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									Dr. Donna
America’s Favorite Memory & Face Recognition Expert
Dr. Donna Bio While Earning Two Advanced Degrees, She Spent Her Spare Time Teaching Other Students How to Accelerate Their Learning and Increase Their IQ
Dr. Donna Schwontkowski is the author of Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces and The Party Solution: Names & Faces Now (coming soon) and several books on the topic of health (see She is one of the world’s most highly educated individuals, holding five degrees, three of them advanced. Dr. Donna practiced chiropractic medicine/alternative health and helped hundreds of patients with sound principles of nutrition and herbology for many years, but after 9-11 she felt compelled to use her memory methods to help each citizen use their memory to become more aware, safer, and increase their ability to remember faces. While completing a doctorate and one of her master’s degrees, she worked full-time and created an entire memory/accelerated learning program for graduate level (doctoral) science students. Over a 10-year period, students flocked to her 3-hour memory classes. Testing revealed their recall never went below 78% of the information she taught and most were in the 90’s and they had fun while they were learning. Dr. Donna has given over 900 seminars and international keynotes in her career.

It’s Important to Impact Society
In the fall of 2006, Dr. Donna will bring her face recognition techniques to college campuses. Her goal is to have 100,000 people trained in her technique by July 4th, 2007. “We’ll soon have 100,000 pairs of trained eyes watching for missing children and missing adults, criminals and terrorists who will begin to make a difference in the way eyewitness testimonies are viewed in court, in the message sent out to criminals that they will be recognized, and in our own personal lives,” she says. She offers college scholarships to college students who show a proficiency in her technique. For more information on this, visit It’s expected that by late fall, Dr. Donna will start training law enforcement (see and by Spring 2007, school children will be taught. Dr. Donna also produced/hosted her own TV show in Sacramento CA for 4 years and was instrumental at bringing knowledge about how toxic mold affects health and how to detect it to the Sacramento area via her series of television shows. She also hosted and produced a radio show on health in New York several years ago. She can be reached for speaking engagements, training sessions, consultations, and joint ventures by email at: Specific questions on booking training sessions or keynotes may be answered by calling Daryl at 530-647-6923 or by emailing him at

One Can Never Predict How Crime Will Change a Life
Part of the motivation for writing Million Dollar Memory for Names & Faces may have come from personal experience with crime. While attending college, she became a crime victim and couldn’t recognize the suspect because he wore a ski mask. Years later, Dr. Donna’s patent-pending face recognition method which incorporates accelerated learning and memory now brings the science of face recognition and facial description to a level that defeats even those wearing the best of disguises. That same method increased face recognition skills 165% in the general public – initially volunteers only remembered four characteristics about a face they viewed, but after a little over an hour of her specialized training, their scores shot up to 11.

Dr. Donna can be reached at 916-482-4177 (cell phone) or by email at

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