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    Foot pain is very common and an estimated 75% of people will suffer from some type of foot pain at some point
    in their life. The foot is a complex structure made of 26 bones, 33 joints and layered with an intertwining web of
                                                   more than 120 muscles
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                                                               Ball Foot Pain Cures
                                                                   By Anne Hoston

   Our lives are quite hectic and we are constantly moving. This continual movement can put an
enormous amount of pressure on our feet. Generally we can find relief from standing by taking the
weight off a foot that is more hurtful than the other. Sitting down can also provide instant relief. What
happens when the pain moves to the ball of the foot? How do you find relief from ball foot pain?

Ball foot pain is the painful foot condition that can occur in the area just before the toes. It is also a
common foot disorder. Ball foot pain affects the bones and joints of the foot. The area that is affected is
called the metatarsal region therefore ball foot pain is also called Metatarsalgia. We can find that the
most pain occurs just near the 2nd, 3rd and 4th toes. Sometimes however ball foot pain is isolated
near the big toe.

The main reason for ball foot pain occurring is due to our wearing the wrong types of shoes. Shoes that
have a narrow toe area, especially women's shoes, forces the ball foot area to become restricted. This
tiny amount of toe space can inhibit the walking process and it can also lead to extreme discomfort in
the front of our feet.

Ball foot pain is very painful and sometimes one of the metatarsal heads (the cushion just before the
toes) becomes inflamed. The inflammation occurs due to excessive pressure placed on that region
over a long period of time. With ball foot pain it is common to experience acute pain as well as chronic
and recurring ball foot pain.

Other reasons for ball foot pain are very high heels, high impact activities that are done without
wearing any supporting footwear and orthotics as well. Also aging is another factor in ball foot pain. In
this case the cushion in our feet that is near the toes become thin. This thinning out of the fat pad in the
metatarsal area can also cause ball foot pain.

In order to cure ball foot pain you need to know what is causing the pain. Any shoes with pointy toes
should not be worn any longer. Also wearing footwear with high, wide toe spaces and a low wedge
heel reduces the pressure on the foot and stops ball foot pain.

Other ways of relieving pressure to ball foot pain can be done in a variety of ways. There are many foot
care products that can be used to help relieve ball foot pain. Orthotics which is designed to relieve ball

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foot pain will usually feature a metatarsal pad.

The orthotic is made so that the metatarsal pad is placed just behind the area of the metatarsal to
relieve the pressure in the foot. Other items that you can use are gel metatarsal cushions and
metatarsal bandages. When you wear these products with proper footwear you will experience an
immediate relief. And when your feet stop hurting you immediately feel better. , ,

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                                                Got the Ball of Foot Pain Blues?
                                                        By Dr Marybeth Crane

? I've got the ball of foot pain blues! I really do! I have had them on and off for over a year now and it
is time to come out and share with you all why things like this happen and what keeps me pain-free
and happy!

Pain under the ball the foot is known as "Metatarsalgia" in the podiatry world. Where your pain is in
your forefoot makes a big difference on what your problem in particular could be. Mine happens to be
underneath where my second toe, next to the big toe, attaches to the forefoot. This seems to be a
pretty common area.

The reasons for things hurting in this area are either because you have toes that are bent
(hammertoes) which put pressure under the ball the foot (not my problem); you have a lot of flexibility
in the front part of the foot (the forefoot) which puts increased pressure under this area (not my
problem); you have a bunion which makes your foot unstable, putting pressure under the ball the foot
were the second toe attaches (not my problem); you have a whopper callus underneath the forefoot
(not my problem); you have a fracture from some injury (not my problem) or you've done some
pounding, hopping, or other "impact" type exercises for some time (BINGO for me!). This is common
in runners and in high impact aerobics or jump-roping.

But enough about why I got pain in this area and let's move on to why you could have pain in other
areas under the ball the foot. Well, it just so happens that pain in any area under the ball of the foot
can be caused by any of the above-mentioned reasons! And for the most part, every reason
mentioned above, other than the direct impact or other injury, is because of the type of foot you were
born with!

The good news is, you can go back to having a pain-free life like I have by seeing a podiatrist (how
convenient for me)! My self-treatment was a concoction of a custom-made orthotic with padding in the
right places, physical therapy and toning down the impact exercises for while. Oh, and no way on the
high heels or flip flops! These shoes make is way worse!! Do not wait too long to have your foot
checked out or the dreaded cortisone injection or, heaven forbid, surgery may be inevitable! I haven't
had to go there in over a year now and I don't expect to anytime soon. In fact, now that I think about it,
I haven't been singing the blues for while! Thank God! I like to run, jump and play with the other kids!
Another reason why I love my profession!

Dr Marybeth Crane is a board certified podiatric foot and ankle surgeon specializing in sports medicine.
Your feet should last a lifetime! For more foot health tips, a copy of her FREE BOOK and
doctor-approved foot care products, visit or read her blog at Your body will thank you!

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