                 Preparing your personal safety equipment; make sure you
bers. With this in mind, the Air Force Safety Center is conduct-          are protected against the unexpected
ing a “Spring Spike Focus” for all motorcyclists and their lead-          Realizing that car drivers are not used to seeing you—they
ership.                                                                   will see you late or not at all
    March 1st begins the “Spring Spike Focus” on motorcycle          Commanders, supervisors, and wingmen can help prepare
mishaps.                                                             riders by:
Past fatal spring motorcycle mishaps indicate:                            Asking riders if they have pre-checked themselves and
     The average fatal motorcycle mishap involved a male Air-             their bike
     man between the ranks of A1C to SSgt with an average                 Talking to them about the hazards of the road
     age of 28                                                            Helping inexperienced riders prepare for the season
     Mishaps primarily occurred during the day, while operat-            We can reduce motorcycle mishaps through concerted
     ing a sport bike and speeding                                   efforts of motorcyclists, unit motorcycle monitors, supervi-
     Another significant factor was limited experience due to        sors, first sergeants, and commanders. Enjoy the ride, but
     no training or license, or training and licensing for less      make sure you and your bike are up for the new riding season.
     than a year

 Giving to the Community
 by Lt. Col. Tammy L. Baker
 7th Space Operations Squadron

     Thanks to the generosity of the          cated specifically and solely               sCrafters' Give the Gift of Sight pro-
 members of the 310th Space Wing at           to the issues of domestic vio-              gram. This program provides free
 Schriever Air Force Base, 42 cell            lence and sexual assault in El Paso         vision care and eyewear to under-
 phones and eyeglasses were donated           and Teller Counties in Colorado. TESSA      privileged individuals in North Amer-
 to charity. The 7 SOPS held a charity        will use some of the cell phones in-        ica and in developing countries
 drive during the February UTA to col-        house as well as sell some to a refur-      around the world.
 lect old cell phones and eyeglasses.         bishing company.                                Thanks to everyone who partici-
     Twenty-six cell phones were given            Sixteen pairs of eyeglasses were also   pated in the 7 SOPS charity drive and
 to TESSA, the primary agency dedi-           collected and donated to the Len-           helped the local community.

                                    310TH SPACE WING ANNUAL AWARDS BANQUET
            Date: Saturday, April 4                                                                         yy
            Location: Colorado Springs Marriott                                                             th ur t
                                                                                                              is    i
                      5580 Tech Center Drive                                                                     UT cke
                                                                                                                   A!   ts
                      Colorado Springs, CO 80919
            Time: Social – 5 p.m. / Dinner – 6 p.m.
            Attire: Officers – Mess Dress / Enlisted – Mess Dress or Semi formal
            Ticket Cost: $30.00 per person
            Please let your unit representative know if you would like to attend by COB Sunday of March UTA
UTA NEWSLETTER                                                                                                                    Page 8

Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Program
By Col. Mark D. Hustedt
310th Space Wing vice commander
    Last week I had the pleasure of taking my “Yellow                     members and their families for the stresses associated
Ribbon Team” to the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration Pro-                      with separation and deployment, educating members
gram workshop in Atlanta, GA.                                             and families about resources available to assist them,
    Maj. Gen. Allan R. Poulin, vice commander of Air Force             and connecting members to service providers before and
Reserve Command, kicked off the event by honing in on                  during deployments.”
both the Air Force’s and AFRC’s top priorities. Specifically,              Military members will be paid for attending events, and
“Develop and Care for Airmen and their Families.” It was               family members will receive per diem (based on the loca-
there that he keenly correlated and laid out the foundation            tion of the event), childcare and travel expenses.
of the congressionally-mandated Yellow Ribbon Reintegra-                   The 310th Space Wing plans to host its first Yellow Rib-
tion Program.                                                          bon post-deployment event for the 310th and 710th Secu-
    As a “Family of Professionals", the 310th Space Wing is            rity Forces Squadrons who have recently returned from
especially dedicated to providing support and care to its              Kirkuk. We are excited to plan, organize, and kick off our
deployed personnel. According to an article in February’s              first event in the April to May timeframe. We fully antici-
Citizen Airman article, “. . . the Yellow Ribbon Reintegration         pate each event getting better as we fine-tune it to meet
Program places particular emphasis on preparing service                the requirements and needs of our Airmen.

                                                                                                                                     US Air Force photo by Amber Whittington
                                                   Tech. Sgt. Jason U. Gravitt, 19th SOPS,
                                                   displays true Wingman spirit as he takes
                                                   care of Senior Airman Benjamin Hatha-
                                                   way’s chihuahua at the Colorado Springs
                                                   airport. (US Air Force photo by Tech. Sgt.
                                                   Bernard C. Brewington)

US Air Force photo by Amber Whittington

 Deployments can be difficult on families, em-
 ployers, and even pets. The YRRP is designed
 to provide resources that can help alleviate
 the stress felt by everyone affected by a de-
 ployment. Stress may be caused by many
 things: finances, relationships, parenting and
 health issues, etc.
                                                                                                US Air Force photo by Amber Whittington
Page 9                                                                                                       VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

FREE Lift Ticket Vouchers for Steamboat Springs                                          Teen Aviation Camp
at ODR                                                                  The Air Force Services Agency, in conjunction with the
    Pick up your FREE Steamboat Springs Ski Lift                     United States Air Force Academy (USAFA), is excited to offer
Voucher at Outdoor Rec ITT! Steamboat is offering the          the 10th Air Force Services Teen Aviation Camp from 30 May - 4
military “Ski Free” weekends April 3-5 and April 10-12. All    Jun 09 at the USAFA in Colorado Springs, Colo. The camp is for high
DoD ID cards accepted: Active duty, Retired, Reservists        school students entering their sophomore or junior year in the fall
and DoD civilians. Contractors must have a DoD ID card to      of 2009 who are interested in aviation, leadership or the USAFA.
be eligible. Offer is valid to spouses and dependents that     Eligible applicants include teen dependents of Active Duty Military
have a valid ID card. ODR/ITT has a limited number of the      assigned to or living on an Air Force Base, AF Retired Military, AF
FREE vouchers, so stop in right away to get yours! Steam-      Civilian Employees, or activated Air National Guard or AF Reserve.
boat will require an ID card for every voucher when they       Teens who participated in the 2008 camp are not eligible to apply
are redeemed for a lift ticket at the Steamboat Springs        this year.
ticket window. Call 567-6050 for more information, or              Selected participants will arrive into Colorado Springs on Satur-
stop by Outdoor Recreation, Bldg 300, Rm 133 (Schriever        day, May 30, and depart on Thursday morning, June 4. All lodging,
AFB).                                                          meals and program costs will be centrally funded at no cost to par-
                                                               ticipants. Airline or POV travel costs to Colorado Springs are the
Universal Orlando and Disney Parks Salute the Military -       responsibility of the participant.
                     Free Passes                                   Interested AF Reserve teens should complete an electronic
    Universal Orlando Resort is offering one free 2-park, 7-   nomination form and familiarization exam and submit the package
day unlimited admission ticket to all active duty/retired      electronically to Ms. Stacey Young (stacey.young@afrc.af.mil) and
military service members with a valid military photo I.D.      Ms. Brandi Mullins (brandi.mullins@afrc.af.mil) NLT March 27.
    The promotion also allows the service member (with a       Final selections for the 36 spaces will be announced by the AF Ser-
valid military photo I.D.) and their immediate family mem-     vices Agency by April 20.
bers to purchase additional 2-park, 7-day unlimited ad-            If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Stacey Young at
mission tickets for up to $35 off the retail price. In addi-   DSN 497-0971 or Ms. Brandi Mullins at DSN 497-2090.
tion, ITT is offering the Disney Armed Forces Salute deal                               Teen Space Camp
for military.                                                      Air Force Services Family Member Programs is excited to spon-
    The Disney promotion entitles any active duty/ retired     sor the AF Space Camp Program at the US Space and Rocket Cen-
service member to receive one free 3-day Disneyland ad-        ter, Huntsville, Ala., for 2009. Youth will experience, imagine and
mission or one 5-day Disneyworld admission.                    interact through Space Shuttle mission simulations, tours of the
    Service members are also allowed to take up to five        center and the chance to witness first-hand the everyday chal-
guests with them at discounted pricing. Guests must be         lenges faced by astronauts. The camp is an inspiring week of fun
present with the military service member while visiting        and enriching space activities.
the park. All tickets must be ordered through ITT in order         Forty-eight scholarships are available for youth, ages 12-18, to
to receive the vouchers.                                       participate in the AF Space Camp Program. The camp is divided
                     Teen Summits                              into two age divisions: 32 youth ages 12 - 14 will be selected to
July 13-17, 2009 - Wahsega 4-H Center                          participate in the space Academy and 16 teens, ages 15 - 18 for the
Activities will include high ropes adventure classes, white    Advanced Space Academy. Both Camps will be conducted July 26 –
water rafting, environmental education classes, leader-        August 1. This program is open to family members of Active Duty
ship activities and more…                                      Military assigned to or living on an AF installation, AF Retired Mili-
July 27-31, 2009 - Jekyll Island 4-H Center Activities will    tary, AF Civilian Employees, or activated Air National Guard or AF
include sea kayaking/canoeing, dolphin tours, a day at         Reserve.
Cumberland Island National Seashore, leadership activi-            All lodging, meals, and activity fees after arrival at Space Camp
ties and more…                                                 are centrally funded. Airline or POV travel costs to Huntsville AL
Applications are due to HQ AFRC/A1SY by April 6. The           are the responsibility of the attendee.
completed application can be faxed to 478-327-0207,            Interested youth, with a minimum GPA of 2.8, must complete an
scanned and emailed or mailed. The following link will         application and submit the package electronically to Ms. Stacey
give more information to Reserve personnel interested in       Young (stacey.young@afrc.af.mil) and Ms. Brandi Mullins
sending their teens.                                           (brandi.mullins@afrc.af.mil) NLT April 24. AF Services will make
www.georgia4h.org/AFRANGTeenSummit/                            final selections which will be announced NLT June 8.
UTA NEWSLETTER                                                                                                                Page 10

Army, Air Force overhaul joint ISR training
A group of Army and Air Force intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance professionals met for a working group to discuss what
is needed to ensure America has the best ISR forces on the ground and in the air.
The focus of this working group was to improve on integrating interservice training with a goal of enhanced mutual understanding
of service ISR operations and training needs, ultimately improving combat effectiveness. Initiatives discussed include the exchange
of instructors to the services' intelligence schools and liaison exchange.
Air Force officials currently send intelligence officers to deployed Army units to help them leverage Air Force ISR assets, and actions
are being taken to place Soldiers at select Air Force ISR units as well.

Single 800 number now available for all Airmen
Members of the Air Force community -- regular Air Force, Air National Guard, Air Force Reserve, civilian and retired Airmen -- can
now call the Total Force Service Center at 800-525-0102 to reach a customer service counselor to discuss issues ranging from re-
training, promotions and identification cards to leave, retirements and civilian benefits. Airmen and their families also can find an-
swers to many of their personnel questions at AFPC's http://ask.afpc.randolph.af.mil or ARPC's http://www.arpc.afrc.af.mil.

Air Force Good Conduct Medal reinstated
    Air Force officials announced Feb. 11 the reinstatement of the Air Force Good Conduct Medal for enlisted members, effective
immediately and retroactive to Feb. 6, 2006, when the medal was discontinued. Airmen who are eligible should see an update
automatically in their records on the virtual Military Personnel Flight Web site.
    For questions regarding updates to Air Force personnel records, Airmen can call the Air Force Contact Center at 800-616-3775.

Deployment history to be removed from promotion briefs
   Deployment history data will be deleted from duty qualification briefs for officer selection and preselection and from senior
noncommissioned officer evaluation briefs. This total-force initiative will apply to all active-duty members, Reserve and Guard per-
   The deployment data will be removed from senior NCO evaluation briefs with the February 2009 senior master sergeant pro-
motion board. It will also be removed from the June 2009 lieutenant colonel (line of the Air Force) and medical service corps pro-
motion boards when the system modifications are complete.
For the Reserve, the change will go into effect with the April 2009 (chaplain, line of the Air Force judge advocate general) major
and lieutenant colonel board.For more information, call the Air Force Contact Center at 800-616-3775.

Suicide prevention hotline saves veterans’ lives
Help is only a phone call away for military veterans considering suicide. The Department of Veterans Affairs suicide prevention hot-
line can be reached at 1-800-273-TALK. The hotline was launched July 2007.
The hotline operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and is staffed by trained mental health professionals prepared to deal
with an immediate crisis. Although the lifeline isn't restricted to military veterans only, callers are prompted to "please press 1
now" if they are a U.S. military veteran or are calling about a veteran. Callers who press 1 are transferred to the nearest VA call

Project Sanctuary provides retreat for military families
    Project Sanctuary will give military families a five-night, all-expenses-paid, therapeutic retreat in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.
Founded in November 2007, Project Sanctuary began offering military retreats in 2008 to support returning troops. All retreats are
in Colorado, and most participants reside in Colorado. Project Sanctuary tries to include at least one out-of-state family per retreat.
Program officials take retreat applications on a first-come, first-served basis. All servicemembers are considered, but servicemem-
bers who recently have returned from deployment are ideal candidates. Families may apply for a retreat by filling out an applica-
tion at the Project Sanctuary Web site at http://www.projectsanctuary.us/.

‘Military Saves’ campaign battles debt
   Servicemembers have been lulled into a false sense of financial security by marketing campaigns that encourage them to over-
spend. The Military Saves campaign, which launched throughout the Department of Defense in 2007, is a financial readiness cam-
paign designed to persuade and encourage servicemembers and their families to reduce their personal debt and save money:
Page 11                                                                                                       VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3

                                                                                                  Some “Legalese”
By-Law program highlights from some of our most important Air Force programs.
Trafficking In Persons: On 16 Dec 2002, the President signed a      “credible information” that a reason for discharge exists. Re-
National Security Presidential Directive mandating a zero tol-      gardless of sexual orientation, all personnel must be treated
erance policy towards Trafficking in Persons (TIP) among            with dignity and respect, free from threats or harassment.
members of the armed services, civilian employees and civil-        Additional information on this policy is located on the ADLS
ian contractors of the DoD. Human trafficking is the third          website--use the link for CCs, Jas and SF Personnel.
highest contraband in the world behind drugs and weapons.           Professional Relationships: Professional relationships are
Because of this alarming statistic, TIP awareness training was      essential to the effective operation of the Air Force. Personal
mandated by the Secretary of Defense on 16 Sep 04. TIP              relationships becomes matter of official concern when they
awareness training is part of our annual ancillary training. A      adversely affect or have the reasonable potential to adversely
TIP awareness poster is displayed on our information bulletin       affect the Air Force by eroding morale, good order and disci-
board.                                                              pline, respect for authority, unit cohesion, or mission accom-
Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment, as defined in AFI 36-         plishment. Unprofessional relationships, whether pursued on
2706, as well as any other form of unlawful discrimination,         or off duty, are those that detract from authority of superiors
will not be tolerated. Sexual harassment includes any unwel-        or result in, or reasonably create the appearance of favoritism,
come sexual advance, request for sexual favors, and other           misuse of office or position, or the abandonment of organiza-
verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature. My policy letter     tional goals for personal interests. Unprofessional relation-
is posted on the glass encased bulletin board outside my of-        ships can occur between officers, between enlisted, between
fice; it includes more detailed definitions and examples of sex-    officers and enlisted, and between military personnel and ci-
ual harassment. All unit members must understand the defini-        vilian employees or contract personnel. For more information
tions of sexual harassment and ensure it does not occur at the      see AFI 36-2909.
RNSSI. All members have the right to file MEO complaints            Ethics: Air Force personnel shall not engage in any personal
without fear of reprisal. Disciplinary and corrective action will   business or professional activity that places them in a posi-
be taken when unlawful discrimination or sexual harassment          tion of conflict between their private interest and the public
are substantiated.                                                  interest of the United States. For example, Air Force person-
Sexual Assault: Sexual assault includes any unwanted sexual         nel shall not use inside information to further a private gain
contact or attempts to commit intentional sexual contact,           for themselves or others. Other common ethics violations
characterized by the use of force, physical threat, abuse of        include wrongfully soliciting for fundraising activities (e.g. girl
authority, rank, or position, when the victim does not or can-      scout cookies sales), using travel benefits earned in your offi-
not consent. Bottom line – sexual assault is a crime. Air           cial capacity (e.g. earning a free night's hotel stay because of a
Force members have three methods of reporting: unrestricted         flight cancellation while on orders), and using your official
(victim receives medical care AND an investigation is started),     position and title to endorse a private organization. It is criti-
restricted (victim receives medical care but NO investigation is    cally important for Air Force personnel consult their local legal
started), and independent (anyone with knowledge of the             office if they ever have questions about the ethics rules.
incident reports to law enforcement and an investigation is         Law of Armed Conflict (LOAC): A part of public international
started). Sexual assaults may be reported to the Sexual As-         law, LOAC regulates the conduct of armed hostilities. The
sault Confidential 24/7 Emergency Hotline at (719)567-SARC          LOAC arises from a desire among civilized nations to prevent
(7272) at Schriever AFB; (719)222-SARC at USAFA; (719) 554-         unnecessary suffering and destruction while not impeding the
SARC at Peterson.                                                   effective waging of war. It also aims to protect civilians, pris-
Voting: Any unit member needing assistance registering to           oners of war (POWs), the wounded, the sick, and ship-
vote in any state, or requesting an absentee ballot, should         wrecked. Three important principles govern armed conflict --
contact Major Meacham or Lt Col Ryals for assistance. Certain       military necessity, distinction, and proportionality. Military
activities regarding voting are Federal Crimes-such as the use      necessity requires forces to engage in only those acts neces-
of military authority to influence or attempt to influence the      sary to accomplish a legitimate military objective. Distinction
vote of a member of the Armed Forces. If you have questions         means discriminating between lawful combatant targets and
ask!                                                                noncombatant targets such as civilians, civilian property,
Homosexual Conduct Policy: While homosexual orientation is          POWs, and wounded personnel who are out of combat. The
not a bar to military service, homosexual conduct is. Homo-         central idea of distinction is to only engage valid military tar-
sexual conduct is defined as homosexual acts, verbal or non-        gets. Proportionality prohibits the use of any kind of degree of
verbal statements, and marriage/attempted marriage of a             force that exceeds that needed to accomplish the military ob-
person of the same gender. Commanders cannot initiate an            jective.
inquiry solely to determine sexual orientation; there must be
                             310th SPACE WING at a glance
  The 310th Space Wing, the only space wing in the Air Force Reserve, is located at Schriever AFB, Colorado, and
    has units assigned to Schriever, Peterson and Buckley AFBs in Colorado and Vandenberg AFB, California

                                              Vision Statement

          World’s best citizen airmen bringing unrivaled expertise to secure space and cyber superiority for
                                           US and Allied global interests.


 Provide optimized, scalable combat ready forces delivering air, space and cyberspace power for faster, more lethal,
                                  more accurate effects everyday, everywhere.


  The wing is composed of 16 units, under the 310 th Operations Group and 310th Mission Support Group, that sup-
   port various military and other government organizations including, but not limited to, the Department of Com-
  merce, Air Force Space Command, Air Combat Command, Air Force Cyber Command, the Space Innovation and
           Development Center, 14th Air Force, 50th Space Wing, 21st Space Wing, and 460th Space Wing.

310th Space Wing
Public Affairs
406 Discoverer St., Ste 15
Schriever AFB, CO 80912

                       For the family of:

                             310th Space Wing — “A Family of Professionals”

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