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									Who are the                                                New York State

                                                                                                                                          become a foster parent or adopt a child
children in need of                                        Office of
foster care                                                Children & Family
or adoption?                                               Services
                                                           Capital View Office Park
They are a diverse group                                   52 Washington Street
of African-American,                                       Rensselaer, NY 12144
Latino, and white children,
including pre-teens and                                    Visit our website at:
teens. Very few are three                        
years old or younger. Some have disabilities

                                                                                                                    A child is waiting…
                                                           For child care, foster care, and adoption
and special needs. Many have brothers and
                                                           information, call:
sisters and need to be placed together.
                                                           To report child abuse and
To become a foster parent or                               neglect, call:
adopt a child:                                             1-800-342-3720
                                                           For information on the Abandoned
You do not need to be married, own your own                Infant Protection Act, call:
home, earn a high income, or have previous
parenting experience. You do need to be
patient and loving and to provide a safe,                  For information about services for the
nurturing home. You must be willing to learn               blind, call:
about the needs of the child and receive                   1-866-871-3000
training. Most important is being able to open
                                                           1-866-871-6000 TDD
your heart and your home to a child who may
need special attention and guidance.              “…promoting the well-being and safety of our
                                                    children, families, and communities. …”
Call 1-800-345-KIDS for information on
becoming a foster parent or an adoptive
parent. Or visit our website at
To become a foster parent or an adoptive
parent, contact your county department of                              State of New York
social services or a local foster care/adoption
agency. In New York City, contact the             Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, the New York
Administration for Children’s Services (ACS)       State Office of Children and Family Services will make this
                                                  material available in large print or on audiotape upon request.
or call (212) 676-WISH [9474].
                                                                      Pub. 4801 (Rev. 11/04)
a foster parent…
                                pen your heart,
                               pen your home.

                                                      Adopt a child…
Open your heart and your                              Open your heart and your home to a child
 home to a child during a                             who needs a permanent, loving home.
  time of crisis and change.                          As an adoptive parent, you will be giving a
    As a foster parent, you                           child another chance in life. Children who are
    will guide and support                            adopted feel good about themselves by gaining
    your foster child every day.                      the family life they deserve.
     By your actions, you can help
     children and their families cope                 Adoption gives children a permanent home.
      with the challenges that life brings.           Often foster parents choose to adopt their
                                                      foster child when it is not possible for
         Foster care gives children a temporary
                                                      the child to return home safely. You
          home when their parents cannot take         do not need to be a foster parent to
           care of them. In foster care, a child
                                                      adopt a child.
            lives in a safe, stable home while
             the child’s family will focus on         As an adoptive parent, you may
              getting the assistance they need.       receive an adoption subsidy if the
              The goal is to return the child         child is eligible. You can also
              home safely. If that is not possible,   receive special training in the
          a permanent home will be found,             child’s needs, and agency staff
         preferably with the foster parents.          will give you support.
         As a foster parent, you will receive         The need for adoptive families is urgent.
         training and payment based on the            In New York State, hundreds of children
         child’s needs. You can meet and get          are available for adoption and waiting for
         to know other foster parents, and            a home. You can view photos of these children
         agency staff will give you support.          in The Adoption Album on our website,
                                             Contact your
         The need for foster families is urgent.
                                                                 county department of social services
         In New York State, there are
                                                                  or a local adoption agency, and
         thousands of children in foster care;                     learn about adopting a child.
         each day another child needs a foster
         home. Contact your county
         department of social services or a
         local foster care agency, and learn
         about becoming a foster parent.

Call 1-800-345-KIDS
 Visit our website at:

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