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									         Fortitude Valley
            Data Centre

                                                              PIPE Networks’ Fortitude Valley Data Centre
                                                              PIPE Networks’ Fortitude Valley Data Centre (DC3) is a carrier neutral facility designed
                                                              to meet industry requirements for performance, security and reliability. The data
                                                              centre’s minimum N+1 standard for power and cooling systems delivers an optimal
                                                              operating environment for clients who need a premium level service.

            Key features:                                     Technical Specifications                                       Controlled Environment
                                                                ◆   Stage one area 600m2 of technical space                   ◆   N+1 Air Cooled PAC cooling systems
       ✓ 600m2 of Technical Space                               ◆   Ground floor access                                       ◆   Return temperature 22°C (+/-2°C)
       ✓ N+1 Power Infrastructure                               ◆   Floor loading of up to 600Kg point weight                 ◆   Humidity range 50% (+/- 10%)
       ✓ N+1 Environmental Control
                                                              Building Management and Security                               Telecommunications
       ✓ VESDA Fire Detection
                                                                ◆   24x7 access                                               ◆   Carrier neutral facility
       ✓ FM200 Fire Suppression                                 ◆   Interior and exterior CCTV cameras                        ◆   Access to multiple telecommunication
       ✓ Carrier Neutral Facility                               ◆   Active Monitoring of:                                         providers
                                                                      ◆ Electrical distribution network                       ◆   PIPE Networks’ Dark Fibre via diverse cable
       ✓ 24 x 7 Access
                                                                      ◆ Facility plant management                                 entry points
                                                                      ◆ Mechanical systems

                                                                      ◆ Technical environment                                Service Level Agreement
                                                                                                                              ◆   99.95% uptime with rebates
                                                              Fire Detection and Suppression
                                                                ◆   VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection
                                                                ◆   FM 200 (HFC-227 heptafluoropropane)

                                                              Power (Mains and Reserves)
                                                                ◆   N+1 redundancy
                                                                ◆   Mains power supplied by two dedicated
                                                                ◆   Diverse A+B power supply distributed by
                                                                    N+1 UPS systems on A+B lead
                                                                ◆   800W/m2 in technical area
                                                                    (upgradeable to1500W/m2)
                          RKS’ DATA
                                                                    Backup N+1 diesel generators with 48 hour
                     T              CE                          ◆

                 E                                                  continuous operation capability
        E N



                                         BRISBANE            SYDNEY               MELBOURNE            ADELAIDE                    HOBART                HEAD OFFICE
                                         Level 17            Level 9              Level 8              Level 2                     Level 2               Phone:   13 PIPE
                                         127 Creek Street    135 King Street      499 St Kilda Road    132 Franklin Street         29 Elizabeth Street   Fax:     +61 7 3220 1800
                                         Brisbane QLD 4000   Sydney NSW 2000      Melbourne VIC 3004   Adelaide SA 5000            Hobart TAS 7000       Email:
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