How can you produce and design a beautiful product with a
socially meaningful and educational contribution to this planet,
fabricated in a sustainable and ecological way?

We scanned the world, asked a collection of internationally
known and upcoming designers to get involved, took the es-
sence of their positive greetings - the word PEACE itself, writ-
ten in their language - and transformed it into a harmonious
typographic pattern. This was then printed on fine, organic

To give it all a shape, we designed a fresh women’s and men’s
fashion cut for it and finally found the answer to our question:
a sweatshirt for conscious minds communicating the universal
message - PEACE.
Times are challenging at the moment, but there has never
been so much hope and desire to change things for the better.
Political change, social awareness and environmental
responsibility are being consciously lived out now and are the
driving force for today - and tomorrow. These ideals need a
new vehicle of expression, encouragement and support.

The sweatshirt is a fashion item, but moreover it is an
environmental and uplifting positive statement for a brighter
future. The simple idea of the “personal billboard” which
applies to t-shirts works in the same way, only of a higher
quality and a higher profile.

The PEACE SWEATER is a light, universal top which can be
worn by itself or combined with other layers all year round (to
get most out of it, as well as to spread the positive message
every day).
The concept of peace doesn’t depend on one individual ele-
ment, but on the fusion, the interaction and collaboration of
different elements. With this in mind, we worked with the
typographic idea of “PEACE” – letters written in many lan-
guages – which interweave and build up to one typographic
structure, a harmonious picture in which all cultures are
represented equally expressing an abstract, contemporary
graphical version of PEACE.

Working with two Tokyo-based designers, typographer Ian
Lynam and fashion designer Erika Ohashi, a typographic
pattern gets transformed into an ecological, beautiful print
on fine, organic materials which are then made into a
specifically tailored, fresh and beautiful sweat-shirt.
Our contributing
designers and written
language systems:
Each of these designers contributed
the word “PEACE” in their written
language system.

Stefan Sagmeister - Latin
Ahn Song-Soo - Hangul
Oded Ezer - Hebrew
Dainippon Type Organization - Japanese
Alexander Gelman - Russian
Behrouz Hairiri - Farsi
Da Wang - Chinese
Stefan Sagmeister - Latin
Stefan Sagmeister is undoubtedly one of the most outstand-
ing and influential contemporary graphic designers today. He
formed the New York based Sagmeister Inc. in 1993 and has
since designed branding, graphics, and packaging for clients
as diverse as the Rolling Stones, HBO, the Guggenheim Mu-
seum and Time Warner. Focusing on work for the music indus-
try, art in the sense of galleries and museums, work for regu-
lar corporations and social work his designs are experimental
and fresh pushing the boundaries of typography.

He lectures in various countries, his work is published in nu-
merous books and he is currently taking a year off to investi-
gate further in the realms of graphics and develop new meth-
ods of expression. We are very happy to have his support on
this project although he is officially “out of the office”.

100 greetings from
wonderful Indonesia.
Gelman - Russian
The Museum of Modern Art listed Alexander Gelman among
the “world’s most influential modern and contemporary art-
ists in all media.” Alexander Gelman’s work, widely shown
around the world, is part of private and public permanent col-
lections. Among them the Smithsonian, the New York’s MoMA,
and Bibliothèque National de France in Paris. Besides pursu-
ing his personal work Gelman frequently collaborates with
musicians and artists, as well as companies and institutions.
His products, television commercials, music videos and media
installations blur the boundaries between art, media, science
and popular culture.

Regards from Tokyo.
Ahn Sang-Soo - Hangul
A major figure in Korean graphic design, Ahn Sang-soo’s work
is both multi-faceted and poetic. In his reinvention of the art of
writing he has taken on an art-form that is almost universal.

Ahn Sang-Soo has long been one of the most influential de-
signers in East Asia. His typographical development work in
his native Korea has almost made him a household name. He
can justifiably claim to have master-minded and supervised a
revolutionary transition of the traditional Hangul, the Korean
alphabet, into a functional medium for today, with all its digi-
tal demands and interpretations. Born in Chungju, Korea in
1952, he has enjoyed a long career as a designer and educator.

Joining the PEACE
Dainippon Type Organization - Japanese
Dainippon Type Organization was formed by Hidechika and
Tetsuya Tsukada in 1993. They are experimental typography
performers who dismantle, combine and restructure Japa-
nese characters and alphabet letters into unique new typog-
raphy. They have held exhibitions in London, Tokyo and Barce-
lona. In 2003, for their 10th anniversary, they published “Type
Card Play Book.” Another book “NOOOOOOOOOOTE” is also
currently on sale.

Big PEACE to a big
Oded Ezer - Hebrew
Oded Ezer, a typographic artist, logo and type designer, is also
a lecturer and a typographic experimentalist. His studio is lo-
cated in Israel. Ezer creates brilliant Hebrew and Latin typog-
raphy that make it hard for you to say whether he is still work-
ing in typography or already in the realm of art.

He is also active in crafting object-related installations and
commercial designs. The recipient of numerous design
awards, Ezer is not only multitalented and hardworking, but
also has fun with what he is doing.

His work has been called,”Fascinating!” by The NY Times and
“Literally embodies the dream of design and science com- ing
together” by Paola Antonelli of NY MoMA.

Hugs from Israel.
Da Wang - Chinese
Da Wang is one of China’s young up and coming graphic de-
signers. With a lasting expression at Beijing’s Pecha Kucha
Night, he showed the world what fresh and contemporary
graphic design from China is all about. Works range from
classical print media to digital contents such as mobile phone
blog creation or video. Da Wang is also one of the co-founders
of the Chinese youth life-style magazine Hi-Low.

Most happy wishes
from Beijing.
Behrouz Hariri - Farsi
Behrouz Hariri is a young Iranian graphic designer constantly
traveling between Iran and Canada. Culturally and aestheti-
cally fusing these two different cultures - his work is fresh,
new and representative for the current generation of graphic
designers who remix and combine the traditional with the
contemporary. Hariri has studied and worked with skillful
masters of Persian graphic design such as Reza Abedini, Saed
Meshki and Majid Abbasi.

His recent projects include 50 Years of Iranian Graphic Design,
lectures and exhibitions held in York university, and translat-
ing the acclaimed documentary Helvetica into Farsi. Currently
Behrouz is busy changing the world with the Toronto based
The Movement and working on two book projects.

Warm wishes from
Tehran, Toronto and
places in between.
Ian Lynam - Graphic designer
Ian Lynam is an American art director and writer living in
Tokyo, Japan. His writing has been published in Font, Idea,
PingMag, and in numerous graphic design books. His most re-
cent book is Parallel Strokes.

He runs a multidisciplinary design studio that focuses on pan-
cultural identity design, motion graphics, editorial design, and
apparel graphics. He is a graduate of Portland State Univer-
sity (B.S., Graphic Design) and California Institute of the Arts
(M.F.A. Graphic Design).
Erika Ohashi - Fashion designer
Fashion Designer Erika Ohashi graduated from TAMA art uni-
versity in textile design. During her studies she worked at
ISSEY MIYAKE INC. After graduating she switched full time
to ISSEY MIYAKE as a fashion designer creating whole collec-
tions, textiles, dresses and accessories.

Her sensitive designs and detail for material is her strong
point of expression. After working for Restir (Patrick Stephen)
as a designer, she is now chief design director at Rehare.
Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi - Producer
Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi is active as a producer in the fields
of design, music and cultural context. Based in Tokyo between
2001 and 2009, he established a deep network of people in the
Tokyo and international music industry and creative under-
ground. Linking this to fashion and design events he further
created a connection to global clients and international

After working for as a producer and setting up the
research base for SA insight agency Instant Grass in Tokyo he
now brings his Asian network over to Berlin, where he just
joined DMY Berlin and is looking forward to new adventures.

The PEACE SWEATER is his personal passion project where
network, expertise, production, fun and sweat come together
to create some positive energy.
Deepest thanks to our
true supporters:
Michael “Selyak”, Rene Kurita, Craig
Schulz, Paul Baron & TAB, Kaori Sakai,
Timo Gassner, Tan Boon Fong, Regina
Komesu, Alfred Franz, Meesha Chang,
Megan, Ronzo, Kyoko Ishima,Tani Ryona,
Timo Otsuki, Yoshi Kawamura, Masayo
Fukaya and +81, Juri Kobayashi & Design
Tide, Natsumi Yamane, Koji Nishiba, Yuki
Kameguchi, Christoph Frank & Platoon,
Bruno Winter & Pepastar, Emmy Galle,
Michael Schilhansl, Nina Reithmeier,
Lars Eberle & LessRain, A Guy Called
Gerald, Szary of Modeselektor and deep
thanks to Ran & Uleshka

Special thanks to
for supporting us with great pictures
Limited edition of 1000 pieces
Produced fair trade in Asia
Water based print
80% organic cotton to save the planet
20% polyester to save the shape

Colors available in
- Murasaki   (Purple)
- Gassner    (Red / Blue)
- Blue       (Blue / Dark Blue)
- Gray       (Gray / Black)


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