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									Sample Newsletter Article –

          “Be A Part of Something Big” This Summer
                         With CyRide

                                       How can you save money and help the
                                       environment? With CyRide’s new Summer Fare
                                       Free program which provides FREE rides on any
                                       Ames bus route from May 15 – August 15, 2009!
                                       Just call it CyRide’s Economic Stimulus and
                                       carbon footprint reduction plans all rolled into
                                       one. What it means for ___________ employees
                                       is that you can board any CyRide bus this
   summer at no cost. What a way to reduce you driving costs to and from work or just
   to a restaurant for lunch this summer and be a part of something big. Ames is one of
   only a few cities nationwide to offer free fares to its residents and businesses. So
   you choose how big your part is – even if it’s only taking the bus one day a week.
   Remember taking the bus:

      •   Can save you $200 - $500 this summer in gas cost (extra cash in your pocket
          for that vacation!)
      •   Far exceeds the combined benefits of using energy-efficient light bulbs,
          adjusting thermostats, weatherizing your home and replacing a refrigerator.
          To calculate your carbon footprint reduction in taking the bus, go to
          CyRide’s website at

   CyRide will be available in the ____________ lunch room on May ____ to answer
   any questions you might have about how to ride or help you plan your trip(s). A
   prize drawing for a _____ will be held for employees stopping by finding out more
   about how they can be a part of something big this summer!

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