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                                     V O L U M E    1 ,   I S S U E   1                         F E B R U A R Y         1 3 ,   2 0 0 9
 •    Long-awaited

                                 THE GYM IS OPEN!
      gymnasium gets
      put to full use

 •    High School: high-
                                 BY JIM MARTIN
      lighting academics
                                 With praises to God, I am pleased to ad-
 •    Meet our new
      Associate Middle
                                 dress the reader with greetings from the
      School Head:               office of the new gymnasium. As the pri-
      Crystal Davis              mary daytime facilitator of this wonderful
                                                                                    curriculum! Did I mention the new volley-
                                 resource, I can say unequivocally that it is a
 •    Martin Luther                                                                 ball standards and nets, and the six fully
      King, Jr. Day
                                 life changer! Excitement can be seen in the
                                                                                    adjustable basketball hoops? Let’s not for-
      Contest Winners            expressions of first-time visitors, mouths
                                 agape in awe, and in the daily                     get the great benefit for all of the sports
 •    Clubs and
                                 appreciation of all the students                           teams and their coaches. This year’s
      Contests                                                                              basketball coaches are already break-
                                 for its “treasure” qualities. I
 •    Volunteer                  hope all who have experienced                              ing in the new hoops with regular
      Highlight                  the limitations and high decibel                           practices and exciting home games.
                                 levels of the old basement                                 The logistics problems regarding
                                                                                            practice and a home court have been
Head of School:                  “gym,” are forever grateful for our new
                                 “home.” With the opening of the Todd               solved! There is also wonderful bleacher
Chuck Moore                                                                         seating for the fans and followers of the
                                 Wehr Gymnasium this January, we are
                                                                                    Eastbrook Warriors. Finally, let us not
Board Members:                   now able to facilitate a well-rounded bas-
                                 ketball, volleyball, badminton, paddleball,        forget the people working behind the
Leslie Osborne                                                                      scenes. Our Athletic Director, Jayne
                                 floor hockey… well, a certifiable, comple-
Eric Rumbaugh                                                                       Swick, has
                                 mentary and complete physical education
Martha Carrigan                                                                                    {Continued on p.2}
Julie Loomis
Bryan Browning
Charles Moore
                                                FIRST HOME GAME, EVER!
                                                                          By Amanda Mehl
Harrison Stanfield
                                 What do you think of when                                          of wild cheerleaders and that
Editor:                          I say, “The first basketball                                       is exactly what I mean when I
Heather Joswick                  game in our new gym”? I                                            say “WILD CHEERLEAD-
                                 hope the first thing that                                          ERS”! There was no way I
Contributors:                    pops into your head is fun,                                        was missing out on the fun, so
Wendy Sondrol                    energetic, big, and lots                                           of course I was one of them!
                                 of laughs and cheers!                                              The “wild cheerleaders” in-
Eastbrook Academy
                                 The high school boys played                                        cluded two of the most awe-
staff and students                                                                                  some teachers (out of many),
                                 the first game. There were
                                 many people and a couple                                           Mrs. Rucker and Mrs. Mal-
                                                                                                    colm. All of the cheerleaders
                                                                 Haley Quinn dribbles circles
                                                                                                       {Continued on p.3}
                                                                  around the competition on
                                                                       Monday night!
            P AGE     2
                               THE GYM IS OPEN! (continued)
Gym teacher, Jim, in the gym   provided the professional oversight and        Foundation, the Fleck Foundation, and
    That’s a mouthful!         organization for the Academy’s athletic        individual donors who have gifted over
                               program, and works diligently to make this     $1 million toward our new multipur-
                               an integral part of Eastbrook Academy.         pose gymnasium addition. For all of the
                               Robin Trulen, the Building and Grounds         blessing the new sports facility is, I hope
                               Supervisor, has worked tirelessly to make      we never lose sight of where this blessing
                               sure that no detail is missed. It has been a   has come from--let your gratitude be
                               blessing for me to see him “captain” the       made known to God and to those so criti-
                               whole project with everyone’s best interest    cal in the development of this facility.
                               in mind. Without our wonderful donors          Come visit soon if you have not had the
                               the gym would not even exist, and we are       chance.
                               profoundly grateful to the Todd Wehr
                                                                                      New Gym: New Mascot
                                When the high schoolers hosted their first home game in the
                               new Todd Wehr Gymnasium, it was time to go official with the
                                whole mascot idea. Introducing Benji, that is, EBAs mascot,
“I hope we never lose sight                    “The Warrior” ~ Matt Brown
 of where this blessing has

   come from—let your

gratitude be made known to     A Sneak Peek of our                                              by Naomi Rosa

God and those so critical in

  the development of the
                               First Home Game                                                 cheerleaders are fired up, the
                                                                                               competition is fierce. People
                                                                                               in the crowd scream
                                When you first walk           up they will not be blinded      “DEFENSE” over and over,
       ~Jim Martin              through the main doors,       by the light. At our first       and there are 7 seconds left
                                you come upon a conces-       home game, our Warriors          before halftime, then…
                                sion stand full of snacks,    cheerleaders were: Mrs.          SCORE!!! EBA players are
                                and the colors of the gym     Rucker, and Mrs. Rucker’s        all showing teamwork and
                                greet your eyes with red,     daughter, Sydney, Mrs. Mal-      good sportsmanship. The
                                white, tan, and blue. In      colm, P.J., Ashley Mehl,         cheerleaders are shouting and
                                order to get into the game,   Amanda Mehl, Asante              making up drills. During half
                                you have to pay a $2.00       Lanier, Ngozi Musa, and          time the boys are trying to
                                admission. Thankfully, the    Naomi Rosa. Their faces          make pyramids, but it didn’t
 Students show their school
                                gym was designed extra        were painted blue and white,     work. Then the fourth quar-
                                wide so that people can       and they had a ton of enthusi-   ter and there are only 8 min-
                                walk around the gym on        asm for the game. The EBA        utes. The intensity in the
                                the sides and don’t have to   mascot was little “Warrior”,     room is hot. Time is ticking.
                                worry about disrupting the    Benjamin Brown, and he was       The crowd is shouting and
                                game. Another perk is         suited with his shield and       making noises. EBA has the
                                that anyone is allowed to     sword.                           ball; they bring it down court
                                eat in the gym at any time!                                    and take a shot. They made
                                The lights in the gym are     In case you missed the first     the shot!!! The crowd goes
                                pointed toward the ceiling    game, here is a “play-by-play”   wild!! Don’t miss all the ac-
                                so that if the players look   of the night’s events: The       tion at our next home game!

V OLUME       1,   ISSUE     1                                                                                      P AGE    3

                   Letter From the Head
Officials: Suspected US missile strike kills at least 18 in northwest Pakistan
Harley to cut 1,100 jobs, close Capitol Drive plant as earnings plunge 58%
Obama asks Congress to pass big stimulus bill soon
                                                                                                Chuck Moore introduces Marc Erickson
As I write this note, these headlines, like the mythological sirens, blast a cacophony             for opening prayer. Also pictured:
of noise that seems determined to capture my thoughts. We live in a world that some-
times appears to be falling apart at the seams. This past year the headlines concern-
                                                                                                 Jayne Swick , Athletic Director, and
ing the state of public school education in Milwaukee are nothing short of dismal!                        Coach Budnowski

Fortunately in contradistinction to these dreary headlines, and because of the grace
and mercy of our Lord, Eastbrook Academy is enjoying continued growth and academic success. If headlines were
written about Eastbrook Academy they would be markedly different from our public school neighbors. The state of
our school is good! Once again our students have posted exceptionally high scores on our nationally normed achieve-
ment tests. The esprit de corps among faculty, students, and parents is excellent. We are all delighting in our newly
completed gymnasium. Interest in Eastbrook Academy by admissions candidates is as strong as it has ever been.
As I thought about the dichotomy between Eastbrook Academy and other surrounding institutions, I came across
these words of Jesus:
        12Itell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even
        greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13And I will do whatever you ask in my
        name, so that the Son may bring glory to the Father (John 14:12-13 NIV).
Christians have an incredible birthright in Christ! We have the high privilege of addressing God as our Father. As we
live by faith, Jesus assures us that in Him, by faith we will be able to do the things He did while on earth and even
greater things. The existence and successes of Eastbrook Academy can only be explained by faith – and these suc-
cesses are only the beginning of what God is going to do in and through our school. We stand apart from the noise of
the headlines, when we successfully educate children, and when we help them own their own faith. As you read this
newsletter, please join with us in gratitude to God for His obvious blessings on Eastbrook Academy.

                                             ~Charles E. Moore, Head of School

                                                      First Home Game (continued)
                                                                                          By Amanda Mehl
                                 Concessions Crew

  had blue and white paint on         used by the church for a variety   will be put toward a new
  their faces, because EBA’s          of things. The school will use     scoreboard. We even
  “Warrior” colors are of             it for gym classes, basketball     have some unusual snacks
  course…blue and white! We           games and practices, volleyball,   like the “Walking Taco.”
  had a blast. If you have not seen   and probably even more. The        Obviously, it was pretty
  the gym, you should! It is          basketball players played very,    fun at the first basketball
  really big and it has six basket-   very well. They worked to-         game, and guess what??
  ball hoops. One of the best fea-    gether, and were respectful to     It is like that every game!
  tures is you can eat and drink in   the other team. The conces-        (Well—except for the
  the gym, because it is a multi-     sions stand offers delicious       WILD CHEERLEADERS             “Wild Cheerleaders” and fans
  purpose area. The gym will be       snacks, and all of the proceeds    --they only come once in         support our Warriors
                                                                         awhile). •
P AGE   4
                             Solo & Ensemble Contest
                        The Eastbrook Academy middle and high
                        schools have joined the Wisconsin School Mu-                   judge/musician who can offer feedback on how
                        sic Association (WSMA), which offers oppor-                    to improve their playing. The District Festival
                        tunities for students all across the state to per-             this year is held on Saturday, March 7, 2009 at
                        form at adjudicated festivals individually and as              Wauwatosa West High School. In order to per-
                        members of small or large musical ensembles.                   form at the State Level, students must first par-
                        This year students at Eastbrook will be able to                ticipate at the District Level, playing Class A mu-
                        participate in the Solo & Ensemble Festival.                   sic and receiving a starred (*) I rating (Superior).
                        This festival provides the chance for students to              It is our hope that many of Eastbrook’s fine
                        prepare and perform solos or chamber music                     young musicians will take advantage of this great
                        (otherwise known as “ensembles”) in front of a                 opportunity for personal musical development,
                        judge for comments only or for a rating. Stu-                  and to improve the overall quality of music here
                        dents do not have to audition to participate,                  at Eastbrook. For more information, contact Mr.
 “Our middle school     although music must be chosen from an official                 Griffis, or go to www.wsmamusic.org
                        list of approved selections. This provides a
     has so much to
                        chance to perform for a qualified and respected
     offer, and I am

 excited to support                                 Join radio personalities & emcees
our mission to make                                 Danny Clayton & James T. Harris for
 a difference with a
                                                    Eastbrook Academy’s Dinner & Silent Auction
diverse population.”                       Saturday, February 21, Dinner at 6:15pm & Auction at 7pm
     ~Crystal Davis                                            Multi-
                                                            in Multi-Purpose Bldg (MPB)/Gym.
                           Tickets for dinner may be purchased as a table of 8 people for $200 or individually for $28 and will be avail-
                           able between Sunday church services in the Lobby or call Cathy Melan at 228-7905.

                           This year’s auction items include: vacation packages, dinner parties, seats to sporting events, unique art pieces,
                           jewelry, and more!

 Davis: New
                                    Crystal Davis
      Middle                        Crystal Davis has been             from her position with MPS             at the Academy from K-4 on
      School                        appointed Associate                teaching middle school stu-            and is full of appreciation for
       Head                         Middle School Head,                dents, to corporate experi-            what God is doing in this
                                    effective January 1st.             ence training adults, to pro-          place. She is determined to
                                    She brings her broad               fessional development for              teach her middle schoolers
                                    teaching background to             Catapault Learning, which              to prioritize their own time
                               the position as well as a firm          gave her valuable experience           and set goals. “Our middle
                               commitment to Eastbrook                 with the Choice program,               school has so much to offer,
                               Academy’s high academic                 and strategies to assist par-          and I am excited to support
                               standards and our diverse               ents and teachers in helping           our mission to make a differ-
                               environment. Her teaching               kids learn. Mrs. Davis has             ence with a diverse popula-
                               experience prior to joining             had her own children, Her-             tion,” stated Ms. Davis.
                               the Academy in 2007 ranges              bert (7th) and Kennedi (3rd),

               T HE    CHRONICLE
   V OLUME         1,   ISSUE      1                                                                                               P AGE         5

                     HIGH SCHOOL HEAD: Josh Beggs
                                                                                               high quality drama program, and an
                    Josh Beggs cannot           with teachers is priceless, in his opin-
                                                                                               opportunity for all students to benefit
                    rave enough about           ion, because the teachers really know
                                                                                               from participation in team sports.
                    Eastbrook Acad-             each student and are praying for them
                    emy’s High school           outside of class. Students are also            Mr. Beggs clearly believes in all that we
                    program. As High            taught from a Christian perspective,           are doing here at Eastbrook Academy,
School Head, his goal is ensuring we            but exposed to competing world views           and he loves that “the playing field is
have the best education in the city for         so they are prepared for the real world        being leveled economically” for all stu-
our students, and he is convinced that          and have learned to think their way            dents. As a high school biology/science
we have it. From his experience, it is          through things. As far as the develop-         teacher, he also loves the subject matter
rare for a school to encourage its              ment of relational skills, our students        and having students who want to learn.
teachers to truly teach at the best of          benefit from deeper relationships, bet-        Again, his aim is for Eastbrook High
their ability, expecting that students          ter interpersonal skills because they’re       School to become the preeminent aca-
can rise to that level. According to            not lost in a crowd, and the ability to        demic institution in the City of Milwau-
Mr. Beggs, Eastbrook’s approach to              understand different backgrounds and           kee and he believes, “we have the staff
education benefits our students in              viewpoints. There is a strong commu-           who can pull it off and the dedicated
many ways. The personal interaction             nity within the staff here, an extremely       students who can pull it off, so let’s go
                                                                                                                                for it!”

                 Shaunna My High School                                       “We don’t have to worry about having to be
                                                                                 someone other than who we are.”

                 Baumhardt: Experience                                                       class, meet in small
 As a sophomore at Eastbrook Academy          member. The excitement for their sub-          groups to pray for
 High School, my opinion of our school        jects rubs off on the students. Secondly,      each other, and have
 is that it far exceeds the expectations of   the students in the high school treat each     morning worship
 most other schools, and there is no          other like family--except we don’t have to     every Wednesday.
 competition when choosing a high             live with each other and witness each          Also in being at a
 school. First of all, the teachers are       other’s annoying morning habits! It’s          Christian school, we don’t have to bear with
 amazing. I can tell that they are pas-       really neat; we are all friends. There are     streams of cuss words that you may hear at
 sionate about what they teach, and be-       no cliques or “categories” and so we don’t     other high schools. Finally, since Eastbrook
 cause of that, their lectures are really     have to worry about having to be someone       is a college prep high school, we are being
 interesting. Somehow every teacher at        other than who we are. Having Eastbrook        prepared academically so that when we do go
 the Academy makes even the most bor-         be a Christian school is also a big benefit.   to college, we will be ready for all the work
 ing subject fun to learn and easy to re-     We can freely talk about God, take a Bible     and will be able to stay at the top of our class.

AP Classes Offer Advanced Opportunities
Our High School Head, Josh               to successfully take the AP            Spanish, with the further in-
Beggs, has no trouble touting the        exam, even as Freshmen. As a           tention of adding AP Chemis-
high academic standards of East-         continuation of our college prep       try and AP Mandarin in the
brook Academy’s high school. As          curriculum, Eastbrook Acad-            future. According to Josh
he personally teaches the AP Biol-       emy is currently offering AP           Beggs, as long as our East-
ogy class at the Freshman level          (Advanced Placement) courses           brook Academy middle school
(normally a Senior level class), he      in biology, calculus, and U.S.         students stay on track, they should
feels confident that his biology         History, and will expand with          be able to take at least five AP
students are getting the best edu-       the new senior class this fall to      classes during high school! What {Continued on
cation available and will be able        include AP English and AP              makes this so valuable for students page 6}
           P AGE        6
                             MLK, Jr. Contest 1st Place Winner
                                          By A’Jena Wynn- Howard, 9th grade

                               At first, writing for the     most, I thought). It       1st place, and it actually
                               Martin Luther King, Jr.       turned out I was wrong!    gave me a better perspec-
                               Contest was just a way        Not only was the essay I   tive of other people’s
                               for me to get extra credit    wrote good for me to put opinion about the world.
                               in my literature class, but   on my college résumés,     I would recommend this
1st Place speech winners,      it turned into an amazing     but the experience overall experience to my fellow
   Shannon Jones and           opportunity for me. I         was an amazing thing to    students. A lot can be
      David Hasbani            recall thinking to myself,    learn from as a student in learned when a person
                               “What would happen if I       school. The contest        enters a contest!
                               actually won? What good       helped me get me over      Nathaniel Wisth, Alex Weida
                               could come out of this        my stage fright, it re-      Take 1st and 3rd place!
                               contest?” (A ribbon at        warded me by winning

                                       Spelling Bee
                            By Ellen Soyka, 7th          went on to the final round,
                                                         and the top four spellers in
                            On January 23, 2009, the     that round will go on to
                            ACSI Spelling Bee took       the Regional Bee in Rock- skills (you have to learn a lot
                            place at New Testament       ford, IL.                    of words!) and to even earn a
                            Christian School in Milwau-                               ribbon or two! The main
                            kee, WI. Spellers came       This competition makes       portion of this competition is
                            from many schools, such as one realize how complex, remembering your words,
                            Ozaukee Christian, Mt.       specific, and sometimes      enunciating them correctly,
 Colin Knight took 4th      Zion, and Heritage Chris-    ridiculous our language is. and not being stressed by
Place overall, qualifying   tian Schools, and were in    I would recommend this pressure. So even if you
     for Regionals!         first through eighth grades. competition to other stu- haven’t done this before, why
                            The top two spellers in each dents to widen their vo- not try? Who knows, maybe
                            grade, fifth through eighth, cabulary, practice study     you could be the next winner
         “We are                                                                      of the Bee!
       certainly on            AP Courses (continued)
         track for                                                                       high school grows, Mr.
                               and parents is that it sets   their transcripts before
       becoming the            us apart from all other       senior year!). In addi-     Beggs believes we surely
                               area schools, demon-          tion, not only are stu-     will begin to receive local
       preeminent                                                                        attention and perhaps
                               strates to colleges our       dents in a curriculum de-
        academic               students are ready for        signed to prepare them      national attention for our
                               rigorous college level        well for college admis-     track record of 8th and 9th
       institution in
                               work, and as a result,        sion tests, but also they   graders passing AP Biol-
        the city of            potentially opens doors       have had the experi-        ogy, for instance, and we
                               for elite colleges and        ence of taking ACT/         are certainly on track for
                               scholarships (even more       SAT preparatory tests       his vision of becoming
                               so, because many students     four times before their     “the preeminent academic
                               will have AP scores on        Senior year tests. As our   institution in the city of
T HE   CHRONICLE                                                                         Milwaukee”!
 V OLUME        1,   ISSUE     1                                                                                             P AGE    7

 Parent to Parent Workshops
 Every evening I grab my eight-year         your children deal with on
 old son, tail wagging if he had one,       a nightly basis? Well, now
 from Eastbrook’s parking lot or            you can! Eastbrook Acad-                     Meet Your Child’s Needs
 after-care, and the second half of         emy is currently offering highly rele-
 my day is off and running. I leave         vant parenting classes that are bound        May 12 Multiple Intelligences
 the house before dawn, so my first         to help our parent-child interaction
                                            become more positive and less stress-        The Parent to Parent Workshops also
 contact with Jonathan does not be-                                                      hold occasional workshops on Monday
 gin until after school. I cherish          ful. The classes include group discus-
                                            sion, and are held on Tuesday evenings       mornings after assembly in the Blue
 those hours with him, but they are                                                      Room- Education Building. The last
 rigorous. I would imagine I am not         from 7:00 to 8:15 p.m. in SB09. They
                                            have been running since September,           Monday workshop will be offered on
 the only parent who experiences                                                         March 9 on the topic of Sibling Rivalry.
 the stress of how to help my child         and include topics as diverse as
 complete their homework while              “Cultivating Obedient Children” to           Classes are facilitated by Eastbrook
 still having time to meet their emo-       “How to Support Eastbrook’s Daily            Academy parent, Jennifer Shiller, who
 tional needs and grow them up              Curriculum Homework.” The work-              has a Masters Degree in Social Work and
 spiritually. Wouldn’t it help to           shops will continue on the following         is an experienced school social worker
 attend a convenient workshop that          topics:                                      for the New Berlin and Wauwatosa
 addresses the very issues you and          April 14 How to Access Services to           School Districts. For more information,
                                                                                         contact Jen Shiller at (414) 453-9442.

                                   Eastbrook Academy Drama
                                       Presents~                   FIDDLER ON THE ROOF!
                                   A Musical By Sheldon Harnick and Jerry Bock
                                          Director: Lisa Buethe- Choreographer: Robin Wood

                                                                      Thursday, March 5th, 10:00am and 7:00pm
                                                                                       Friday, March 6th, 7:00pm
                                                                                     Arrive early for best seats.
                                         There is no cost for admission — A free-will offering will be accepted

Lego League by Josh Stoltenberg, 7th grade
LEGO League is an extracurricular             to do in Lego League Club is program-
club that gives you a chance to work          ming. By programming, I try to figure
and play with Legos to create a robot         out different ways to make a robot do
design in order to complete missions          missions using sensors and motors.
in a tournament. As a participant, you        The robots are required to compete in
also must do a research project and           a “game” on a 4’ x 8’ field, where they        High School on December 7. The “Cool
presentation that is related to the chal-     must move or manipulate Lego field             Climates” won an award for “Creative
lenge set for the year. This year’s           pieces in a specific way to complete a         Presentation” at this competition and
theme set by the FIRST (For Inspira-          mission and get points. The tourna-            were nominated for several other
tion and Recognition of Science and           ments are organized for the Lego               awards. Even if your robot isn’t one of
Technology) organization was                  Leagues of many different schools to           the winners, there is a lot of fun stuff to
“Climate Connections.” Our team               compete. Our two Eastbrook Acad-               do at the competitions. If you like pro-
researched how to improve the Mil-            emy teams, the “Heat Waves” and the            gramming, building with Legos, and
waukee sewer system, specifically the         “Cool Climates,” both qualified for the        working with computers, you will defi-
deep tunnel project. My favorite thing        state competition, held at Mukwonago           nitely want to give LEGO League a try.
                         A WORD FROM THE SCHOOL HEADS
                 The great Russian novelist Leo Tolstoy defined art as “a human activity having for its purpose the transmission to others of the
                 highest and best feelings to which men have risen.” The exposure to fine arts trains students to appreciate God’s beautiful world
                 around us. Our students are given the opportunity to express themselves artistically through drama, music, recitation and art
                 classes. Reading, writing and math are the core essentials taught at the Academy; however, I do see the need to enhance our cur-
                 ricula by bringing in artistic programs that would continue to inspire our students. Would you consider forming a group who
                 would help to raise funds for our fine arts department? If this strikes a “chord” please give Cathy Melan or me a call.
                                                           ~Julie S. Loomis, Lower School Head
I am thrilled that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to lead and guide our Eastbrook Academy Middle School. Our goals
of intense academic preparation and strong Christian values remain the focus of our existence. During this frigid
season, we, as parents and teachers, take great consideration in the process and efficiency of getting students into
the warm building quickly in the mornings, and not exposing fingers and toes too long during afternoon pickup.
But let us also consider that the difficulties of the bitter cold temperatures we are facing mirror many of the ado-
lescent adversities that are taking place in the classrooms and homes of some of our students. This time of the
school year challenges middle school students to organize, prioritize, and possibly agonize through research pa-
pers, essays, science fair projects, academic and sports competitions, and more! Ironically, this is when we truly
want them to shine, yet parents and teachers may also see symptoms of an unfocused or indifferent preteen/teenager. A quote
by poet Ralph Waldo Emerson reminds us, “The secret in education lies in respecting the student.” We must remember that even
as we discipline our children, we must continue to mold and instill the vital characteristics we expect of them. Our hallways are
filled with God’s light, and every child can accomplish greatness. Thank you, all, for your wonderful prayers and support of this
                    awesome school!                                               ~Crystal Thompson-Davis, Associate Middle School Head
                    In the high school, our intention is to provide superior curriculum and instruction so that our students will be prepared not
                    only to attend college, but to be among the best students in their college classes. We believe in high expectations, and we have
                    seen students rise to meet them over and over. However, we also recognize that many college admissions committees and
                    scholarship boards are not familiar with our rigorous program and wouldn’t realize that an A- at Eastbrook means a lot more
                    than an A- elsewhere. They may have a set formula for admissions or scholarship amounts that includes a student’s GPA. Since
                    most high schools in the area (and across the country) use a ten-point grading scale (90-100 = A, 80-89 = B, etc.), we have
     decided to follow suit so as not to disadvantage our students when they are competing with students from other schools. Our change has
     already been board-approved, is effective immediately, and applies retroactively to the beginning of this school year. Feel free to contact me
     if you have any questions or comments.                                   ~Joshua Beggs, High School Head

                Volunteer Highlight: Carole Paasch-Homan
   Carole Paasch-Homan gets it. She              asked what the biggest blessing was
   knows there is a difference between                                                          I also asked Carole why she thought
                                                 to volunteering at Eastbrook Acad-             volunteering at school was important,
   diverse families attending a private          emy, Carole explained, “Knowing                and she stated her conviction that “it is
   school and a private school becoming          you are doing what Jesus said: ‘Go             the involvement of the parents that
   a diverse family. She knows the               and serve.’ Each person I have come
   second paradigm is based on rela-                                                            creates the foundation for the success
                                                 in contact with has blessed me with a          or failure of a school.” Thank you for
   tionship, and Carole finds volun-             kind word or something else. But
   teering at Eastbrook Academy to be                                                           your instructive and inspiring service,
                                                 the joy of seeing how the volunteer            Carole.
   a way to contribute to the process.           activities we do help the students
   Carole has acted as a volunteer               grow is beyond measure.”
   since first serving in the library in
   2000. She shares that she enjoyed             Carole has two sons, Eric, who at-
   meeting Eastbrook kids and helping            tended Eastbrook Academy in the
   them learn the rules of polite soci-          past, and Curt Homan, who is cur-
   ety. When her hours at work ex-               rently an enrolled 8th grader. She
   panded, she found jobs she could do           states that both sons know they have
   for the school via e-mail. When               received “an incredible education.”

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