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                                                                                    TO REGISTER

                                                                                                        This event is accr dited
                                                                                                        for contribution to

                                                                 CIWEM                                  Professional
                                                                                                        under the CIWEM CPD scheme
                                                           The Chartered Institution of Water
                                                           and Environmental Management

                                                             CIWEM Photographer of the Year:
                                                            Rachel Hamilton, Aqua Enviro Ltd

12TH - 14TH SEPTEMBER 2006
                                                            SPONSORED BY
WASTES MANAGEMENT                                                                        Palintest
WATER RESOURCES AND WATER QUALITY                                                               Strathkelvin
Ed Gillespie, Creative Director, Futerra
Dr David King, Director of Water Management, Environment
Agency                                                       SUPPORTED BY

Prof Peter Matthews, Chairman for the Northern Ireland
Authority for Energy Regulation (NIAER)
Trevor Bishop, Head of Water Resource Management,
Environment Agency                                           ORGANISED BY                           qua enviro
                                                                                                 TECHNOLOGY TRANSFER

to register and pay online
VENUE & LOCATION                                   SOCIAL ACTIVITIES
                                                                                                          funding tree-planting to compensate for CO2
St James’ Park is home to Newcastle United         DRINKS RECEPTION                                       pollution resulting from our business activities.
Football Club. Located in the heart of the City    TUESDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER
                                                                                                          One tree will be planted for each participant
it is the ideal location and easily accessible     You are invited to join us for a drinks reception in
                                                                                                          attending our conferences and events.
whether travelling by air, rail or road. It has    the Exhibition Hall at St. James’ Park from 17.15
recently been voted in the top ten corporate       to 19.00. This is the ideal opportunity to network     The trees will be planted by Treesponsibility on
venues in the UK – the first venue outside of      with other delegates in a relaxed atmosphere and       sites in the Upper Calder Valley. As well as
the capital to make it into the chart.             enjoying a drink or two– what better way to start      providing a carbon sink, they will help to
Newcastle was once in the forefront of the         your evening?                                          reduce the area's vulnerability to flash-flooding,
19th century industrial innovation and the city                                                           and provide a wildlife resource in line with the
is now in the forefront of technical innovation,   Sponsored by                                           local biodiversity action plan.
leisure and culture. You can wander down to
the transformed waterfront, which is lined                                                                ABOUT CIWEM
with stylish hotels, bars, restaurants and         CONFERENCE DINNER
public art.                                        WEDNESDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER                               The Chartered Institution of Water and
                                                   Come and live like Lords and Ladies and                Environmental Management (CIWEM) is the
For further information about the city visit                                                              leading body for those involved in sustainable               experience a night out you will never forget!
                                                                                                          management of the environment. All non-
                                                   The magnificent Lumley Castle dominates the
                                                                                                          CIWEM-member conference delegates will
                                                   County Durham landscape and is surrounded by
                                                                                                          receive CIWEM Environmental Partner grade
                                                   stunning parklands overlooking the River Wear.
                                                                                                          membership to the end of December 2007.
                                                   The year is 1591 and you are invited to attend         They will also receive free copies of our
                                                   the award-winning Elizabethan Banquet feast of         magazine and have the opportunity to be
                                                   Sir Jon Lumley. Before the banquet starts the          involved in local CIWEM events and activities.
                                                   doors to the dungeons and guardroom are
                                                   thrown open where wine, ale and mead can be            For more information, please contact
                                                   enjoyed.                                      or see
                                                   Come and join us for an evening of fun, feasting
                                                   and merriment.                                         CIWEM Charity No. 1043409.

There is a wide range of hotels in Newcastle
City Centre. The nearest to St James' Park is
Jurys Inn. We have a limited number of rooms
allocated at the hotel at the rate of £80 Bed
and Breakfast. To make a reservation please
call 0191 201 4400 and quote ref.
AQUA 110906.
When you register we will also send you a full
hotel listing for Newcastle City Centre. We
recommend you book your accommodation at to ensure the best rates.
                                                   GETTING THERE
                                                   We ask you to consider the likely impact of your
                                                                                                           FORTHCOMING EVENTS 2006
EXHIBITION                                         journey to the event and the venue has been
                                                   selected to allow easy access by public transport.      Encouraging the Take-up
Each year the exhibition at the conference has
gone from strength to strength. Both               RAIL                                                    of Water Saving Devices for
exhibitors and delegates have enjoyed the                                                                  New and Existing Developments
                                                   National Rail Enquires can provide timetable
informal atmosphere making it a huge               information to Newcastle Central Station. Call          6th July - Novotel London
success.                                           08457 48 49 50. St James’ Park is only a short          West Hotel & Convention Centre
                                                   ½ mile walk from the station.
This year’s exhibition will retain the relaxed                                                             CIWEM Young Member’s
and informal environment that makes it so          ROAD                                                    Study Tour 2006
popular; however we have increased the size        St James’ Park is located in the heart of               24th-28th July
                                                   Newcastle city centre. Full directions by road          University of Birmingham
of the exhibition to 40+ stands. The
                                                   will be sent to delegates when they register.
exhibition will also be open FREE of charge to
                                                                                                           Disinfection for Water Supply –
visitors who are not attending the conference.     AIR
                                                                                                           Risk and the Regulatory Regime
If you are interested in coming along to the       Newcastle International Airport is situated six
exhibition but will not be attending the           miles to the north of the city. Travel to St            17th October, Novotel London
conference you will still need to register,        James’ Park from the airport is approx. 25              West Hotel & Convention Centre
selecting the appropriate box on the booking       minutes either by bus, Metro Train link or taxi.
                                                                                                           Sensor Technology in the Water
form.                                              Limited free parking is available on site in the        and Wastewater Industry
Demand has been very high for the exhibition       multi-storey car park levels one and two.               2nd November
with only a limited number of stands still                                                                 Telford International Centre
remaining. The cost of a 3m wide x 2m high
                                                   CO2mmitment Scheme
                                                   We strive to reduce both the carbon footprint           11th European Biosolids and
exhibition space is £750 + VAT for the 3 days,                                                             Organic Resource Conference,
this includes one person manning the stand         and the environmental impact of the events
                                                   we hold. We have therefore joined the                   Workshop and Exhibition
but not registered as a conference delegate.                                                               13th-15th November
                                                   CO2mmitment Scheme and as members of
If you are interested in booking a space please                                                            Cedar Court Hotel, Wakefield
                                                   the CO2mmitment: Climate Action in
contact Krista on tel. 01924 257 891 or
                                                   Calderdale, we pledge to take determined                For further details please contact
                                                   action to reduce our carbon emissions, whilst           Aqua Enviro on Tel. 01924 257 891
                                                                                                           or email
                                                                                 If you can’t make the three days, come along for a day, or maybe you
REGISTRATION FORM                                                                might like to take advantage of our flexible company 3-day pass. This
                                                                                 allows a company one pass for each day of the conference, which can
You can register and pay by credit card online at
                                                                                 then be used by any employee. Please ensure you provide the correct or complete the form below
                                                                                 details below to enable a straightforward registration process. Reserve
and return by fax. +44 (0) 1924 257 455 or
                                                                                 your 3-day pass for the special rate of £500 (+VAT). This is a major
post to the address below.
                                                                                 saving on buying separate day rate passes.
                                                                                  COMPANY 3-DAY PASS
                                                                                 Delegate Name
                                                                                 Tue 12th             Wed 13th                Thu 14th
Organisation                                                                     Email

Address for Correspondence
                                                                                 Delegate Name
                                                                                 Tue 12th      Wed 13th                       Thu 14th

                                                                                 Delegate Name
Postcode                                                                         Tue 12th             Wed 13th                Thu 14th
Tel                                                                              Email

                                                                                 SECTION C - REGISTRATION FEES
Email                                                                            Please tick the appropriate boxes below.

I am happy to be added to CIWEM's email circulation list        Yes         No   REGISTRATION FEES

SECTION B - REGISTRATION DETAILS                                                 Full Delegate Rate                          £480.00 (+VAT)= £564.00
To aid us in allocating rooms for each session please                            Company 3 day pass                          £500.00 (+VAT)= £587.50
tick the sessions you wish to attend in the boxes below:                         Author Rate                                 £400.00 (+VAT) = £470.00
                                                                                 Student Rate                                £250.00 (+VAT)= £293.75
TUESDAY 12TH SEPTEMBER                                                           Day Rate                                    £240.00 (+VAT)= £282.00
Conference Opening & Plenary                                                     Author Day Rate                             £210.00 (+VAT)= £246.75
Microbial Communities                                                            Young Members Session Only                  £ 90.00 (+VAT) = £105.75
Process Control and Optimisation
Managing the Risk of Flood Incidents                                             If you are registering for the day please select:
Sustainable Flood Risk Management                                                Tue 12th              Wed 13th              Thu 14th
Urban Drainage                                                                   CONFERENCE DINNER                               WEDNESDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER
Sensitive Management of Environmental Issues
Achieving a More Sustainable Environment                                         £50.00 (+VAT) per person = £58.75
ENTEC Workshop – Balancing the water resources needs of the
                                                                                 Please tick here if you are vegetarian
environment and society – how successful has the Habitats Directive been?
HYDRO International Workshop – Pollutant and Sediment Removal from               Other dietary requirements:
Stormwater Run-off – can the Water Framework Directive be delivered?
CIWEM AGM and Presidential Induction
Exhibition                                                                       SECTION D - PAYMENT
                                                                                 CHEQUE: I enclose a cheque for £
                                                                                 Payable to AE Technology Transfer (A VAT Receipt will be sent automatically).
Plenary Session
Nitrogen and Phosphate Removal                                                   INVOICE: Please invoice for the sum of £
Asset Management – Managing the Data and Structuring the Contracts
Asset Management – Prioritising the Investment                                   Purchase Order:
Asset Management – Delivering the Programme – Environmental                      Contact Name:
Improvements and Asset Maintenance
Water Safety Plans                                                               Invoice Address:
Waste Management
Impacts of Resources Control on Water Supply and Quality
Environment Agency Workshop – A Catchment Approach to Flood Risk                 CREDIT CARD: To register and pay by credit card please
Management, Cfmp’s
Resources Planning                                                               visit
Young Member's Day
                                                                                 TERMS AND CONDITIONS
THURSDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER                                                          A charge of £40.00 (+VAT) will be levied for cancellations made up to 20 days prior to
Plenary Session                                                                  the event. Cancellations after this period will be liable for payment of the full fee.
New Developments in Wastewater Treatment                                         Payment should be received 30 days from receipt of invoice.
Membrane Technology
Process Modeling                                                                 Delegate Signature
Odour Management and Control
Odour Treatment                                                                  Date
Odour Monitoring
Water Resource Management
Water Quality Problems                                                           ENQUIRIES AND BOOKING FORMS DIRECTED TO:
River Basins                                                                     AE Technology Transfer, Unit 8,
Post Industrial Pollution
University of Newcastle Workshop – Applying the tools and concepts of            Appleton Court, Calder Park, Wakefield, WF2 7AR
molecular ecology to the biological treatment of wastes                          Tel. +44 (0) 1924 257891 Fax. +44 (0) 1924 257455
Palintest Workshop – New chlorine sensor technology for monitoring               email.
chlorine residuals
MCL Consultancy Ltd Workshop –Maintenance – In-house or out
                                                                                               Printed on 9lives 80-100% packaging waste
source? But is that the question?                                                              10% best white waste, 60% de-inked waste fibre
Exhibition                                                                                     20% virgin TCF (totally chlorine free) fibre.

& PLENARY SESSION                                 Reservoir flood plans – flood                    Guidelines for ecological impact               Lessons learnt and questions from
                                                  inundation and flood hazard                      assessment                                     the Review of Consents process
Nick Reeves, Executive Director, CIWEM            assessment                                       Box, J., Byron, H., Colebourn, K., French,     Rob Soley, Entec UK Ltd
Robin Green, CIWEM President, Wardell             Crowder, R.A.1, Pepper, A.2, van der Leer,       N., Hall, M., Knightbridge, R., Oxford, M.,
Armstrong                                         D.1, Galambos, I.1, Webb, D.1, 1Halcrow,         Treweek, J. and Wells, M., Atkins Limited      Water Resource Management and
                                                  Group, 2Environment Agency                                                                      the Habitats Directive - the
                                                                                                   Stream conservation in Hong Kong:              technical approach in the Anglian
KEYNOTE SPEAKER                                   Lessons learned from flood                       environmentally friendly drainage              Region
                                                  characteristics of the extreme River             channel design as an alternative               Dr Mark Grout, Environment Agency, Dr
Communicating Climate Change -                    Tyne flood in January 2005                       Chan, J.1, Kerr, A.F.1, Chan, R.2 and          Tim Haines, Entec UK Ltd
Messages that resonate
                                                  Archer, D.1, Leesch, F.1, Harwood, K.2, 1JBA     Frommer, G.H.2, 1Mott Connell Limited,
Ed Gillespie, Creative Director, Futerra          Consulting Engineers and Scientists,             2                                              Review of Consents and Water
                                                                                                    MTR Corporation Limited
                                                    Environment Agency                                                                            Resource Planning – Water
                                                                                                   Rivercare – Anglian Water working              Company experiences of dealing
ROOM 1                                              SUSTAINABLE FLOOD
                                                                                                   in partnership to make a difference            with uncertainty
MICROBIAL                                                                                          to our local environment                       Rob Lawson, Entec UK Ltd, Water
                                                    RISK MANAGEMENT
COMMUNITIES                                                                                        Hickey, P., Anglian Water Services             company speaker, to be confirmed
                                                  Experiences in catchment wide
Towards rational risk assessment:                 flood risk management                            Managing mining pollution to
improving biodegradation tests                    Parsons, A., Halcrow                             deliver the Water Framework                      HYDRO INTERNATIONAL
through understanding of microbial                                                                 Directive                                        WORKSHOP
diversity                                         A modelling tool for assessing flood             Potter, H.1, and Jarvis, A.2, 1Environment
                                                  risk                                             Agency, 2University of Newcastle               POLLUTANT AND SEDIMENT
Goodhead, A.K.1, Davenport, R.J.1, Head,
                                                  Dibben, P.1 and Hanson, D.2, 1MWH,                                                              REMOVAL FROM STORMWATER
I.M.1 and Snape, J.R.2, 1University of                                                             A strategy for managing drainage
                                                    Yorkshire Water Services                                                                      RUN-OFF – CAN THE WATER
Newcaslte, 2Astra Zeneca UK                                                                        from abandoned metal mines in                  FRAMEWORK DIRECTIVE BE
A classic case of bulking in a large                                                               Wales                                          DELIVERED?
activated sludge plant                              SUDS                                           Wilkinson, H., Environment Agency              The workshop will examine the Water
Heath, F.1`, Mitchell, A.H.1, Palmer, S.J.1 and                                                                                                   Framework Directive (WFD) and how it will
                                                                                                   Fofanny: the underground water
Other, A.N.2, 1Atkins Water and                   Sustainable catchment drainage                                                                  affect the area of dealing with stormwater in
                                                                                                   treatment works hidden in the
Environment, 2Scottish Water                      Horlor, R., and Symons, M., Jacobs Babtie                                                       the UK – in particular the removal of
                                                                                                   Mourne Mountains
                                                                                                                                                  pollutants and sediments.
Comparative investigations of                     Critical review of a wetland system              Franklin, B.1, Johnson, N.1, Ollerenshaw,
                                                                                                                                                  The WFD came into force in December 2000
microbial diversity and reactor                   to control urban runoff                          R.1, Patchett, G.1 and Davidson, P.2, 1Earth   with a requirement for nearly all inland and
performance in sequencing batch                   Scholz, M. and Byoung-Hwa, L., The               Tech Engineering Limited, 2DRD Water           coastal waters to achieve ‘good status’ by
reactors and continuous flow                      University of Edinburgh                          Service                                        2015 and there are concerns that this may
reactors                                          The future of permeable pavement                                                                not be achievable.
Kumpugul, M., Goodhead, A.K., Baptista,           systems                                                                                         Delegates will hear presentations from
                                                                                                   ACHIEVING A MORE
J.D.C. and Curtis, T.P., University of            Graboweicki, P.1, Coupe, S.2, Scholz, M.1,       SUSTAINABLE                                    leading academics from both the UK and US
Newcastle                                         1
                                                    The University ofEdinburgh, 2Coventry          ENVIRONMENT                                    on the topic followed by a facilitated
                                                  University                                                                                      interactive discussion with the aim of
The stability of the bacterial
                                                                                                   Managing climate change impacts –              understanding the implications fully and
communities during high efficiency
                                                                                                   the business context for Anglian               exploring how practitioners in the UK can
treatment of waste metalworking
                                                    URBAN DRAINAGE                                 Water Services                                 attempt to achieve compliance.
fluids in a thermophilic biological
fluidised bed reactor                             An evaluation of upflow filtration               Hickey, P., Anglian Water Services             Introduction to Workshop and the
Cheng.C.1, Phipps, D.1, Alkhadder, R.M.1          for the treatment of diffuse                     Sustainable implications of                    WFD
and Riley, D.2, 1Liverpool John Moores            pollution at critical source areas               additional housing                             Alex Stephenson – Director Stormwater
University, 2United Utilities                     Glennon, L1, Mumford, M.2,                       Davis, P. and Dann, S., Entec UK Ltd           Division Hydro International
                                                  Khambhammettu, U.3, and Pitt, R.4, 1Hydro                                                       The UK perspective on pollutants
                                                  International, USA, 2Hydro International,        Sustainable water supplies? A
PROCESS CONTROL                                                                                                                                   and sediments
                                                  UK, 3Metcalf & Eddy, Inc., 3The University       feasibility study for Birmingham
AND OPTIMISATION                                                                                                                                  Prof. Richard Ashley – Professor of Urban
                                                  of Alabama                                       Eastside
                                                                                                                                                  Water, University of Sheffield and Co-
N-Tox® -Early warning of                                                                           Hunt, D., University of Birmingham             Director of The Pennine Water Group
                                                  Evolving methods for the
nitrification toxicity for activated              calibration of flow controls for                 Impact of modern hydro-power                   Background to Research leading to
sludge treatment                                  stormwater and wastewater                        schemes on fisheries                           development of Upflow Filtration
Callister, S., and Stephenson, T., Water          management                                       Shaw, T.L., Shawater Limited                   Prof. Bob Pitt – Cudworth Professor of
Innovate Ltd                                      Bowditch, M.R., LeCornu, P.J., and Faram,                                                       Urban Water Systems, University of
                                                  M.G., Hydro International                        Sustainable manufacturing through
Recent experiences in design                                                                                                                      Alabama
                                                                                                   implementation of an IPPC strategy
optimisation and commissioning of                 Hard engineered approaches to                    Willis, D., Ciba Speciality Chemicals          Characteristics, behaviour and
activated sludge plants                           urban stormwater management                                                                     management of stormwater
Garbutt, S. and Dutt, S., Aker Kvaerner           Faram, M.G., Hydro International                                                                sediments
                                                                                                                                                  Dr Mike Faram – Group Technical
Operational experience of advanced                Flood risk analysis to support                   ROOM 4                                         Manager, Hydro International
suspended growth waste water                      integrated urban drainage
treatment plants                                  Dawson, R.1, Hall, J.1, Speight, L.1,            ENTEC WORKSHOP                                 Interactive discussion forum
Whittaker, A.1 and Adamson, R.2, 1Severn          Djordjevic, S.2, Savic, D.2, and Leandro, J.2,                                                  Conclusions and Summary
Trent Services Ltd, 2Williams Industrial          1
                                                    University of Newcastle, 2University of        BALANCING THE WATER
Services Ltd                                      Exeter                                           RESOURCES NEEDS OF THE
                                                                                                   ENVIRONMENT AND SOCIETY –
Biological wastewater treatment                   Urban flooding – modelling                       HOW SUCCESSFUL HAS THE                           ROOM 5
optimisation                                      sewerage limitations, optimisation               HABITATS DIRECTIVE BEEN TO                       CIWEM ANNUAL
Dooley, M., Strathkelvin Instruments Ltd          and exceedance                                   DATE?                                            GENERAL MEETING AND
                                                  Hale, J.N., Ewan Group plc                                                                        PRESIDENTIAL INDUCTION
Optimisation of wastewater                                                                         The Habitats and Birds Directives are the
treatment processes                                                                                key Europe-wide drivers for protecting
                                                                                                                                                  The AGM commences at 3.00pm for
Black, K., Northumbrian Water                       ROOM 3                                         internationally important environments.
                                                                                                                                                  3.30pm on Tuesday 12th September. All
                                                                                                   The effect of water company abstractions
The trials and tribulations of                      SENSITIVE MANAGEMENT                                                                          CIWEM members are entitled to attend and
                                                                                                   on these sites is being assessed by the
                                                    OF ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES                                                                       to participate in the proceedings at the
process development                                                                                Environment Agency and some license
                                                                                                                                                  AGM, but only corporate members who
Hobson, J., Wrc                                   Integration, integration,                        changes have already occurred for high
                                                                                                                                                  have fully paid their subscription for the
                                                  integration,…?                                   priority sites as part of the ‘Review of
                                                                                                                                                  current year are entitled to vote and to be
                                                  Howsam, P.1, Cranfield University                Consents’ process. This session reviews
                                                                                                                                                  recognised for the purpose of determining
ROOM 2                                                                                             this process from the perspectives of the
                                                                                                                                                  whether a quorum is present.
MANAGING THE RISK                                 Strategic environmental assessment               regulator and the regulated and is an
OF FLOOD INCIDENTS                                of the Wey and Arun Canal                        opportunity to discuss lessons learnt in a     The Presidential Induction will follow.
                                                  restoration                                      workshop environment to help inform
Legal responsibility for flooding                 West, C., Wallis, S. and Callender, I.,          future investigations in this challenging
Barlow, M., Burges Salmon LLP                     Atkins Water and Environment                     area.
 WEDNESDAY 13TH SEPTEMBER                                                                 Refurbishment of Lock Eck water                 Introduction to the workshop;
                                                                                          treatment works: A case study in                An overview of the CFMP process, why
                                                                                          risk management                                 do we need them, what do they
PLENARY SESSION                               Nutrient removal with the HYBASTM           Rasool, E.,Callagham, K., McKee, C.,            contain and what are the outputs:
                                              process. Presentation of                    Maxwell, P., Reid, F., Horsley, S., Connor,     Ian Hodge, Area Flood Risk Manager,
Environment Agency: Future                    performance data from European              A. and Kerr, A., Scottish Water                 Northumbria
Demands and Drivers                           and American installations
                                                                                          Modernising water quality                       Engaging with our public and
Dr David King, Director of Water              Haegh, M. and Rasmussen, V.,
                                                                                          regulation to improve water quality             professional partners and how we can
Management, Environment Agency                AnoxKaldnes AS
                                                                                          – a water company view                          work together to deliver Government
                                              Advanced feedback control in                Harrington, T., Yorkshire Water                 policy aims and catchment wide
                                              chemical P-removal to maximise              Modernising water quality                       benefits
ROOM 1                                        efficiency and performance                  regulation to improve water quality             Environment Agency Project Manager
ENDOCRINES                                    Smith, S., Greenhalgh, C. and Duckworth,    – an Environment Agency view                    What happens next – putting the
                                              N., United Utilities PLC                    Baxter, D. and Brook, R., Environment           CFMP’s into Practice
Setting up of a targeted field survey                                                     Agency                                          Environment Agency Project Manager
of the impact of endocrine
disrupting substances on fresh                  ROOM 2
                                                                                          IMPACTS OF RESOURCES                              WASTE MANAGEMENT
water fish in the Scottish                      ASSET MANAGEMENT                          CONTROLS ON WATER
environment                                     MANAGING THE DATA                         SUPPLY AND QUALITY                              Waste challenges for local
Robinson, N.L.1, Redshaw, C.J.1 and             AND STRUCTURING                                                                           government
Robinson, C.D.3, 1SEPA, 2Marine                 THE CONTRACTS                             Can good quality water be bad for               Greenhalgh, N., AEA Technology
Laboratory                                                                                the environment?                                New waste management system on
                                              Current challenges of embedding             Pavey, J., Johnston, M., Mott MacDonald         the Island Krk, Croatia – Half-year
The removal efficiency of endocrine           decision technology
                                                                                          Water metering: in search of a more             experience after implementation of
disrupting chemicals at a trickling           Oakes, M. SEAMS
                                                                                          critical debate                                 the curbside recyclables collection
filter plant                                  Meeting the electricity at work                                                             Dobrovic, S., University of Zagreb, Croatia
                                                                                          Jenkins, J.O., University of Hertfordshire
Huo, C., Anglian Water                        regulations – hazard classification
                                                                                          Dealing with water shortages down-              Implementation of best practice for
Fate of EDC's in municipal                    and electrical certification                                                                the kerbside collection of
                                                                                          under: approaches and case studies
wastewater treatment: example of              Bolton, S.1, Reeves, N.2, Watchorn, M.2,                                                    biodegradable municipal waste
                                              1                                           from Australia in demand
2 English plants                                BREY Services Ltd, 2Earth Tech                                                            Bright, A. and Sharpe, N., Organic Resource
                                                                                          management and effluent re-use
Janex-Habibi, M.L.1, Huyard, A.1,             Engineering Ltd                                                                             Agency Ltd (ORA)
                                                                                          Nair, A, MWH
Esperanza, M.1, Gogot, C.1 and Horsfall,      Why not apply framework                     Water policy reforms in Zambia and              Sustainable waste management
S.2, 1CIRSEE, Suez Environment,               principles to information                   water quality implications for the              through service branding
  Northumbrian Water Limited                  management?                                                                                 Wolfe, L., Livingstone, E. and Frood, M.
                                              Wright, K. and Hitchmough, M.,              Padfield, R., University of Newcastle           Land-based aquaculture solids
Regulation of endocrine disrupters            COGNICA Ltd                                                                                 management using bio-treatment
and the water framework directive                                                         Effective and sustainable methods
                                              Addressing SEMD requirements in                                                             technology
Matsuno, R., Kent Law School                                                              to manage water and wastewater
                                              United Utilities using MISER                                                                Ramachandran, M. and Singh, K.S.,
                                                                                          for households in Bangkok                       University of New Brunswick
Ilkeston EDC demonstration plants             optimisation                                Metropolitan, Thailand: the results
– CAPEX considerations and early              Woodward, K.1, Fowler, M.2 and Cook, S.2,   of a survey of households                       The impact of Waste Incineration
results from the GAC pilot plant                United Utilities, 2Tynemarch              Nakbanpot, W., University of Newcastle          Directive (WID) on the future of
Stokes, L., Ifelebuegu, A. and Churchley,                                                                                                 biosolids incineration
                                                                                          Sea water desalination for New                  Jeavons, J.1, Potts, L.1 and Nyul, D.2, 1Earth
J., Severn Trent Water Ltd                      ASSET MANAGEMENT -                        South Wales Central Coast                                                    2
                                                                                                                                          Tech Engineering Limited, Severn Trent
                                                PRIORITISING THE                          Nair, A., MWH                                   Water Limited
NITROGEN AND                                    INVESTMENT                                What is clean drinking water?                   Mixed plastic waste recycling and
PHOSPHATE REMOVAL                             Effective risk modelling of                 Perceived versus actual drinking                sustainable land drainage systems
                                              infrastructure assets                       water quality in developing                     Heidrich, O. and Quinn, P.F., University of
Operation of fixed film biological                                                        countries                                       Newcastle
                                              Randall-Smith, M., Ewan Group
process for low level ammonia                                                             Furlong, C., Paterson, C.A. and Laurie,
standards                                     Managing the replacement of                 N.L., University of Newcastle                     ROOM 5
Whittaker, A., Shepherd, D., Severn Trent     distribution water mains
Services Ltd                                  McAll, R., and Brooks S., Advantica                                                           YOUNG MEMBERS DAY
                                              Anglian Water's strategic
                                                                                          ROOM 4
Anammox demonstration on full                                                                                                             Education and Training
                                              investment approach case study -            ENVIRONMENT AGENCY
scale in Rotterdam, the Netherlands                                                                                                       for Career Development
                                              Piloting its application to                 WORKSHOP – A CATCHMENT
Abma, W.R.1, Schultz, C.E.1, Wouters,                                                                                                     The future of CIWEM
                                              wastewater infrastructure                   APPROACH TO FLOOD
J.W.1, Mulder, J.W.2, van Loosdrecht,         Kemp, G.1, Long, R.2, 1Anglian Water,       RISK MANAGEMENT, CFMP’S                         Bob Sargent, CIWEM President, Hyder
M.C.M.3, Strous, M.4, Tokutomi, T.5,          2
                                                Ewan Group plc                                                                            Consulting
  Paques BV, 2WaterSchap Hollandse Delta,                                                 Catchment Flood Management Plans,               Routes to Membership
  Delft University of Technology, 4Radboud                                                CFMPs, offer a new way of thinking about        Rosemary Butler, Director of Membership
University Nijmegen, 5Kurita Water              ASSET MANAGEMENT -                        managing flooding and flood risk with a         and Professional Development, CIWEM
Industries LTD                                  DELIVERING THE                            long term horizon of around 50 to 100           Benefits of membership
                                                PROGRAMME –                               years. We are developing the CFMPs,             Nick Roseveare, Halcrow
Enhanced biological phosphorus                  ENVIRONMENTAL                             working together with other key decision        The process of getting chartered
removal at Whitlingham (Norwich)                IMPROVEMENTS AND                          makers within a river catchment to agree        Matthew Smyth, Aqua Enviro Ltd
STW                                             ASSET MAINTENANCE                         how to manage flood risk more effectively
Barnes, L.M., Anglian Water                                                               and sustainably in the future.                  The role of your local branch
                                              Benefits of environmental risk                                                              David Rathmell, Past Chairman of the
Comparison of biological and                  assessment strategies in the                CFMPs will put our Flood Risk Management        CIWEM Tyne and Humber Branch, Earth
chemical process to achieve total             delivery of investment programmes           Strategy into practice and will deliver         Tech Engineering Limited
nitrogen and phosphorus consents              Dannatt, R.1 and Evans, B.2, 1Metoc plc,    aspects of Government’s ‘Making Space for
                                                                                                                                          The career benefits of postgraduate
Jolly, M.1 and Wilson, T.E.2, 1Earth Tech     2
                                                Dwr Cymru Welsh Water                     Water’ Strategy also. Each plan will help to
                                                                                                                                          Training and Research
Engineering Ltd, UK, 2Earth Tech, USA                                                     determine the degree of flood risk faced by
                                                                                                                                          Nigel Horan, University of Leeds
                                              Proactive asset management – the            each catchment and how this could be
Treatment options and design                  challenge of change                         affected over the next 50-100 years by          Understanding the Industry
considerations for total nitrogen             Thomas, A.1 and Jones, M.2, 1Dwr Cymru      changes in development, land use, flood         Funding environmental
removal                                       Welsh Water, 2AMEC                          defences, wildlife habitats and climate. This   Improvements: the role of OFWAT
Sunner, N., Collett, A. and Dodwell, J., 4D   System planning and asset                   in turn will help us to make better decisions   Kevin Ridout, Principal Support Engineer,
                                              management process adopted                  on establishing local flood risk management     OFWAT
Microbial kinetics of carbon and
                                              within Northumbrian Water Limited           policies for each catchment and how we          Managing our Water Resource –
nitrogen removal in a novel 2-stage
                                              Wooldridge, R. and Walker, S.,              invest our money along with key partners to     getting up to speed with the
activated sludge system
                                              Northumbrian Water Limited                  manage flood risk efficiently and maximise      regulatory and legislative framework
incorporating a Jet-Loop membrane
                                                                                          environmental improvements.                     Sandra Ryan, Water Resources Planner,
bioreactor for wastewater
                                                                                          We will therefore use them to steer all         Environment Agency
Onwusogh, U.C., Donnelly, T. and Sallis,        ROOM 3                                    future flood risk management activity and       Young Members Contributing
P.J., University of Newcastle                                                             our input to planning decisions and it’s        to Environmental Improvements
                                                WATER SAFETY PLANS                        important that the people and organisations     Working in Burkina Faso with Water
Tertiary treatment of sewage for                                                          we work with outside the Agency                 Aid
                                              HACCP and ISO systems in
phosphate removal using ochre                                                             understand how and why, as we hope that         Sarah Hindle, ARUP
                                              Reykjavik Energy                            our plans will influence others’ long-term
                                              Gissurarson, L.R., and Kristjansson, P.,                                                    Ideas into practice in consulting
Aumonier, J., University of Newcastle                                                     decision-making, e.g. local authorities’
                                              Reykjavik Energy                                                                            engineering
                                                                                          development plans.
                                                                                                                                          Richard Whiteley, Watermark
 THURSDAY 14TH SEPTEMBER                                                                        The value of water availability to a              Empirically relating microbes’ number and
                                                                                                rural watershed. A case study of the              diversity to performance, success and failure
                                                                                                River Njoro Watershed, Kenya                      in full scale plants. Novel theoretical tools to
                                                                                                Kiragu, J.M. and Chiuir, L.W., Egerton            predict future plant performance and
PLENARY SESSION                                   ROOM 2                                        University                                        characteristics.
The Good Environmental Citizen - a                ODOUR MANAGEMENT                              Richmond recycling water plant: A                 Breaking developments and cost
role for a CIWEM member                           AND CONTROL                                   cost effective way of providing a                 reduction
Prof. Peter Matthews, Chairman for the                                                          recycled water                                    Messrs Head, Davenport & Curtis
Northern Ireland Authority for Energy           Principles in odour management and              Bruzzone, M., MWH Global
Regulation (NIAER)                              control                                                                                           We will bring the practitioner up to speed
                                                                                                Potential pitfalls for water resources            with the latest commercial and scientific
                                                Hall, D., Entec
Water Resource Management in 2031                                                               in unregulated development of                     developments that will not only increase our
                                                Odour forming potential in an                   ground-source heat resources
Trevor Bishop, Head of Water Resource                                                                                                             scientific understanding of biological
Management, Environment Agency                  intertidal zone and natural wetland             Younger, P., University of Newcastle              treatment processes but also make the
                                                adjacent to a wastewater treatment
                                                                                                                                                  established technology available at lower
                                                                                                WATER QUALITY                                     cost and higher throughput.
ROOM 1                                          Wilson, I.1 and Prunty, C.2, 1Jacobs Babtie,
                                                2                                               PROBLEMS
                                                  QUESTOR Centre
NEW DEVELOPMENTS                                The impact of seawater intrusion on             Assessing risk of water                             PALINTEST WORKSHOP
                                                wastewater odours                               discolouration due to changing flows
First time sewage treatment in the                                                              and water sources in a trunk main in              NEW CHLORINE SENSOR
North Northumberland coast Area of              Vincent, A., Hyder Consulting
                                                                                                the south east of England                         TECHNOLOGY FOR MONITORING
Outstanding Natural Beauty                      Variability in the odour of sludge                                                                CHLORINE RESIDUALS
                                                                                                Barrott, L.1, Goodwin, P.1, Williams, S.2 and
Minto, P., ENTEC UK Ltd                         cake                                                                                              Chlorine sensor for the
                                                                                                Clark, T.3, 14D, 2Mayfield Consulting,
                                                Hobson, J., WRc                                 3
Cleaning up Bangkok – BMA4 – multi                                                               Southern Water                                   determination of free and total
storey wastewater treatment                     Assessing the impact of odour from                                                                chlorine in potable water
                                                sludge cake storage                             The construction and commissioning
solution                                                                                        of an iron removal plant in Latvia                The chlorine content of water dissipates
Kirkwood, S., Earth Tech Engineering Ltd        Smith, C.1, Pickering, B.2 and Childs, P.2,
                                                  MWH, 24D                                      Dent, M., Water and Environmental Services        very quickly and so it is essential that testing
Wastewater treatment applications                                                               SIA                                               should be done with a minimum of delay,
using ViroFilter™ technology                    Some simple guidelines for                                                                        preferably at the point of sampling. A
                                                successful operations and being seen            Assessment of factors affecting the
Hogan, F. and Tillotson, S., Virotec Europe                                                     growth of blue-green algae in                     number of portable field test kits have been
                                                as a good neighbour                                                                               developed; the most common and widely
Limited                                         Doman, D., Consultme 4 EBM Ltd                  Preston Dock
                                                                                                Brockie, N., Atkins Global                        used is the DPD colorimetric procedure.
The development of the treatment
                                                                                                                                                  The disadvantages of such a field test
strategy for the rapidly increasing
                                                  ODOUR TREATMENT                               RIVER BASINS                                      include the necessity for the sample to be
Emirate of Dubai. A discussion of
                                                                                                                                                  colour and turbidity free, and the need to
challenges and solutions
                                                Biofiltration for odour control in the          Decision making tools for selecting               measure free and combined chlorine
Ratcliff, R. and Nair, A., MWH                                                                  measures to mitigate the impacts of               separately.
                                                MSW and wastewater industries
Developments in septicity                       Maloney, B., Bord ná Móna Environmental         dams and assessing new hydropower                 The workshop will allow delegates to
prevention using predictive multi-              Products UK Ltd                                 proposals                                         preview a novel method that utilises a
node dosing                                                                                     Ioris, A.A.R., Irving, K., Johnston, W. and       portable instrument and disposable sensors
                                                Odour control and off-gas treatment             Zuleeg, F., SEPA
Caldwell, S., YARA                              based onphoto-catalytical oxidation                                                               for the simultaneous measurement of free
Application of tertiary treatment –             Augustin, O., Fuchs Gas-und Wassertechnik       The Tyne: A river reborn                          and total chlorine.
media selection for different                   GmbH                                            Clear Hill, H., Northumberland County             Dr Birch, Sensor Scientist at Palintest Ltd,
treatment processes                                                                             Council                                           will describe the technology and its
                                                Odour emission control with
Cowley, E., Aqua Enviro Ltd                     advanced biotechnology to reduce                Shannon River basin district project              application in field monitoring, and
The use of Pummice as a tertiary                operational costs and operational               Barr, A. and Glasgow, G., RPS                     delegates will be able to use the equipment
filtration Media when applied to                interference                                                                                      to make tests on a variety of chlorine
industrial Effluent                             Kraakman, N.J.R., Bioway Corporation            POST INDUSTRIAL                                   solutions.
Lowe, M., Aqua Enviro Ltd                                                                       POLLUTION
                                                  ODOUR MONITORING                              Assessment of the new directive on                  ROOM 5
MEMBRANE TECHNOLOGY                                                                             management of waste from the                        MCL CONSULTANCY
                                                Odour vs H2S as a site emission                 extractive industries for the control               LTD WORKSHOP
Ballyclare WwTW; specification,                 monitor                                         of mine water pollution in the UK
design, commissioning and operation             Pickering, B., Smith, C., MWH                   Amezaga, J., Jarvis, A.P. and Younger, P.,        MAINTENANCE – IN-HOUSE OR
of a large advanced MBR plant – The                                                             University of Newcastle                           OUTSOURCE? BUT IS THAT THE
                                                Odour dispersion from a hole in the
cost and challenges with stringent              ground                                                                                            QUESTION?
standards                                                                                       Identifying diffuse sources of
                                                Fraser, S., The Airshed                         inorganic pollutants in post-                     The workshop will take delegates through
Brow, P., MWH (UK) Ltd                                                                                                                            the fragmented world of maintenance, and
                                                Monitoring of wastewater treatment              industrial catchments
Biological degradation of leachate              odours by means of OdoWatch                     Mayes, W.M.1, Jarvis, A.P.1, Gozzard, E.1 and     the perceptions that operations and
effluents using ZENON MBR                       electronic noses                                Potter, H.2, 1University of Newcastle,            maintenance have of each other. We will
Technology                                              1           1               2
                                                Pagé, T. , Rényi, P. , Levasseur, J. and
                                                                                                 Environment Agency                               develop the O&M business model,
Brockmann, M., Noble, J. and Möslang, H.,       Renner, C.2, 1Odotech Inc., 2Veolia Water                                                         focussing on the role of maintenance, and
ZENON Ltd                                                                                                                                         develop appropriate definitions for
                                                Mass transfer modelling of H2S in               ROOM 4                                            performance, finance, supply chain, M&E
Applying membrane bioreactor                    odour treatment technologies
technology for nutrient removal                                                                 UNIVERSITY OF                                     and ICA. Having defined the relationship
                                                Georgaki, S.1, Stuez, R.2 and Jefferson, B.3,   NEWCASTLE WORKSHOP                                between operator and maintainer, we will
Bruzzone, M., MWH Global                        1
                                                  MWH, 2University of New South Wales,                                                            identify the performance, financial and
Membrane technology for on-site                  Cranfield University                           APPLYING THE TOOLS AND                            supply chain accountabilities for operator
industrial wastewater treatment and             Impact of variable emission rates on            CONCEPTS OF MOLECULAR                             and maintainer.
reuse                                           odour modelling at WwTW’s                       ECOLOGY TO THE BIOLOGICAL                         Where the maintainer has full accountability
Howorth, C., ITT                                Callister, S. and Harper, P.L.S., Water         TREATMENT OF WASTES                               for performance of the assets, we will look at
                                                Innovate Ltd                                    Recent advances in microbial ecology have         the application of asset based performance
                                                                                                given the water industry a whole new suite        contracts on sewage pumping stations,
PROCESS MODELLING                                                                               of tools for the characterization of biological   examining case studies from Welsh Water
A mathematical model-based
                                                  ROOM 3                                        wastewater treatment systems. It is now           and South West Water experience.
approach to analysing the reliability                                                           possible to measure the numbers and               The workshop will be a combination of
                                                  WATER RESOURCE                                diversity of certain key organisms and relate
of UV disinfection processes                      MANAGEMENT                                                                                      pertinent exercises and facilitated interactive
                                                                                                some of these characteristics to process          discussion in order to fully explore and
Smith, G.A., United Utilities
                                                Planning and promoting new water                performance, such as P removal, nitrification     understand both the thinking behind the
Advanced modelling tools to support             resource schemes in the South East              and foaming, at full scale. This workshop is      model and implications of its
pollution control constructed                   of England                                      sponsored, in part, by through grants made        implementation.
wetlands                                        Hunt, D., Atkins Water                          available by the EPSRC and the Royal
Lee, B.H., Wu, X., and Scholz, M.,                                                              Academy of Engineering.                           Introduction to the workshop
University of Edinburgh                         Are current water resources plans
                                                robust to climate change                        A Conceptual Foundation                           Maintenance in the UK Water Industry
CFD modelling of the Weymouth                   uncertainties? A case study from the            Professor Ian Head
sequencing batch reactor                                                                                                                          Perceptions of maintenance – exercise
                                                Anglian region of the UK                        Explaining the core science and its inherent
Egarr, D.A.1, Burt, D.1 and Tomlin, S.2, 1MMI   Dessai, S. and Hulme, M., Tyndall Centre        power and limits in a simple and accessible       Developing the O&M business model – risk
Engineering, 2Wessex Water                      for Climate Change Research , University of     manner.                                           & accountability for maintenance
Calculating primary settling tank               East Anglia                                                                                       M&E and ICA – roles and responsibilities
                                                                                                The Technical basis
performance with computational                  Two resources for the price of one:-            Dr Russell Davenport                              Measuring the performance of the
fluid dynamics                                  summer river flow augmentation,                                                                   maintainer
                                                winter nitrate reduction                        Decoding the “alphabet soup” of methods           Finance and supply chain
Robinson, C.M.E.1, Wilson, R.2 and Hinsley,                                                     from FISH to QPCR. We will give the visitor
  2 1                 2
S. , MMI Engineering, Severn Trent              La Trobe-Bateman, J., MWH                                                                         Asset based performance contracts
                                                                                                a clear idea of what can be done, and its
Engineering                                     Benefit-sharing: The principle for              limitations.                                      Application of asset based performance
Unifying concepts in the design of              intelligent water management                    Examples of its application in design             contracts
biological treatment systems                    Alam, U., Cranfield University                  and monitoring                                    - Welsh Water
Curtis, T.P., University of Newcastle                                                           Professor Tom Curtis                              - South West Water