Completing your subject Selection Form by nym11541


									 Completing your subject
 Selection Form:
Step 1: Write your name,
ID number, current grade,
e-mail address, and phone
Please write legibly, as
what you write will reflect on
the accuracy of your
schedule for next school
                             Step 2
On the front of the subject
selection sheet are all of the
required subjects for each grade
level. You are to obtain the
recommendations of your current
teachers for each course in the
core subject areas of English,
Math, Science, and Social Studies
(if applicable to your grade level).
Teachers will recommend you to
honors level courses or Advanced
Placement (AP) courses. These
also require the completion of an
AP Contract; Ask your teacher or
go to our website for this.
Teachers must sign next to the
course level they recommend
for you.
                 Step 2 continued
You must select the additional
required electives for your
grade level. Most do not require
a teacher recommendation.
Most importantly, you must
select the required academy
elective that corresponds to
your year of study For example,
If you are entering the academy
for the first time, select the first
year course. If you are currently
taking the first academy course
for your academy strand, then
select the second year course
and so forth.
                             Step 3
    On the back of the subject
    selection sheet you will be
    selecting 6 additional electives.
    Please refer to the information
    for graduation requirements to
    help you select your electives.
    Keep in mind that although a
    foreign language is not a
    requirement for graduation, two
    years of the same foreign
    language are required for
    admissions to universities,
    scholarships, and academy
   Number your choices in order
    of preference (that is, place a
    number 1 next to the course
    you want the most, number 2 as
    the course you would like to
    take second-best, etc.)
   Notice that some courses
    require a teacher
    recommendation. Please refer
    to your teachers in Band,
    Dance, or Acting for assistance
    with recommendations or see
    your counselor.
                           Step 4
This step requires that you sign
the subject selection sheet and
have your parent/guardian also
sign the sheet.
You are also required to return the
subject selection sheet to the
appropriate personnel as
indicated at your school. (For
incoming 9th graders presently 8th
graders, you give your sheets to
your teachers or guidance
counselor at your middle school.
For current Ferguson students,
you must bring your sheet directly
to our Student Services counter
and place in the appropriate folder
according to your academy.

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