Duty of Care: 2008/09
                                  Controlled Waste
                                  Transfer Note
                                  Hi – Don’t Panic - this is not a contract! But it is important.
                                  It’s just a form to say that you are recycling with us this year, and that we
                                  are registered to collect waste. Please fill it out all fields marked with a red *.
                                  You must keep your copy for a minimum of two years – it useful to
                                  show official bods like the council, the environment agency or other waste
                                  watchdogs Thanks, Laundry folk.

Once you are done completing this form make a copy for yourselves and post or fax us one too.
                       Our address is:
                       The Laundry, BioRegional Development Group
                       24 Helios Road, Wallington Surrey, SM6 7BZ.
                       Our fax is: 020 8404 4893

1. Description of Waste
Waste Type:             CDs, DVDs and VHS
                        European Waste Catalogue codes 20 01 09 15 01 02
Containment:            Envelope/Package
Quantity of Waste       *___ CDs, *___ DVDs and *___VHS (amount produced)

Date of transfer for the items listed ______________________

2. Producer of Waste
Name of Company: * ______________________________________________

Address of Company: *           ______________________________________________



Point of Contact in Company: * __________________________________________

3. Collector of Waste (Do not return form to this address)
Name of Company                     London Recycling
Address of Company                  5b North Crescent
                                    Cody Road
                                    E16 4TG
London Recycling is exempt from requirement to have a waste disposal or waste management
licence under registration number GTL/367948 issued by Environment Agency Thames North-

4. Waste Transfer
Place of Transfer:             As Section 2
Date/Time of Transfer:

5. Signatures
Representing the producer:*_________________________________                                    Date:*_______

Representing the carrier: ___________________________________ Date: 07/08/08

T: 020 8404 6330    e: recycle@laundry.biz         w: www.thelaundry.biz

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