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E.NEWSLETTER                                                                          AUTUMN 2009

          elcome to the Autumn edition of “The Business End”. The
          first edition sent out in June this year was a great success
          and I would like to take this opportunity to thank those of you
who provided feedback, it’s all very welcome. If there is anything in
particular that you would like to see in our future newsletters, please let
                                                                              s p e a k
us know.
As well as the 2nd edition of “The Business End” September also sees          Windows 7 Release
the launch of our loyalty scheme. We believe that good service is             Windows 7 will be available from 22nd
worth shouting about, so naturally we hope that you'll be telling your        October 2009, this new operating
friends in the business world about the IT support from Shield                system is faster, more reliable and
Technologies. We also believe that one good turn deserves another,            more secure than previous versions.
so for every referral that results in a support contract we will say Thank    As with all Windows operating
You with a cash reward of £100. To find out more about our Loyalty            systems several versions are being
Scheme or to send a referral, email           launched, Windows 7 Starter which
Even if you have no referrals as yet but would like to let others know        will be pre-installed on some pc's,
about the service you receive from Shield Technologies you can!               Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows
Simply search for us on Google, you will find our entries on many             7 Professional for business and
business directories, just add a review. Mark Swindale, Managing Director     Windows 7 Enterprise for customers
                                                                              who have advanced data protection
                                                                              needs, Windows 7 Enterprise is only
 Customer Profile:                                                            available when ordered in batches.
 Sopp & Sopp - Vehicle Accident Management                                    Windows 7 is now supported by
 Founded in 2003, Sopp & Sopp works with a network of over fifty              Shield Technologies.
 partners nationwide to deliver an excellent level of service to the
 commercial vehicle market. The company manages 40,000 vehicles               Broadband Slower than Advertised
 for companies such as Tesco, Fedex, Sainsburys, Boots, Brakes,
                                                                              According to the largest survey of its
 Carlsberg & Coca Cola and every type of vehicle from cement
                                                                              kind by Ofcom, broadband users are
                 mixers to Formula One trailers. Along with project
                                                                              not getting the speeds they are
                 managing re-livery, re-paint programmes, vehicle
                                                                              paying for. Almost one fifth of UK
                 disposal and end of lease returns and
                                                                              broadband customers who are
                 refurbishment Sopp & Sopp operate a 24/7 call
                                                                              paying for 8Mbps connections
                 centre for customers who wish to report incidents
                                                                              actually receive less than 2Mbps
                 involving their vehicles or employees.
                                                                              according to the survey.
              For more information on the services on offer visit             Because the measured speeds varied                                                        so much, a simple league table of ISP
 “Shield Technologies have been providing IT Support for us since             speeds is difficult to make. However,
 November 2006 with the Safety Net Support contract. They have                Ofcom have released a summary of
 also assisted us in a number of projects, most recently for a new            the broadband speeds you can
 contract with a large supermarket chain. We recently set up a call           expect from 9 of the biggest internet
 centre and needed remote access to our systems 24 hours a day 7              service providers. You can find this
 days a week. Deadlines were tight, but within just 3 days we had             information at
 safe and secure remote access to all of our systems.”              
 Jamie Sopp, Managing Director, Sopp & Sopp, 0870 6001724.                    broadbandspeedsjy
YOUR IT SYSTEMS                                           RECESSION
At 7.30am on 1st July 2009 affected Safety Net            IT outsourcing has grown over the last 12 months
customers received a text message from Shield             with businesses aiming to reduce their costs
informing them that their server was offline. There       during the recession.
had been a failure with local broadband services
                                                          According to the National Outsourcing Association
which had caused downtime on 20 of the servers
                                                          (NOA), the market for the activity grew by 12 per
that we monitor.
                                                          cent in 2008, in addition further research found that
Shield knew about this before 7.30am and was              64 per cent of businesses have used a form of
speaking with BT to try to rectify the problem. In fact   outsourcing for some of their IT tasks and 34 per
when Shield contacted BT they advised us that             cent outsource over half of their IT department.
there were no problems! We stayed in touch with
                                                          Whilst many businesses prefer to employ their own
BT throughout the morning and were able to give
                                                          IT department many other companies have seen
our customers regular status updates.
                                                          profit increase due to costs for such services as IT
Alison Forsythe at Premier Kitchens remembers the         support being outsourced.
incident and said “Shield dealt with it excellently as
always”.                                                   Proactive maintenance checks
Thornton Holmes at Orchid Financial Services said          As part of our Safety Net Support, a weekly
“Shield were in contact with us well before the start      report showed that one of our customers’ server
of our working day to advise us of the problem. We         hard drive was badly fragmented. We attempted
had regular calls throughout the morning from              to defragment the drive without success and so
Shield Technicians giving updates. The proactive           advised our customer that in our opinion the
nature of their service is the reason why they’re our      drive was faulty, consequently to avoid any data
IT Support provider”.                                      loss or further problems in the future the hard
Shield prides itself on the proactive approach it          drive should be replaced. Problem solved,
adopts towards IT Support and this is another              system functioning effectively again in under
example of how server monitoring works for Safety          three hours... it could have been so much worse!
Net customers.

 Customer Profile:                                        Incorporate integrated lighting, window blinds and air
                                                          conditioning and you have a simple, easy to use one-
 Innovations, Audio Visual Specialists                    stop system that is simple to operate even for novice
 Innovations are Audio Visual specialists offering        users.
 design, installation and support for a complete range    This technology aligns itself well with Shield
                              of presentation systems     Technologies remote support as we have also
                              and electronic signage      pioneered a unique remote support service that
                              s o l u t i o n s f o r     allows us to monitor your AV systems for signs of
                         Andy Russell

                              Boardrooms, training or     problems. As with Shield’s server monitoring we are
                              meeting rooms,              able to identify and deal with problems before our
                              receptions and general      customers know about them.
                              c o r p o r a t e
                              environments.               Our own experiences with this type of technology
                                                          encouraged us to embrace the idea of remote support
                              There is a great deal of    for our IT systems and the Safety Net package offered
                              synergy between             by Shield Technologies. Our data is important and we
                              modern Audio Visual         take disaster recovery to the extreme. This is why I did
                              Systems and IT              not think twice when Shield offered us a remote
 Systems with the age of the internet opening up new      support package with on line back up facilities for the
 possibilities for the network point in the wall often    price of a cheap sandwich per day. Local, reliable
 taken for granted.                                       support is important, as our integrated CRM systems
 “Boardroom and meeting room presentation systems         are vital for the day-to-day operation of the business.
 have improved radically in recent years with the         Shield very often complete tasks out of hours to save
 emphasis on integration, using video conferencing        disruption of the working day and to reduce down
 and touch screen technology as a replacement for a       time. Frankly, I cannot think of a reason not to
 table full of remote controls. We provide a simple,      recommend them. Good honest and reliable service
 intelligent touch screen system that allows your         at a reasonable price.” Andy Russell Managing Director,
                                                          Innovations 01733 204214
 equipment to be operated wirelessly from the desk.
In July we launched Shield Support, our new IT
Support request system. The system had been up
and running for some months, being tested in house
and had proved very successful. In July we rolled
Shield Support out to our customers with the aim of        Preventing your pc's and servers from shutting
keeping them fully up to date of all progress on           down erroneously is crucial; if you simply
support requests they make.                                disconnect the power, long term damage can be
We also launched which is          caused to hardware and software. Although users
Shield Technologies IT Support Centre. All                 can cause this problem, power cuts are prominent
customers will be directed to this website to log on       during stormy weather and can also occur without
to our remote support service, this coupled with a         warning when local power suppliers experience
support telephone number and email address, will
give our customers a much improved and more
streamlined service.                                       A UPS (uninterruptible power supply) can help to
                                                           limit the damage caused due to any of these
       H E A LT H                                          problems occurring. Essentially a UPS is a battery

    your A F E T Y&
                                                           that provides backup power to your server or pc's
                                                           and, configured correctly can shutdown your
 Computer Workstations                                     systems properly after a loss of power.

 There have been many claims for injury and ill            UPS's are essential for servers, at the very least
 health due to workstations which are not fit for          surge protectors should be used for your pc's.
 purpose with these claims resulting in large              Surge protectors will not stop your pc's from
 payments to the inured person.
                                                           shutting down in the event of power loss; however,
 Computer workstations have their own specific
                                                           they will protect your pc's from power surges or
 regulations called the Display Screen Equipment
 Regulations 1992 and these regulations place legal        spikes. In layman's terms a power surge sends too
 obligations on both the employer and the employee.        much electricity through your electrical sockets,
 The employer has to provide suitable workstations         this can blow hardware components and cause
 and an environment for its staff, information and         pc's to power down incorrectly. Surge protectors
 training on those workstations and undertake risk         aren't much more expensive than a normal 4 way
 assessments on workstation use. The employee has
                                                           extension lead and can be purchased from most
 to comply with the employers arrangements to help
 the employer fulfil his obligation.                       DIY stores, they could save you hundreds of
 Complying with the law and keeping your staff free        pounds in hardware replacements.
 from injury is simple if you follow this system.
 Health & Safety Myth - You have to have your PC's
 PAT tested every year
                                                          Welcome aboard
 Health & Safety Fact – Desktop PC's, if they are not     We are delighted to welcome a number of new clients
 moved, can be PAT tested every 3 – 5 years with          to Shield Technologies over recent weeks, including:
 ongoing visual inspections by the user.                  The Best of Peterborough . . . LeVerts . . . ALP . . .
 Stephen Smith, Sphere Risk Health & Safety Management,   Double R Glass . . .S&R Facilities . . . Athene . . .
 0844 4180390                        Subway . . .Churchgate Ltd . . . Anglia Mechancial . . .

               . . . safeguarding your business

                                                                                    AUTUMN 2009

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