GIFT OF LOGIC Critical Thinking Logical Reasoning Series A by mxp28572


									Is any Math required to understand       What do I gain by from these books?                GIFT OF LOGIC™
the content in this book?                * These books are beneficial to
* These workbooks do not require         everyone – whether you are a school or
                                                                                            Critical Thinking
any special math skills. You just need   a college/university student, parent or a
to be able to add, subtract, multiply    teacher, working professional or
and divide.                              retired. They help you develop                  Logical Reasoning Series
                                         cognitive skills by solving problems
What is the recommended reading          that require Critical thinking and
plan?                                    Logical reasoning in three areas:
* These workbooks can be used by         Verbal, Analytical and Pictorial. For
school students, college and             school and college/ university students,
university students, parents,            these workbooks will help boost scores
teachers, working professionals and      in any type of exam that tests Critical
retired persons - anyone who wants to    thinking and Logical reasoning (Gifted              A 12-book series
keep their brain healthy and sharp.      and Talented, Verbal & Non-Verbal,
                                                                                        (11 workbooks, 1 Primer)
You will gain maximum advantage          High School entrance, SAT, ACT,
from these workbooks if you follow       LSAT, PCAT, MCAT, GRE, GMAT
                                                                                             for developing
the recommended reading plan             etc) since they cultivate your raw
shown below.                             intelligence with a variety of problems      Cognitive skills in three areas:
                                         that strengthen your Critical Thinking
       For school students               and Logical Reasoning abilities in a
Grades            Workbooks              pressure-free, thought provoking             Verbal, Analytical & Pictorial
K-2                  0,1,2               manner. Please visit the website for a
3-5                  0,1,2,3,4,5         detailed listing of benefits for all ages.         An essential resource for
6-10                 0,1,2,3,4,5
                                                                                          school and college/university
                     6,7,8,9,10           Order GIFT OF LOGIC ™-                      students, teachers, parents, working
                                                                                        professionals, and retired people.
                                                           from                       ___________________________
               For all others
Plan                   Workbooks                             Gift Of Logic, Inc
First round          0,1,2
Second round         3,4,5                              or e-mail              
Third round          Primer                                                        
What is the GIFT OF LOGIC ™ -             What do these workbooks contain?          The Analytic Reasoning section in
Critical Thinking & Logical               * There are three sections in each       workbooks 0-2 help you develop the
Reasoning series?                         workbook - Verbal, Analytical and        ability to solve problems that require
* The series consists of 12-books that    Pictorial.                               thinking about possibilities,
help you to develop cognitive skills by                                            positioning and grouping.
solving problems that involve Critical    The Verbal Reasoning section in          Workbooks 3-5 introduce List
thinking and Logical reasoning in         workbooks 0, 1 and 2 get you started     Processing, Scheduling, Sequencing,
three areas - Verbal, Analytical and      quickly in Logical Reasoning through     Correlation, Venn diagrams, Graph
Pictorial. Cognition is the process of    examples and exercises in finding the    Logic etc. Analytical Reasoning in
gaining knowledge using reasoning,        truth of statements, word and            workbooks 6-10 present more complex
analysis and perception. Developing       sentence analogies, inferences etc.      positioning and grouping problems.
skills in these areas gradually, year                                              Sudoku exercises are a great way to
after year is important to cultivate      The Verbal Reasoning section in          tune your analytical mind and are
cognitive abilities. These books will     workbooks 3, 4 and 5 introduce           included in the analytical reasoning
help you become sharp in reading,         concepts of Logic such as conditional    sections in all the ten workbooks.
writing, speaking, critical thinking,     statements, categorical statements,
analyzing, perceiving, inferencing and    causal statements, and inferencing       The Pictorial Reasoning section
solving problems in any area of life.     (deduction).                             develops your visual reasoning skills
These books are a very valuable                                                    by focusing on similarities and
resource for people of all ages.          The Verbal Reasoning section in the      differences in pictures. In workbooks
                                          Primer book is a prerequisite for        0-2, exercises to spot the difference
How is the content presented?             workbooks 6-10. It introduces            between pictures, to find the next
* There are 12 books in this series, 11   argument structure, different types of   picture from a sequence of pictures
workbooks and one Primer. Each            arguments, deductive and inductive       and to spot the odd picture from a set
workbook has three sections: Verbal       reasoning, and finding flaws in          of pictures are introduced. In
Reasoning, Analytic Reasoning and         reasoning. This book lays out the        workbooks 3-5, pictorial analogy and
Pictorial Reasoning. Answers are          essential foundation for workbooks       pattern matching are introduced. In
provided at the end of each book. To      6,7,8,9 and 10.                          workbooks 6-10, advanced pictorial
gain maximum advantage, it is                                                      reasoning exercises involving pattern
necessary to follow the recommended       Verbal Reasoning in workbooks 6-10       perception, paper folding and
reading plan and do the exercises in      present different types of inferencing   cutting, figure formation, figure
each book. Several concepts in Logical    problems involving various types of      matrix, figure analogy and rule
Reasoning are spread out in these         arguments in a broad variety of          detection, etc are introduced.
workbooks.                                subject areas.

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