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Ethical decision making is in many ways
based on sound general decision making                Advisors from the Student
principles. One model which an ethical
leader can use to make an ethical decision
                                                    Organizations and Leadership                              ETHICAL
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is this one:
                                                   these areas and other areas of                           LEADERSHIP
•   Think through the ethical dilemma                organizational leadership.
    which you are facing. Try to identify
    all of its components as objectively as                LEADERSHIP
    possible.                                           DEVELOPMENT TIPS
                                                  also available on the following topics
•   Think of all the options which are
    available to you.                                         Brainstorming
                                                           Conflict Resolution
•   Determine which option you believe to                       Delegation
    be the most ethical. At this point, you                      Diversity
    may wish to make this decision alone,                      Fund Raising
    or in consultation with others.                            Goal Setting
                                                     Marketing Your Leadership Skills
•   Give your decision the “ethical test.”                       Meetings
    Ask yourself if you would feel comfort-                     Motivation
    able if your decision and reasoning for            Officer Training/Transition
    it were printed in the newspaper.                   Organizational Retreats
                                                       Parliamentary Procedures
•   Think of the consequences of your
                                                            Program Planning
    decision. What is the worst thing that
                                                            Publicizing Events
    could occur? What is the best thing
                                                        Recruitment & Retention                            "Oh, what a tangled web
    that could occur? Can you accept both                 Stress Management
    of these potential outcomes?                                                                           we weave, When first we
                                                              Team Building
                                                           Time Management                                 practice to deceive!"

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LEARN MORE ABOUT                                   Suggestions for Behaving Ethically             •   Behave in ways that are consistent with
                                                                                                      what is really important. This means
ETHICAL LEADERSHIP                             If the ethical leader has his or her own
                                                                                                      keeping perspective. Perspective
                                                                                                      allows us to reflect and to see things
                                               personal ethics clear and has a sense of the
                                                                                                      more clearly so that we can see what is
What are Ethics?                               organization’s ethics, then ethical behavior is
                                                                                                      really important to guide our behavior.
                                               that which is consistent with these codes.
At its most basic, ethics is deciding what                                                        Information borrowed and adapted from a presenta-
is right (or more right) in a particular       •    Behave in ways that are consistent with       tion by Sara A. Boatman, “Ethical Leadership:
situation—determining what ought to be —            your purpose (the road you choose to          Doing What’s Right.”
deciding what is consistent with one’s              travel in your life—– that which gives
personal or organizational value system.            meaning and definition to your life). A             Solving Problems Ethically
                                                    clear personal purpose is the foundation
                                                    for ethical behavior. A clear organiza-       •   What’s the core problem?
What is Ethical Leadership?                         tional purpose would seem to enhance or-          Define in plain language what’s wrong.
                                                    ganizational ethics as well.                      Limit your response to one sentence to
Ethical leadership combines ethical                                                                   keep it simple.
decision-making and ethical behavior,          •    Behave in ways that you are personally
and occurs in both an individual and an or-         proud of. Self esteem is a powerful tool      •   What facts will help me decide what
ganizational context. A major responsibil-          for behaving ethically — and they stipu-          to do? List the supporting data you
ity of a leader is to make ethical                  late that self esteem is personal pride           will need to identify your options and
decisions and behave in ethical ways —              mixed with a fair amount of humility, and         analyze solutions.
and to see that the organization understands        this balance creates the confidence to
and practices its ethical code.                     “hang tough” when dealing with ethical        •   What’s at stake? Assess the cost of
                                                    dilemmas.                                         acting vs. not acting.
                                               •    Behave with patience and with faith in        •   What does experience teach me?
                                                    your decisions and yourself. Patience             Reflect on similar problems and how
                                                    helps us to behave in ways that will be the       you have dealt with them. Cite facts
                                                    best in the long run, and to avoid the trap       and draw lessons that relate to the
                                                    of having to have things happen immedi-           current situation.
                                                                                                  Adapted from Leading Quietly, Joseph L. Badaracco Jr.
                                               •    Behave with persistence. This means be-       Harvard Business School Press.
                                                    having ethically all of the time — not just
                                                    when it is convenient to do so. An ethical
                                                    leader has persistence to stick to her/her
                                                    purpose and to achieve what she/he

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