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									              Department of Health - Working Groups 2006

                      Group Information

Name of Group
Type of Group
Joint Chair
Date of first meeting
Number of meetings to date
Dates of the past meetings
Closure date
Closure Arrangements
Dates of Past Meetings
Dates of Future Meetings
Review Dates
Group this group reports to
Group contact person
Secretariat contact person
Additional Information

                     Member Information
Name of Chair
Names of members
Name of organisation
Job title
Stakeholder Segment eg NHS, Voluntary & Community Sector

Health & Social Care Profession
Number of meetings attended
Contact details such as telephone, address
                              List of Groups

                           NHS Services

Towards Cleaner Hospitals and Lower Rates of Infection
Programme Board

Maternity Standard Implementation Advisory Group

Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) Improvement
Programme Advisory Group

Quality External Reference Group

Standards Project Board

Care Closer to Home Urology Sub-Group

Chief Executives' Forum

Closer to Home Group

Closer to Home Group - Dermatology Sub-Group

Closer to Home Group - ENT Sub-Group

Closer to Home Group - Orthopaedics Sub-Group

Critical Care Stakeholders Forum

Director of Operations Short-term Reference Group

Foundation Trust Network

Internal Programme Board

Joint Programme Board

Monitor Independent Regulator of NHS Foundation Trusts
National Joint Registry Steering Committee
NHS Direct Performance Board

NHS Direct Transformational Project Board

Provider Reform Reference Group
Quarterly Accident & Emergency Stakeholder Meeting (College of
Emergency Medicine / Royal College of Nursing / British
Association for Emergency Medicine / Emergency Care Team)

Urgent Care Programme Board

Urgent Care Strategy Advisory Group

Payment By Results Clinical Advisory Panel

Payment By Results External Advisory group

Payment By Results Programme Board
Payment By Results Stakeholder Working Group

Department of Health Non-Luer Connector Steering Group

Independent Pathology Review Project Board

Mental Health Programme Board
New Ways of Working for Mental Health Nursing - Non Medical
Prescribing Group
The Engineering & Science Advisory Committee on the
Decontamination of Surgical Instruments including Prion Removal
18 Week Stakeholders Group

18 Week Strategic Health Authorities Leads

Alternative Provider Medical Services Stakeholder Forum

Cardiology Diagnostics 18 week Steering Group

Dispensing Doctors Board
General Medical Services Contract Review National Steering
Joint Performance Assessment Steering Group (White Paper Task

National Action Plan for Audiology Working Group

National Imaging Board

Personal Medical Services Implementation Group
Practice Based Commissioning Implementation Board

Practice Based Commissioning Leads Meeting
Primary Care Leads Meeting

Primary Medical Care Contracting Board

Strategic Health Authorities Directors of Commissioning Meeting

National Commissioning Group

Commissioning Reference Group

                          Public Health

Alcohol Expert Clinical Group Meeting

Contraceptive Services Group

Expanding Numbers in Tier 4 Group

Expert Advisory Group on Weighing and Measuring Childhood

Food and Drink Advertising and Promotion Forum

National Network of Breastfeeding Co-ordinators

Nurse Consultants in Sexual Health

Nutrition Strategy Steering Group

Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition

Scientific Reference Group on Health Inequalities

Sexual Health Independent Advisory Group
Sexual Health Programme Board

Volatile Substance Abuse Stakeholder Group

Young People's Development Programme Steering Group

Advisory Committee on Breast Cancer Screening

Advisory Committee on Cervical Screening

Tobacco Programme Board
National Joint Registry Steering Committee
National Allergy Advisory Group

                             Social Care

Black Minority Ethnic Mental Health Programme Board

Development Programme for Extending Offender Health Support -
Programme Board

Implementation Advisory Group

Improving Access Psychological Therapies - Programme Board

Improving Access to Psychological Therapies - Expert Reference

National Partnerships for Older People Projects Evaluation
Advisory Group
National Partnerships for Older people Projects Performance Sub
National Partnerships for Older People Projects Programme
Steering Group

National Social Care Board

Social Enterprise Policy Forum
Social Partnership Forum

Clinical and Social Care Stakeholders Group

Health and Social Care Reform Advisory Group

Care Services Efficiency Delivery Programme Board

Care Services Efficiency Delivery Steering Board
Joint Policy Collaborative - Developing a Common Assessment
Framework for Adults and Care Planning Guidance

Physiological Measurement Strategy Group

Specific Medical Conditions

Advisory Group on Implementation of National Institute for Health
and Clinical Excellence Improving Outcomes Guidance for Children
& Young People with Cancer

Cancer Programme Board

Cancer Reform Strategy Board

Coalition for Cancer Information

Integrated Cancer Care Programme Steering Group

National Radiotherapy Advisory Group

Renal Steering Group

Renal Surveillance Sub-Group

Bowel Cancer Advisory Group

Prostate Cancer Advisory Group
Integrated Cancer Care Programme Steering Group


Hospital Travel Cost Scheme Working Group

Independent Complaints Advocacy Service Project Board

Information Accreditation Scheme

Information Prescription Project Working Group

Information Prescriptions

Opportunities for Volunteering Scheme: National Agents

Patient & Public Confidence Steering Group

Patient Experience Information System Phase 3 steering Group

Patient Experience Survey Board

Patient Power Review Group

Choice Reference Group

National Choice Forum

Advisory Group for the Modernising Adult Social Care Research

Bowel Cancer Services - Costs & Benefits Department of Health
Advisory Group

Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease - Transmissible Spongiform
Encephalopathies Research & Development Joint Funders Group

Independent Advisory Group for the Learning Disability Research

Independent Advisory Group for the Long Term Conditions
Research Initiative

National Institute of Health Research Faculty Implementation

                  Estate, Finance & Procurement

Capital Network

Estates Statistics Working Group

Finance Issues Group

NHS Design Review Panel

Private Finance Initiative Trust Forum
Private Finance Initiative Trust Forum

ProCure21 NHS Stakeholder Group

ProCure21 Partnership Group

ProCure21 Programme Board

The Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation

UK Health Organisations Estates & Facilities Group

Partnership Groups with OGDs

Department of Health - Department for Culture Media & Sport High
Level Meeting

Department of Health - Department for Education & Science is via
CPP Board

Department of Health - Department for Environment Food & Rural
Affairs High Level Group Meeting

Department of Health - Department of Communities & Local
Government High Level Group

Department of Health - Home Office High Level Group Meeting

                      National Stakeholders

Making Relationships Count Programme Board

National Leadership Network
National Stakeholder Forum

National Strategic Partnership Forum

National Strategic Partnership Forum: Working Group 1: Distinctive
Added Value and Good Practice


Independent Sector Treatment Centres Programme Human
Resources Group

Options for Excellence Board

White Paper Workforce Issues Group

Workforce Reference Group

Joint Consultants Committee

                   Departmental Management

Arms Length Bodies Business Support Unit - Arms Length Bodies
Directors of Finance Group

Arms Length Bodies Business Support Unit - Estates Network
Arms Length Bodies Business Support Unit - Heads of Information
Technology Forum

Arms Length Bodies Business Support Unit - Stakeholder Group

Business Continuity Forum

Continuity of Government

Departmental Information Technology Security Forum

Departmental Security Officer Forum

Government Secure Zone Coordination Projects Working Group

Ministerial Sounding Board

Secretary of States' Informal Sounding Board

Race Equality Impact Assessment Group

System Management and Regulation Reference Group

Information Task Group

                           Non-led DH Groups

Age Diversity Reference Group

Alcohol Strategy Group

Choose and Book National Stakeholder Programme Board
Commercial Advisory Board

Do Once and Share - Elective Surgery - Knee Pain

Do Once and Share Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services - Learning

Do Once and Share Child Health - Cause for Concern

Do Once and Share Child Mental Health

Do Once and Share Children's Prescribing

Do Once and Share Chronic Inflammatory Bowel Disease

Do Once and Share Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease/Assisted Ventilation

Do Once and Share Clinical Genetics

Do Once and Share Complex Conditions

Do Once and Share Deafness

Do Once and Share Depression

Do Once and Share Diabetes

Do Once and Share Diabetic Eye Disease
Do Once and Share Epilepsy
Do Once and Share Falls

Do Once and Share Glaucoma

Do Once and Share Heart Failure

Do Once and Share Human Immunodeficiency Virus & Sexual Health

Do Once and Share Interstitial Lung Disease

Do Once and Share Labs (Diagnostics)

Do Once and Share Lung Cancer

Do Once and Share Maternity
Do Once and Share Pain Control
Do Once and Share Renal

Do Once and Share Research - Cancer

Do Once and Share Rheumatoid Arthritis

Do Once and Share Single Assessment Process

Do Once and Share Stroke Care

Do Once and Share Theatres
Do Once and Share Training

Do Once and Share Transfusion

Do Once and Share Tuberculosis

Do Once and Share Urgent Care - Essex

Do Once and Share Urgent Care - West Yorkshire
Drug Strategy Delivery Group

Drug Strategy Workforce Steering Group

General Medical Services Delivery Board

General Medical Services Payments Working Group

Improving Junior Doctors Working Lives Action Team Operational Group
Job Evaluation Group

Learning Disability Research Initiative Reference Group

Medical Workforce E & D Reference Group

National Treatment Agency Audit & Risk Committee

National Treatment Agency Board

National Treatment Agency HR Committee

Primary Medical Care Payments Programme Board (formerly Quality
Management and Analysis System Board)

Research Initiative for Long Term Neurological Conditions - Advisory Group
Technical Steering Group

The Knowledge and Skills Framework Group
Vaccination & Immunisation Sub-Group

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