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									                                                      AM COUNSEL
Vol. 78, No. 1                           “The Quarterly Newsletter of the American Counsel Association”               October 2006

                                          ACA HOLDS SUCCESSFUL ANNUAL MEETING
       ACA CALENDAR                           The ACA held its            organization.
OCTOBER                                   Annual      Meeting      in         On Saturday, August
9-12         European Circuit—Rome,       Honolulu, Hawaii August         6, a number of our
                                          5-7, 2006, during the           members and their guests
16           Board of Directors
                                          American Bar Associa-           enjoyed a cruise down
             Fall Teleconference          tion’s Annual Meeting in        Oahu’s coastline.     On
28           Young Lawyer                 that city.     We had a         Sunday, President Jim
             Practice Management
             Teleconference               successful meeting which        Dorsett and his wife            ACA President Tom Bolt.
JANUARY                                   included both social and        Wynn of Raleigh, North
1            Annual Dues Due              business activities.            Carolina hosted a dessert
18           Board of Directors               One of the key              reception at the Haleku-
             Winter Teleconference
                                          business activities was the     lani    Hotel’s    Lewers
9            Midyear Event—Miami,
                                          approval by the Board of        Lounge. On Monday
             Florida                      Directors of a multi-year       evening, August 7, mem-
MARCH                                     ACA Strategic Plan.             bers and guests enjoyed
7-9          CLE “Civil Practice &
             Litigation Techniques” -
                                          Utilizing the responses to      the Annual Dinner Meet-
             St. Thomas, V.I.             the 2006 ACA Member-            ing at the exclusive Gar-       Aerial view of Hilo, Hawaii
APRIL                                     ship Survey, President          den Terrace/Courtyard on    ACA guest was Elspeth
19           Board of Directors Spring    Elect Tom Bolt presented        the beach hosted by our     Kerr, wife of George Kerr,
MAY                                       and the Board of Directors      Honolulu member firm        former ACA President, for
1            Law Day                      approved the comprehen-         Chun, Kerr, Dodd, Bea-      whom the Annual ACA
22           Young Lawyer Practice
                                          sive plan of action for our     man & Wong. Special         Scholarship is named.
             Management Teleconfe-

                                          2006-2007 OFFICERS AND DIRECTORS ELECTED

                                               We are pleased to          surer, following the         whom will serve a three-
                                           report the election of         distinguished eight-year     year term. Pamela A.
     Inside this issue:                    Douglas L. McCoy of            tenure of Stanley J.         Bresnahan of the District
                                           Mobile, Alabama as             Cohn of New Orleans.         of Columbia will serve a
                                           President-Elect of the         New members on the           two-year term to fill the
      Scholarship                    2
                                           A me r i c a n C o u n s e l   Board include Robert M.      vacancy left by Douglas
                                           Association. Tom Bolt          Carlson of Butte,            McCoy’s election as
      Young Lawyers                  2     of St. Thomas, Virgin          Montana, Richard T.          President Elect.
                                           Islands, last year’s           Cassidy of Burlington,           The ACA Scholar-
      Int’l Membership               2
                                           President-Elect, auto-         Vermont, Stanley J.          ship Foundation trustees
                                           matically ascends to the       Cohn of New Orleans,         are: Chairperson, Roger
                                           presidency for the 2006-       Louisiana, David S.          Toner of Roseland, New
      ALI-ABA for CLE                3     07 term.       James K.        Houghton of Omaha,           Jersey; Trustees, Barbara
                                           Dorsett, III of Raleigh,       Nebraska, and Donna C.       Howard of Cincinnati,
                                           North Carolina was             Willard-Jones of Ancho-      Ohio, Craig Anderson of
                                           elected Secretary-Trea-        rage, Alaska, all of                (Continued on page 3)
                          AM COUNSEL BULLETIN

                                                         ANNUAL SCHOLARSHIP RECIPIENTS ANNOUNCED

                                                             Each year the ACA             of Law was selected to           of the awards. One of the
                                                         sponsors the George Kerr          receive the ACA George Kerr      ACA’s stated goals is to
                                                         Scholarship of $5,000, and        Scholarship and Justin E.        “encourage and assist law
                                                         the      Lowell     Jacobson      Bauer of Northern Illinois       students    in     preparing,
                                                         Scholarship     provides   a      University College of Law        qualifying and establishing
                                                         $2,500 award.          These      was chosen to receive the        themselves in the practice of
                                                         scholarships are based upon       Lowell H. Jacobson Scholar-      law”. Any members inte-
                                                         both academic excellence and      ship.                            rested in serving on the
                                                         financial need and go to              The ACA Strategic Plan       Scholarship Committee are
                                                         incoming third-year students.     includes an initiative to        encouraged to contact Pamela
                                                         At the Annual Meeting,            revitalize the Scholarship       Bresnahan, Chair of the ACA
Scholarship Presentation -Chicago Bar Association        Elizabeth Ann Fordyce of          Committee to seek additional     Scholarship       Committee
From left to Right: Craig Anderson (ACA Chicago          Villanova University School
Representative); Justin Bauer (Scholarship Recipient);
                                                                                           funds to increase the amounts
Tom Bolt (ACA President)

                                                         LAW PRACTICE TIPS OFFERED TO YOUNG LAWYERS
       "Over the past
   several years, ACA                                        The ACA is launching a        ACA will have two one hour           If you have young
  has concentrated its                                   new Young Lawyer Program          teleconference CLE’s for these    lawyers in your firm you
    efforts in building                                  inviting ACA members to           new ACA members during            wish to include in the ACA
     bridges, building                                   nominate attorneys in their       November and April.       The     program, please email
  relationships among                                    respective firms who are          teleconferences will focus on     Secretary/Treasurer Jim
                                                         under 37 years of age or who      new practitioners and law         Dorsett at:
 its membership, both
                                                         have been admitted to             practice building and manage-
       socially and                                      practice less than three years.   ment.
  professionally. ACA
    should continue to
      build upon the
   foundation of these                                   INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP INITIATIVES LAUNCHED
 bridges and review its
                                                                                           Caribbean, and Pacific Rim.      Marketplace on Friday,
  responsibilities with                                      Almost 90% of our
                                                         members have advocated that       All ACA members have been        February 9, 2007. We will
   regard to the other                                                                                                      invite attorneys from Latin
                                                         we expand the ACA                 invited to attend the
 objectives as outlined                                                                                                     America and the Caribbean
                                                         membership base to include        European Circuit’s Annual
  in the ACA Bylaws."                                                                      Conference in Rome, Italy        Basin to join us.
                                                         foreign attorneys, building
          ACA Strategic Plan                             new bridges.        Currently,    October 19-21, 2006.                 Our final international
                                                         ACA has members in                Information about the            membership event for the year
                                                         Australia, Canada and the         conference and a registration    will be a Pacific Rim Initiative
                                                         United Kingdom.          Past     form appears on the ACA’s        in connection with the ACA
                                                         President Gerard McDermott        website: (    Annual Meeting August 11-
                                                         has long advocated that ACA       It is the goal of the European   13, 2007, in San Francisco.
                                                         look beyond the U.S. borders      Membership Initiative to             Plans are in the works for
                                                         for international members.        secure members in all            a social event on Saturday,
                                                             In this regard, our Board     European Union countries.        August 11, our President’s
                                                         of Directors has determined            In February, the ACA        Reception on Sunday,
                                                         to increase international         will host a Midyear Meeting      August 12, and our
                                                         membership through three          event in Miami at Los            Annual Dinner Meeting
From left to Right: Jeni Smith, wife of ACA President                                      Ranchos at 401 Biscayne          on Monday, August 13.
Tom Bolt, with ACA members Edith Osman and Past
                                                         membership initiatives:
ACA Presidents, Barb Howard and Pam Bresnahan,           Europe, Latin American and        Boulevard, at Bayside
at the 2006 ACA Annual Dinner at the Halekulani
Hotel in Honolulu, Hawaii.

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               Vol. 78, No. 1

ACA JOINS ALI-ABA FOR CLE IN AMERICA’S PARADISE                                                              Projected ACA
                                                                                                           Membership Growth
    ACA is co-sponsoring a       Beach Resort in St. Thomas,           In addition to the course,          2005-2006     250
CLE , “Civil Practice and        Virgin Islands.     Members       there will be an ACA social             2006-2007     300
Litigation Techniques in         will receive a flyer shortly,     event at the home of ACA
Federal and State Courts”        but information is available      President Tom Bolt with                 2007-2008     350
with nationally recognized       online at:                        the faculty.                            2009-2010     400
ALI-ABA March 7-9, 2007 
                                                                                                           2010-2011     450
at the Frenchman’s Reef          aliaba/crslstf.asp.

     Pam Bresnahan served as         Earlier this year, Pam was    nomination to the United
ACA President 2002-              named as one of the 100 Most      States Supreme Court.
2003.      She is currently a    Influential Lawyers in                She is a frequent lecturer
partner and Chair of the         America by The National Law       on professional liability and
District of Columbia office      Journal. Her service to the       professional responsibility
litigation practice group of     legal profession was recently     issues and served as Chair
Vorys, Sater, Seymour and        highlighted as a member of the    of the ABA's Standing Com-
Pease, LLP. She serves as        American Bar Association's        mittee on Lawyers' Profes-
trial and appellate counsel      Standing Committee on the         sional Liability. She will be a
in business and commercial       Federal Judiciary and service     presenter at the ACA's
litigation matters with an       as an investigator and witness    meeting with the European
                                                                                                                Pamela A. Bresnahan
emphasis on professional         before the United States          Circuit in Rome, October 19-                  Former ACA President
liability defense and coverage   Senate on behalf of the ABA       21st.                                     Chair, ACA Scholarship Committee
litigation.                      for then Judge John Roberts'

ACA MEMBERS PARTICIPATE IN SURVEY                                                                     "The current membership of the
                                                                                                     American Counsel Association, are
                                                                                                      the inheritors of a proud legacy
    For the first time in its    from firms of over 25             should continue as presently      left to us by the many members of
recent history, the ACA          attorneys.    63% of those        conducted at the Associa-           our profession that have gone
initiated a comprehensive        members responding noted          tion's Annual Meeting.             before us. It is incumbent upon
survey of its membership to      that they were either satisfied       The survey also indicated     each of us to secure that legacy; to
determine the existing           or extremely satisfied with       that ACA members are quite        build upon the foundations laid by
demographics of its mem-         the American Counsel              tech savvy with 87% of the           predecessors over these past
bers, their perceptions of the   Association. 36% indicated        respondents desiring commu-        seventy five years; to build new
organization, and their          that they were neither            nication through e-mail.               bridges to members of our
desires for continuation for     satisfied nor dissatisfied with   8% chose regular mail and                     profession as
current programming and the      the Association.                  6% requested communication         well as those that seek entrance
addition of new programs and         Generally, the survey         by fax.                                    to the profession."
member benefits.          178    indicated approval of ACA's           The results of the ACA
surveys were electronically      current operations. 91% of        Membership were utilized
distributed to the ACA           the respondents indicated that    to develop the ACA Strategic      (Continued from page 1)
                                                                                                     Officers and Directors Elected
membership.       71 surveys     the Association should            Plan which was adopted at
were completed.                  continue to hold its Annual       the Annual Meeting in              Chicago, Illinois, Stanley J. Cohn
    36% of the respondents       Meeting in conjunction with       Honolulu. The Board of             of New Orleans, Louisiana, Bruce
have been members of the         the American Bar Associa-         Directors thanked the many         Ramsey of Boston, Massachusetts,
Association for over ten         tion Annual Meeting. Two          members for their partici-         Mac Greaves of Birmingham,
years. 47% were over 57          thirds of those responding        pation.                            Alabama, and Stephen Harris of
years of age and 56% were        stated that ACA elections                                            Atlanta, Georgia.

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