Document Sample
					                             EXAMINATION APPLICATION FORM
Dan Required: Mushitei         Examination Place:__Spartanburg, South Carolina, USA
Shogo Required: ______                     Date: __7_/_16_/20_06_
             Surname                     Forename(s)            Male              Date of Birth
Doe                                     John                     *
                  Name in Japanese                             Female          __3__/__20_/__90_      _____16_____
                   1221 Hillside Avenue, #6, San Jose, CA 95125, USA

       Present ANKF                     Date Approved                          Date Renshi Title Approved
Grade: ___MU__Dan                       ___/___/______                           ______/______/______

Academic Record:                                              Occupation:
    Student at Lincoln High School                                                 Student

                Kyudo Career                                             Seminar Attendance (last 3 years)
Year      Month           Record                              Year      Month              Seminars
2004     Oct 10       Began Kyudo at San Jose                                  No seminar experience.
                      Kyudo Club,San Jose,
                      California, USA, Under
                      instruction of David Smith,
                      Renshi, 5th dan.
2005     Mar 28       Currently training under
                      instruction of David Smith.

                                                   John Doe
                           Signature of Applicant
                                                                          Date: _3_/_28_/20__06_

                  Assessment of Candidate (To Be Completed by National President)
Details of Contribution:


______________________________________                             ___________________________________________
                       National President:                                              Signature:

NB. 1. Use original only and write in block letters. Copies not allowed
   2. In the case of false information, the application will be disqualified             Receipt
   3. 1 year should have elapsed since passing the previous grade/title
   4. Write age at the time of examination
   5. Only international seminar attendance is required
Notes for the Mushitei application:

Dan Required: Since this is the first test ever taken for this student he has written “Mushitei” as
the dan rank he is testing for.

Present ANKF Grade: He has written “mu” for current rank as he has no rank. He could have
written “0” also but do not leave the current rank field blank. If you have no rank then say that.

Academic Record: Since he has not graduated from high school yet he has written “High School
Student”. In this area write the highest academic rank you have obtained or are currently studying
for. Do not leave it blank.

Occupation: Everyone has an occupation. Student, housewife or other jobs are occupations. If
you are currently unemployed write the occupation you had.

Kyudo Career: This student has written the most important information: he shows when, where
and under whom he began kyudo study. He also gives the rank of his instructor. Since he has no
seminar experience he has explicitly stated it so the testing judges don’t have to guess if he really
has no seminar experience or just forgot to put it on the application. Note the use of countries in
addresses. As these forms are sent to Japan you should give a full address which includes the

Applicant’s signature: He didn’t forget to sign and date the application. He has obviously passed
the first part of the test!

NB. Although the notes ask the applicant to write in block letters, the ANKF office has confirmed
that using a typewriter or a word processor is acceptable also.

Signature of National President: Although it says “national” president, this space is for the
signature of the American federation president this candidate is affiliated with. The federation
president should sign his or her name and also write the federation name in this space.

Not seen on the application: One of the most important things about this application is what you
don’t see; he has made a copy of it before turning it in to the federation president. That way he’ll
have a good working copy for reference when he fills out his next test application form and won’t
have to remember all the seminar dates, test ranks and everything else. And he is making this
copy for his own kyudo folder and not relying on his teacher to do it for him. At some point in his
kyudo career he’ll begin failing more tests than he passes. He’ll be filling out more and more test
application forms and every time he will be grateful that he started making test application copies
from the very start of his kyudo career.