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									                        Short Course Booking Form

(Please photocopy)
Please note we no longer take provisional bookings   How many paid staff do you have in your
                                                     organisation? ___________________
Course Details                                       (for monitoring purposes)

                                                     Address for course joining instructions,
Course title: _________________________
                                                     If different from previous address given
Course date(s): ______________________
Course fee: £ ________________________
                                                            Disabled Access requirements
Your Details                                             (Please specify)

First name: __________________________               ______________________________________________

Surname : ___________________________                If you require any of the following please tick
                                                     the box:
Job Title: ____________________________

Organisation (name in full)
                                                            Large Print                      Braille

                                                            Induction Loop                   Disc

                                                            Dietary Requirements (please specify below)

Work Address: _______________________
                                                     Payment Options (Please tick)
                                                     I have enclosed a cheque                            □
                                                     I wish to be invoiced                               □
Postcode: ___________________________                Purchase Order No if applicable: _____________________

Tel: _________________________________               I am paying by BACS                                 □
                                                     If you wish to pay by BACS, please quote the following
Fax: ________________________________
                                                     references – Royal Bank of Scotland; sort code: 831824;
Email: _______________________________               account number: 00755031.
                                                     If paying with an Individual Learning
                                                     Account, please make a note here of your
                                                     account number:
                                                     (nb - this is required to secure your
                                                     Please see over page for further information

                 Information will be sent to you two weeks before the course start date
                                                                  Credit Union
Change of Plans?
We realise there are occasions when you may have to               SCVO

                                                                  Moves – Multi-media recruitment advertising
change your plans and wish to change or cancel your
booking.                                                          Good

For standard courses – half day or more:                         service and careers hub
If you wish to cancel or transfer your booking there is a
£25 charge, providing it is more then 10 days in advance         *Discounted computer hardware, IT peripherals,
of the course date. Any cancellation or transfer must be         computer software, photocopiers and telephony
received in writing before this closing date.

As it gets closer to the course date it is harder to fill your
                                                                 *Discounted office supplies and stationery, plus
space, so cancelling within 10 working days of your              exhibition displays
course will incur 50% of the course fee. This rises to the
full amount within 48 hours of the course start.
                                                                 *Services marked with an asterisk attract an additional
Occasionally, if there are insufficient bookings on a
                                                                 discount for SCVO members.
particular course we may have to cancel it. In these
circumstances we will advise you approximately two
weeks prior to the course.                                       What would be your preferred method of contact about
2-hour workshops/surgeries:                                      the above services?

                                                                                                        
A £10 administration fee is payable for all cancellations
                                                                 Phone           Email            Post

Please indicate where you first learned about our
training course(s) from:                                         Who is responsible for organising training in your
Training programme insert in TFN
                                                                 Name ___________________________________________
Course advert in TFN/Inform section
                                                                 Title _____________________________________________
General mailing (direct)
SCVO website                                                    Email ____________________________________________

Information gathered from an SCVO event If so,
                                                                 Thank you for taking the time to complete this section.
which event: _____________________________
                                                                 Please send completed booking forms to:
Advert in another publication.                                  Jane Baillie, SCVO, Mansfield Traquair Centre,
If so, which publication: ________________________               15 Mansfield Place, Edinburgh EH3 6BB
Other, please state: ________________________                   Tel: 0131 474 8019
                                                                 Fax: 0131 556 0279
Referral from Learndirect Scotland

SCVO offers a wide range of services to the sector. If
you would like to find out more about any of them,
please indicate the service that is of interest and
someone from SCVO will contact you in the near future.

*Training (e.g. bespoke course, facilitation)

*Payroll Services

*Information Technology Services

*Insurance Services

Pension Scheme

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