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Health Promotion and Prevention Initiatives
                                              Health Promotion and Prevention
                                              Intiatives (HPPI) Newsletter
Health Promotion and Prevention Initiatives (HPPI) Newsletter— Issue no. 19          September/October 2006

  SPOTLIGHT INITIATIVE                                               IDEAS FROM THE FIELD

Teaching resiliency skills to enhance readiness for                On a shoestring: Program ideas that
Soldiers and their families                                        don’t cost a lot
                                                                   Team up with an on-going program.
Benefits of resiliency
                                                                   Collaborate with other family/youth
Soldiers that are resilient are better able to focus on            programs on post to offer health
their mission. Families who are resilient are better able          education classes as a part of those
to cope with stress, manage relationships, and support             programs.
each other. Soldiers and their families learn resiliency
skills through experiences and challenges they share               Walking programs require little in the
together.                                                          way of resources. A safe place to walk
                                                                   and flyers to advertise the program will
Program implementation                                             get you started.

A recent Health Promotion and Prevention Initiatives               “Lunch and Learn” sessions are an
(HPPI) Program initiative gave Soldiers and their families         inexpensive way to cover a variety of
the opportunity to learn resiliency skills. Resiliency             health promotion topics. The bottom-
is the ability to cope well with challenges and bounce             line resources needed are just a space
back from adversity. Resiliency is proactive stress                for participants to eat and listen, a
management.                                                        willing instructor, and some advertising
                                                                   Use email whenever possible to
Analysis of project outcomes resulted in several                   advertise programs, send reminders or
guidelines which can be used at any installation to teach          motivational tips, and to get follow-up
resiliency skills to Soldiers and their families:                  information.
» Provide a stress-free haven where families can
  strengthen and/or reestablish relationships (whether               HEALTH PROMOTION RESOURCES
  before or after deployment).
                                                                   The Health Consequences of
» Provide learning experiences and challenges for                  Involuntary Exposure to Tobacco
  the entire family. Challenges conducted in a safe,               Smoke: A Report of the Surgeon
  controlled environment help Soldiers and their families          General (released 27 June 2006)
  to tap into their strengths and to improve resiliency.
» Including the spiritual component in a program or      
  activity is a resource that is often left untapped.              2006/index.htm
 PROGRAM POINTERS                                                        DON’T REINVENT THE WHEEL

Using program evaluation to make improvements to                        Pediatric Obesity Resources– data and
a health promotion program                                              statistics, science-based strategies,
                                                                        policy guidance, references:
Program evaluation provides the opportunity to make
changes to health promotion programs in order to              
improve program effectiveness.                                          overweight/index.htm
Evaluate your program by answering these questions:
                                                                         HPPI NEWS AND FAQ
What worked?
                                                                        HPPI FY07 Request for Proposals
» Subjective evaluation can include participant                         (RFP)
  comments, instructor observations, and “word on the
  street” about the program.                                            The HPPI Program identifies best
                                                                        practices in health promotion through
» Objective evaluation can include attendance, changes                  the funding and evaluation of new
  in lab values, weight change, change in dietary habits,
                                                                        and/or innovative health promotion
  and pre/post knowledge assessments.
                                                                        and prevention initiatives. The next
What didn’t work OR what could go better?                               HPPI Request for Proposals (RFP) is
                                                                        expected to be released in October
Be honest about what didn’t go smoothly, as well as with                2007.
what worked well. Then make changes as needed.
                                                                        Complete RFP details will be posted to
» Did attendance fall off toward the end of the program?                the HPPI web site (http://chppm-www.
  Consider increasing the length of each session and          
  decreasing the overall duration of the program.                       aspx) as soon as those details are
» Was it a battle for participants to complete diet                     finalized.
  journals? Consider doing a one-day diet recall during                 The purpose of the HPPI Program is
  class instead.                                                        to fund health promotion initiatives and
» Did you have a problem always finding a room in the                   not research promotion or preventive
  MTF for the class? Consider other locations such as                   medicine research.
  the gym or recreation hall.
                                                                        Priority will be given to funding projects
What unexpected outcomes occurred?                                      which have already started. Funding
                                                                        awards are not intended to serve
Step back and look at your program from a holistic                      as a substitute for local installation
perspective.                                                            sustainment resources. HPPI FY07
» Did something occur that you didn’t expect? For                       funding awards will range between
  example, by having activities in a common area, you                   $2,000 and $25,000.
  may get “walk-up” participation you did not anticipate.               To be notified when the HPPI FY07
» Did something you expected to occur not come to                       Request for Proposals is released,
  pass? If so, take a closer look at program materials                  contact the HPPI Program at hppi_
  to make sure what you are measuring was actually             .
  affected by program activities. Avoid measuring
  outcomes that the program cannot (or did not) affect.

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Health Promotion and Prevention Initiatives (HPPI) Newsletter— Issue no. 19                  September/October 2006

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