Workshop Registration Form Teaching Japanese Language by nym11541


									      Workshop Registration Form: Teaching Korean Language

Name (LAST, First):

Home address:

Daytime Phone:            e-mail:

School Name:

School Address:

School Phone:         School fax:

Gender:     F     M Date of Birth:           Nationality:

Highest Degree Obtained:            Major:

Native Language(s):

How long have you been teaching Korean, and where?

       year(s)        month(s) place:

       year(s)        month(s) place:

       year(s)        month(s) place:

Have you received any training in second language teaching/learning?   Y   N

If yes, where and when?

Currently, how many hours do you teach Korean per week?

Which of the following best describes your Korean class:
   immersion Korean for grade level
   Korean as a foreign language for grade level
   Korean at a higher education institution (college/university)
   heritage Korean
Please return form by mail or fax to:
Hailing Wu
Asian Studies Center
301 International Center
Michigan State University
East Lansing, Michigan, 48824-1035
Phone: 517-353-1680; Fax: 517-432-2659

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