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									                                 Pentair Water Pool and Spa Literature Order Form
      Fax to 1-800-582-2112 (or 919-566-8904 for international customers)
      E-mail to:
      Mail to Pentair Water Pool and Spa, 1620 Hawkins Ave., Sanford, NC 27330
      For Customer Service, Call: 1-800-693-0171
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QTY    PART #    DESCRIPTION                                                             QTY       PART #      DESCRIPTION
                 Aboveground Systems Sales Sheets/Brochures                                                    Commercial Equipment Sales Sheets/Brochures
        P1-031   Meteor Aboveground Sand Filter System (25/pk)                                      P1-065     Acu-Trol AK110 Commercial Chemical Automation (25/pk)

        P1-094   Cristal-Flo II Aboveground Sand Filter System (25/pk)                              P1-066     Acu-Trol AK600 Commercial Equipment Room Control (25/pk)
        P1-172   Sand Dollar Sand Filter System (25/pk)                                             P1-068     IntelliChlor Commercial Salt Chlorine Generator (25/pk)
        P1-211   Clean & Clear Aboveground Cartridge Filter Systems (25/pk)                         P1-074     AcuDrive XS Variable Speed Control (25/pk)
        P1-716   PLD Series Mod D.E. Systems for Aboveground Pools (25/pk)                          P1-076     Commercial Compool LX-80 Pool/Spa Control Systems (25/pk)
        P1-727   System:2 Mod Media PLM Series Aboveground Systems(25/pk)                           P1-078     IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Intelligent Variable Speed Pump (25/pk)
        P1-752   PXC Series Cartridge Systems for Aboveground Pools (25/pk)                         P1-082     IntelliBrite White LED Commercial (25/pk)
                                                                                                    P1-151     Triton C Series Commercial Sand Filter (25/pk)
                 Automation Sales Sheets/Brochures                                                  P1-156     THS Series High Performance Horizontal Sand Filter (25/pk)
        P1-003   Combining Variable Speed Pumps with Control Systems (ea)                           P1-281     C Series High Performaince Commercial Bronze Pump (25/pk)
        P1-012   The Pool Pro's Guide to ScreenLogic Interfaces for IntelliTouch (ea)               P1-282     Aurora 340 Series Commercial Pump (25/pk)
        P1-013   SunTouch Automation System (25/pk)                                                 P1-353     EQ Series High Performance Commercial Pumps (25/pk)
        P1-014   SunTouch Solar Automation System (25/pk)                                           P1-354     PowerMax High Performance Commercial Pool Heater (25/pk)
        P1-036   Smart PH Water Chemistry Controller (25/pk)                                        P1-355     MegaTherm High Performance Gas Fired Commercial Heater (25/pk)
        P1-037   AquaPC On Point Chemical Controller (25/pk)                                        P1-721     System: 3 D.E. Filter SD Series Commercial Filter (25/pk)
        P1-038   AcuCheck3 Hand-Held Precision Photometer (25/pk)                                   P1-730     SR-4000/SR-6000 Series Chemical Feed Pumps (25/pk)
        P2-011   IntelliTouch Pool/Spa Control Systems (25pk)                                       P1-738     SR-6000S Series Chemical Controller (25/pk)
        P2-017   EasyTouch Control System w/IntelliChlor (25/pk)                                    P1-740     C/CC Series Bronze or Cast Iron Commercial Pump (25/pk)
        P2-019   QuickTouch Wireless Remote for EasyTouch (25/pk)                                   P1-741     CSP Series Commercial Self Priming Pump (25/pk)
        P2-023   EasyTouch Pool and Spa Control Systems (25/pk)                                     P1-742     D Series Cast Iron Self-Priming Commercial Pump (25/pk)
                                                                                                    P1-743     CF Series Self-Priming Bronze Commercial Pump w/Integral Strainer(25/pk)
                                                                                                    P1-744     Hair & Lint Traps for Commercial Pumps (25/pk)
                                                                                                    P1-746     LT Series Thermoplastic Centrifugal Commercial Pump (25/pk)
                 Cleaners Sales Sheets/Brochures                                                    P2-012     Compool LX820 Emergency Shut-Off System for Commercial Spas (25/pk)
        K42007   Kreepy Krauly Classic Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                P1-097     StarGuard Commercial Main Drains (25/pk)
        K42103   E-Z Vac Aboveground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                                      Filter Sales Sheets/Brochures
        K42350   Kreepy Kruiser Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                             P1-001     Triton II Fiberglass Sand Filter (25/pk)
        P1-087   Kreepy Krauly SandShark Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                              P1-011     Tagelus Fiberglass Sand Filter (25/pk)
        P1-710   Great White Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                          P1-018     Tagelus Sand Filter with ClearPro (25/pk)
        P1-755   Lil Shark Aboveground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                         P1-019     Triton II Sand Filter with ClearPro (25/pk)
        P1-801   Legend Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                               P1-021     Sand Dollar Sand Filter with ClearPro Technology (25/pk)
        P1-805   Prowler 710 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                  P1-032     Meteor Top Mount Sand Filter (25/pk)
        P1-806   Prowler 720 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                  P1-035     Quad D.E. Cartridge Filter (25/pk)
        P1-807   Prowler 730 Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                  P1-041     Sand Dollar Top Mount Sand Filter (25/pk)
        P1-811   Legend II Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                            P1-061     4000 Series Fiberglass D.E. Filter (25/pk)
        P1-821   Legend Platinum Inground Pool Cleaner (25/pk)                                      P1-091     FNS PLUS Fiberglass D.E. Filter (25/pk)
                                                                                                    P1-095     Cristal-Flo II Sand Filters for Inground Pools (25/pk)
                 Heaters/Heat Pump Sales Sheets/Brochures                                           P1-121     Clean & Clear Cartridge Filter (25/pk)
        P1-004   MasterTemp High Performance Heater (25/pk)                                         P1-131     Clean & Clear PLUS Cartridge Filter (25/pk)
        P1-046   UltraTemp High Performance Heat Pump (25/pk)                                       P1-712     System:3 Mod D.E. Filters for Inground Pools (25/pk)
        P1-332   MiniMax CH Millivolt Ignition Heater (25/pk)                                       P1-715     System:3 Sand Flter for Inground Pools (25/pk)
        P1-363   MiniMax 75 High Performance Spa & Sm. Abg. Heater (25/pk)                          P1-717     System:3 D.E. Filter for Inground Pools (25/pk)
        P1-371   MiniMax 100 Spa & Small Aboveground Heater (25/pk)                                 P1-718     System:2 Mod D.E. Filters for Inground Pools (25/pk)
        P1-379   ThermalFlo Heat Pump (25/pk)                                                       P1-724     System:3 Mod Media Filters -SM Series (25/pk)
        P1-720   Max-E Therm Heater (25/pk)                                                         P1-726     Posi-Clear Cartridge Filters for Inground Pools (25/pk)
                 Sanitizers Sales Sheets/Brochures                                                  P1-731     System:2 Mod Media Filters - PLM Series (25/pk)
        P1-069   IntelliChlor AboveGround Chlorine Generator (25/pk)
        P2-101   IntelliChlor Chlorine Generator (25/pk)
       R5-1012   Rainbow High Capacity Feeder (25/pk)
       R5-1015   Rainbow 300/ 320 Chlorine/Bromine Feeder(25/pk)

                                                                                                                                                                           P3-110 01/25/10
                Lighting Sales Sheets/Brochures                                                                Valve Sales Sheets
       P1-083   IntelliBrite Color-Changing LED Landscape Light (25/pk)                             P1-382     Valves 2-and 3-Way Valves (25/pk)
       P1-492   Innovations in Pool and Spa Lighting (25/pk)                                        P1-395     Hi-Flow Backwash Valve (25/pk)
       P1-495   IntelliBrite Underwater Color-Changing Lights (25/pk)                                          Water Features/White Goods Sales Sheets/Brochures
       P1-521   AquaLumin III Nichless Light (25/pk)                                                P1-058     WallSpring Decorative Accents (25/pk)
       P1-532   QuickNiche Vinyl Pool Lighting Niche (25/pk)                                        P1-059     MagicFalls Water Effects (25/pk)
       P1-536   Fountain Fixture (25/pk)                                                            P1-062     MagicStream Laminars (25/pk)
       P1-544   AquaLuminator Aboveground Light(25/pk)                                              P1-063     MagicStream Deck Jet II (25/pk)
       P1-551   FIBERworks Fiber Optic Lighting (25/pk)                                             P1-085     MagicFalls Order Form Pad - 50 forms per pad (ea)
       P1-563   SAm/SAL Spectrum Light (25/pk)                                                      P1-092     StarGuard Main Drains (25/pk)
       P2-111   J&J Comparison Sheet - Dealer Brochure (ea)                                         P1-411     Deck Jet Water Effect (25/pk)
                Pump Sales Sheets/Brochures                                                         P1-462     Skimmer Family Brochure (25/pk)
       P1-017   IntelliPro VS-3050 High Performance Pump (25/pk)                                    P1-841     Automatic Water Filler (25/pk)
       P1-022   Dyna-Pro Pool/Spa Pumps (25/pk)                                                     P2-099     MagicFalls Part Number Wheel (ea)
       P1-084   IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Intelligent Variable Speed Pump (25/pk)
       P1-093   IntelliPro VS+SVRS Intelligent Variable Speed Pump (25/pk)                                     Rebate Coupons
       P1-222   WhisperFlo High Performance Pump (25/pk)                                            P2-120     2009-2010 SD80/SuperFlo or Cristal-FloI I/SuperMax Dealer Rebate Flyer (ea)
       P1-223   IntelliFlo VF Variable Flow Pump (25/pk)                                            P2-121     2010 Cleaner Rebate Flyers Only (25/pk)
       P1-224   IntelliFlo VS-3050 Variable Speed Pump (25/pk)
       P1-232   SuperFlo Pool Pump (25/pk)
       P1-233   SuperMax High Performance Pump (25pk)                                                          Going Green Dealer/Consumer Brochures
       P1-241   Challenger High Pressure Pump (25/pk)                                               P1-054     Environmentally Responsible Equipment - Pentair (25/pk)
       P1-251   Challenger High Flow Pump (25/pk)                                                   P1-055     Environmentally Responsible Equipment - Sta-Rite (25/pk)
       P1-271   Waterfall Specialty Pump (25/pk)                                                    P1-049     Going Green Dealer Brochure (ea)
       P1-291   OptiFlo Aboveground Pool Pump(25/pk)                                                P2-112     Your Pool, Your Oasis Renovation Guide (25/pk)
       P1-301   Dynamo Pool Pump (25/pk)                                                                       Door Hangers
       P1-709   Dyna-Wave Water Feature Pool Pumps (25/pk)                                          P2-020     IntelliChlor "Kitchen Table" (25/pk)
       P1-719   Max-E-Pro Pool/Spa Pumps (25/pk)                                                    P2-027     Pool Service Call Report (25/pk)
       P1-750   ABG Series Pumps for Aboveground Pools (25/pk)                                      P2-035     IntelliPro VS-3050 "Got Money to Burn" (25/pk)
       P1-751   JWP Series Pumps for Aboveground Pools (25/pk)                                      P2-036     IntelliFlo VF "Shocked" (25/pk)
                                                                                                    P2-071     IntelliBrite "Brighter Idea" (25/pk)
                                                                                                    P2-075     KK SandShark "Pretty Clean Picture Perfect" (25/pk)
                                                                                                    P2-076     KK Legend & Legend II "Tough Dirt Touch Cleaner" (25/pk)
                                                                                                    P2-621     IntelliFlo VS-3050 "Got Money to Burn" (25/pk)
                PostCards/Mailers/Statement Stuffers                                                           Product Catalogs
       P2-029   Max-E-Therm "Coolest Heater" Statement Stuffer (25/pk)                              P1-056     SunTouch Solar Systems and Parts Catalog (ea)
       P2-030   MasterTemp "Hot Water" Statement Stuffer (25/pk)                                    P1-099     2010 Pentair Sta-Rite Product Catalog on CD (ea)
       P2-031   IntelliChlor "Perfect Water" Statement Stuffer (25/pk)                              P2-117     2010 Pentair Sta-Rite Product Catalog (each)
       P2-032   IntelliPro VS-3050 "RobbingYou Blind Statement Stuffer (25/pk)                     R5-3002     Rainbow Pool Maint. Equip. & Accessories Catalog (ea)
       P2-033   IntellFlo VS-3050 "No Brainer" Statement Stuffer (25/pk)                           R5-2009     2009 Rainbow Price Catalog (ea)
       P2-034   IntelliFlo VF "Shocked" Statement Stuffer (25/pk)
       P2-054   Time to Close your Pool Self Mailer/Stuffer (25/pk)                                            Extras
       P2-057   Builder Thank you Card - Proposal (25/pk)                                           151629     Pentair Water Pool and Spa Product Warranty Card (ea)
       P2-058   Builder Thank you Card - Acceptance of Proposal (25/pk)                             P1-455     The Pentair Experience Dealer Brochure (ea)
       P2-063   IntelliFlo National Savings Postcard (25/pk)                                        P2-041     The Truth About Two-Speed Pumps (25/pk)
       P2-072   EasyTouch Control System Self Mailer/Stuffer (25/pk)                                P2-091     Dealer Marketing Guide (ea)
       P2-073   IntelliFlo VS+SRVS Residential Self Mailer (25/pk)                                  P3-149     Pentair Water Pool and Spa 2-pocket presentation folder (ea)
       P2-077   Kreepy Krauly Legend/Legend II Self Mailer/Stuffer (25/pk)                          P3-150     Pentair Pool Products 2-pocket presentation folder (ea)
       P2-078   Kreepy Krauly SandShark Self Mailer/Stuffer (25/pk)                                 P3-162     Sta-Rite 2-pocket presentation folder (ea)
       P2-080   Going Green "A Quick Look" Self Mailer (25/pk)                                      P3-171     3-year Extended Limited Warranty w/Labor - System Buyers (25/pk)
       P2-088   IntelliBrite LED Color-Changing Landscape Light (25/pk)                             P3-172     3-year Extended Limited Warranty without/Labor - System Buyers (25/pk)
       P2-092   IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Commercial Self Mailer (25/pk)                                   S5095      Playing It Safe with Pools and Spas (ea)
       P2-096   SunTouch Automation Self Mailer/Stuffer (25/pk)                                     P4-031     2009-2010 Pentair Equipment Training Registration Form (ea)
       P2-108   IntelliPro National Savings Postcard (25/pk)                                       Los Cabos   2010 PIP Incentive Brochures (ea)
       P2-113   IntelliBrite LED Color-Changing "Spectacular Nights" Stuffer (25/pk)
                CD'S/DVD's/Videos                                                                              Write in Items
       P3-061   Equipment Essentials DVD (ea)
       P4-017   Pool Pump Energy Savings Calculator (ea)
       P2-089   2008 TV PR DVD IntelliFlo Green Campaign (ea)
       P3-202   FIBERworks Installation DVD (ea)
       P5-322   Setting the Record Straight On Energy Savings with Variable Drive Pumps   Comments:
       P4-029   IntelliFlo VS+SVRS Training DVD (ea)
       P3-174   Kreepy Krauly Legend Pool Cleaner Sales Video
       P3-175   Kreepy Krauly SandShark Pool Cleaner Sales Video

Date:                                                                                     Requested by:
Company Name:
Ship Attention To:
Street Address:
City:                                                                                     State:               Zip:
Phone Number:
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                                                                                                                                                                         P3-110 01/25/10

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