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					                         Indian Association of Biological Psychiatry
                                   Regd. Office & Secretariat: A-2, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110027
                               Telefax: 011 25172059 / 25934802, * *Email:

Dr. E. Mohan Das                                                                                           21 July 2008
Mob: 09447086355

President:                                                Report of Hony. Secretary IABP
Dr. Anu Kant Mital
Mob: 098210164327                    A group of like-minded Indian Psychiatrists have formed the Indian Association
Vice President:                      of Biological Psychiatry.
Dr. N. K. Bohra
09811116980                This society has got affiliation with World Federation of Societies of Biological
Dr. Chittaranjan Andrade
Mob: 09880150971
                                     The society has been registered. It has a fully operational bank account &
Hony. Secretary:                     Secretariat Office.
Dr. Rajesh Nagpal
Mob: 09810037469
                                     We have an active website which lists the various activities of the IABP.
Asst. Secretary:
Dr. Gautam Saha
Mob: 09830055235                     The First conference was held in Digha, a picturesque seaside resort on 13th & 14th
                                     November 2005. The scientific program was attended by 56 delegates. The
Treasurer:                           scientific program was preceded by a debate ‘Should Psychiatrists in the East
Dr. U. C. Garg
Mob: 09837063178                     Reinvent the Wheel.’ The topics deliberated on were ‘How Neuroscience can                    shape the future diagnosis in Anxiety Disorder’, ‘Neurobiology of Anxiety,
Editor:                              Neurobiology of PTSD’, ‘Neurobiology of Depression’, ‘Neurobiology of
Dr. S. C. Tiwari                      Alcohol Dependence’, and ‘Neurochemistry of Schizophrenia’.
Executive Committee:
Dr. Sunil Mittal                     Dr. Zohar, Associate Editor, World Journal Of Biological Psychiatry, Dr. E.
Mob: 09811080262
                                     Mohan Das, Dr. Rajesh Nagpal, Dr. Protima Murthy, and Dr. Ajit Avasthi were
                                     among the distinguished faculty.
Dr. P. M. Madhavan
Mob: 09447088140              The Second conference was held at Cochin on 5th and 6th August 2006. Dr. Dinesh
Dr. Uday Chaudhuri                   Narayanan & Dr. E. Mohan Das were our Organizing Secretary & Chairperson
Mob: 09830124746
                                     respectively. The distinguished faculty included Dr. Matcheri Keshavan, Dr
                                     Madhusudanan, Dr John P John, Dr Savita Malhotra, Dr Suresh Sundram, Dr E
Dr. G. Prasad Rao
Mob: 09849028827                     Mohandas, Dr A Mittal, and Dr. Raghunath.

Co-Opt. Members:                     The Scientific program included ‘Neurobiology of Early Schizophrenia’,
Dr. M. Margoob
Mob: 09419016800                     ‘Prefrontal Cortex-Neuroanatomical & Functional Aspects’, ‘Prefrontal Cortex-        The relevance in Psychiatry’, ‘Neural Circuitry of ADHD’, ‘Modified Panel
Dr. M. Thirunavakarasu               Discussion on all Four Presentations’, ‘Antipsychotics and signaling’,
Mob: 09444034647
                                     ‘Neurobiology of Psychotherapy’, ‘Pseudobulbar Affect’, and ‘Neurobiology of
                                     Alzheimer’s Disease’.
Dr. M. R. Jhanwar
Mob: 09935571051                        The Third conference was held at Goa on 2nd Aug 2007. Dr Sunil Mittal was the
Dr. Neena Bohra                      chairperson of the scientific community. The distinguished faculty included Dr
Mob: 09810356500
                                     Sanjeev Jain, Dr. John P John, Dr. E. Mohan Das, Prof. Florence Thiabaut, Dr. C.
                                     Andrade, Dr. Vivek Benegal, Dr. Ajit Avasthi, Dr. Sunil Mittal, Dr. Arun
                                     Ravindran and Dr. G. Prasad Rao.
                         Indian Association of Biological Psychiatry
                                  Regd. Office & Secretariat: A-2, Rajouri Garden, New Delhi – 110027
                           Telefax: 011 25172059 / 25934802, * *Email:

Dr. E. Mohan Das                      The scientific programme included, Plenary sessions on ‘Proteomics’, ‘Frontal
Mob: 09447086355                 Pole: Relevance For Schizophrenia, ‘Neural Correlates Of Somatoforms
                                      Disorders’, ‘Genetics Of Schizophrenia: Contemporary Understandings’,
Dr. Anu Kant Mital                    ‘Recent Research On The Molecular Mechanisms Of ECT’, ‘Recent Advances
Mob: 098210164327                     In The Neurobiology Of Addiction’, ‘Neurobiology Of Psychotherapy’ &
                                      Workshops On Clinical Applications Of Recent Advance In The ‘Biological
Vice President:
Dr. N. K. Bohra                       Treatment Of Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder’ And ‘Biological Treatment
09811116980                 Of Depression’.
Dr. Chittaranjan Andrade
Mob: 09880150971                      IABP members participated as speakers & delegates at the 2nd International
                                      Congress on Biological Psychiatry at Santiago, Chile, 17th to 21st April, 2007.

Hony. Secretary:
Dr. Rajesh Nagpal                     In Santiago two symposia were accepted . John P. John was awarded best poster
Mob: 09810037469                      award for the presentation on ‘Frontal Pole’.

Asst. Secretary:
Dr. Gautam Saha                       In Athens one symposium was presented by the Indian Association of Biological
Mob: 09830055235                      psychiatry at the European/ Mediterrain Regional meeting.
                                      Dr. Mittal has been invited to be a member of the following Committees of the
Dr. U. C. Garg
Mob: 09837063178                                 a. International Affairs Committee
                                                 b. International Scientific Committee for Paris Conference
Dr. S. C. Tiwari                       Dr. Rajesh Nagpal has been invited to be the Co-chairperson, Committee on
Executive Committee:                  Ethics, World Federation of Societies of Biological Psychiatry
Dr. Sunil Mittal
Mob: 09811080262                   Dr. Mittal will be chairing a session and also speaking in the symposium at
Dr. P. M. Madhavan
                                      Toyoma (Japan) Conference at the Regional Asia Pacific Meet.
Mob: 09447088140
                                      Two students were recommended for ‘Toyoma Young Scientist Travel Grant’.
Dr. Uday Chaudhuri
Mob: 09830124746          The Fourth Conference will be held at Varanasi on 4th – 5th October 2008. The
Dr. G. Prasad Rao
                                      Scientific programme includes ‘Dopaminergic Receptor Systems’, ‘Serotinergic
Mob: 09849028827                      Receptor Systems’, ‘Glutamatergic Receptor Systems’, Neural Circuits &
                                      Psychopathology’, Neurobiology Of Depression: What We Know?’,
Co-Opt. Members:
Dr. M. Margoob
                                      ‘Neurobiology Of Schizophrenia: what we know?
Mob: 09419016800
                                      Some of us will participate as speakers and delegates at the 9th World Congress
Dr. M. Thirunavakarasu                of Biological Psychiatry at Paris, France on 28th June - 2nd July 2009
Mob: 09444034647

Dr. M. R. Jhanwar
Mob: 09935571051

Dr. Neena Bohra                       Dr. Rajesh Nagpal
Mob: 09810356500                      Hony. Secretary

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