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					Data Centre
Energy Efficiency
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Impact of Rising Energy Consumption
and Energy Costs
Data centres are quickly becoming the ultimate energy guzzler – with current        MetricWise – Accurately
statistics demonstrating a 12% increase in consumption per year1 and                Measuring PUE and DCiE
contributing to 2% of the world’s overall greenhouse gas emissions2.
                                                                                    MetricWise is the solution for estimating and
This increase in energy use affects businesses financially, heightened with         determining PUE and DCiE in a data centre.
the rise in energy costs and the demand for larger facilities and more power.       Created by RLE Technologies, MetricWise
While the financial implications are a cause for concern, so is the environmental   is a cost effective, Web-based solution
impact. The increase in kilowatt usage results in increased emissions, including    whereby the PUE and DCiE are measured and
greenhouse gases from electricity generation. Many organizations, such as           calculated with up to 10 power connections
the United States Green Building Council (USGBC) and the Canadian Green             established at key locations in the data centre.
Building Council (CaGBC) are addressing this issue by determining Leadership        The system dashboard is designed to display a
in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating systems to evaluate newly          baseline, then measure and indicate outcomes
constructed data centres. The United States Department of Energy and                of various greening efforts, such as conserving
Environmental Protection Agency are establishing programs to regulate the           energy. MetricWise supports SNMP, BACnet
energy consumption of data centres.                                                 TCP/IP and Modbus TCP/IP, therefore readings
                                                                                    are easily integrated with other management
Evolution of the Efficient Data Centre                                              systems.
The energy demands and environmental implications have pushed industry
professionals to determine new methods to design, build and maintain efficient
data centres. The movement concentrates on building and retrofitting data           MetricWise can store up to two years of
centres to be efficient with a reduced carbon footprint without impacting           historical data, which can be viewed and
availability. The Green Grid, an organization aiming to improve energy efficiency   exported to provide trends of PUE and DCiE.
and standardize metrics and new technologies in data centres globally, has          With MetricWise, measuring data centre PUE
established two metrics for measuring the efficiencies of data centres – Power      and DCiE metrics is consistent and effective.
Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and its reciprocal Data Centre Infrastructure             MetricWise is distributed in Canada by
Efficiency (DCiE).                                                                  Computer Room Services Corporation.

The Green Grid defines the PUE and DCiE calculations as:

       PUE = Total Facility Power / IT Equipment Power
       DCiE = IT Equipment Power/Total Facility Power x 100%

As an example, a data centre with a PUE of 2 indicates the energy demand is
two times greater than the energy required to power the IT equipment.

Changes in the environment and increasing publicity of data centre energy usage
has resulted in demand for efficient data centres. Consistently, the number of
data centres obtaining LEED certification increases each year, representing the
acceptance of the program and the dedication from data centre professionals
to create facilities with less environmental impact.

To learn how CRSC can improve the efficiency of your data centre,
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Data Centre
Energy Efficiency
CRSC Green Data Centre Commitment
CRSC has made a corporate commitment to reduce energy consumption in data
centres. Our strategy is to minimize environmental impact and increase data centre
operating efficiencies. Our method of design, build and maintenance consists of:

  • Researching alternative construction methods
  • Determining efficient cooling options
  • Reducing energy consumption by utilizing high efficiency equipment such
    as UPS systems and transformers
  • Use of products with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)
  • Utilizing local products and resources to reduce CO2 emissions associated with
  • Determining potential for server virtualization
  • Recycling old equipment
  • Utilizing Computational Fluid Dynamics to determine temperature, airflow,
    pressure, and relative humidity
  • Performing infrared thermography imaging to determine heat production and
    performance issues from corroding electrical components
  • Proper cleaning and maintenance of the data centre and the equipment
  • Continuously monitoring the data centre to ensure the equipment is operating
    properly, to recognize potential issues, and evaluate the overall efficiency

  Did you know?
  With the intense demand data centres place on the power grid, many power suppliers have launched incentive programs to encourage
  companies to improve their energy efficiencies. These incentives can offer up to $300 per kilowatt of savings to a maximum of 50% of
  the retrofit expense. Contact your power distributor to find out if there is an incentive program in your area.

  With extensive experience in data centres, CRSC has developed an Energy Efficiency Audit to assess the energy consumption within
  the data centre to determine areas where the efficiency can be improved – including server virtualization, air distribution methodologies,
  high efficiency cooling, and power equipment that is right-sized to the load. Implementing the recommendations may contribute to a
  power supplier incentive program, therefore resulting in energy savings and a financial return on investment.

  Contact us at 1.888.670.CRSC to arrange for a consultation with a certified technician.

CRSC is a proud member of the Think Green Alliance

        1 Fact Sheet on National Data Center Energy Efficiency Information Program, U.S. Department of Energy and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, March 19, 2008, p1
        2 Tyler Hamilton, Data centre gets serious about using less energy, Toronto Star, June 15, 2009