Beat Wrinkles Through Chinese Medicine

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					                                                   Presented by Daniel Toriola

        Acupuncture has been known to stimulate defense mechanisms of the body to fight against disease. It
    continues to gain popularity in this country because it is an effective treatment of acute and chronic backache.
                                           Acute pain can often be cleared up
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                                              Beat Wrinkles Through Chinese Medicine
                                                                     By Ron Shelf

   There are vital signs whether one is starting to age or grow old. This includes gray hair, their age
and wrinkles. Life is unfair to some people because there are people who aged but do not have much
wrinkles as compared to other people. Wrinkles are known to be one of the most dreadful signs of skin
aging. In the society, women wanted to cover and beat fine lines by using creams and surgery. These
products or services may cost a lot of money and no all people could afford it. Because of this, people
think of another way to prevent this unwanted face lines.

Currently, there are people who discover that Vitamins A, C, and E can reduce and treat wrinkles.
These vitamins are actually present in vanishing creams. They help the body’s system in producing
wrinkles. They are also known to reduce the rough areas of the skin.

 Aside from these Vitamins, one can use Chinese Medicine to beat wrinkles. Go Ji berry if known to be
one of the most famous and powerful anti-aging herbs. It contains Phytonutrient compounds. It is
believed and proven by tradition that it has thee ability to control many vital functions of thee immune
system. Wolfberry is another herb that can fight wrinkles. It can help nourish the Yin of the body. This
herb can help strengthen the kidneys, the eyes and improve blood circulation. The Wolfberry contains
anti-oxidants that help fight aging inside and outside the body.

 There are many Chinese medicines that can be used when you want to treat wrinkles, try them and
you might be surprised.

Cure Wrinkles With Acupuncture

 The one sure shot treatment that is known to help people reduce the number of wrinkles is

 Through this blood circulation is increased in the face and body, which in turn will stimulate estrogen
and collagen. This will then help ease out the fine lines, and add firmness to the once loose skin.
Cosmetic acupuncture is absolutely harmless and very effective for people across ages.

Herbal remedies For Wrinkles

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                                              Presented by Daniel Toriola

 There are various sweet tasting herbs in Chinese medicine that are targetted at reducing wrinkles and
keeping skin looking healthy and young.

 Shou Di Huang and Gou Qi Zi are two herbs that are commonly used to treat dead skin and that
plagued by wrinkles.

Root cause For Wrinkles

 It is said that wrinkles are caused due to malfunctioning of the kidney, and so Chinese treatments
believe in using herbs that are routed through the kidney. To Si Zi, e Jao, and Nu Zhen Zi are the herbs
used to treat the kidney through which wrinkles are removed.

 One good thing about these Chinese medicines is that one can get them at their own backyards with
or without consulting a doctor. Second, it is sometimes as effective as prescription drugs and
medicines. Science and Medicine will never be the same again. One should be responsible to their
own actions whether one wants to fight a habit, pain or disease.

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medicines for wrinkles visit

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                                             Presented by Daniel Toriola

                                                   Chinese Herbal Remedies
                                                            By Ann Marier

 A lot of people are pretty casual about Chinese herbal remedies. It is true that Chinese herbs are
everywhere nowadays, so many people reason that they are always safe to take. Herbal weight-loss
supplements, immune systems support boosters, and many other drugs are all derived from herbal
Chinese remedies. In the last couple years, traditional Chinese medicine has become a big business in
this country.

Everyone wants to get into acupuncture, acupressure, Tai Chi, and of course, Chinese herbal
remedies. Nonetheless, just because something is a Chinese herbal remedy does not mean that it is
safe for everyone. These herbs are traditionally only given out by trained healers, so self-diagnosis can
be extremely dangerous.

The problem is that people are not very well educated about what natural herbal remedies are safe and
what aren't. For example, some of the most common ingredients in over the counter Chinese herbal
remedies can be dangerous when taken with the wrong things. Take ginseng, for example. In most
circumstances, taking ginseng is perfectly safe.

When it is combined with ephedra, another common ingredient in Chinese herbal remedies, it becomes
extremely dangerous. It can cause palpitations and even heart attacks. Nonetheless, people continue
to take ginseng and ephedra together without even realizing the damage they could be doing to their

The basic rule of thumb is that any Chinese herbal remedy that you can buy in the drugstore is
probably safe if used by itself in the manner recommended. After all, the more serious Chinese herbal
remedies are only available through herbalists. You can take ginseng, Echinacea, Chinese weight-loss
herbs, and other similar things without any serious problems with your health. If you're going to take
anything more powerful than that, you really should go see a Chinese herbal practitioner. Otherwise,
you can do serious damage to your health.

I would really like to see Chinese herbal remedies integrated more fully with mainstream modern
medicine. After all, both Eastern medicine and Western medicine have some things that they are good
at. Western medicine is excellent for the treatment of acute problems. If you suddenly have a heart
attack, a broken bone, a stroke, or some other medical emergency, you are much better going to a
Western doctor.

Traditional Chinese medicine, on the other hand, is much better at treating chronic conditions. Chinese
herbal remedies can be used to treat problems before they even happen. This is what is so great about
Chinese medicine.

Ann Merier writes articles about the home and family health.Article topics include mothers
day,diabetes,detox diet,yoga,pilates exercise

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                                                       Presented by Daniel Toriola

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