ST BRENDAN’S SIXTH FORM COLLEGE

                                                                                                                           Governing Body
                                                                                             Notes of Meeting Held On: Thursday, 15 October 2009
                                                                                                                      Room B 207 at 17.15–20.20
Governors Present: Mike Anglin, Geoff Barrett [Chair], Derek Bodey [Principal], Tim Coyle, (part), Peter Franklin, Ross Kilpatrick, Brendan
McBride, Rebecca McLaughlin, Max Morris, Mark Williams (10)
Apologies: Christine Hayward, Michael McConalogue, Anna Mearns, Tony Smith, (4)
Absent: (0)
Attending: Joseph Ayaabah, Olive Barnes, Owen McNamara, Brendan Smith, Ann Barrow [Vice Principal] (part), and Peter J Harrison [Clerk
to Governors]
                                                                               Quorum Present: 10/14 [including 4 Foundation Governors]
Documents Circulated/Tabled* at Meeting:
     Document [A] ‘Governors’ Register of Pecuniary & Access Annual Declaration 2009/2010’
     Document [B] ‘Governing Body Attendance Record 2008/2009’
     Document [C] ‘Governors’ Committees – September 2009’
     Document [D] ‘Principal’s Report Examinations Results Summer 2009’
     Document [E] ‘Allied Irish Bank [AiB] Letter of Variation – 27 July 2009’
     Document [F] ‘Catholic Education Service Pastoral Letter of Bishop McMahon’
     Document [G] ‘Congregatia De Institutione Catholica – Letter dated 5 May 2009’

Circulation: All Governors, Clerk to Governors, Christine Hart, Public Record Copy, College Website.
 Governors’ Briefing: ‘Sixth Form College Status – under the new Act’ – Principal
 The Principal informed Governors that the Government consultation paper about the change of legal status for Sixth Form Colleges has not
 yet been released. However, it is anticipated that by December 2009 the Governing Body will need to decide whether:
                      • To remain as part of the Further Education sector, or
                      • To become a ‘Designated Sixth Form College’ with the new unique legal status within the Local Authority sector.
 The latter option as a Designated Sixth Form College means that the College would have an Academy-type status within the Local Authority
 educational family. Funding would flow from the Department ƒor Children, Schools and Families [DCSF], with audit and other quality issues
 also being managed within the same structure. It is likely that Designated Sixth Form Colleges would be able to carry a distinct logo, one not
 available for use by Colleges of Further Education, nor by schools with sixth forms. The legal definition of a Sixth Form College being
 restricted solely to those institutions designated as Sixth Form Colleges.
 It is also likely that the College, if designated, would retain national pay, conditions and procedures, as a member of the Sixth Form Colleges
 Forum [SFCF]. For such a designated College, the Association of Colleges [AoC] would then have less relevance for the College, although as
 St Brendan’s Sixth Form College is one of only two in the South West, regional representation through the AoC might be beneficial.
 Funding is to flow from DCSF to the Local Authority. Fortunately, the four local LAs are creating a West of England Limited company through
 which this ring-fenced funding would be administered.
 The Learning Skills Council [LSC] is planned to have its staff dispersed by transfer to the new agencies operating within the sector by April
 2010, some to:
                      • Young Peoples’ Learning Agency [YPLA] – that will deal with national formula funding;
                      • Skills ƒor Adults [SFA] – that will be the new post-19 agency;
                      • Local Authority [LA] – that will be responsible for Schools, Academies and Designated Sixth Form Colleges.
 In discussion, Governors expressed some concerns that the more experienced LSC staff might be allocated to the YPLA or SFA rather than to
 the LAs and this may create difficulties in the early period of transition, as staff would have no knowledge or understanding of the Sixth Form
 College 16-19 curriculum or standards. The Principal stated that he was working to ensure that the College enjoyed good relationships with
 relevant people from all four local LAs. In addition, there was speculation whether the legislative changes might equalise the funding rates for
 students in sixth forms in schools with those in Sixth Form Colleges, where currently the amount of funding per student is significantly lower.

            ITEM                                          ISSUES RAISED IN DISCUSSION                                      AGREED ACTION

 1. Welcome                     1.1 Welcome / Prayer: The Clerk to Governors took the chair for the first part of the
                                meeting, and welcomed Governors to the first meeting of the new academic year for the
                                first time in the new College building. The meeting opened with prayer.

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol              Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                  page 2 of 18 pages/pjh
 Welcome                        The Clerk advised that a number of Governors’ formal re-appointments as Foundation
                                Governors are pending. In addition, he welcomed Joseph Ayaabah and Brendan Smith
                                who are also awaiting appointment as new Foundation Governors and are attending the
                                meeting for the first time. The Clerk to Governors suggested that everyone present might
                                be encouraged to take a full part in any discussion but only those Governors currently
                                holding formal appointment should cast their vote, in order to ensure compliance with the
                                regulations. Introductions around the table were then made.
                                1.2 Apologies: The apologies were noted and accepted.
                                1.3 Quorate: The meeting was declared quorate.

 2. Interest                    ‘Governors’ Register of Pecuniary & Access Annual Declaration 2009/2010’ document [A]
    Declarations                circulated previously.
                                                                                                                                              All Governors
                                2.1 Annual Declarations of Interest 2009/2010: The Clerk reminded Governors that they                         Next Agenda
                                are required to make a written declaration of pecuniary interest each year, and invited
                                Governors to complete and return the Form of Declaration already circulated with the
                                agenda, by the end of October, or at the end of this meeting. The Governors’ Audit
                                Committee will review compliance at a later point in the year.
                                2.2 Declarations of Interest [Update]: No fresh declarations were made.
                                [The agenda items were not taken in strict order but are recorded here as itemised on the agenda for
                                convenience and reference.]

 3. Nomination/                 3.1 Election Chair of Governors: The Clerk to Governors advised that no prior nominations
 Election Officers of           had been received and invited nominations:
 Governing Body
                                                            ‘That Geoffrey Barrett be appointed
                                                     Chair of the Governing Body for the coming year’.
                                      Proposed: Derek Bodey
                                      Seconded: Peter Franklin
                                                                                                       Agreed: For 10
                                                                                                           Against: 0
                                                                                                      No Abstentions
                                The Proposal was adopted.

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                  Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                         page 3 of 18 pages/pjh
 Nomination/ Election           3.2 Election Vice Chair of Governors: The Clerk to Governors advised that no prior
 Officers of Governing          nominations had been received and invited nominations. It is understood that Tony Smith
 Body                           would be willing to serve:
 [Continued…]                        Proposal
                                                               ‘That Tony Smith be appointed
                                                   Vice Chair of the Governing Body for the coming year’.
                                     Proposed: Geoff Barrett
                                     Seconded: Derek Bodey
                                                                                                     Agreed: For 10
                                                                                                          Against: 0
                                                                                                     No Abstentions
                                The Proposal was adopted. Geoff Barrett assumed the role of Chair for the meeting.

 4. Previous                    4.1 Minutes Last Meeting [Thursday, 9 July 2009]: The following correction was made:
    Minutes                          4.1.1 Audit Committee [Minutes July § 9.5.2] – the phrase ‘External Audit Report –
                                     The Auditor said of the College: ‘that is about as good as you can get.’ Should
                                     be corrected to read: ‘Internal Audit Report – The Auditor said of the College:
                                     ‘that is about as good as you can get.’
                                4.2 Minutes Agreed: With this correction the draft Minutes, agreed to be a true and                Clerk to Governors
                                accurate record of that meeting, were passed for signature and for publication on the web.

 5. Matters Arising             5.1 Improving Access to Health Services for Young People [Minutes July 2008 § 4.5]: The
 [Not agenda itemised]          Principal reported that the discussions with the Primary Care Trust [PCT] in Bristol is
                                ongoing as the neighbouring PCTs hold the funding for Students attending the College
                                from the wider catchment area outside Bristol PCT area and are debating the question                         Principal
                                about the allocation of resources. Governors urged the Principal to endeavour to move this             & Next Agenda
                                issue forward. It was agreed that the topic might be considered again at the next meeting.
                                5.2 Course Admission Criteria [Minutes July 2008 § 4.3]: The Principal reported that further to
                                the discussion at the last meeting the Equality and Human Rights Commission [E&HRC]
                                has not yet responded to the representations made by the Catholic Education Service
                                [CES] and the individual Sixth Form Colleges. The CES anticipates that the E&HRC may
                                still present a challenge and possibly target one of the Catholic Sixth Form Colleges,
                                possibly St Brendan’s Sixth Form College.
St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                      page 4 of 18 pages/pjh
 Matters Arising                       5.2.1 Admission 2010 Policy [summary]: If applications exceed the number of
 [Continued…]                          places available, students are admitted to the college and allocated to courses
                                       on the basis of the following priorities.
                                       Category 1
                                          Pupils of the College's partner secondary schools,
                                          Other members of the Catholic community,
                                          Siblings of present and former students,
                                          Students identified as having pastoral or academic needs which can best be
                                            met at St Brendan's.
                                       Category 2
                                          Students from a supportive religious background,
                                          Any student who accepts and supports the Catholic ethos and wider aims of
                                            the college.
                                       The ‘challenge’ may relate to the preference offered to Catholic Students
                                       operated by the College as a ‘Catholic college for the community’; and its
                                       support for Catholic education in the diocese following the re-organisation in
                                       1979, when the four Bristol/Bath Catholic Comprehensive Secondary Schools,
                                       and the two Grammar Schools, were restructured for pupils aged 11-16 and the
                                       creation of the Sixth Form College at St Brendan’s for the students post-16-19.
                                       Another area of debate centres on the legislation relating to equality in what is
                                       termed ‘vocational courses’. But the College does not offer ‘vocational courses’
                                       and on legal advice the BTEC courses offered by the College are deemed to be
                                       only ‘vocationally related’.
                                       5.2.2 Admission 2011 Policy – the criteria may need to be revised in relation to
                                       the requirement that any applicant must be prepared to sign up to the Spiritual
                                       Journey and so provide other objective criteria to strengthen the evidence of
                                       ‘support for the Catholic ethos of the College’. Such objective factual evidence
                                       would be less open to challenge.
                                It is clear that the Admission Policies and procedures of some of the other Catholic Sixth
                                Form Colleges may be more open to challenge. In discussion, the Principal also outlined
                                for Governors the current process of application, advice evenings, enrolment interviews
                                and the operation, when necessary, of the Waiting List; all directed at ensuring that
                                applicants get on the right courses in an appropriate institution, to suit their needs and                Principal

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol               Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                  page 5 of 18 pages/pjh
                                choices. It was agreed that the matter would be reviewed again at a future date.

 6. Governing Body              ‘Governing Body Attendance Record 2008/2009’ – document [B] circulated previously, and
 Operations                     the document [B] ‘Governors’ Committees – September 2009’ – document [C] circulated
                                6.1 Continuity of Governance & Appointments [Update]: The Clerk to Governors reported the
                                current status in regard to the recruitment and appointment of Governors on behalf of the
                                Governors’ Search Committee:
                                       6.1.1 Foundation Governors – The following Foundation Governors are
                                       awaiting their formal letters of re-appointment from the Clifton Diocesan
                                       Department ƒor Schools & Colleges [CDDƒS&C]; although their applications
                                       were submitted in July 2009 in advance of the termination of their previous
                                       period of office, and in spite of reminders, the letters of appointment are still
                                                         Olive Barnes
                                                         Owen McNamara
                                       In addition the following named have applied or are in the process of applying
                                       for appointment:
                                                         Joseph Ayaabah
                                                         Brendan Smith
                                       Joseph Ayaabah and Brendan Smith were invited to leave the room briefly
                                       while the Chair outlined the reasons why the Governors’ Search Committee is
                                       recommending the two named for appointment by the Governing Body.
                                                       ‘That both Joseph Ayaabah and Brendan Smith,
                                          subject to appointment by the Clifton Diocesan Department ƒor Schools &
                                              Colleges be appointed as Foundation Governors of the College’.
                                       Proposed: Derek Bodey
                                       Seconded: Geoff Barrett
                                                                                                      Agreed: For 10
                                                                                                          Against: 0         Clerk to Governors
                                                                                                     No Abstentions             & Next Agenda
St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                 Governing Body Minutes October 2009                               page 6 of 18 pages/pjh
                                       The Proposal was adopted.
                                       The two named were recalled and advised of the decision. Governors to
 Governing Body                        undergo the Criminal Record Check [CRB] or the new checking procedure
 Operations                            regulated by the Independent Safeguarding Authority [ISA] as a condition of
 [Continued…]                          their appointment.
                                       6.1.2 Parent Governor – The Clerk to Governors advised that there is currently
                                       one [1] vacancy for a Parent Governor and that at the beginning of September
                                       a letter inviting nominations had been issued to all Parent/Carers inviting
                                       The closing date for nominations was 6 October, and three nominations having
                                       been received the three candidates were invited to submit a brief election               Clerk to Governors
                                       statement for publication in advance of a ballot by Parent/Carers. The Clerk to             & Next Agenda
                                       Governors will continue to conduct the procedure with a view to an appointment
                                       being made by the Governing Body at the next meeting.
                                6.2 Governing Body Attendance Record 2008/2009 With reference to document [B] the
                                Clerk to Governors noted the high attendance record – varying from the lowest 72% to
                                highest 89% – achieved by Governors during the past year and thanked them for their
                                regular attendance that facilitates the effectiveness of the business of the Governing Body,
                                and of the College.
                                6.3 Governors’ Committee Membership [Minutes July § 5.4]: The Governing Body noted the
                                proposed appointments to the different Committees and expressed satisfaction with the
                                changes made.
                                Again it was noted that the following Committees needed to be strengthened by the
                                appointment of additional Governors:
                                               Governors’ Audit Committee*
                                               Governors’ Planning, Curriculum & Student Provision Committee                        All Governors
                                               Governors’ Personnel Committee                                                  Clerk to Governors
                                                                                                                                   & Next Agenda
                                               Governors’ Remuneration Committee*
                                Those marked * being of particular concern in terms of quoracy at meetings. Governors

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                   Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                page 7 of 18 pages/pjh
                                were invited to offer their services to the Clerk to Governors to cover these vacancies.

                                6.4 Appointment of Governors With Special Responsibility: It was noted that the regulations
 Governing Body                 require an appointment of a Governor with responsibility for the protection of vulnerable
 Operations                     adults and children – the Learner Protection Governor.
                                                             ‘That Mark Williams be appointed
                                                  as the Learner Protection Governor for the coming year’.
                                       Proposed: Derek Bodey
                                       Seconded: Geoff Barrett
                                                                                                        Agreed: For 10
                                                                                                            Against: 0
                                                                                                        No Abstentions
                                The Proposal was adopted.
                                6.5 Procedure for Review of Governance 2008/2009 [SAR]: The Clerk to Governors
                                explained that the usual procedure was for each Governor to complete the Self                       All Governors
                                Assessment Review [SAR] form and return this to the Clerk to consolidate into an               Clerk to Governors
                                anonymised report about the quality of governance in the past year.                                  Next Agenda
                                Governors agreed that the procedure similar to that adopted last year should be repeated
                                and the Clerk was instructed to issue the form to each Governor for completion and return
                                for review at the next meeting.
                                6.6 Governor Induction & Training: The Chair explained that in addition to the Governor
                                Briefing sessions held regularly at Governor Committee meetings and by the Governing
                                Body, the practice was also to offer induction and support to new Governors to help them
                                come up to speed on governance issues. Accordingly it was agreed that the following
                                named would be acting as mentors to the new Governors on appointment:                                Olive Barnes
                                                  •   Olive Barnes to act as mentor to Brendan Smith                               Geoff Barrett &
                                                                                                                               Clerk to Governors
                                                  •   Geoff Barrett to act as mentor to Joseph Ayaabah                               Next Agenda
                                The Principal will advise his Personal Assistant to enrol both new Governors in the College
                                ‘moodle’. Progress will be reviewed at the next meeting.

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                  page 8 of 18 pages/pjh
 7. College/Finance             [This agenda item was taken at the start of the meeting to allow the Vice Principal to leave the meeting once it
 Matters                        was concluded. The Minute recorded here as itemised on the agenda for convenience and reference.]
                                7.1 Recruitment/Appointment Vice Principal: The Chair outlined the procedure adopted for
                                the advertising, recruitment and selection of the new Vice Principal.
                                Geoff Barrett briefly reported the outcome of the Selection and Interview process
                                conducted over recent days. From the eight candidates making application four were short
                                listed on merit, all of whom coincidentally also met the required criteria for a ‘Reserved
                                Post’ in a Catholic College.
                                A series of selection sessions within committees were conducted on Day One, with
                                Governors, Staff and Students taking part. On Day Two the candidates were invited to
                                make a 10-minute presentation to the Selection Panel followed by a 30-minute interview.
                                Once all the interviews had been conducted the Selection Panel spent about 3 hours
                                reviewing and grading the candidates until the Selection Panel was unanimous in
                                recommending one candidate for the appointment. It was reported that the standard was
                                very high and the two top candidates were very close in terms of their respective attributes
                                and skills.
                                The Governors’ Search Committee was unanimous, therefore, in its recommendation that
                                Madeline Woolfenden be appointed Vice Principal, to succeed Ann Barrow on her
                                appointment as Principal, with effect 1 January 2010.
                                There was a full discussion of these issues among the members of the Governing Body.
                                The current Vice Principal, Ann Barrow, was also invited to offer her comments about the
                                proposed appointment and the reasons for it.
                                                         ‘That Madeline Woolfenden be appointed
                                             as Vice Principal of the College with effect from 1 January 2010’.
                                       Proposed: Geoff Barrett
                                       Seconded: Mark Williams
                                                                                                       Agreed: For 10
                                                                                                            Against: 0
                                                                                                       No Abstentions

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                     Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                                  page 9 of 18 pages/pjh
                                The Proposal was adopted.
                                It was agreed, subject to acceptance by the selected appointee, that training might now be
                                set in hand to ensure a smooth handover by the time of take up of duty. The Vice Principal,
                                Ann Barrow, will be contacting two of the candidates to advise the outcome of the selection
                                process and to offer feedback on individual performance as required, and in one case the                Anne Barrow &
                                Chair will undertake that responsibility.                                                            Chair of Governors
                                                                              Vice Principal Ann Barrow left the meeting 17.50hrs
                                7.2 College Three-Year Financial Forecast 2010/2012 [3-YFF] [Update]: The document
                                previously circulated was also made available now to incoming Governors for information.
                                Governors noted that with the increase in the number of Students on roll, the figures in the
                                3-YFF are already out of date.

 8. College Estates             8.1 Phase One – [E] Building – Snagging List [Update] [Minutes July § 4.2]: The Principal
 Development                    reported the contractor, Leadbitter Construction, continues to work on the ‘snagging list’.
 [Update]                             8.1.1 Leaking Skylight – A number of remedial actions taken have to date not
                                      proved to be effective and work continues to resolve the problem.
                                       8.1.2 Builder’s Debris – Leadbitter Construction is now clearing the debris and
                                       restoring the grounds.
                                       8.1.3 Dance Hall Sound Reverberation – The dance floor ceiling and acoustic
                                       remedial work will be undertaken by the current contractor on site, ISG Pearce.
                                       The work will take place over the half-term break and in the two weeks
                                       8.1.4 Retention Fee – The retention fee of £ 71k held against satisfactory
                                       completion by Leadbitter Construction has not yet been paid.
                                8.2 Phase One Final Report: The final report on Phase One has been tabled with the
                                Governors’ Resources Committee which considered the detail of the conduct and
                                resourcing of the contract.
                                8.3 Phase Two [Update]: The Principal reported:

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                        page 10 of 18 pages/pjh
                                       8.3.1 Handover Progress – With the exception of the Chapel and the Theatre,
                                       B-Building has been handed over to the College and is in use.
                                       8.3.2 Fitting and Commissioning – Furniture, Fittings & Equipment [FFE] should
 College Estates
                                       be completed by the end of half-term. Difficulties of supply arose in the Spring
                                       when one company was taken over by another leading to a disruption of
                                       delivery of some furnishings. The following were noted:
                                                    • Chemistry Laboratory Fume Cupboards – an electrical wiring
                                                       error is being rectified;
                                                    • Lighting Levels – the emergency lighting and the general
                                                       automatic lux levels are being balanced and commissioned;
                                                    • Heating and Ventilation – is still being commissioned and some
                                                       pump ‘trip’ switches are being replaced. The Principal
                                                       responding to questions about the regulation temperature levels
                                                       in the building indicated that this was being monitored and it
                                                       was anticipated that the combined ventilation/heating system
                                                       would be fully operational in the coming week;
                                                    • Asbestos & Demolition – Work is starting on the specialised
                                                       task of asbestos removal in the old building with demolition and
                                                       landscaping taking place between now and the end of the
                                                       contract in March/April 2010;
                                                    • Snagging List – ISG Pearce continues to work on the ‘snagging
                                                       list items’.
                                                    • Display Energy Certificate [DEC] – the question was raised
                                                       about the DEC in C-Building that indicates ‘eco efficiency’ as
                                                       RED in what is otherwise a fairly new part of the College estate.
                                                       The Principal explained that in the first year of operation C-
                                                       Building was having a recto fit of ventilation and so it was not
                                                       considered necessary to have a fully energy survey undertaken
                                                       and a desk study was done instead. The DEC records that
                                                       provisional outcome recording the efficiency at that point in time.
                                                       The plan is that once Phase Two has been completed a full
                                                       specialised survey will be undertaken on all the interlinked
                                                       buildings and the DEC will then reflect the true position and be
St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                 Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                page 11 of 18 pages/pjh
                                                      displayed as required by the regulations.

                                8.4 Phase Three [Update]: The Principal reported that the intention is to provide an all-
 College Estates                weather pitch and modern changing facilities. Currently, the negotiations are at the pre-
 Development                    planning stage with English Heritage [EH] and Bristol City Council [BCC Planning]. The
 [Update]                       College has a strong case having regard to educational and community use. The historic
                                landscape advisor also seems minded to offer a neutral report.
                                The Principal explained the relative merits of the various playing surfaces and their
                                possible use bearing in mind any health and safety issues as they affect different sporting
                                activities on the planned surface.
                                Conversations continue with Bristol Rovers about their Centre for Excellence in
                                collaboration with the College; and Wesport is to be consulted about the potential for a
                                National Lottery bid for funding. It is estimated, that discounting the professional fees
                                already expended by the College, the total project might cost £0.75m.
                                8.5 Phase Four G-Building: Initial advice from our planning advisor has taken place, with a
                                view to re-locating G-Building – that houses the temporary classrooms. The current
                                temporary planning permission was granted until December 2010, and it is intended that in
                                coming months an application will be submitted to Bristol City Council [BCC] planning
                                department. The advice was not to complicate the Phase Three planning application with
                                the G-Building one.
                                G-Building will be needed as a facility for classrooms given the number of Students now on
                                roll. The suggestion is that it might be re-located in front of E-Building where it would be
                                effectively hidden from the main A4 highway by the larger E-Building behind. Given the fact
                                that it is unlikely that capital project funding will be available, the College will need to set
                                aside resources and it may be cost effective to upgrade this building as part of the planned
                                Governors thanked the Principal for his reports.

 9. College                     None

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                       page 12 of 18 pages/pjh

                                                                                                                  19.10               Tim Coyle
                                                            — Adjourned for refreshment break —                                left the meeting
                                                                                                       Resumption 19.30

 10. Principal’s Report         ‘Principal’s Report Examinations Results Summer 2009’ – document [D] circulated
 [Summer Examination            previously in September.
                                10.1 Principal Report Highlights: Referring to the Examinations Results Summer 2009
                                report issued to Governors in September, the Principal picked out the highlights for
                                      10.1.1 A2 Level Results – compared with the national average of 97%, the
                                      College’s provisional pass rate rose to 98%. Only four Students left the College
                                      with no qualification at A2 Level. The College also exceeded the national
                                      average for achievement at grades A-C.
                                      10.1.2 Value-Added Score – this is also up again this year, with the College
                                      now in the positively significant area above the graph averages.
                                      10.1.3 Extended Project Qualification [EPQ] – the College having been a ‘pilot’
                                      centre in 2007/2008 extended this new opportunity for Students to all
                                      curriculum areas. Forty-four Students were tutored through their chosen area of
                                      study. The results were hugely impressive and eight Students achieved A*
                                      Level grades, with the overall success rate of 95%.
                                      10.1.4 AS Level Results – The pass rate of 89% rose slightly on last year and
                                      places the College above the national average. Many institutions within the
                                      Association of Catholic Sixth Form Colleges [ACVIC] and others report a ‘dip’ in
                                      performance for the year.
                                      10.1.5 Level One – Students completing the Level One programme, started by
                                      the College four years ago and offering Students a second or even a third
                                      chance, did extremely well with eleven distinctions between them. One Student
                                      who started that initial Level One group four years ago, left the College this

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol              Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                page 13 of 18 pages/pjh
                                     year to attend university to read Architecture having obtained A2 Level grades
                                     A, C and D. Level One really does offer a ladder to a different future.
                                     10.1.6 Notable Individual Student Performances – the Principal highlighted in
                                     his report some of the named individuals who had excelled, either because of
 Principal’s Report
 [Summer Examination
                                     ability, or in some instances despite challenging personal circumstances or
 Results]                            disability.
 [Continued…]                   The Governing Body congratulated the Principal and his Staff and the Students on the
                                achievement of the past year, and accepted the report.

                                [NOTE In line with the previous decision only the briefest summary is provided here so as not to
 11. Committee                  repeat information already circulated to Governors in the Minutes of the Governors Committees.]
                                ‘Allied Irish Bank [AiB] Letter of Variation’ – document [E] circulated previously
                                11.1 Search Committee – Geoff Barrett reported as above that the Search Committee had
                                informally met to consider the skills need when seeking to fill the vacancies, to interview the
                                potential Foundation Governors, and to conduct the recruitment of the Vice Principal. The
                                Governing Body was unanimous in its appreciation of the role of Louise Hutchison [Human             Chair of Governors
                                Resources Manager] for her excellent work in preparing the Recruitment and Selection                         & Principal
                                timetable and making the necessary arrangements for a smooth and professional process.
                                11.2 Planning, Curriculum & Student Provision Committee – Olive Barnes reported:
                                      11.2.1 I International Baccalaureate [IB]: Preparatory work for the introduction
                                      of the IB in September 2010 is proceeding as planned and on time.
                                       11.2.2 Student Recruitment/Retention: The Committee noted the higher than
                                       expected level of enrolment in September that shows the College is offering the
                                       right choices to young people.
                                       11.2.3 ALIS Value-Added Summary Report 2009: The Committee reviewed and
                                       expressed delight in the provisional ALIS analysis and these will be considered
                                       in more detail at the next meeting.
                                       11.2.4 End of Year Student Questionnaire: Will be discussed at the next
                                       meeting as the report only just became available at the time of the meeting.
                                       11.2.5 Student Governor Report: A verbal account of the activities of the
                                       Student Union Executive was provided.

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                 Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                      page 14 of 18 pages/pjh
                                The Governing Body accepted the report.
                                11.3 Resources & Finance Committee –Owen McNamara reported in addition to the
                                information already provided by the Principal in his various reports
                                      11.3.1 Premises Report: Offering his first report, the new Premises Manager,
 Committee Reports                    Paul Connors, had provided a well detailed and full report, one welcomed by
 [Continued…]                         the Committee.
                                      11.3.2 Phase One Final Report – As noted above the Committee considered
                                      this report in some detail and was satisfied. Some overspend was due to Value
                                      Added Tax [VAT] charges; other additional costs were due to changes made at
                                      the request of the College including refurbishment of mains supplies.
                                       11.3.3 Financial Matters:
                                                   •   Management Accounts September 2009 – have been reviewed
                                                       by the Committee and, in particular, the forecast Cash Flow is
                                                       being monitored;
                                                   • Student Funding – the September recruitment ensures that the
                                                       LSC funding next year will be on a positive basis;
                                                   • Allied Irish Bank [AiB] Letter of Variation – document [E] – Was
                                                       considered by the Committee. Geoff Barrett as Chair of the
                                                       Governing Body acted ‘out of Committee’ to sign and issue the
                                                       Letter of Variation detailing some previously agreed definitions,
                                                       and amending the wording of the Fees and Costs and Financial
                                                       Covenant clauses contained in the Facility Letter agreed in
                                                       November 2007. This action was now being reported to Full
                                                       Governing Body in accordance with standing orders.
                                     11.3.4 Health & Safety Matters: The Committee noted that there had been no
                                     notifiable incidents. However, an error involving the ISG Pearce contractors
                                     working in the light towers in B-Building gave rise to a potentially dangerous
                                     incident. As a consequence protective safety mesh screens will be installed
                                     within the light towers to prevent a recurrence.
                                The Governing Body accepted the report.
                                11.4 Personnel Committee – Mark Williams reported.
                                      11.4.1 Staff Changes & Movements – were reviewed. Retention is stable and
St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                 Governing Body Minutes October 2009                              page 15 of 18 pages/pjh
                                       turn over low compared with similar institutions.
                                       11.4.2 Continuing Professional Development – the Committee considered the
                                       Staff Development Report.
                                       11.4.3 Performance Standards Payments [PSP]: The Committee also
 Committee Reports                     examined the PSP. One member of Staff on a Teacher’s contract has been
 [Continued…]                          asked to undertake duties outside the contractual range of tasks. As a
                                       consequence it was not possible to meet the PSP criteria and provide evidence
                                       to support PSP progression. The Committee therefore in this instance allowed
                                       a dispensation to permit the individual to apply for PSP using evidence of
                                       support for the value added to wider teaching and learning in the College.
                                       11.4.5 Vice Principal Recruitment – The Committee also received a report and
                                       noted the procedures as reported above.
                                11.5 Remuneration Committee – Mark Williams advised the following matters have been
                                attended to:
                                                • SPH performance reviewed 2008/2009 and successful
                                                   achievement of the agreed targets;
                                                • SPH Targets for 2009/2010 have been agreed;
                                                • SPH Pay Round 2009 has been initiated and will be further
                                                   reviewed at the next meeting of the Committee by which time
                                                   the outcome of the national teachers’ committees may be
                                                   known. The pay award will be backdated to 1 September 2009.
                                The Governing Body accepted the report.
                                11.6 Audit Committee –No meeting held.
                                11.7 Forum for Employment Matters – The next meeting is scheduled for later in the year.

 12. Other Business             12.1 Governors’ Briefing Next Meeting: The Principal suggested that at the next meeting                 Principal &
 [Not notified]                 the Governing Body would be required to decide whether to adopt the Designated Sixth                  Next Agenda
                                Form status under the new legislation. It was agreed that this should be the subject of the
                                Governors’ Briefing.

 13. Correspondence             ‘Catholic Education Service Pastoral Letter of Bishop McMahon’ – document [F] circulated
St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol                Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                  page 16 of 18 pages/pjh
                                previously; ‘Congregatia De Institutione Catholica – Letter dated 5 May 2009’ – document
                                [G] to be circulated.
                                13.1 Saint Gregory’s Catholic College: The Chair reported that the Governing Body and
 Correspondence                 Head Teacher of Saint Gregory’s Catholic College, Bath had decided to initiate a
                                consultation on the opening of a sixth form at the school.
                                On behalf of the St Brendan’s Sixth Form College Governing Body, the Chair and Principal
                                had responded to the consultation. At the College’s request, Governors from both
                                institutions had met and an open exchange of views took place between the respective
                                Chairs and Vice Chairs of Governance without agreement being reached as to the
                                advisability of breaking the existing diocesan policy agreement and unilaterally opening a
                                sixth form at the school.
                                Governors were advised that it is understood:
                                                   • Bath & North East Somerset [B&NES] Council – is broadly
                                                      supportive of the proposal;
                                                   • Support from a majority the school’s Parents is likely;
                                                   • Clifton Diocesan Department ƒor Schools & Colleges and the
                                                      Clifton Diocesan Trustees Registered – it is unclear whether the
                                                      proposal has the support of the diocesan authorities;
                                                   • Saint Gregory’s Catholic College – The Head Teacher and the
                                                      Governing Body would then have to develop a plan and finance
                                                      their project before work could start.
                                It was agreed that Governors should be kept informed of any developments that may affect
                                the future development of St Brendan’s Sixth Form College, but it was not thought likely
                                that the necessarily limited curriculum and resources available to Saint Gregory’s Catholic
                                College would have a significant impact on Student options to attend the College here.
                                13.2 Clifton Diocesan Department ƒor Schools & Colleges [CDDƒS&C]: Governors were
                                reminded that the Annual Mass of Thanksgiving & Rededication to Catholic Education                   All Governors
                                takes place in the Clifton Cathedral on Thursday, 26 November 2009 at 19.00hrs. All
                                Governors and Staff associated with Catholic Education in the Diocese are invited to take
                                13.3 Catholic Education Service [CES]: Copies of the CES Pastoral Letter of Bishop

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol               Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                   page 17 of 18 pages/pjh
                                McMahon had been previously circulated – document [F]. However, at the time the letter of    Clerk to Governors
                                enclosure had not been supplied by CDDƒS&C. A copy of this letter Congregatia De
                                Institutione Catholica – dated 5 May 2009 document [G] has now been obtained by the
                                Clerk to Governors and will be circulated electronically to all Governors following this
 Correspondence                 meeting.

 14. Next Meeting               14.1 Full Governors — Thursday, 10 December 2009 at 17:15hrs
 & Governors’ Diary                                                                                                         Clerk/ All Governors
                                14.2 Governors’ Committees:
                                                                                                                                   Next Agenda
                                – Search Committee: to be announced.
                                – Planning Curriculum & Student Provision: Thursday, 5 November 2009 at 17:15hrs
                                – Resources Committee: Monday, 30 November 2009 at 16:15hrs
                                – Personnel Committee: Thursday, 25 February 2010 at 15:15hrs
                                – Audit Committee: Thursday, 26 November 2009 at 17:15hrs
                                – Forum for Employment Matters: Wednesday, 18 November 2009 at 16:00hrs [If required]

 Minutes                        Prepared
                                Tuesday, 20 October 2009
                                Peter J Harrison
                                Clerk to Governors

 Agreed                         Minutes Approved
                                Date                       Thursday, 10 December 2009

                                Mr Geoff Barrett
                                Chair of Governing Body

St Brendan’s Sixth Form College – Bristol               Governing Body Minutes October 2009                                 page 18 of 18 pages/pjh

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