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					Centralized Database

           FAG #12
                Hongran Liang
                Jacqueline Beddaoui
                Mallory Boucher
                Saleh Rahman
                Shomaia Reza
 Synopsis of the case

 Advantages and Disadvantages

 Impact on petPro
Synopsis of the case
 Major Drilling International Inc. is a contractor to
  mining companies all around the world for drilling
  work and core sampling.

 The old client-server system they were using was not
  efficient enough to continue daily operations.

 Under old system each division had to retrieve a copy
  of the company database and update it independently
Synopsis of the case
 Since Major Drilling deals with
  companies all around the world, a
  better system had to be employed.

 This is where centralized global
  database comes in.
Advantages of centralized

   Minimal data redundancy
   Improved data consistency
   Improved data sharing
   Improved data accessibility
   Reduced program maintenance
 New specialized personnel
 Installation and management cost
  and complexity
 Conversion Costs
 Need for explicit backup and recovery
 Organizational conflict
 Impact on petPro

 Centralized Databases are vital for petPro
  because of the way it runs its operations.
Impact on petPro
 They’re necessary for JIT Systems…
Impact on petPro
 Online ordering
     -centralized databases ensure that
      orders are made ACCURATELY
      and ON TIME
Impact on petPro
 Centralizing databases allows for a lot
  of flexibility for the company, which
  greatens its ability to capture new
  opportunities as they arise, and reap
  the profits.
Impact on petPro
 If petPro decides to GO GLOBAL in
  the future, the potential for error and
  the need for time management is
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