DATABASE SEARCH PROTOCOLS
             Open URL
             Select “L” for Lexis/Nexis Academic
             On the search screen menu, click on the “SOURCES” tab
             Enter in the search box the title of the newspaper, magazine or other source
              you wish to search; then, click on “OK, CONTINUE.”
             Now you are ready to enter your search protocol. [Note: at this point you may
              click on the DATE pop-down box to select the date or date range of interest to
             Below is a chart of some examples of commonly used standard news
              SECTIONS. Beaware that the accompanying
              examples (in bold) are not guaranteed to produce
              desired results; you may have to adjust your key
              search terms and your search strategies to retrieve
              desired documents.
             You can select a SECTION for searching with your key words. Not all
              sections appear in every document. [Note: commonly used CONNECTORS
              are also frequently used in searches. They are listed below.]

Body:            contains the text of a story.
                 BODY (Hispanic or latino)
                 BODY (Hispanic or latino) AND (photo)

Byline:          contains the name of the person or entity identified as the author of the document as
                 well as any biographical information.
                 BYLINE (murrow, edward r.)

Correction:      contains the text of a correction issued by the publisher.

Correction-      provides the date that the correction was published. You can search and sort this section
date:            by date.

Date:            contains the publication date. You can search and sort this section by date.
                 DATE (date is 24/09/1999)
                 DATE (previous year)
                 [Note: click on pop down DATE box for further

Dateline:        contains the geographical location from which the story originated, and may also contain
                 a filing date.
Graphic:       contains any information relating to pictures, illustrations, maps, cartoons, etc.
               associated with the document.
               (Hispanic or latino) AND GRAPHIC (population)

Headline:      contains all headings and subheadings that describe the story.
               HEADLINE (Hispanic or latino) AND (celebration)

Highlight:     contains a brief summary that emphasizes the theme of the story.

Hlead:         comprises the HEADLINE, HIGHLIGHT, & LEAD Sections.
               HLEAD (Hispanic or latino) AND (faith or religion)

Language:      indicates the language in which the document appears online. For non-English
               documents, the data within the Section appears in English and the native language.

Lead:          contains the first few sentences or paragraphs of the story's text.

Length:        contains the approximate number of words in the body of a document. This Section is
               arithmetically searchable.
               (Hispanic or latino) AND quinceanera AND
               LENGTH >2000

Load-date:     contains the date the document was loaded to a database. You can search and sort this
               section by date.

Name:          provides the name of the person that is the subject of the document.
               NAME (alberto Gonzales)

Publication:   contains the copyright and publication name.

Section:       contains the name of the section and subsection of a document as well as the volume,
               issue and page number on which a document begins.

Terms:         includes one or more of the following sections:
                         Company - the company and organization term(s).
                         Country - the country term(s).
                         Geographic - the country and region terms.
                         Industry - the industry terms.
                         Keyword - the terms chosen by the vendor to "uniquely" identify the main
                    story name.
                         Organization - the organization term(s).
                         Person - the names of the persons indexed in the document.
                         Product - the product terms.
                         Subject - the subject terms and the keywords.
                         Ticker - the ticker symbol.
                         Type - the descriptors classifying the subject matter of a document, i.e.,
                    Analysis, biography, Case Study, Editorial, Obituary, Review, etc.

               (Hispanic or latino) AND TYPE (stand alone art)

CONNECTORS: e.g., Hispanic w/15 school (meaning Hispanic is within 15 words of school)
AND                      OR                         W/n          ATLEAST
AND NOT                  PRE/n                      W/p          ALLCAPS
NOT W/n                  NOT W/seg                  W/seg        CAPS
NOT W/para               NOT W/sent                 W/s          NOCAPS
     (Hispanic or latino) w/50 education
     (Hispanic or latino )w/p immigration (meaning Hispanic is in the same paragraph
      as immigration)
     (Hispanic or latino) w/seg business
     (Hispanic or latino) and deportation

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