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									    PTG NEWSLETTER

                                                                                                                            September 2009

      Tell me, and I'll forget. Show me, and I may not
        remember. Involve me, and I'll understand.
                                                              Confucian proverb

                       A Letter from the PTG President                                                     Upcoming Events:
Hello everyone!                                                                               September 30:
The year is off to a busy start and we are thrilled to have Jana and Susan take on the task   9th Grade Parents’ Tea at home of
of producing a monthly PTG newsletter. These ladies will help us all stay connected and       Reem and Marwan Atalla, 6:00 –
hopefully improve school communication.                                                       7:30 pm (invitations/maps coming
                                                                                              via email)
Last year, every member on the PTG board was new and we learned the ropes as we went
along. This school year is the first time in recent years that the year began with a board    October 5:
in place. I tell you this so you can see that we are still learning, still working out the
kinks; but we are enthusiastic and dedicated to having a strong PTG program. We               Teacher Appreciation Brunch on
welcome your input, your ideas, and your assistance!                                          the occasion of Jordan’s “Teachers
                                                                                              Day” (PTG volunteers deliver
Spooktacular is coming up!! This is our large Halloween Festival at the school on Oct.        goodies to school that morning)
30. Children dress in costumes (many adults, too!), play games, and go through a
haunted house. There will be fortune tellers, a haunted maze for the younger children,        October 30:
and food for your family to enjoy. Plans are in the making right now and we are
beginning to coordinate volunteers for this event. Whether you would enjoy painting
scenery, putting together a fun box maze for little ones, running a game, selling tickets,
decorating, or working the night of the event as needed, there is a way for everyone to get   New to ACS? If you are a new ACS family, the
involved. This is the PTG's largest fundraiser that helps us provide for many teacher         PTG Hospitality Committee would like to
requests, and it takes lots of volunteers to make it happen. If there is a specific aspect    welcome you by helping you connect with other
you would like to work on, the haunted house for example, or the decorating committee,        families, referring you to things and resources
please tell us specifically. Email or call any board member and we'll sign you up. Many
                                                                                              you need and answering other questions you
hands make light work and we would all like to have a little time the night of the event to
enjoy ourselves. Halloween is such a fun time! Please come and join us any way you            may have about living in Amman. Watch the
can! More details will be forthcoming.                                                        PTG newsletter and bulletin board for calendars
                                                                                              of events such as class parent coffees.
The mission of the PTG is to enhance our children's learning experience at ACS by             Participating in the PTG and its volunteer
supporting the teachers, the parents, and ultimately our children. We are not a problem
solving group; however, we can often direct you to someone at the school who can assist       activities is another great way to engage in the
you. Every parent is welcome to all PTG meetings and activities and we hope you will          community. We look forward to meeting you.
get involved.                                                                                 Contact Kathy Sullivan at
                                                                                              Claude Khuri at or
Sincerely,                                                                                    your classroom parents representatives (see
Leslie Kann
                                                                                              page 7).
          Teacher Feature
   The task of the excellent teacher is to stimulate "apparently ordinary" people to
   unusual effort. The tough problem is not in identifying winners: it is in making
   winners out of ordinary people. ~K. Patricia Cross

We asked three new ACS teachers to share a short biography and their completion of the
sentence “I wish that parents knew. . .” in order for the school community to get to know
them better.

                            Charles Hildebrand: English, Writing and Drama
                           I was born and raised in California, USA. I graduated from high
                           school in Fresno, CA and attended Fresno Community college for
                           one year where I took typical freshman classes along with
                           numerous music classes. I spent the next two years from
                           1967-1969 in Scotland. When I returned from Scotland I enrolled
                           in Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah. I majored in Music
                           and in 1973 received my Bachelor's degree in Music and headed
                           to Idaho to teach high school band. For the next 4 years I taught
                           vocal and instrumental music, drama and coached baseball in
Idaho and California. During that time I also played in the Idaho Falls Symphony, the Fresno
Philharmonic, and was very active in the Fresno Community Theater. In 1977 I joined the US
Navy and performed with the Navy Band until my discharge in 1981. I then returned to
teaching where I taught music, drama and English until I took a position with the California
Department of Corrections as a teacher.

In 1994 I earned my Masters Degree from California State University in School Administration
and started my administrative career as an assistant principal in the prison system schools.
In 1998 I took a position as the high school principal of a small high school in Santa Barbara
County. I continued serving as a principal until 2007 when I accepted the position as
Superintendent of a district in the Eastern Sierra area until my retirement.

My wife and I accepted an offer to come to Amman as teachers this past May and we are
delighted and excited to start yet another phase of our careers and our lives here in Jordan.

In completing the sentence I was given, I would simply say...I wish all parents knew that life
goes by so fast that every moment they are blessed to have their children with them should
be cherished and never taken for granted.
          Teacher Feature

                            Tracy Villano: Social Studies

                            I wish that parents knew…teaching is actually my second
                            career. I spent six years in the U.S. Air Force prior to
                            becoming a teacher. Teaching suits me much better! I am
                            a die hard athlete. My competitive passion is in running
                            and triathlon, though I spent the majority of my young life
                            playing basketball. I grew up in Colorado and will always
                            love the mountains!

                           Sarah Diamond: 2nd Grade

                              My name is Sarah Diamond and I am married with two children.
                              My husband, Charlie Hildebrand, teaches at the high school here
                              and my children, Christian and Aidan, are in the elementary
                              school. This is my ninth year of teaching, all of which before now
                              were in California. After graduating from Montana State University
                              - Bozeman I moved to California and got a job teaching music and
                              drama. I decided not to continue to teach music and spent some
                              time deciding what I want to teach. I chose elementary school
because this is where I am happiest. The children are so wonderful and I feel like I make a
difference in their lives. I am very excited to be here in Amman, Jordan in my first overseas
teaching position. I am looking forward to having several rewarding years at the American
Community School.

I wish that parents knew that teachers are only human, too. We try the best that we can,
sometimes we mess up, but we always have the students' best interests at heart.


        We all know how important good nutrition is to kids’ health and their ability to learn. But
        sometimes we get stuck coming up with healthy lunch box ideas that are also appealing to our
        kids. After all, what good is a nutritious lunch that doesn’t get eaten? Let’s create a healthy lunch
        culture at ACS and help each other by sharing recipes in this newsletter forum. Here are some
        ideas to get us started:

        Kids enjoy variety and surprise. If you pack sandwiches, try using various kinds of bread. You
        could use bagels, dinner rolls, or tortillas, too! If possible, choose whole grains for a rich source
        of fiber, vitamins, and antioxidants

        Pack little containers with nuts, dried fruit, dry granola cereal, or cut-up fresh fruits and
        vegetables. Dips are fun, too. Carrot sticks with a creamy salad dressing dip or grapes on little
        toothpick kabobs with a yogurt dip are just a couple of ideas. Let your imagination run free and
        ask your kids for their ideas. They are more likely to eat something they have invented

        And lastly, here is a recipe. We’d like to offer at least one recipe each month, so PLEASE
        send your ideas to

                              Mexican Rice and Bean Salad
        2 cups dry brown rice             Cook rice according to instructions and let cool. Drain and rinse
         1 can kidney beans               kidney beans and add to rice. Add drained corn and bell pepper.
     1 green bell pepper, diced           Whisk together lemon juice and olive oil. Pour over salad and
            1 can of corn                 mix well. Season to your taste with salt, pepper, chili powder,
          ½ cup lemon juice
                                          etc. Chill. For school lunch, pack in a reusable container and
½ cup olive oil and seasonings to taste
                                          don’t forget the fork.


                                          Are you selling something?

                                      Are you looking for something?

                                 Need a tennis partner or music lessons?

                            Submit your ad to

                 BEST OF AMMAN
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                 General Practitioner                                                 Pediatric Dentist

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     (The Decor Store)                                             Al‐Bairuni Center 2nd Floor

 If you would like to recommend a business or service provider, please send an email to:
The above listings are personal recommendations from our readers, not endorsements from the American
Community School of Amman or the PTG.

                                   PTG WHO’S WHO
President: Leslie Kann,
Vice President: Lucy Roman,
Treasurer: Dawn Helbig,
Secretary: Nour Al Mutlak,
Public Relations: Tania Sayyed,
Hospitality Committee: Kathy Sullivan,
                         Claude Khuri,
Volunteer Coordinator: Kelly Hanania,
Newsletter: Jana Hakeem, Susan Smith (submissions to

Classroom Parents:
 PK1—Tamar Terzian,
 PK2—Dina Fouda,
 KG—Tamar Terzian,; Shalini Mehan; Seedong Kim
 1 Abdelhadi—Sussan Moeini,; Tammy Andress,;
                 Natalie Moasher
 1 Tschumperlin—Lisa Hurley,; Flavia Modell;
                     Shelley Hawkes,;
                     Kelly Hanania,
 2 Williams—Kim Lewis,; Hania Adawiya,
 2 Diamond—Tania Khreino,
 3 Eriksen—Dana Khazendar,; Suzanne Rimmen,;
             Mima Djoric,
 3 Widding—vacant
 4 Jenkins—Mai Al Masri,; RohaniSamat,;
             Reem Assamra; Rania Abu Hassan,;
             Angela Vaughan,
 4 Abdelhadi—Tammy Andress,
 5 Mancuso—Andrea Gubser,
 5 Karasopoulos—Hanan Mokhta,; Sara Bilbeisi,
 6—Tania Khreino,; Kirsten Reihner; Rohani Samat,;
     Tania Sayyed,; Kelly Hanania,
 7—Katia Tabash,; Sussan Moeini,;
     Andrea Gubser,; Mahmoud Al Ankrih,
 8—Kirsten Reihner; Angela Vaughan,; Talla McIlvain,
 9—Kathy Sullivan,; Josephina Ceron, josephinaceron@yahoo.con;
     Ingrid Lohne,; Reem Atalla,
10—Claude Khuri,; Susan Smith,;
     Terri Quirk,
11—Tania Sayyed,; Mima Djoric,
12—Gia Hinman,; Tania Sayyed,

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