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									Dr. Donna
America’s Favorite Memory & Face Recognition Expert
Sample Interview Questions for Radio and TV Interviews
Intro / Credibility
• How did you get started in the field of memory? 60 seconds • What led you to write a book on face recognition? 30 seconds • And what made you want to combine memory for names and faces with face recognition and crime prevention? 75 seconds • How did you develop your method of face recognition? 90 seconds

Spice and Controversy
• You found that the average person can improve their face recognition skills more than 150%. How is this possible? 70 seconds • Don't police get face recognition training? 45 seconds • Isn't it up to the police and not us to find the criminals and the missing? 20 seconds • Why don't the police catch more criminals or missing persons? 30 seconds

Your Face Recognition Method
• Now your method is patented, right? I think of patented things as long, complicated processes. Does it take a long time to learn this? 45 seconds • How does face recognition work? 45 seconds • Once I learn the method, do I have to keep reviewing it? 30 seconds • Is the method good for children to learn as well? 10 seconds • Someone could know face recognition but what about this worst case scenario – they're confronted by someone wearing a ski mask? Is it really going to help? 90 seconds

• Do we really have to learn face recognition? Isn't it good enough that airports, corporations, and police cars have face recognition computer programs and use different types of biometrics for security? 30 seconds • Why is it that we can't recognize faces of other races as easily as our own? 45 seconds • A lot of people who witness a crime just don't want to get involved. Maybe it's inconvenient, and there could be risks. What's the point of knowing face recognition, really? 2 minutes

Making A Difference
• What makes you sure that I'll be able to remember a face when I can't even remember where I put my keys five minutes ago? 15 seconds • Do I have to memorize every face I see? 45 seconds • If you haven't seen someone for several years, would face recognition methods be helpful in recognizing him or her? 45 seconds • It seems like we can all get better at remembering names & faces? 2 minutes • Wouldn't it be important or helpful if someone could recognize all their neighbors? 45 seconds • You also have chapters in your book on improving observation skills. What are some of the things important to observe daily in our neighborhood? 15 seconds • What do you hope to achieve by teaching people to learn face recognition? 30 seconds • How does face recognition benefit someone? 60 seconds

Memory for Names
• What kind of improvement can I expect for remembering names? 75 seconds • Is it possible to remember all the students in my new class the first day of school? 60 seconds

Dr. Donna can be reached at 916-482-4177 (cell phone) or by email at

Dr. Donna
America’s Favorite Memory & Face Recognition Expert
Sample Interview Questions for Radio and TV Interviews
• When we were talking, you said memory skills even help relationships. 75 seconds • What are some examples of how someone can use memory skills on their job? 50 seconds • I have trouble remembering where I put my keys. Are memory techniques going to help me with that? 25 seconds • I can hardly remember my schedule or where I put my cell phone. Is there a quick method to do that? 25 seconds • In April, an escaped convict looked right into the face of a Louisiana police officer who was looking for him. Why wasn’t he recognized? 75 seconds • Dawg, the Bounty Hunter goes out to find the criminals. It's dangerous out there. Are you suggesting that we go do the same thing, armed without Dawg's muscles and weapons? 40 seconds • Saddam Hussein had look-alikes who were impersonating him. Would your face recognition methods be able to help people tell the impersonators from the real person? 15 seconds • Why aren’t more sexual predators on Oprah’s list found? 20 seconds

Celebrity / Stuff in the News
• National Missing Children's Day is May 25th. What can we do to help? 3 minutes • In March, Repr. Cynthia McKinney accused Capitol Police Officer McKenna of racism because he didn't recognize her. What's your take on this? 75 seconds

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