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									Brother Mobile Printer PocketJet Series
Sales Guide

     •Product Concept
     •Market Information
     •Target Market
     •Option Accessories
     •Appendix : Software Development
          Sales Guide

Product Concept

Sales Guide
              Product Concept

                    1   A4 size printing

                    2   Small & light weight

                    3   Durability and easy maintenance

                    4   Low running cost

Sales Guide
              Product Concept

1    A4 size printing

•Print A4 size documents in the original size
    No size reduction or changes needed to the document.
    Just print.
    Possible to get printing in the size you are familiar with.

Sales Guide
               Product Concept

2    Small & light weight

    True portability                                                               Design
    [PocketJet series]        Weight : PJ-522/562 390g (excluding battery)
                                        PJ-562/563 395g (excluding battery)
                                        * Approximately 500g including battery


                         30mm : Thickness

    Easy to use                                                                  Operation
                       Easy to carry in briefcase.

                       Just insert paper into the slot, then print anywhere.

Sales Guide
              Product Concept

3    Durability and easy maintenance

•No moving parts, unlike ink jet printers.
    No ink cartridges are used.
     - During moving from one place to another, ink jet printers tends to
       cause ink leaking.

    Maintenance free.
    - No ink parsing is necessary.
    - No head adjustment is required.

Sales Guide
              Product Concept

4    Low running cost

•Thermal paper is the only consumable.
    No inks are used, unlike ink jet printers.

 Sales Guide
                   Market Information

Segment Definitions
•Field Workforce :

Units installed in mobile environments in which sales and service professionals utilize portable data
capture or printing devices to create, process, and/or conduct on-site operations such as sales, building
inspection, servicing, tax collection, etc.
Includes printers installed in vehicles or carried by mobile workers to generate invoices, work orders,
receipts and other documentation to support field service and sales operations (excluding DSD/route
accounting) in a wide variety of markets including utilities, telecommunications, financial/insurance,
construction, agricultural and many more.
Users not distinctly categorized by other markets are likely considered field workforce.

•Public Safety :

Units used by first responders such as police (state and local), firefighters and emergency medical
technicians (EMTs)
for field operation.
Primary applications are electronic ticketing and citation issuance, specimen/evidence labeling and
incidence reporting.

source:VDC "MOBILE TRANSACTION PRINTERS:Global Market Demand Analysis 3rd Edition", March 2008

Sales Guide
                   Target Market

   Field Service                                        Logistics (Shop Floor)
    User                                                 User
     Electric Power                                      Small size shops with small space for office work

     Building Maintenance Service                        Delivery Service

     Office Automation Equipment Maintenance Service

    Print Application                                    Print Application
     Repair Report                                       Stocktaking data

     Maintenance Report                                  Invoice

     Service Report                                      Receipt

                                                          Order Sheet

                                                          Delivery route assignment

   Public safety (Police, Firefighters)                 Field Sales
    User                                                 User
     Police Forces                                       Door-to-door selling

     Fire Departments                                    Banks & Credit Banks

     Ambulance Services                                  Car Dealers


    Print Application                                    Print Application
     Fine Ticket / Fine Parking Ticket                   Order Sheet

     Citation                                            Financial Plan

     Search Results                                      Price Quotation / Estimation

     Orders                                              Receipt

     Vital Check Sheet                                   Contract

  Sales Guide
Competitor analysis among A4 size printers

                                                    Speed      Price
                 Model No.         Weight                                      Battery life          Note
                                           B&W        Color  excl. VAT
               PIXMA iP100                                    254 GBP
  CANON                            1.7kg 15.6ppm*1 11.2ppm*1                   500 sheets     w/ Bluetooth
              w/ Battery + BT                                 276 Euro

               Officejet H470                                     185 GBP
   HP                              2.3kg    22ppm*2    18ppm*2                 450 sheets     w/ Bluetooth
            w/ Bluetooth adapter                                  201 Euro

                                                                  400 GBP
  Brother         PJ-563           0.5kg     3ppm           -                   70 sheets     w/ Bluetooth
                                                                  434 Euro

                                            *1: Standard quality, A4         *2: Draft quality, A4

 ・Mobile ink jet printers, there are only 2 models,
  from Canon and HP.                                                                                         Canon PIXMAiP100

 ・Merits with these ink jet printers:
   Color print
   Low initial cost
   Plane paper
   Fast print speed

 ・Merits with PocketJet printers:                                                                             Hp Officejet H470

   Small printer size and light weight
   Durability, far fewer moving parts
   Low running cost
     Sales Guide

 New Logo

  Re-arranged model name & Category name
  Category name (ex. MPrint):                         Model name(ex. MW-140BT):
        PocketJet3 / 3+ -> PocketJet                     PocketJet3 -> PJ-522
                                                         PocketJet3+ -> PJ-523
                                                         PocketJet3 w/B -> PJ-562
                                                         PocketJet3+ w/B -> PJ-563

                   200 dpi          300 dpi                                       200 dpi   300 dpi
USB & IrDA         PocketJet 3      PocketJet 3+          USB & IrDA              PJ-522    PJ-523
USB, IrDA &        PocketJet 3 w/   PocketJet 3+ w/       USB, IrDA & Bluetooth   PJ-562    PJ-563
Bluetooth          Bluetooth        Bluetooth
               Sales Guide
Model Name                                PJ-522                       PJ-562                     PJ-523                       PJ-563
Price                                     Open
       Method                             Direct thermal

       Speed                              Ave.: 24 sec./page or 12.4 mm/sec.(under our standard environment *1)
       Resolution                         203 x 200 dpi               203 x 200 dpi              300 x 300 dpi                 300 x 300 dpi
Paper supply method                       Manual paper feed
                                          Configure with               Configure with                Configure with            Configure with
                                          printer driver               printer driver                printer driver            printer driver
                                          (min. 105 mm x 25.4 mm       (min. 105 mm x 25.4 mm        (min. 105 mm x 25.4 mm    (min. 105 mm x 25.4 mm
                                          / 4.13’’ x 1.00’’ ~          / 4.13’’ x 1.00’’ ~           / 4.13’’ x 1.00’’ ~       / 4.13’’ x 1.00’’ ~
                                          max. 216 mm x 8.23 m /       max. 216 mm x 5.49 m /        max. 216 mm x 8.23 m /    max. 216 mm x 5.49 m /
Printable area                            8.5’’ x 27 feet)             8.5’’ x 18 feet)              8.5’’ x 27 feet)          8.5’’ x 18 feet)
       USB                                USB Ver.2.0 (Full Speed)      (A - mini-B=Printer, Peripheral)

       IrDA                               Ver.1.0 (IrCOMM and IrOBEX)
                                          No                           Ver. 2.0 Class 2, Serial   No                           Ver. 2.0 Class 2, Serial
     Bluetooth                                                         PortProfile supported                                   PortProfile supported
Demensions                                255(W) x 55(D) x 30(H) mm / 10.04 x 2.17 x 1.18 in.
                                          approximately 390g         approximately 395g           approximately 390g           approximately 395g
                                          (excluding Battery, paper) (excluding Battery, paper)   (excluding Battery, paper)   (excluding Battery, paper)
Weight                                    0.80 lb.                   0.86 lb.                     0.80 lb.                     0.86 lb.
                  Battery                 Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery 14.4V(Option)

                  Adapter( Adapter &      AC adapter (15 V, Option)
                  Car Adapter             2 types(Cigar Lighter Plug or Wire) (Option)
No. of printable pages                    Approximately 70 sheets(printing duty 5% and using fully charged new battery)
Operating System                          Windows 2000 Professional / XP / Vista (USB, Bluetooth, IrDA)

        Font size                         10 cpi, 12 cpi, 15 cpi and Proportional sizes


        Font face                         Serif and Sans Serif
        Barcode                           No
Software                                  Printer driver
Items included                            Quick Guide / CD-ROM (Printer driver and User's Manual) / USB cable / Head Cleaning Sheet

               *1 These figures are depending on its environment. "Our standard environment" is based on using A4 size with JAITA J1 pattern at temperature 25 degree C via USB.   P13
 Sales Guide

Bundled Software

 Windows PC                        Printer Driver                                 Printer Driver for Windows
                                                                                  Application Software
                                   Supported OS : Windows 2000 Pro, XP and Vista

Software Development Tool
*MPrintSDKs are scheduled to be released in early June 2009.

It is possible to add print capability to user’s original software running on Windows Mobile.
Software development tools are free, available from Brother sales offices.

 Pocket PC / Windows               MPrintSDK for Windows Mobile ver.2.x
                                   MPrintSDK for .NET Compact Framework ver.2.x
                                   Supported OS : Pocket PC 2003, 2003SE and Windows Mobile 5.0
                                                  Windows Mobile 6 Professional/Classic/Standard

                                   MPrintSDK contains manual, library files and sample projects.

 Sales Guide

Purchasing guidance - The Brother SKU compared with PENTAX SKU

                   EURO KIT                                     PJ-522 (Printer KIT)

       Printer                                     Printer

       USB Cable                                   USB Cable

       Head cleaner                                Head cleaner

       Driver CD-ROM                               Driver CD-ROM

       User Guide (Printed)                        User Guide (PDF on CD)

       Quick Reference Card                        Quick Reference Card

       AC Adapter
       Power Cord
                                                 AC Adapter
                                                   AC Adapter
       Carrying Case
                                                   Power Cord
       A4 paper (100 sheets)

                                                   Carrying Case


                                                   A4 paper (100 sheets)
  Sales Guide

Purchasing guidance - The new SKU for each solutions

            Car Solution                Briefcase Solution   In-Store Solution

                  Printer                     Printer                Printer

                      &                         &                      &
                Car Adapter                 AC Adapter            AC Adapter
           (Choice of Cigar or Wired)


           Choice of other accessories…

                          Car Mount        Rubber Housing    A4 Roll Paper

                          Roll Holder      Carrying Case     A4 Cut Paper

Sales Guide
              Option Accessories

Power Supply
PA-AD-500UK :
• UK type cord & AC adapter

PA-AD-500EU :
• EU type cord & AC adapter

                                                         PJ printer (not included)
PA-CD-500CG :
• Cigarette type car adapter                                   To cigar lighter socket
• 10 feet length

PA-CD-500WR :                      PJ printer (not included)
• Wired type car adapter
• 15 feet length
                                                   To fused DC line and
                                                   earth line
Sales Guide
              Option Accessories

PA-BT-500 :
• Ni-MH rechargeable battery for
  Brother - PocketJet PJ-522/523/562/563
  PENTAX - PocketJet3/PocketJet3Plus

PA-BT-300 : * accessory for old models
• Ni-MH rechargeable battery for PENTAX PocketJet2

Sales Guide
              Option Accessories

PA-RH-500 :
• Roll paper holder

PA-RB-500 :
• Protective cover (rubber housing)

PA-CC-500 :
• Carrying case
• Fabric

                                      Hold roll paper
PA-CM-500 :                           (not included)

• Car mount for holding roll paper    Hold PJ printer
• Metal                               (not included)

Sales Guide

PA-C-410 :
• A4 thermal cut paper
• 100 sheets / package

PA-R-410 :
• A4 thermal roll paper
• 30m / roll
• 6 rolls / package

   Sales Guide

  Main Features

       • A4 size printing
       • Small & light weight
       • Durability and easy maintenance
       • Low running cost
       • Various option accessories

                                                                   PocketJet with the roll paper and care mount

Only thermal paper,no ink
                                   True portability                                      Design
                                   [PocketJet series]      Weight : Approximately 500g
                                                           including battery


                 Small and light                       30mm : Thickness

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