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									                                            The CESA 5 Safe & Drug Free
                                          Schools & Communities Newsletter
                                                                  Holiday Newsletter, 2009
              Contact: Genevieve Kirchman, Director 608-742-8814, Ext. 247 or

More Alcohol Content
Just as Wisconsin is toying with the idea to raise the beer tax, a
growing number of states are moving to allow higher alcohol
content in beer.

Alabama and West Virginia have passed laws increasing the
legal alcohol-by-volume cap for beer from 6% to as high as              Book Review
13.9% this year. Similar efforts are underway in Iowa and               From Binge to Blackout: A Mother and Son Struggle with Teen
Mississippi.                                                            Drinking This is a true story told from both the son and mother’s
                                                                        point of view of how alcoholism snuck up on them. They tell a
The average alcohol content in beer is 4.65%, and in wine               riveting story of enlightenment and heartache on how they were
11.45%. Twenty states still place some kind of limit on the             able to confront the fear, pain and denial that threatened to destroy
amount of alcohol in beer. (USA Today, Wednesday, November              them and survive the epidemic of teenage drinking.
4, 2009)                                                                          This book not only covers this family’s true story but has
                                                                        invaluable facts and figures about the growing problem of
                                                                        normalizing underage drinking, alcoholism, and what parents can
                                                                        do to protect family and friends.

                                                                        Beautiful Boy (by David Sheff) and/or Tweak by (Nick Sheff)
                                                                        Father and son have each written a book from their perspective
                                                                        about the teen’s addiction to methamphetamine. For anyone that is
                                                                        looking for understanding of this addiction and the struggles for
                                                                        parent of the user and the life of the user, you might want to read
                                                                        this one. Be prepared for an eye opener and a heart wrenching
What are Kids Really Stressed About?                                    story.
According to the American Psychological Association, which for
the first time included young people ages 8 to 17 in its annual         Beyond the Bake Sale: The Essential Guide to Family/School
Stress in America Survey, found that family finances and school         Partnerships This book is a fun, easy read that helps you recruit
top the list of stressors for our youth.                                and utilize volunteers including parents and grandparents in more
            44% of young people say doing well in school was a          meaningful ways. The role of parents in supporting healthy
            source of stress                                            students is HUGE and something that everyone struggles with –
            30% worry about their family having enough money            check it out!!
            10% felt pressure over their extracurricular activities
            8% say relationships with their parents were a source of
There was a difference in perception on stress between young
people and their parents:
            63% of parents said their stress level has a slight or no
            influence on their child’s stress level                     Grant Opportunity
            31% of parents say their child has little or no stress      Jan. 29 – Community Learning Center Grants due to DPI – If
            9% of children reported little or no stress                 your school has 40% Free and Reduced Lunch and are looking for
            (USA Today, Wednesday, November 4, 2009)                    after school/summer school enrichment programming, check out
And just a reminder – the holidays are probably some of the             this excellent grant opportunity. Successful proposals can get
MOST STRESSFUL times for students that are living in a family           funding for UP TO 10 YEARS. If you have high poverty but can’t
with chaos. Just remembering this in your discussions with              meet the 40% requirement, talk to DPI to see how you might be
students as the holiday approaches will help in your discussions.       able to document need. Get more info on this at
And helping them with some skill building to deal with this added
stress is an important opportunity.
Calendar of Upcoming Events
Register for CESA 5 workshops at

January 12-13 - DPI’s WI Promise Conference, Monona
Terrace, Madison – This conference has gotten good reviews in
the past. To check out information about its workshops, go to - there’s a full day
preconference on “Brain Power.”
                                                                               2010 Parents Who Host Campaign
Jan. 14 - Brain Works Class at CESA 5 – This excellent                        For the second year, communities throughout the state will
training will be facilitated by Terry Haag and is appropriate for    be participating in the Parents Who Host Lose the Most
ANYONE who facilitates learning. Participants leave with a full      Campaign. Last spring, 54 counties participated and it is expected
understanding of several physical exercises that can be used to      that even more will be involved in 2010. The campaign will be
help learners stay focused and listen better.                        launched from April to June, 2010. A successful campaign
                                                                     includes a strong public information campaign, a media advocacy
Jan. 22-23 - Community Mobilizing for Change on Alcohol              effort as well as heightened law enforcement (through alcohol
Training. This Model Program Training is for community               compliance checks and/or party patrols). This campaign
coalitions and will be held in Columbus.                             originated in Ohio and they have documented changes in attitudes
                                                                     by parents and community members about providing alcohol to
Feb. 4-5 – Adolescent Health Symposium, Neenah                       teens. Applications for FREE materials were due to the WI          Clearinghouse by Dec. 4.
tml - The lineup of workshops at this conference looks great for              If your community is interested in participating in this
anyone dealing with adolescent health – if that’s you, check it      campaign, you can download all kinds of helpful materials (from a
out.                                                                 community presentation power point to letters to the editor to
                                                                     payroll stuffers to letters to parents and much much more) at the
February 8 is the CESA 5 ATOD Regional Network Meeting.              following website:
This meeting will be combined with a special meeting facilitated     Even if you did not submit an application, this website provides
by DPI. It will be held at Chula Vista in WI Dells with the DPI      valuable information that would assist you with implementing this
discussion about Title IV and the future in the morning. The         campaign. The cost of the materials is VERY reasonable and can
afternoon will be specific to the needs and updates from those in    be purchased directly from the Ohio Drug Free Action Alliance at
the CESA 5 region. Keep tuned for more details.            

Feb. 16 – Bully Policy Workshop – Did you know that the WI                If you have questions or concerns regarding the information
Senate has passed a bill requiring all schools to have a policy                                 please contact:
dealing with bullying by AUG, 2010? Come to this workshop to                    Genevieve Kirchman (
get an overview of the legislative language. In addition, we’ll go              or Andrea Schneiter (
over sample policies and a rubric to assess YOUR district’s
policy. And, there will be updates on additional resources for                               PHONE: 608.742.8811
this important topic. This workshop is a perfect precursor to our
second Bully Curriculum and Resource Training scheduled
for March 12.

Feb. 24-26 – WSCA Conference, Stevens Point. This annual
conference for counselors has an incredible variety of
workshops and keynoters. Get more details on this
comprehensive conference at
                                                                              Peaceful Holidays to All from the CESA 5
                                                                           Safe & Drug Free Schools & Communities Dept.
                                                                            Genevieve Kirchman and Andrea Schneiter
                                                                               and the rest of our team working with
                                                                                     Columbia County Connects:

                                                                            Tim Belleau, Laurie Deakins, Paula Enger,
                                                                         Curt Hossman, Meg McCullough and Brenda May

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