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									 A LT E C                             NEWSLETTER

  A Monthly Newsletter                                                          December 2006

New Grants Database       New Technology in 2007   ALTEC PD Services          FREE Online Resources

                                                   ceived in each of the past 10 years, the
New Grants Database will be                        funding agency, program source, and a
                                                   description and purpose of each pro-
Beneficial to Schools                               gram.
The Federal Funding Accountability and
Transparency Act of 2006 requires the              Entities seeking to apply for an award
Office of Management and Budget                    would then have a better insight into
(OMB) to provide a free online                     the past recipients of an award, the
searchable database with information               types of projects that have been suc-
about entities receiving federal grants            cessful, and will be better able to de-
and contracts. Currently the public can            termine whether or not a specific pro-
go to the Federal Procurement Data                 ject is right for them. This will be espe-
System (FPDS) for information about                cially beneficial to those who are just
who is receiving federal contracts, but            getting started with grant writing and
the information is not easily accessible.          need a better idea of the types of fed-
The Census Bureau also provides in-                eral programs that are available.
formation about grants and financial
assistance through the Federal Assis-              This new Web site will provide informa-
tance Awards Data System (FAADS)                   tion about recipients of federal funds
but the system is not searchable.                  within 30 days of the award. Timely
                                                   and accurate information about federal
A new Web site will provide a single               contracts and financial assistance
point of reference that will allow grant           awarded for 2006 and 2007 will be
seekers access to information they                 available by January 2007. Informa-
need to contact past recipients of                 tion about block grants, formula
awards to discuss the application proc-            grants, and project grants will be avail-
ess, successful strategies, and ask spe-           able by October 1, 2007. Information
cific questions. Schools, districts, and           for past fiscal years is to be provided
the general public will have access to             by January 2009. The web address for
information about federal fund recipi-             this new Web site has not yet been de-
ents such as: the name of the entity,              termined.
the amount of federal funds it has re-

  H A R D W A R E

  S O F T W A R E

Are you interested in what’s new and improved for schools for 2007? Here is
a sneak peek at some of the hardware and software available to you.

 SOFTWARE                              well as customizable icons to use     Microsoft Student 2007
 Microsoft Office 2007 for PC          when plotting. The software was       $63 Single User License
 $65 Single User License               created by the Technical Educa-       Microsoft Student provides
 Microsoft Office 2007 has been        tion Research Center (TERC), a        homework help in Math, Re-
 redesigned with a new user inter-     leading educational research and      search, Foreign Language, and
 face that makes it easier to create   development lab committed to          creating reports, papers, and
 great documents, spreadsheets,        improving science and math in         presentations. It’s like having a
 presentations, and databases.         teaching and learning, and is be-     personal homework tutor for your
 Users will no longer have to          ing published by Inspiration. Visit   kids. The software includes a full
 spend time looking for the right to         version of Encarta Premium 2007
 tool bars and menus to perform        download a free trial of this new     Encyclopedia software as well as
 tasks. The toolbars and menus         software.                             user-friendly tools to create
 have now been replaced with the                                             graphs, diagrams, and step-by-
 “Ribbon.” The Ribbon appears at                                             step help to solve math problems.
                                       Inspiration 8.0
 the top of the application you are                                          Visit the Web site,
                                       $53 Single User License
 using and contains a series of                                    
                                       The latest version of Inspiration
 tabs that groups commands to-                                               t/tourLanding.mspx, for a tour of
                                       has new and enhanced capabili-
 gether for activities such as in-                                           this software.
                                       ties including: keyword symbol
 serting pictures, page layout, and
                                       searches, video and sound inte-
 mailings. You no longer have to                                             Atomic Learning
                                       gration, 65 templates, enhanced
 go to a drop down menu for each                                             $79.99 Single User, $750 School
                                       export and transfer, drag and
 command. You can now click on                                               License (600 Users)
                                       drop, a dictionary, thesaurus, and
 the appropriate section on the                                              Atomic Learning is a subscription-
                                       spell checker. And for the first
 “Ribbon” and have all of the                                                based online database of software
                                       time, Inspiration Web Resources
 commands you need right at your                                             tutorials for educators, parents,
                                       are available; students can now
 fingertips. For a complete list of                                          and students of all ages. A one-
                                       download 60 new templates and
 new features and to test drive                                              year subscription gives you unlim-
                                       over one million symbols. Teach-
 Office 2007 visit                                                           ited access to a database of more
                                       ers have access to more than 50                                                than 8,000 software tutorials.
                                       curriculum templates and online
                                                                             Individual and all-school subscrip-
                                       training videos on the most com-
 Inspire Data                                                                tions are available at affordable
                                       monly used Inspiration features.
 $64 Single User License                                                     prices. Its Spanish version tutori-
                                       If you order 20 licenses of Inspi-
 The newest product from Inspira-                                            als have allowed even more par-
                                       ration 8.0 in December, you will
 tion allows students to build da-                                           ents, students, and educators to
                                       receive a 25 percent discount on
 tabases and explore and analyze                                             increase their technology skills.
                                       Inspiration’s other great products,
 data using visual learning tools                                            The tutorials consist of a series of
                                       including: Kidspiration 2.1 and
 with multiple plot types such as                                            more than 1,700 one- to three-
                                       the new InspireData! Visit
 venn, stack, pie, and axis plots.                                           minute videos. Atomic Learning is
 The Slideshow feature allows stu-                                           currently used in over 1,500
                                       complete details and to download
 dents to present their findings                                             school districts in all 50 states
                                       a free trial.
 and conclusions in a live se-                                               and many foreign countries. Visit
 quence. More than 50 curriculum-                                  
 based databases are available, as                                           for complete details.
BrainPOP is now in Spanish                                                 OTHER NEW EQUIPMENT
Several Pricing Options Available                                          Palm TX       $299
BrainPOP is an award-winning online educational                            The new Palm TX is packed full of
program that provides curriculum-based content                             features at an affordable price. It
about science, math, English, social studies, health,                      has a large 320x480 screen, built
and technology for grades 3-12. This online data-                          in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technol-
base contains more than 500 animated movies                                ogy, you can view, edit, and cre-
complete with quizzes, comic strips, and printable                         ate Word Excel, and PowerPoint
worksheets that are written in a style that truly en-                      files. You can also store MP3 files,
gages kids. BrainPOP currently has over 3.5 million                        digital photos, and video clips.
subscribers. Educators can try BrainPOP free for 14                        This month if you order a Palm
days or subscribe using one of the many affordable                         TX you get a free wireless key-
options available. Visit to     board and free shipping with your purchase. Visit
find the option that is right for you.         to choose the handheld
                                                        computer that is right for you.
                                                        MacBook replaces iBook in wireless labs
                                                        $1099 and up
Epson Powerlite S4 $675
                                                        The new affordable MacBook is powered with the
This SVGA projector weighs 5.7lbs and emits 1800
                                                        latest Intel Core 2 dual processor, built in iSight
ANSI lumens.
                                                        camera, iLife 06, 13-inch glossy widescreen display,
                                                        built in Bluetooth and Airport Extreme, and dual
Epson PowerLite 82c $787
                                                        display support. Options include up to 2GB of mem-
This micro-portable XGA LCD projector weighs 5.9
                                                        ory, 200GB hard drive and a 6x double layer burn-
pounds and emits 2,000 ANSI lumens.
                                                        ing SuperDrive that lets you burn DVDs faster! See
                                                        all of this and more at

                                                        Federal agencies totaling more than $400 bil-
               FREE Online                              lion in Federal grants. Organizations can read
                                                        about these programs and apply for them on-
               Resources                                line. Since it’s inception in 2003,
                                                        has processed over 90,000 grant applications
SMART Educator Resources                                and currently has more than 52,000 organiza-             tion representatives registered. Visit
+Resource/                                     to locate a grant pro-
Visit SMART Educator Resources for free les-            ject that is right for you!
son activities, online professional develop-
ment, and software. Also learn about the wide           Teacher Tacklebox
range of software accredited for use with your
SMART products as well as free online tools to          Visit this site and put in your specific subject,
enhance learning in your classroom. Find soft-          theme, and topic and you’ll be connected with
ware suggestions for Math, Science, History,            free online lessons, ThinkQuests, and
Health, Foreign Language, English, Art and              WebQuests that are readily available to use in
Design and more!                                        your classroom. The staff at Teacher Tacklebox
                                                        has searched the Web to find hundreds of
BrainPOP Jr.: A new product for K-3                     valuable resources to enhance learning in your                               classroom.
Now educators and students in grades K-3 can
enjoy the same high quality educational ani-
mated movies, comic strips, and printable               Web Worksheet Wizard
worksheets from BrainPOP. New from the        
makers of BrainPOP, is BrainPOP Junior, de-             Are you interested in creating an online work-
signed for students in grades K-3! Try it for           sheet but don’t know where to begin? Web
free online; also available with closed caption-        Worksheet Wizard makes it easy: If you can
ing.                                                    type, you can create an online worksheet.
                                                        Create a Web page complete with graphics and                                              links in a snap, just by following the simple is an award-winning free Web site            instructions. You can also search for work-
that lists over 1,000 grant programs from 26            sheets by keyword and modify an existing
                                                        worksheet to meet your needs.
                                  If you have an existing or proposed project, ALTEC can develop and host your web
ALTEC Provides                    site, support your online community with discussion boards, set up your video con-
Ser vices to                      ference, or custom-design a software application to meet your needs. Propose
                                  stronger projects and programs using ALTEC’s over 15 years of expertise in educa-
Support Your                      tional technology, special needs, professional development, and evaluation. Please
                                  call us at 785 864 0699 to set up a free consultation. We can assist you with all of
Existing Projects                 your technology needs.

Conference Calendar
                                                                                   ALTEC Professional
Texas Computer Educa-
                                METC 2007: 21st Century
tion Association (TCEA)
                                Date: February 26-28, 2007
Into the Next Dimension
                                Location: St. Louis, MO
Date: February 5-9, 2007
                                Conference Fee: $349 Pre-
Location: Austin Convention
                                registration $499 at the door
Center, Austin, Texas
                                Web site:
Conference Fee: $125
Web site:

                                International Technology
Mid-America Association
                                Education Assocation
for Computers in Educa-
tion (MACE)
                                Date: March 15-17, 2007
                                                                                Listed below are the online
Date: March 1-2, 2007
Location: Alumni Center,
                                Location: San Antonio, TX                       and onsite sessions we cur-
                                Conference Fee: $240-$390
Kansas State University,
                                Web site:
                                                                                rently offer:
Conference Fee: $125
                                Conference/                                     ONSITE SESSIONS
Web site:                                                       An LCD Projector in the Classroom
ceconference.htm                                                                An Interactive Whiteboard in the Classroom
                                                                                The Power of Video-based Learning
                                                                                Math Illustated: Using Geometer’s Sketchpad
                                                                                Advanced Microsoft Office
                                                                                Creative Thinking Skills Using Handhelds

                           CONTACT US                                           Strategic Technology Planning
                                                                                Technology Integration Academy
                                                                                Podcasting: Educational Applications
  If you have questions or comments please feel free to                         Custom Staff Inservice Days

             contact us. ALTEC is located at:
                                                                                ONLINE SESSIONS
                                                                                Online   Project Based Learning
                    1122 West Campus Rd.                                        Online   Inspiration, Kidspiration, Kidpix
                           Suite 239                                            Online   Interactive Whiteboard Intensive
                                                                                Online   Annenberg Math Resources
                     Lawrence, KS 66045                                         Online   Microsoft Access
                    Phone: 785 864 0699
                      Fax: 785 864 0704
                                                                                Please visit the ALTEC Professional
                                                                                Development Web site at
                                                                       for complete
                                                                                details. An ALTEC representative will
                                                                                be happy to assist you with pricing,
                                                                                registration, and custom training

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