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									                                                                           HRAM e-newsletter
                                                                            Advertising Form

HRAM is the premiere organization for human resource professionals in the Omaha metropolitan area.
The organization has over 1100 members and is a local affiliate of the Society for Human Resource
Management (SHRM). HRAM distributes an e-newsletter to members quarterly. Advertising in the
e-newsletter is a unique opportunity to directly reach a number of human resource professionals

                                  E-Newsletter Advertisement: $350

                        When you advertise in HRAM’s e-newsletter you will receive:
                          1) a one-page advertisement, 2) company logo displayed
                       prominently on the main page and 3) a link to your company’s
                      website. HRAM e-newsletters are archived for a year on HRAM’s
                                        website at

    Advertisement and payment must be received by the 1st of the month for placement in the
 following month’s newsletter. E-newsletters are distributed on the 15th of every month. HRAM
                        reserves the right to refuse any advertisement.

          For an additional $100, you can purchase an ad/logo on our website for one month! Our
          website ( is the main communication tool used by HRAM to communicate
NEW       with our 1100+ members. HRAM’s website receives over 3500 hits per month. Each
          logo/ad that is placed on our website will include a direct link to the website address of
          your choice.         Yes! Contact me to include a web banner ad!

Company Name: ________________________________ Contact Name: ____________________________

Mailing Address: __________________________________________________________________________

City, State Zip: ___________________________________________________________________________

Phone: ______________________ Fax: ______________________ E-mail: __________________________

Authorized By: (Print) _________________________________ Title: _______________________________

Signature: ____________________________________________________________ Date: ______________

                       Circle the month you would like to run your advertisement:

                                         March June September December

 I authorize HRAM to charge my:   Visa    Master Card   Amex   Discover      Advertising forms and payment
                                                                            can be mailed to HRAM at 11404
 Card#:________________________________________ Exp Date: _____________
                                                                             W Dodge Rd. #720, Omaha, NE
 Name as appears on card: ______________________________________________           68154 or faxed to
                                                                              402-932-1095. Make checks
 Signature: ___________________________________________________________            payable to HRAM.

       HRAM · 11404 W Dodge Rd. #720 · Omaha, NE 68154 · 402-932-1007 ·

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