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									      Abbott PMTCT Donation Program

                  Abbott PMTCT Donation Program

Abbott donates HIV rapid tests for pregnant women, their spouses, and
children aged 18 months and older of those women who test HIV positive.

Abbott works with Direct Relief International to manage the application
process for the Abbott PMTCT Donation Program. The HIV rapid test kits and
testing accessories are shipped directly by Abbott to qualifying institutions.

Who is eligible?
Any governments, NGOs, charitable organizations or other healthcare
providers in developing countries with comprehensive PMTCT programs and
their local government’s approval and registration (according to the WHO
donation guidelines).
Applicant programs should 1) provide voluntary counseling and testing to
pregnant women, 2) identify those who are HIV positive, and 3) provide them
with antiretrovirals to prevent MTCT.

About the product:
What is the Determine® HIV Test?
Determine® HIV-1 / 2 is a rapid (15 minute), visually read, qualitative
immunoassay for the detection of antibodies to HIV.
The test utilizes a serum, plasma or whole blood sample collected by
venipuncture using EDTA collection tubes. Alternatively, a whole blood finger
stick specimen may be used with an EDTA capillary tube.
Determine® HIV-1/2 may be stored at room temperature and does not require
instrumentation. Any hospital or remote setting can generate highly accurate
results regardless of its access to lab equipment or electricity.
For more information about the Determine HIV test, please email Abbott at
The Determine® HIV test is not applicable for children under 15 months.
Easy steps for donation:
Step 1 – Application Form
Anyone interested in participating in the Abbott PMTCT Donation Program
should complete an application form. The application can be found online:

Applicants must also submit a letter from the national authorities which
authorizes the requesting institution to receive the donations of Determine®
HIV-1/2 tests along with the application form.

Step 2 – Expert Review
Once your completed application form and letter from the national authority
have been submitted, they will be reviewed by independent experts. Either, 1)
your program will be recommended to Abbott to receive the product right
away, or, 2) additional clarification will be required.

Direct Relief International, who administers this process, will guide you and
help you to resolve any issues that require clarification.

Step 3 – Approval by Abbott
Once your application has been recommended by Direct Relief International,
the next step is the approval by Abbott.

Step 4 – Shipment of the Donation
Soon after your application is recommended for the donation, Direct Relief
International will send you a letter and a shipping sheet detailing the exact
approved quantities of test kits and testing accessories which you will be
required to complete with your consignee / delivery address details.
Abbott will provide the approved quantity of test kits and testing accessories
free of charge and will cover the cost of insurance and shipping up to the point
of entry into the country. The consignee will be responsible for paying all local
Customs Duties and/or Import taxes hence we strongly encourage your
applying for Duties &/or taxes exemption from your local authority, prior to
each shipment, whenever feasible.

Step 5 –Follow-up and Resupply
To request resupply, you will need to complete an Abbott PMTCT Donation
Progress Report where you will be able to request additional test kits based
on your PMTCT program usage.
The progress report form may be found online:
A minimum of one progress report per year is required.

Abbott PMTCT Donation Program
February 2009
How can Direct Relief International assist you?
Direct Relief International manages the application process, answers your
questions and can provide you with any further information on available
PMTCT program tools and documents. Direct Relief may also provide
technical assistance to institutions that would like guidance in the design,
implementation, and the development of their PMTCT program.
Technical assistance may be available for the following:

      Design and implementation of the PMTCT program.

      Monitoring of the on-going program.

      Reporting and forecasting. Assistance in completing the progress
       report. Provision of forecasting tool.

      Extension/scale up of your PMTCT program.

Documentation available on request:

      Abbott PMTCT Donation Program Brochure
      Abbott Determine HIV Assay Procedure Guide
      Shipping Information
      Monitoring/Reporting/Forecasting tools
      Rapid HIV Tests: WHO Guidelines For Use in HIV Testing and
       Counselling Services in Resource-Constrained Settings

If you have any further inquiries, please contact:

Abbott PMTCT Donation Program
Attn: Lindsey Pollaczek
27 S. La Patera Lane
Santa Barbara, CA 93117
Phone: 805-964-4767
Fax: 805-681-4838

Abbott PMTCT Donation Program
February 2009
           Countries Eligible for the Abbott PMTCT Donation

        All countries in Africa and the Least Developed Countries as defined by the
        United Nations are eligible. These countries include:
Afghanistan                         Gabon                              Nepal
Algeria                             Gambia                             Niger
Angola                              Ghana                              Nigeria
Bangladesh                          Guinea                             Rwanda
Benin                               Guinea-Bissau                      Samoa
Bhutan                                                                 Senegal
Botswana                                                               Seychelles
Burkina Faso                        Kenya                              Sierra Leone
Burundi                             Kiribati                           Solomon Islands
Cambodia                            Lao People's Democratic Republic   Somalia
Cameroon                            Lesotho                            South Africa
Cape Verde                          Liberia                            Sudan
Central African Republic            Libya                              Swaziland
Chad                                Madagascar                         São Tomé and Príncipe
Comoros                             Malawi                             Tanzania
Congo, Democratic Republic          Maldives                           Togo
Congo, Republic of                  Mali                               Tunisia
Cote d'Ivoire                                                          Tuvalu
                                    Mauritania, Islamic Republic of
Djibouti                                                               Uganda
East Timor                                                             Vanuatu
Egypt, Arab Republic of             Moroco                             Yemen, Republic of
Equatorial Guinea                   Mozambique                         Zambia
Eritrea                             Myanmar                            Zimbabwe
Ethiopia                            Namibia

        Abbott PMTCT Donation Program
        February 2009

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