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										                    The Baldin Blotter
                                                  Monday, September 20, 2009

    A Peek at the Week                           Spelling                                    Calendar of Events
    This week we will read the second            This week’s spelling list consists of 16    Tuesday, 9/22	    Grahams w/ Grandparents
    story in Theme 1 - Silly Stories. Our        words that have the long a or i sound       Friday, 10/9	     2nd Grade Event 2:45 pm
    story, Mrs. Brown Went to Town, is           due to a silent e (except give and have).   Monday, 10/12	    No School - Columbus Day
                                                                                             Weds, 10/14	      Safety Fair Field Trip
    about life on a farm. Mrs. Brown goes        Your child should be able to
                                                                                             Thurs, 10/29	     Parent/Teacher Conf. PM
    to the hospital and a cow, two pigs,         pronounce, spell, and use each spelling     Friday 10/30	     Parent/Teacher Conf. DAY
    three ducks, and a yak move into her         word in a complete sentence. The final
    house. Ask your child what happened          test will be on Friday.
    when Mrs. Brown was away from
    home. We will review action parts,           bite   late    size    made       side
    words that have more than one                ate    fine     same    hide       line
    meaning, and write our own story this        bike   gate    give*   have*
                                                 challenge words:    shake      write
    In math, we will complete Topic 2 -
    Addition Strategies with a topic test.       2nd Grade Event
    We will begin Topic 3 - Subtraction
                                                 Your child should have brought home             Grahams with Grandparents is
    Strategies. Students will use various
                                                 a flyer in their Panda Folders today                        Tomorrow....
    strategies to be able to subtract
                                                 about this event. This event for 2nd         This event is scheduled for tomorrow
    successfully. We will begin Topic 3
                                                 graders is scheduled for Friday,             from 7:45 to 8:45 am. Students may
    with a story titled, Flying Subtraction.
                                                 October 9th from 2:45 to 3:45 pm.            invite a grandparent, senior friend, or
                                                 Students get to teach you some of the        any adult involved in their life. Everyone
    In science, we will continue with Unit
                                                 games we play in class, as well as you       will receive an activity book and each
    B - Homes for Plants and Animals. We
                                                 will walk away with helpful tips and         child can choose a book to take home to
    have discussed life in a rain forest and
                                                 ideas to help your child at home. Hope       add to their home library. This is a free
    now will learn more about a desert. A
                                                 you can attend!                              event sponsored by Title I: Parents as
    desert is a dry habitat where it gets less
    rain in a year than most plants and                                                       Partners. Hope to see you there!
    animals need to live.
    	              Contact Information:
    Phone: 	 25-3256
 Library News                                                   Nutrition Lesson

Each Wednesday we visit the library to
return and check out books. Students may
take their library books home, but they need
to bring them back to school for our library

This is in regards to your child’s math
worksheets that they bring home daily.
Beginning today we will not complete
the “Problem Solving” side of the math
worksheet in class. We do over an hour
of math each day and this is something
that we would like to leave for your child
                                                          Students were responding to Mrs. Rebbe’s
to do at home. Please ask your child to                  questions about the food pyramid. Ask your
explain it to you and it would be great                 child to tell you about what they have learned.
for you to do it together. We are just
simply running out of time and there is
so much more to do that this was about
a 10-minute part of our math lesson that
we could leave for home. We appreciate
                                                Math Matters!
your help!                                     Students need to practice math facts
                                               each and every day. Each day we will
                                               review strategies that help us add
                                               correctly and quickly. Below are a few
                                                                                           Homonym Riddles
              Risk Watch                       strategies to help your child better
                                               understand addition.
                                                                                         A) If they are not here, where are
Permission slips for the Risk Watch                                                         they?
                                               Counting on 1,2,3
Safety Fair field trip came home today                                                    B) What do you call a bucket that has
                                               to figure out 16 + 2 or 2+ 16, children       seen a ghost?
in Panda Folders. Please sign, date, and       start with 16 (larger number) and count
provide us with phone numbers in case          on 2 numbers
of an emergency. Also, if you have a                                                     Answers: A) They’re there B) A pale pail
new address or any information to              Using Doubles
change on your student’s emergency                                                       Here are some other homonyms pairs to
                                               to figure out 9 + 8, a child could think
card, please add that information to the       I know 8 + 8 is 16 so 9 + 8 is 17         think about:
permission slip. This helps us keep your
child’s information up-to-date. If you                                                   ad/add
are interested in attending the field trip,
please note that on the permission slip.                                                 ate/eight
It is an all day field trip, but please don’t                                             ball/bawl
feel that you have to stay all day. Please                                               band/banned
send the permission slip back in your
child’s folder. Thank you!

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