AUCTION HIGHLIGHTS Too much to list, this brochure is by uvk48604


									                                        AUCTION HIGHLIGHTS
Too much to list, this brochure is a small sample of thousands of items in this auction! Refer to Web Site:
 60+ CUMMINS BIG CAM ENGINES: CUMMINS:               ENGINES: 20+ FORD DIESEL: 6.6L & 7.8L          1000+ DIFFERENTIALS: DS463P, DS461P,
 ISX, ISM, ISC, ISB, N14, Big Cam I, II, III, &      ISUZU: 4 & 6 Cylinder Nissan UD, HINO, MIT-    RDL, RT46160, SSHD, DS404, DS402,
 IV, Small Cam, L10, L10STC, VT555, VT903,           SUBISHI, VOLVO, and MERCEDES BENZ Diesel       RD20145, N400, RA-472, SQ-100, CRD 92/93
 6B 5.9, 6C 8.3                                      Engines with some very low miles!!! GAS        Ball Seat & Straddle Mount
                                                     ENGINES: Ford, GM, and International           2-speeds: 23221, 18221, 17221, 16244,15201,
 800+ DIESEL ENGINES: DETROIT: 60 series                                                            RS17220, RS21230, G175T, M210T
 DDec II, III, IV, and V, 11.1, 12.7, and 14L, 1     800+ TRANSMISSIONS: ALLISON: HD4560P,
 NEW Surplus Detroit 50 Series DDec IV and 1         HT754CR, HT748, HT741RS, HT40RS,               10,000+ NEW Diesel Engine Parts: Cummins:
 REMAN, other 50 Series DDec III & IV, 8V92,         HT740D, MD3060P, MD3560P, 3000PTS,             Big Cam, Small Cam, 8.3 Caterpillar, Mack, and
 6V92, 6V71, 6V53, 8.2T, 6-71, 4-71, 3-71,3-53       MT653, AT650, MT644, MT643, MT40,AT545,        Case
 CATERPILLAR: C-15, C-13, C-12, C-10,                V731, V730RV FULLER: 18, 15, 13, 10 9,         1000s of NEW Drive Line Parts: Genuine
 3116,3126, 3306B, 3306C, 3408, 3412, 3208,          8LLS, 7,6, & 5 SPEEDS: RTLO 20918, 18718B      Rockwell!!!
 3406B,3406C, 3406E                                  too many to list.
                                                                                                    NEW Genuine Mack Fly Housings, 9 Spring
                                                     ASSORTED TRANSFER CASES                        Clutch Cores, 100s of Fan Blades (all Good &
 DT466F, DT360, T444E, 9.0L, 7.4L, 7.3L, 6.9L
 MACK: E-7 Electronic, E-7 Mechanical, E-6 4         200+ MEDIUM/LITE DUTY TRANSMISSIONS:
 Valve, E-6 2 Valve, ENDT 676 (300), ENDT 675        4X4, 4 &5 speeds                               20+ Cummins M-11E Used Jake Kits-Complete
 (237), Midliner                                                                                    NEW TRW Steering Gear plus 100s of used
                                                     100+ Complete Tandem Cutoffs - All 44,000
                                                     lbs. and UP!!                                  take-offs for all manufacturers & models

  Detroit 6V71N 125KW Gen Set           NEW DRIVE SHAFT PRODUCTS                    DS 402 4.33 Ratio                   DS 521P 5.43 Ratio

                                        Front Drive Steer Axles, Eaton,
  Dump Cylinder Kits & Wet Kits          FABCO, Rockwell & Oshkosh                 Fuller RTLO 18718 B                 Matched Set of DS461P

Miscellaneous New Drive Line Parts    NEW Cummines Water Pump Parts           NEW Cummins Air Compressors             NEW Cummins Flywheels

      NEW Cummins Oil Pan                         NEW End Yokes              NEW OEM Mack Flywheel Housings               NEW Slip Yokes

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