Memo to Heather Demeyere by pua50703


Town of Tillsonburg

DATE:      Sept 19/09                       REPORT: 02009-24
TO:        Steve Lund
FROM: Dave Davis
RE:        Fire Report Supplemental – Fire Staff Support


      That “Operations Services report O2009-24 from the Fleet Manager, dated
      Sept 19, 2009 be received” and further that;

   “The 2009 Asset Management Plan be amended to include the replacement
   of Unit No. 38 Fire Chiefs vehicle at a cost of $37,500.00 net of taxes.”
      Purpose: Lifecycle and replacement analysis report for the Town of
      Tillsonburg Fire Apparatus Fleet.

      Background: The fire apparatus requests identified in the 2009 Asset
      Management Plan were flagged for further report prior to approval by
      council. Further explanation as to the 2 support vehicles in the Fire
      Department was requested by Council and is the subject of this report
      Purpose and function of each of the fire service support vehicles is
      addressed in the previous report by the Fire Chief and is not commented on

      During my employ with the Town starting in 1995, the Fire Department has
      had the use of 2 support vehicles. At that time one vehicle (the Chief’s) was
      a newer Dodge Caravan which the Town owned and the second vehicle (the
      Deputy’s) was a very used older Caravan loaned to us by Eichenberg
R e por t                               - 2 -
S e pt 1 9 , 2 0 0 9

       When the Town switched from a local police force to a contract with the
       OPP, 4 of the patrol cars were returned to the Town and dispersed to
       various departments. One Crown Vic went to Building (Unit #39), two went
       to Fire (Units #37 & 38) and one came to Fleet as a pool vehicle (Unit
       #29). In time the pool vehicle was deemed surplus and was sold off at
       auction. The Crown Vic given to Building suffered an engine failure and was
       removed from service, replaced by the old used Roads Dept. truck and it
       too was sold at auction. Of the remaining two Crown Vic’s added to the
       Fleet from the old police dept. one was replaced as per the asset
       management schedule in 2007 with their current 2007 Ford F250 pickup.
       The remaining Crown Vic (Unit #38) was due for replacement this year
       under the asset management plan but as of yet has not been approved.
       On Sept 2 of this year Unit #38 was involved in a motor vehicle accident
       and has suffered catastrophic damage and as such has been removed from

       The 2009 Asset Management plan is $36,171. Research for this report
       included pricing on several vehicles within the allotted AM funding. Chevy
       Equinox, a small 4 door SUV style vehicle was priced out at $27,000. Ford
       Escape, a small 4 door SUV style as well was priced at $24,000, while the
       Ford Escape Hybrid is priced at $33,000.

       As with the hybrid pickups, a hybrid Ford Escape would have the vehicle life
       expectancy extended to 15 years with additional savings in maintenance
       and fuel usage. Extending the life of this vehicle another 5 years will result
       in a capital savings of $16,500 (1/2 the cost of a new vehicle saved during
       the additional 5 years of in service life).

       Additional to the price of the vehicle, the new unit will need striping and
       lettering priced at $1,000 and emergency lighting and new siren priced at

       As a result of the motor vehicle accident, an insurance adjustment has
       been made with a payment of $9,121.03 to be received by the Town.
       Council may choose to cover the slight budget overrun with these funds.

R e por t                                    - 3 -
S e pt 1 9 , 2 0 0 9

       Recommendation: As there is an urgent need, due to the accident, to
       replace this vehicle in a timely fashion, it is the recommendation of The
       Fleet Department to Tender for a small hybrid SUV style vehicle at a total
       cost of $37,500 net of taxes.


       This project, or another AM project, will require debt financing given the latest AM plan was
       fully funded with available sources. The insurance proceeds should be contributed to
       reserves, a practice that Council has suggested in the past be followed.

           BY:                  Dave Davis
                                Fleet Manager

           BY:                 D.MORRIS                            APPROVED BY: S.T. LUND, P.Eng
                              C.A.O                                   Director of Operations


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