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                        KAREN NATIONAL UNION

      President Gen. Saw Tamla Baw’s Address on 63 Anniversary of KNU Day

Respected members of the KNU and All the Karen Nationals,
Officers and men of the KNLA,

I feel very much honored and delighted to have the opportunity to address, as president of the
KNU, to the entire Karen people, on the 63rd Anniversary of the founding of the Karen National
Union (KNU). Firstly, I extend my best wishes to all the Karen nationals to have health and well
being of the body and mind!

•   Today, the fifth of February, 2010 falls on the 63rd anniversary of the founding of the Karen
    National Union. The KNU is the only leading Karen organization and it was officially founded
    on the 5th of February 1947 by merging the 4 Karen organizations namely, the Buddhist
    Karen National Association (BKNA), the Karen Central Organization (KCO), the Karen
    Youth Organization (KYO) and the Karen National Association (KNA), which had been
    leading the entire Karen people for political consciousness and self-determination, starting
    from the year 1881. That is why, the KNU is a very important political organization in the
    Karen people’s movement and the Karen revolution, and it has been performing the historic
    national tasks with endurance and steadfastness since 1947.
•   The KNU is also an organization that has faced and overcome horrendous challenges in 63
    full years of struggle for freedom, justice, national equality and self-determination,
    democracy and the emergence a genuine federal union. On looking for the cause of the
    ability of the KNU to stand firmly for 63 full years without leaning and falling, despite going
    through such a stormy revolutionary journey, we will find that whatever the situation, the
    KNU consistently stands for truth and justice, possesses solid morale and fortitude, firm
    political stand, correct cooperation with its various allies, receives domestic and
    international support, and the support of the entire Karen people and the general
•   One more point I would like to point out is that today, instead of resolving the political,
    economic and social crises besetting Burma, we find that the military clique, is wantonly
    ruling the country with despotic excesses, for its own self-interest. For many years, the
    entire population and all the ethnic nationalities including the Burmans, have been suffering
    the ravages of chauvinism and military dictatorship. For that reason, the entire people’s
    power, the democratic forces’ power and the armed revolutionary forces’ power must
    relentlessly struggle on, with unity, for the abolition of the evil system and ideology.
•   In conclusion, I would like to urge all members of the KNU and officers and men of the
    KNLA to struggle on, with continued support of the entire Karen people and entire fellow
    oppressed people, for the KNU’s objectives of national equality and self-determination, until
    final victory is achieved.
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