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									          JFSAP                      BACKGROUND

                                 National Defense
                                 Authorization act
                                (FY07) Section 675:
                                The Secretary of Defense              Colorado
                                 shall carry out a joint
 JFSAP augments existing       family support assistance              Joint
     family programs to       program for the purpose of
  provide a continuum of         providing assistance to              Family
support and services bases    families of members of the
  on members and family              Armed Forces                     Support
  strengths and needs and
 available resources. The                                             Assistance
 primary focus of support
     is families who are
 geographically dispersed
       from a military
 installation. Services are
      delivered in local
    communities through
collaborative partnerships
  with Federal, State, and     To request or follow up on an event:
                                  Joint Family Resource Center
       local resources.    
Military OneSource
                                          Support                              Key Features
720-250-1197 (office)
 720-670-7339 (cell)
                          Military Life Skills Groups and              JFSAP partners with
                                   Consultations                       military, state and local
                         Military Family Life Consultants can help     resources to:
American Red Cross       individuals enhance skills and abilities to     Assess needs
303-607-4709 (office)    cope with:
                                                                         Identify resources and address
 720-320-7489 (cell)     1. Stress of deployment, redeployment,          gaps
                            and reintegration
                                                                         Enhance/build community
                         2. Parenting issues                             capacity
Military Family Life     3. Marriage and relationship issues             Provide outreach to families to
                         4. Death / Grief / Loss                         inform them about available
720-250-1194 (office)                                                    resources
 720-384-3881 (cell)                                                     Financial and material
                             Short term, non-medical, solutions
                                     focused counseling
                                                                         Mobile support services
  Child and Youth
    Consultant                                                           Sponsorship of volunteers and
                                  Private and Confidential
720-250- 1198 (office)
                                                                         family support professionals for
                                    Three to Six Sessions                the delivery of support services
 303-709-6823 (cell)
                                Children and Youth Included              Coordination of family
                                      No Records Kept!                   assistance programs, and
                                                                         activities provided by Military
Operation: Military
                                                                         OneSource, Military Family
  Kids (OMK)
                                                                         Life Consultants, counselors,
720-250-1188 (office)                                                    the DoD, other federal
 785-313-3011 (cell)                                                     agencies, state and local
                                                                         agencies, and non-profit

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