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									                                                                           protective footwear

                                                OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY
CCOHS – a trusted source                        Marine Occupational Safety and Health, Regulations SOR/87-183
                                                 X. SAFETY MATERIALS, EQUIPMENT, DEVICES AND CLOTHING
                                                  10.5 Protective Footwear

                                                                                                    10.5 Protective Footwear
The Canadian Centre for Occupational                 10.5 (1) Where there is a hazard of a foot injury or electric shock through footwear in a work place, protective footwear
                                                     that meets the standards set out in CSA Standard Z195-M1984. Protective Footwear , the English version of which is
                                                     dated March, 1984 and the French version of which is dated December, 1984, shall be used.
Health and Safety (CCOHS) is a national
                                                     (2) Where there is a hazard of slipping in a work place, non-slip footwear shall be used.
non-profit organization that collects,

evaluates and distributes information

on workplace health, safety and the
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environment from sources around the
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world. Recognized internationally as                    A sample record showing the
                                                        results of a search for the phrase
an innovative and expert resource,                      “Protective Footwear” and a
                                                        referenced CSA Standard.
CCOHS is governed by a Council with

representatives from employers, labour

and government, and as such is

committed to providing impartial and
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Collaborating Centre.

                                            Related Information Sources also available from CCOHS
                                                Canadian enviroOSH Legislation Complete text of all Canadian health, safety and environmental legislation,
                                                   critical guidelines and codes of practice. Available in National, Regional and plus Standards editions.
                                                MSDS Over 250,000 current Material Safety Data Sheets supplied directly from suppliers and manufacturers.
                                                CHEMINFO Evaluated profiles on more than 1,300 important workplace chemicals.
                                                CHEMpendium™ An essential chemical safety database collection for workplaces and the environment,
                                                  featuring CHEMINFO.
                                                RTECS® The Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS) from NIOSH provides critical toxicological
                                                   information with citations on more than 140,000 chemical substances.
                                                OSHLINE™ This authoritative up-to-date CCOHS bibliographic database with summaries, is packaged together
                                                  with NIOSHTIC®, covering more than 100 years of international OSH-related literature.
     Haza tion
      Pr tions
    Regu 5-401  200

                              Helping You Meet Your Compliance Needs

                                          An essential resource for federally-regulated industries

      HRSDC–National Labour                Hundreds of organizations rely on
Operations Resources CD-ROM
        produced by CCOHS –             Human Resources and Social Development
 a trusted source for essential
              information on:
                                           Canada (HRSDC )– National Labour
        Parts I, II and III of the           Operations Resources CD-ROM
         Canada Labour Code

  Canada Occupational Health             to remain informed and in compliance
      and Safety Regulations
                                              with the Canada Labour Code
              Fair Wages and
          Hours of Labour Act
                                                  and related legislation.
               Information on
             Labour Standards
                                        Developed by CCOHS, the National Labour
             Unjust Dismissal
         Adjudicator decisions
                                        Operations Resources CD-ROM gives you
     Appeals Officer decisions
                                          the complete text of Parts I, II and III
   Canada Industrial Relations
             Board decisions
                                               of the Canada Labour Code.
                                                   HRSDC-National Labour
What our clients are saying
"The acquisition of this user-
 friendly HRSDC CD-ROM offers                      Only the National Labour Operations Resources CD-ROM offers:
 our managers, workplace
 committees and union                              Complete text of all documents                            4.6 – the latest version
                                                                                                             of this powerful
 representatives current and                       Full text of CSA and CGSB standards
 exacting information on                             when referenced in the COHS
 regulatory matters. The                             Regulations                                Your choice of multi-user and
 program offers great value,                                                                      Intranet subscriptions
                                                   Easily searchable highlighters
 with world class support                            and notes
 just a phone call away."
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                              RICHARD GAMBLE
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  Ontario Northland Transportation Commission

                                                   Know what the law requires and comply

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                                                       law. Search by words or phrases.
The Canada Labour Code affects
                                                       Link from one relevant document
 federal public sector employees
        and workers in federally                       to another. Simultaneously compare
            regulated industries:                      documents, diagrams or text using
                                                       multiple windows. All tables and
                          Public Service               schedules are searchable.

                Crown Corporations                   \ Share the information with
                                                                                                \ View full text of standards.
                                                       others. Make information easily
                          Broadcasting                                                            From the COHS Regulations, simply
                                                       available on your network to
                                 Banking                                                          click to instantly pull up full text of
                                                       communicate responsibilities and
                                                                                                  cited CSA and CGSB standards.
                                Shipping               obligations throughout your
                                                       organization. Download sections        Current
                                                       for compliance manuals and reports.      \ Receive regular updates.
                           First Nations
                                                                                                  Updated twice a year on CD-ROM.
                                                     \ Review the complete text. This           \ Find amendments at a glance.
                                                       enables you to determine the context       In each new issue, changes to
                                                       of the information and how it              legislation are highlighted so you
                                                       applies to your situation.                 can be sure you are in compliance.
r Operations Resources CD-ROM
  A convenient, complete, and current resource
   HRSDC - National Labour Operations Resources is a trusted
   resource that gives Canadians immediate access to their
   rights and responsibilities in health and safety. This one-stop
   source provides up-to-date, quality-assured information
   for all federally regulated workplaces.
                                                              Haza tion
   A sample of what’s included on the                          evenram
                                                             Pr og
   National Labour Operations Resources                        Pr tions
   CD-ROM:                                                   Regu 005-401

     Canada Labour Code (Parts I, II and III)
                                                  Now You Can Be
     Canada Occupational Health and               Strategically Prepared
       Safety Regulations (SOR/86-304)
       and referenced CSA and CGSB              The new Hazard Prevention Program
       standards                                Regulations, forming part XIX of the
                                                Canada Occupational Health and
     Nuclear Safety and Control Act
                                                Safety (COHS) Regulations, came
     Hazardous Materials Information            into effect December 14, 2005.
       Review Act                               These regulations are in
     Employment Equity Act                      accordance with Part II of the
                                                Canada Labour Code, which
       DECISIONS                                deals with the occupational
                                                health and safety. Its purpose is to
     Decisions made by Appeals Officers
                                                prevent accidents and injury to health
       pursuant to the Canada Labour
                                                in workplaces of employers under federal
       Code Part II
     Unjust dismissal adjudication
                                                The new Hazard Prevention Program
      decision summaries (Canada
                                                Regulations cover requirements relating
      Labour Code – Part III)
                                                to hazard identification, assessment and
     Full text of the CIRB decisions            control as well as the education of
       relating to Parts I and II of the        employees. They also introduce a
       Canada Labour Code                       requirement for employers to submit to
                                                the Ministry of Labour, at least every
       HRSDC PUBLICATIONS                       three years, a report evaluating the
     Labour Branch (Operations) publications    program’s effectiveness.

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     Operations Program Directives (OPD)
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     Interpretations, Policies and
       Guidelines (IPG)
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     Treasury Board Fire Protection Standards
     Fire Commissioner of Canada Standards

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